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This is guide is out of date with the release of the Evolution of Combat. Please bear with us as we try our hardest to get this re-done as soon as possible.

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Table of Contents

Be aware that this guide mainly covers the three melee skills of Attack, Strength, and Defence. There are separate guides to cover Magic, Ranged, Prayer, and Summoning.

1.0 - Introduction

Imagine yourself walking around RuneScape. When you put your cursor over a character, you see a name and a number. This number defines much of your status in RuneScape, and it is what separates the civilians from the legends. This number is a combat level, and it shows how experienced that character is in the art of combat. Combat is essentially the largest part of RuneScape, with players being able to fight random monsters that roam the land, as well as other people that play the game (in specified areas only). The art of combat should be mastered by every RuneScape player, as there are many monsters that drop items that help other skills, and some that can also make you quite wealthy. The higher your combat level, the easier it becomes to fight low-level opponents, as well as high-level opponents.

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In RuneScape, there are three styles that make up combat: Melee, Ranged, and Magic. Melee is the art of head-on combat, where you can fight by hand, or with a hand-held weapon and a shield. Ranged is used by attacking your opponent with long-range combat, through the use of bows, crossbows, or other throwing weapons. There is also Magic, another form of long-range combat. You can use this skill by casting magical spells from a magic book when you have the required runes. Other skills that affect your combat level are Prayer, Summoning, and Constitution. Prayer is the enhancer skill; when enabled, it can enhance the form of combat you are using, or prevent monsters from hitting you. Summoning allows you to call up familiars to fight by your side. Finally, there is Constitution. This skill will let you see how many life points you have while fighting your opponent. These skills make up those who call themselves warriors, rangers, and mages.

Besides the many NPCs to fight on RuneScape, you can use your combat skills in many minigames, and fight other players in PVP or Bounty Worlds. Combat is also the basis of the Slayer skill, which you can level in the Members version of the game.

2.0 - The Basics

Combat is fundamentally the art of using your offensive skills to best your opponent. Physical combat would pertain to three particular skills: Attack, Strength, and Defence, which are used together to determine a player's physical performance. In RuneScape, this is generally referred to as melee combat, and is what this guide will be focusing on. Long distance combat would encompass both the Ranging skill and the Magic skill. Ranged uses tangible weapons to attack a foe from a distance. Magic uses the power of spells to volley at your opponents. Finally, Summoning allows you to use familiars to your advantage. Depending on which familiar you choose to summon, they will attack in any of the above styles mentioned.

2.1 - Combat Skills

There are four skills that affect melee combat in RuneScape: Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution. A simple and commonly used training method is to train all of these skills roughly equally, making an all-rounded melee character. It is best, however, to fully understand the skills in detail for ideal training.

Style About

The higher your Attack level, the more accuracy you have when fighting another player or monster. Attack does not increase the damage inflicted, however. This is the default attack style for combat, and is a good starting point for training. To combat a strong attacker, a higher Defence is required. If fighting an enemy with a high Defence level, the chances of hitting are reduced. For every point of damage inflicted, four attack experience is gained. With roughly every three Attack levels gained, your combat level will go up one combat level.


Strength allows your character to hit higher damage. A high Strength level will increase your "max hit", meaning each blow struck has a chance of doing more damage than at lower levels. Your max hit is determined solely by the combined total of your Strength level and weapon's Strength bonus. The choice of weapons and enhancers can dramatically raise a maximum hit, and this should be taken into consideration when fighting. For every point inflicted, four Strength experience points is gained. With roughly every three Strength levels gained, your combat level will rise one level.


Defence is required to prevent your character from being wounded or dying. A high Defence level will lower the frequency of being hit. It also protects against Ranged attacks and partially against Magic attacks. Armour is normally used to further enhance your Defence, and the choice of armour is sometimes more important than the Defence level itself. For every point inflicted, four Defence experience is gained. With roughly every four Defence levels gained, your combat level will rise one level.


