Deadman Mode Exchange

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Bonus Weekend Tracker

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The Zybez Runescape Community is making a tracker to track its community members during the Bonus Experience Weekend. To be included in this tracker all you have to do is post in the event thread. The tracker is set to overall experience, but can be narrowed down to look at gains from each individual skill. When the tracker expires, a topic will be posted showing the top three gainers from each category [each skill + overall gains].

Note: Once the competition starts, if you change your RSN, your gains will be lost.

Be sure to take pictures throughout the weekend to show off your achievements!

If you're looking for tips, tricks, and training advice, head over to Questions and post a topic.

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Spend them Bonds!

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Players no longer need to use real-world currency to purchase items from the official RuneScape store. In addition to such traditional methods, cash-conscious players can now use RuneScape Bonds to acquire a range of t-shirts that pay homage to the game. Further items, including god-symbol emblazoned caps, hoodies and more will be rolled out in phases.

In addition to merchandise, Bonds can be traded in for RuneScape membership or used as a donation to partner charities such as WWF and Oxfam. Players can even use their Bonds to purchase their entry to the annual RuneFest fan festival on Saturday 3rd October at Tobacco Dock in London. Approximately 50 percent of attendees this year have used Bonds to buy their ticket for the event, compared with 40 percent in 2014. Additionally, many players attending have paid for their accommodation in the city – and even their flights – using only Bonds.


Check out the Zybez Forums

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All the action happens on our forums, so be sure to visit them!


Zybez Vs Bonus XP Weekend

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Don't miss your chance to sign up!

Double experience will begin on the 20th of February and go to the 23rd of February. The tracker will follow the above times and dates. Be sure to stock up on all of your supplies as soon as possible. The link for the tracker will be added in once we get enough players signed up. Zybez will be rewarding the top 3 people who gain the most Overall experience with 3, 2, and 1 bond(s) for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. For the ones who gain the most XP in a particular skill, you will be rewarded with Exclusive membership and a custom banner to use in your signature. These banners will not count towards your signature size limit. Runner-ups will also be rewarded with Exclusive membership but will not receive a signature.

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Happy Holiday!

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On behalf of all the staff of Zybez, we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays and a Merry Christmas! Lets have a great 2015!


Zybez Old-School RuneScape Trading Post

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RuneScape recently launched its own in-game Trading Post, but if you're looking for the original Zybez OSRS Price Guide & Exchange, click the beautiful screenshot below:


Elf City!

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RuneScape Freestyle Screenshot Competition

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This event is a freestyle RuneScape screenshot competition meaning all types of RuneScape screenshots are permitted. You are welcome to modify the screenshot with digital manipulation as long as the screenshot remains the main focus. It can be a funny joke, an interesting glitch, an impressive landscape, an epic encounter, or a humble moment.

The winner receives:

  • 1 month of Zybez Exclusive
  • 2 RuneScape bonds for you or use however you wish. (To promote competition we require at least 4 submissions for this prize to be granted)
  • An underbanner made by a Multimedia and Design CL.
  • An archive of their victory on the Hall of Fame.
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BTS: September 2014

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Did you know that there's a clock above the bank in Catherby? It always points to 11:05.
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