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Credits: Ryan P J;Tzu Men;Jimdm3
Mithril Dragon
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1.0 - Introduction
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Paddling out of the Ancient Cavern

The Ancient Cavern is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of RuneScape, so all players entering the area should be well prepared to face dragons and high-level monsters that can attack in more ways than one.

To access the dungeon you need to have learnt funeral pyre burning instructions from Otto Godblessed in his Barbarian Training camp. To access this dungeon, you need to jump into a whirlpool just off the jetty in the lake at Baxtorian Falls. If you need to escape from the dungeon and have no teleport, the only way out is by canoeing on logs down an underground river out of the caves, taking you downstream.

Remember, the caves are very dangerous, so it is recommended to pack good combat gear, an Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield (uncharged), anti fire-breath potions, super sets, teleport runes and high-healing food.

2.0 - Location

As mentioned earlier, the Ancient Cavern can be found south-west of the Barbarian Outpost near Baxtorian Falls. The most efficient way to arrive at the whirlpool is to use a Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost, then head south-west and jump off the pier. You cannot have a familiar summoned while trying to enter via whirlpool, although you can summon one once inside.

Upon completion of , you can teleport directly to the north-east part of the cavern where there are numerous Waterfiends nearby using Fairy rings, with the code B-J-Q. Before you can use it, you must repair it with a Spade and 5 Bittercap Mushrooms in your inventory. Once this is done, you can then use it freely.

Zybez RuneScape Help's location of the Ancient Cavern Entrance
Click here for a map of the Ancient Cavern.

On the lower level, the biggest threat is the Brutal green dragons; on the upper floor, the only threat is the Mithril dragons. On lower levels there are wandering Undead barbarians and Waterfiends. Lower leveled players visiting the cave should be focusing more on the barbarians and avoiding the dragons if they intend to get Chewed bones from corpses. Chewed bones can also be obtained easily from dragons.

The Dragon full helm can only be obtained from within the Ancient Caverns (unless you buy it from another player). There are two means by which you can obtain the Dragon full helm within the dungeon: dropped by a Mithril dragon (level-304) or receiving it as a reward when you burn Chewed bones with pyre ships, which are also dropped only by Mithril dragons. It is one of the strongest helmets in the game; however, the Third-age full helmet, and the Barrows helmet(s) have slightly higher bonuses.

3.0 - Monsters
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The cavern hosts several different high level monsters. There are Barbarians (level-132) and Skeletons (level-132) found on the lower level. They are not difficult foes as they stick to one style of combat like normal monsters, and as a result can easily be defended against using protection Prayers.

There are also Waterfiends (level-115) which use both Magic and Ranged attacks, and are slightly more difficult to kill. It is suggested to wear armour with a high magic defence, and use a Ranged protection Prayer, as they use their ranged attacks more often. It is also highly advised to use a weapon with high crush attack bonus, as Waterfiends are weak against crush attacks. Because they drop Crimson charms very often, they attract a lot of people who wish to train Summoning.

The cavern is home to Brutal green dragons, which are far stronger than their regular Green dragon counterparts, and the Mithril dragons which use melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks, and should not be faced by those unprepared. Just remember whilst being in the cave that if you are running from the dragons, the other creatures can be dangerous while you are weaker - especially Waterfiends which are just near the logs by the river.

3.1 - Brutal Green Dragons

Brutal green dragons roam the ground floor of the cavern dungeon near the staircase leading away from the place. Unlike the regular Green dragons, these are much stronger versions of them. They use strong melee and Magic attacks, and also dragonfire, so an Anti-dragon shield or Super antifire (3) will be needed. They are noted for dropping 2 Green dragonhides at once.

These equipment setups and inventory applies to Brutal green dragons. Various pieces of equipment can be replaced by better or cheaper variations. Depending on your Prayer level and Defence level you may need more or less - experiment your first time going and add on or put less accordingly. This inventory setup is used with a War tortoise, lower level variants can be used.

For the following sections, all items that have their name in italics mean you must use Super antifire (4) potions alongside it, or take hefty damage.

Melee equipment
Ranged equipment
Inventory setup
Ryan P J's Screenshot of What to Wear and Dr__Pimper's screenshot of What to Take
3.2 - Mithril Dragons

The Ancient cavern is the only place where Mithril dragons can be found, and are very difficult to defeat. They deal harsh damage in all three combat styles (melee, Ranged, Magic), and use dragonfire. Using either stab attacks or Magic is the best method of killing them.

These equipment setups and inventory applies to Mithril dragons. Various pieces of equipment can be replaced by better or cheaper variations. Depending on your Prayer level and Defence level you may need more or less - experiment your first time going and add on or put less accordingly. This inventory setup is used with a Unicorn stallion, lower level variants can be used.

Melee equipment
Ranged equipment
Inventory setup
Ryan P J's Screenshot of What to Wear and Dr__Pimper's screenshot of What to Take
3.3 - Waterfiends

Sought after for their very high Crimson charm drop rates, Waterfiends are commonly hunted by players for that reason. They use both Magic and Ranged attacks and can hit high and often, so protection Prayers are a recommended option to block out half of their attacks on average. This will not render you safe from them entirely, but will reduce a fair amount of damage. They are weakest to Crush attacks, so use a weapon with a high crush bonus such as a spear (Zamorakian spear or Dragon spear), Verac's flail or for those who are able to get one, a Chaotic maul.

4.0 - Other features
4.1 - Dragon forge

After completing While Guthix Sleeps, the Dragon forge upstairs in the cavern (south of the Brutal green dragons) can be used to forge a Dragon platebody from three separate parts. The forge must be activated before it can be used. To activate it, firstly you need to have completed the While Guthix Sleeps grandmaster quest.

Get the two key halves from Movario's house and then use a half on a Mithril dragon, causing the halves to fuse together. Use this newly fused key to open the mithril door. Through the door will be three dragon statues facing a glass orb. When the fire wave spell is cast on all three statues, you will be informed that a sound can be heard from the south. In the southern end of the dungeon, the stone basin will now be a forge filled with lava, capable of being used to smith the Dragon platebody, which requires level 92 Smithing to make. For more information on how to create the platebody see our Smithing skill guide.

4.2 - Kuradal

Just before you reach the dragon forge which is in the upstairs section of the cavern, you will also find Kuradal. She is the highest level Slayer master that you can be assigned tasks by, and requires level 75 Slayer to receive tasks from. Unlike the other Slayer masters, she has her exclusive dungeon that players can enter only if they have received certain tasks from her, and can only kill specific monsters assigned by her.

The dungeon contains Hellhounds, Greater demons, Blue dragons, Gargoyles, Abyssal demons, Dark beasts, Iron dragons, and Steel dragons. Only monsters in this dungeon will drop the Ferocious ring, which has 5 charges for teleporting directly to Kuradal before being destroyed, and adds 40 damage to every hit made on any monster in this exclusive dungeon.

5.0 - FAQ
Q: How can I use the fairy ring?

A: It must first be restored by using 5 Mushrooms and a Spade. Afterwards, you can use the fairy code BJQ for quick access to the cavern.

Q: Is it true that the Dragon full helm is only obtainable from monsters in the Ancient caverns?

A: This is partially true. While killing Mithril dragons a Dragon full helm could be a drop. Mithril dragons also drop Chewed bones which can be burned at Baxtorian falls. After burning the bones items will be placed in your inventory, one of those items could be a Dragon full helm. No other monsters in the cavern drop the helmet or bones. You could also buy the helm from players or the Grand exchange.

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