Ranged is a skill that is useful for killing monsters, duelling, player killing, and getting good drops. Generally, you can last much longer at higher-levelled monsters when ranging than fighting with melee, since "safe spots" will block monsters' attacks and thus, you do not need food or much less is overall needed.


Prayer is a skill that summons the powers of RuneScape's Gods to help you in combat. To train this skill, you must pay tribute to the gods by burying bones. The more bones you bury, the higher your Prayer level will become, allowing you to access more powerful prayers. A high Prayer level can be very useful in battles, especially in free-to-play, where players cannot access restorative potions. If you want to try to take on a high-level monster for better drops, Protect from Melee can save your life. Prayer is invaluable in any quest or areas where there are high-level monsters that need to be slain. Roughly eight Prayer levels will increase Combat by one level.


Magic plays an extremely important role in RuneScape; it has evolved to be one of the most dominant classes of combat. Similar to Ranged, which requires the use of arrows or bolts to aid the damage dealt, Magic uses runes to cast different types of spells. Magic is one of the only skills that allows you to utilize combat aspects, as well as profitability aspects. For instance, while the Fire Wave spell can inflict large amounts of damage to your enemy, the High Alchemy spell converts your items into gold pieces. Magic can be divided into modern magic, ancient magic, and lunar magic; each of these has their own subset of spell types. Magic spells allow you to attack other players and monsters, but also it allows you to teleport to many places or perform other useful actions.


Each level in Constitution gives a player 10 life points. Life points are a character's health, and this lowers when damage is inflicted. The more life points available, the longer your character can survive in battle. When all life points have been lost, you will die and possibly lose some items. Food, a few potions, spells, and Summoning scrolls and familiars can be used to raise life points back to the original level. For every 10 damage points inflicted, 1.33 Constitution experience is gained. Defence will lower the chance of losing life points. With every four Constitution levels gained, your combat level will rise one level.


Before you can start with the skill Summoning, you need to finish the quest Wolf Whistle. The first major step is to take the essence of a familiar, and infuse it into pouches. This part of the skill gives players the most experience; in other words, it is the hardest part of the skill. The second step is summoning the familiars. Each one unique in many different ways, with its own special abilities, whether it be aiding players in combat, assisting players with various skills, or holding onto certain items. The third and final step is using the Summoning scrolls, made out of pouches that have not been used to summon a familiar. These scrolls are essential if you want to make use of a monster's unique abilities.

2.2 - Combat Styles

In RuneScape, each type of weapon has a style. For example daggers would have a stabbing style, and a sword a slashing style. Different creatures are weak to a certain style, some are weak to nothing however, so knowing your opponents weakness and choosing the correct style is invaluable.

Style About
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Combat Stance Icon

The Accurate Style of combat allows you to hit your opponent more often, though there is a down side to this. You do not hit for as much damage as you would in the Aggressive Style, nor do you get any Defence bonus like you would in the Defensive Style of combat. While fighting in this style you get Attack experience.

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The Aggressive Style allows you to hit as hard as you can, but more often. However, your accuracy will suffer. You also do not gain the Defence bonus you would get if you were fighting in the Defensive Style. When fighting in this style you gain Strength experience.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Combat Stance Icon

The Defensive Style of combat allows you to protect yourself from your opponent's swings as you hit them with your own. This is a grand advantage, but you do not get an increase to your Attack or Strength while fighting in this style. While fighting in this combat style you gain Defence experience.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Combat Stance Icon

The Controlled Style of combat does not give any noticeable increases to any of the aspects of combat, but you gain experience in all of them at once. When fighting in the Controlled Style of combat you receive experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution all at once. If you are thinking it is too good to be true, you are definitely right. The experience you obtain is split up equally between the four skills.

