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Zybez RuneScape Help's Tears of a Holiday Penguin
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1.0 - Introduction

To be able to start this diversion speak to Larry the Zookeeper in East Ardougne Zoo. Larry minds the penguins for the zoo and asks you to keep a look out for 10 penguin agents disguised around RuneScape that are spying on civilisation. He will give you a notebook to write down your findings. (It is worthy to note that Larry isn't out of his mind, which players do learn for themselves in Cold War quest).

The penguins that he is searching for will move to different locations every week, take note that the penguins disguised as a sheep in Lumbridge are permanent and they are not involved with this activity and so cannot earn you rewards. The 10 penguins can truly be anywhere, they are also always disguised, with examples being as bushes or rocks. This obviously can make spotting them even more difficult so keep a keen eye at all times whilst searching. Larry can give you hints as to where they are if you ask him, however his knowledge often has gaps for the last remaining few on the list. When you find penguins speak to Larry and he will reward you with money or experience. Each penguin can only be spied upon once if you return to its location afterwards.

2.0 - Strategy

When the penguins have recently moved it is best to work with friends at finding them all to save time. Since they only move once per week however you should be able to establish where they all are hiding by speaking to other players. Remember to ask Larry for hints if you are stuck. The penguins are almost always near natural or man-made landmarks - mountains, ridges and the outskirts of cities are likely. The penguins are in the same locations for everyone during the same week, however they roam around these places so much that wide areas must be searched. Due to this, as with searching for Shooting stars it is advised again to work in groups and to wear weight reducing items such as Boots of Lightness. If you search as a group utilising a clan chat for the purpose is advised.

Teleport near the penguin spots using teletabs or teleportation runes, Fairy Ring system, Ring of duelling, or Ectophial.

3.0 - Rewards

Larry will reward players with money or experience for each Penguin they discover. Each penguin you spy upon earns you one point when speaking to him, two points per penguin can be collected if you find penguins in more distant locations. A single point can be exchanged for 6,500gp or instead for experience in any skill. The amount of experience you gain is your level in which you are gaining the experience in, multiplied by the amount of points you have, multiplied by 25 (Level x points x 25). Larry can also be spoken to by using the Lunar Magic Contact spell (level-67 Magic), this also allows you to exchange your points wherever you are.

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4.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What's the best way to locate where penguins are?

A: Larry/Chuck will give you clues as to what region a penguin is in. Additionally, Zybez will update penguin locations on the main page every Wednesday. Hopefully, this will make hunting easier!

Q: Where has Larry Gone? Who's Chuck?

A: After Hunt for Red Raktuber, The, Chuck will replace Larry, as he has been taken by the penguins.

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