2.3 - Experience Formula

As mentioned in the above section, combat experience can be allocated to any of your three melee skills, depending on which combat style you use. The amount of combat experience you gain is calculated based on your hit, and shown below. You receive Constitution experience every time you hit, regardless of which combat style you are using; however, this is calculated in a different way. Note that familiars who fight alongside you will also give experience in certain skills.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of What To Train On
Melee formula
(Hit / 10) x 4 This formula is used to determine the XP given to attack, defence, or strength per hit. Please note, that the formula is similar to the Constitution formula if using a controlled style.
Example (Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Damage Marker /10) x 4 = 66.8 XP to attack, defence, or strength

Constitution formula
(Hit / 10) x 1.33 This formula is used to determine the XP given to Constitution per hit.
Example (Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Damage Marker / 10) x 1.33 = 22.211 XP to Constitution
2.4 - Equipment Menu

The Equipment Menu can be found to the right of the inventory icon. The stats can then be displayed by clicking the "Show Equipment Stats" button. This window, shown below, displays your armour, weapon, and any other items you are wearing, and it also displays the bonuses they give you. The bonuses added depend on how powerful your weapons/armour are.

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The different bonuses and how they each affect your combat are listed in the table below.

Attack Style/Bonus About

Generally, the higher the attack bonus you have of a particular style, the more accurate you will be in combat. A high Stab attack bonus will mean you will hit more often with weapons such as Swords, Daggers, and Scimitars as long as you are set to a Stabbing style of attack. It is recommended to use Stab attacks against those in Chainbodies, Magic robes, or Dragonhide armour.


Slash is very similar to Stab in that many of the weapons that can Stab, can also Slash. Good weapons to use for Slashing include Godswords, Swords, 2-handed swords, Battleaxes, and possibly Daggers. Slash is recommended against Ranged armour, Magic armour, and most Platebodies.


The Crush style is very different from Stab and Slash; Crush relies on brute force rather than a sharp edge. Good Crushing weapons include Warhammers, Battleaxes, Maces, 2-handed swords, and Godswords. Crush is recommended against Magic robes and Platebody armour.


The Magic style deals with the accuracy of the spells you cast. It does NOT affect the accuracy of any weapon (including Staffs) using Melee. High Magic boosting equipment may include Magic robes, jewelry, and staffs. Magic is highly recommended against Melee armour, but be careful as your defence bonuses will most likely be very low. Magic is discouraged against Ranged armour.


The Ranged style, like Magic, does not affect Melee accuracy in any way; rather, it affects your accuracy with various shortbows, longbows, and other ranging equipment. Equipment giving Ranged attack bonuses include Dragonhide, Leather armour, and bows. Ranged is recommended against Magic robes, Ranged armour, and most Melee armour (Platebody, Chainbody).

Defence Style/Bonus About

Like Attack bonuses, Defence bonuses affect how often you are hit with a certain style. The higher your bonus, the less likely you are to be hit by that particular style. Armour giving high Stab bonuses include Platebodies and Dragonhide. Chainbodies are discouraged as they give significantly less Stab defence bonuses than Platebodies.


Slash is a commonly used Attack style, so high Slash defence bonuses are usually important in training Combat and when in PvP (Player vs. Player). Platebodies are strongly recommended for high Slash bonuses. Again, Chainbodies are discouraged as they offer less Slash bonus than Platebodies.


Although Crush is one of the less used Attack styles, a high Crush defence is still very important in Combat training. Chainbodies and Dragonhide are recommended for high Crush defence bonuses. Platebodies offer less Crush bonus that Chainbodies, but they usually have better overall stats.


The Magic defence bonus affects the accuracy of Magic spells. Magic robes give a decent amount of Magic defence, but it is recommended that you use Dragonhide (unless you are using a Magic attack, of course) for a high defence against Magic as Dragonhide also gives Melee and Ranged defences. Stay away from Melee armour for Magic defence as most Platebodies and Chainbodies have negative Magic defences.


Ranged defence lowers the accuracy of all Ranged attacks. If you are up against a player or NPC that uses a Ranged attack, it is recommended that you use Platebodies, Chainbodies, or Dragonhide. Magic robes usually offer little to no Ranged defence bonuses, making Mages very vulnerable to Ranged attacks.


The Summoning defence bonus is different from the other bonuses. Summoning defences affect the damage dealt to you by other players' familiars, no matter what style the familiars use. It is not recommended that you base your set-up off of Summoning defence, and most armours give a nice amount of Summoning defence anyway.

3.0 - Stat Boosting

Stat boosting can be very important in the aspects of training. Stat boosting gives you the advantage for training, killing higher level monsters, etc. There are two different kinds of stat boosts, visible and invisible. Potions are visible bonuses, as you can see your stat being raised above its base level on your stat list. Prayers and Summoning familiars provide an invisible boost. There are a few ways you can boost your stats. The first is Prayer. Prayer is a skill that summons the powers of the RuneScape gods to help you in combat. To train this skill you must pay tribute to the gods by burying bones.

A high Prayer level can be very useful in battles, especially in free-to-play, where players cannot access restorative potions. If you want to try to take on a high level monster for better drops, Protect from Melee can save your life. Prayer is invaluable in any quest or areas where there are high level monsters that need to be slain. Also, if you want to test out if you can kill a monster, but you want some kind of back-up, prayer is the answer. If you are having trouble killing it, prayer can act as your insurance by either helping you do more damage or protect you long enough for you to run away or teleport.

The second form of stat boosting is using items to help boost your stats. Take a look at our Stat Enhancers guide for a full list of items to boost your combat stats.

4.0 - Combat Equipment

Throughout the land of RuneScape, you will almost inevitably end up fighting some sort of monster. With many of the tough monsters roaming throughout, it is almost compulsory that you gear up and prepare to fight it if you wish to do so. The equipment you use in combat could determine if your character thrives in the bloodshed of battle or perish in defeat. Having the correct armour and weaponry is crucial to be a successful warrior in Runescape. You always need to know what weapon to use, and at what time. The correct weapon will determine the amount of damage your character will do to NPC's and other players. The correct armour is just as crucial. If you wear weak armour, or no armour, your character will be much more vulnerable to attacks.

5.0 - Melee Weapons

In RuneScape there are hundreds of weapons to use on monsters, foes, and players. Some weapons are better than others, and some weapons require a higher requirement such as quest, level requirements, etc. Some weaponry each give their own unique bonus to using them.

6.0 - Training your Melee Skills

Alright, so you want to be unstoppable in the lands of RuneScape with the ability to kill anything you come across, right? Well, first you need to train your combat with each combat statistic mentioned in the guide. We've covered what each combat stat has to offer, but this guide is going to show you the most beneficial way of training for non-members and members.

To start off, you're going to need a scimitar for every type of metal possible, and possibly completing the quest Monkey Madness if you are a member for the ultimate Dragon Scimitar.

6.1 - Free Players

Training your combat skills in non-members is a bit harder than it is in members. You have very little access to different types of weapons, barely any quests that give combat experience, and you have very little combat training improvements. This section has narrowed it down to give you the best possible training for non-members all the way to level 113, which is maxed out combat, not including prayer.

Level 3-20
Picture: Name: Cow
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Cow Suggested Training Location(s): Lumbridge Cow Pen; Field south of the Champions' Guild
Suggested Level: 3
XP per hour: Combat: 9,600
Constitution: 3,200
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • Cows are great for training at this level, as they don’t hit hard or often.
  • You can also use bones dropped when the Cow dies to train on your prayer level.
  • Collecting their cowhides is also a great source of money for those who are inexperienced in combat. Another good place to kill them is in the field south of the Champions' Guild/north of the Lumbridge mill. Here there is an NPC called Beefy Bill, who will bank your cowhides for a 10% commission.
Picture: Name: Chicken
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Chicken Suggested Training Location(s): Lumbridge
Suggested Level: 3
XP per hour: Combat: 4,320
Constitution: 1,400
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • These always drops bones, raw chicken, and usually feathers.
  • Using their bones can help your prayer, and the feathers you can sell for 4gp each.
  • They almost never hit, so no food is needed. They have low attack and defence, as well.
Picture: Name: Goblin
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Goblin Suggested Training Location(s): Lumbridge; Goblin village north of Falador
Suggested Level: 5
XP per hour: Combat: 7,200
Constitution: 2,400
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • At low levels these can be risky. Be careful.
  • As these are close to Lumbridge bank you can train a few levels here easily.
Level 21-50

Picture: Name: Al-Kharid warrior
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Al-Kharid warrior Suggested Training Location(s): Al Kharid palace
Suggested Level: 25
XP per hour: Combat: 13,600
Constitution: 4,500
Drops Rating: 3/5
  • These warriors come in a continuous stream.

Picture: Name: Deadly red spider
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Deadly red spider Suggested Training Location(s): Karamja Volcano
Suggested Level: 40
XP per hour: Combat: 11,000
Constitution: 3,500
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • These can be found in the north west corner of Karamja Volcano, at the start of the corridor leading to the door to Crandor. Take some strong armour and some decent food (Trout should do).

Picture: Name: Flesh crawler
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Flesh crawler Suggested Training Location(s): Stronghold of Security, second level, Barbarian Village.
Suggested Level: 30/37/43
XP per hour: Combat: 7,500
Constitution: 5,600
Drops Rating: 3/5
  • With a low attack and strength level, they are easy to kill and make good training for free players, with a chance of some good drops for everyone. If you are a member charms are not uncommon, and neither are herbs.
  • There are three levels of Flesh Crawler: 28, 35, and 41. They can accommodate for training for most mid-ranged level players.

Level 51-80

Picture: Name: Moss Giant
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Moss Giant Suggested Training Location(s): Varrock Sewers, Crandor
Suggested Level: 55
XP per hour: Combat: 25,000
Constitution: 8,600
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • Moss Giants drop big bones every time, which should be buried to gain prayer levels.
  • They are good to fight when you are wielding Adamant armour or better.
  • As both the F2P spots are quite far from a bank, take runes to high alch some of the better drops, so you can stay at the training spot for longer.

Picture: Name: Giant Spider
Suggested Training Location(s): Stronghold of Security (level 3)
Suggested level: Levels 65+ and 50+ Attack, Strength, and/or Defence
XP per hour: Combat: 34,000
Constitution: 10,500
Drops rating: 0/5
  • The Giant Spiders are some of the best combat training in the free version of RuneScape.
  • Although these monsters do not offer any drops at all, the experience rate makes up for it.
  • Medium-level stats and food, armour, are recommended for fighting these monsters.

Level 81-100+

Picture: Name: Lesser demon
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Lesser demon Suggested Training Location(s): Karamja Volcano
Suggested Level: 90
XP per hour: Combat: 28,000
Constitution: 9,000
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • These are a good source of fire runes, and also drop various Steel items quite frequently. The rune med helm is their top drop.
  • There are several spots where you can use Ranged or Magic to safely attack these beasts. If you plan to stay for a long period of time, consider taking high alchemy runes to convert your metal items into gold.

Picture: Name: Ice warrior
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Ice warrior Suggested Training Location(s): Ice caves, south of Port Sarim; Ice plateau, north-west corner of the wilderness
Suggested Level: 85
XP per hour: Combat: 32,000
Constitution: 9,900
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • These monsters are high in quantity and are rarely visited, making for some good training without interruption.
  • They can hit hard and often, so be careful with your health. They have reasonable drops as well so a profit can be made!

6.2 - Members

In a members world, you are given more access to monsters, new weapons, and new quests. It is much easier to train combat in members worlds, and many players consider it more fun as well. This section details the most recommended monsters for combat training.

Level 3-20

Picture: Name: Rock Crab
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Rock Crab Suggested Training Location(s): Rellekka Beach, Waterbirth Island
Suggested Level: 10
XP per hour: Combat: 25,000
Constitution: 8400
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • Rock Crabs have high life points and low stats, making them great for training on.
  • They occasionally drop Clue Scrolls and charms.
  • They hit very rarely. Depending on you Defence and Constitution level, it is likely that you will not need any food.

Picture: Name: Gnome troop
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Gnome troop Suggested Training Location(s): Tree Gnome Stronghold, Khazard Battlefield
Suggested Level: 5
XP per hour: Combat: 5,800
Constitution: 1,900
Drops Rating: 1/5

Level 21-50

Picture: Name: Experiment
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of an ExperimentZybez Runescape Help's Image of an Experiment Suggested Training Location(s): Mausoleum Dungeon east of Fekenstrain's Castle in Canifis
Suggested Level: 50
XP per hour: Combat: 18,000
Constitution: 6,000
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • Experiments are great for training because, like Rock Crabs, they have extremely low attack and defence stats and high life points.
  • To access the dungeon, you must have started the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.
  • It is a good idea to bring some food since they do hit, although not often.

Picture: Name: Thug
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Thug Suggested Training Location(s): Edgeville Dungeon (level-1-3 wild). Wilderness north-east of Edgeville (level-8 wild)
Suggested Level: 40
XP per hour: Combat: 12,900
Constitution: 4,300
Drops Rating: 2/5
  • These are good for collecting herbs.
  • As these are in the Wilderness, be wary of Revenants.

Picture: Name: Guard
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Guard Suggested Training Location(s): Falador center; Edgeville's Guard hut.
Suggested Level: 30
XP per hour: Combat: 10,000
Constitution: 3,500
Drops Rating: 3/5
  • Good training target if you aren't a fan of clicking on every separate target. They queue up and with retaliation they keep coming.
  • Be careful with your health, if you don't watch it you may find yourself in Lumbridge.

Picture: Name: Khazard trooper
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Khazard trooper Suggested Training Location(s): Khazard battlefield, south-east of Ardougne.
Suggested Level: 30
XP per hour: Combat: 10,000
Constitution: 3,500
Drops Rating: 3/5
  • These are quite good to kill for clues and they are also a very good source for coins, and since there is a very high quantity of these monsters, you will have no shortage or waiting time for them to re-spawn.
  • They are also very close to a high quantity of Gnomes which can be good for training as well.

Level 51-80

Picture: Name: Ghostly Warrior
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Ghostly Warrior Suggested Training Location(s): Through the Spirit Portal in the Axe Hut (Lvl 55 Wilderness)
Suggested Level: 60-80+
XP per hour: Combat: 35,000
Constitution: 11,500
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • Ghostly warriors are relatively low-levelled, aggressive, and have good drops, making them a great training location.
  • You must have completed the Spirit of Summer quest to have access to the Spirit Portals.
  • The Spirit Realm is not located in the Wilderness, so while you are training there is no way of a Revenant to attack you.
  • Revenants CAN attack you, however, when you first go to the portal. They can also attack you if you wish to make the warriors aggressive again, which requires you to enter the Wilderness and run a distance away.

Picture: Name: Loar shade
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Loar Shade Suggested Training Location(s): The ruined temple in Mort'ton
Suggested Level: 70
XP per hour: Combat: 9,000
Constitution: 3,000
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • These will appear as a Loar shadow when not involved in combat.
  • The best place to kill these is the ruined temple on World 77 (the official Shades of Mort'ton world).
  • Take a bit of food and some good armour, combat increasing potions will also help to maximise xp gain.
  • If you have a Salve amulet/Salve amulet (e) it would be a good idea to wear it because the shades are undead.
  • The only thing the shades drop are shade remains, which can be used to gain keys in the Mort'ton Funeral Pyres minigame.

Level 81-100+

Picture: Name: Bandit
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Bandit Suggested Training Location(s): Bandit Camp south of Bedabin Camp
Suggested Level: 85
XP per hour: Combat: 50,000
Constitution: 8,000
Drops Rating: 2/5
  • Wear a Saradomin or Zamorak item to make the bandits aggressive the whole time you are there.
  • It is recommended that if you train in the bar, use Protect from Melee prayer or Guthan's as there are a large number of bandits in the building.
  • If you train in one of the other tents in the camp, it is recommended that you bring food, Guthan’s, prayer, or healing familiars as you can still take heavy damage.
  • Bandits are very popular for training, so it may take a while to find an empty world for you to use.

Picture: Name: Dagannoth
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Dagannoth Suggested Training Location(s): Lighthouse basement.
Suggested Level: 90
XP per hour: Combat: 40,000
Constitution: 13,000
Drops Rating: 3/5
  • These require the completion of the Horror from the Deep quest to access.
  • They are popular as they rarely hit and gather in large numbers, making them perfect for killing in quick succession.
  • They do have a melee attack and a range attack, so watch out for the ranged Dagannoths, as they may hit you harder then you may expect.
  • If you lose aggression, run to the other side of the cave and the other pack of Dagannoths will attack you. They are reached by going down the ladder in the Lighthouse, north-west of Camelot.

Picture: Name: Giant Skeleton
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Giant Skeleton Suggested Training Location(s): Damis' Lair northwest of East Ardougne
Suggested Level: 100
XP per hour: Combat: 65,000
Constitution: 16,000
Drops Rating: 2/5
  • To access Damis' Lair, you need to have the Ring of Visibility which is obtained through Desert Treasure quest.
  • There are two Giant Skeletons per spawn, but the area is single-combat, so as soon as you kill one, the other one comes on you.
  • It is recommended to have the skeletons aggressive to maintain maximum experience rates.
  • You will have to leave the area and return or switch spots in order to keep them aggressive.
  • The skeletons hit quite hard, so prayer, Guthan’s, healing familiars, or food (Sharks) are recommended.

Picture: Name: Monkey Guard
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Monkey Guard Suggested Training Location(s): Ape Atoll
Suggested Level: 100
XP per hour: Combat: 32,000
Constitution: 8,000
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • Use the prayer altar nearby to make training here efficient.
  • Dharok’s set is useful here as the melee prayer will keep you from taking damage, so you can go to low health and hit high.
  • Be careful of the poison spiders (they will lose their aggression after a while) and avoid getting trapped by the ladder. Some monkies cannot be ran through.
  • Access them by either using an Ape Atoll teleport or heading there with a Gree Gree. They are in the Monkey Temple.

Picture: Name: Armoured Zombie
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Armoured zombie Suggested Training Location(s): Zemouregal's HQ, accessed by speaking to Hartwin after completion of Defender of Varrock
Suggested Level: 80
XP per hour: Combat: 100,000
Constitution: 33,000
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • To gain access to these monsters you must have started the quest Defender of Varrock.
  • The best place to kill the zombies is in the corridor you enter as soon as you climb down through the trapdoor, meaning you are very close to the altar in the Chaos Temple.
  • If you use the prayers Chivalry or Piety you can greatly increase your xp per hour.

Picture: Name: Saradomin Spiritual Warrior
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Saradomin Spiritual Warrior Suggested Training Location(s): Gods war dungeon, east of entrance.
Suggested Level: 115
XP per hour: Combat: 53,000
Constitution: 18,000
Drops Rating: 4/5
  • These are best to attack while they are attacking creatures that follow other gods, they are found in a decent number just east of the rope you climb down.
  • Be sure to wear armour that has high melee defence as they may attack you if their current target dies.
  • Bring runes for high alchs as they drop a lot of rune items. Please note that these require a Slayer level of 68 to kill.

Picture: Name: Ork
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Ork Suggested Training Location(s): Bandos Stronghold, inside the God Wars Dungeon
Suggested Level: 115
XP per hour: Combat: 80,000
Constitution: 27,000
Drops Rating: 1/5
  • The best place to kill these is north east of the door to the Bandos Stronghold, items to protect you from the followers are recommended but not needed as only the orks will be able to attack you.
  • The area is multi-combat, so many orks can attack you at once. This means full Guthan's is the best armour to use as it will heal life points, thus increasing the time spent there.
  • Attacking an ork will cause all others in the area to attack you, even if you have a Bandos item equipped.

Picture: Name: Zamorak Spiritual Mage
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Zamorak Spiritual Mage Suggested Training Location(s): God wars dungeon: Zamorak's Fortress
Suggested Level: 120
XP per hour: Combat: 72,000
Constitution: 24,000
Drops Rating: 5/5
  • Upon entering the Zamorak fortress, you will be drained of all remaining prayer so be sure to have prayer potions and prayer boosting armour with you.
  • There are three spiritual mages just north of the bridge and many more towards K'ril Tsutsaroth's room. Be sure to use the protect from magic prayer as otherwise you will take heavy damage. Spiritual mages drop dragon boots.
  • The drop rates of Zamorak spiritual mages are often considered better than that of other gods' spiritual mages.

Picture: Name: Abyssal demon
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of an Abyssal Demon Suggested Training Location(s): Canifis slayer tower; Alternate abyss (ALR)
Suggested Level: 120
XP per hour: Combat: 50,000
Constitution: 16,000
Drops Rating: 5/5
  • These require a slayer level of 85 to kill and will also teleport themselves and you to the adjacent squares around both them and you.
  • They are often crowded due to popularity so you may need to change worlds several times for ideal spots in the slayer tower or use the alternate abyss.
  • Bring armour with high melee defence, high alchemy runes and a familiar that has some way of healing life points (optional). They drop Abyssal whips and a lot of rune (metal) and runes making them a very effective monster to kill for both xp and money.

7.0 - Quests for Experience
Quests for Experience
Death Plateau3000 XP
Fairy Tale Part I, A2000 XP
Fight Arena12,715 XP
Fremennik Trials, The2,812.4 XP
Grand Tree, The18,400 XP
Heroes' Quest3,075 XP
In Aid of the Myreque2,000 XP
In Search of the Myreque600 XP
Legends' Quest7,650 XP
Monkey Madness20,000/35,000 XP
Mountain Daughter1,000 XP
Recipe for Disaster20,000 XP
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio2,500 XP
TokTz-Ket-Dill5,000 XP
Tree Gnome Village11,450 XP
Underground Pass3,000 XP
Vampyre Slayer4,825 XP
Waterfall Quest13,750 XP
Chosen Commander, The20,000 XP
Dealing with Scabaras7,000 XP
Dragon Slayer 18,650 XP
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf 30,000 XP
Fremennik Trials, The2,812.4 XP
Haunted Mine22,000 XP
Heroes' Quest3,075 XP
Horror from the Deep4,662.5 XP
In Aid of the Myreque2,000 XP
In Search of the Myreque600 XP
Land of the Goblins3,000 XP
Monkey Madness20,000/35,000 XP
Path Of Glouphrie, The30,000XP
Roving Elves10,000XP
Scorpion Catcher6,625 XP
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio2,500 XP
TokTz-Ket-Dill5,000 XP
Troll Romance4,000 XP
Waterfall Quest13,750 XP
Between a Rock...5,000 XP
Defender Of Varrock10,000 XP
Dragon Slayer 18,650 XP
Fremennik Trials, The 2,812.4 XP
Heroes' Quest3,075 XP
Holy Grail15,300 XP
In Aid of the Myreque2,000 XP
In Search of the Myreque600 XP
King's Ransom33,000 XP
Monkey Madness20,000/35,000 XP
Nature Spirit2,000 XP
Olaf's Quest12,000 XP
Soul's Bane, A500 XP
What Lies Below2,000 XP
ConstitutionQuests with a choice Experience
Dream Mentor15,000 XP
Fremennik Trials, The2,800 XP
Grim Tales5,000 XP
Heroes' Quest3,075 XP
In Search of the Myreque600 XP
Missing my Mummy7,000 XP
Monkey Madness20,000/35,000 XP
Mourning's Ends Part I25,000 XP
Recipe for Disaster4,000 XP
Royal Trouble5,000 XP
Soul's Bane, A500 XP
Witch's House6,325 XP
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