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Credits: Isobel; Man Bon
Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Flingers Guide
Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

Fish Flingers is a members-only distraction and diversion based around the Fishing skill. The activity is popular among players due to the large amounts of Fishing experience gained from completing games. Players typically receive around 20k experience per game, which is high compared to experience gains from alternative methods of training Fishing. Other players play Fish Flingers to gain access to its useful rewards, including an experience boosting fishing outfit and tackle boxes required for the trimmed completionist’s cape.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Flingers Guide

Although no Fishing level is required to gain entrance to Fish Flingers, having a higher Fishing level increases the experience awarded from playing a game. In addition, the Distraction and Diversion has no quest requirements to play, and players do not need to bring any items into the activity. However, to play Fish Flingers the player must have an entry ticket. Players can find out how many entry tickets they have by talking to one of the fishermen permanently located at fishing spots throughout Runescape; at Catherby beach, the Fishing Guild, Shilo Village, Barbarian Village, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Burthorpe, Draynor Village, Lumbridge, Lumbridge Swamp or Burgh de Rott. Entry tickets are not in-game items, the fisherman just keep count of them. Two Fish Flingers entry tickets can be claimed each day by talking to one of the fisherman, until the player has a total of 10 or more tickets. Additionally, players may find entry tickets while catching fish in RuneScape or while playing Fish Flingers. If this happens, the message “A competition entry ticket falls from the fish’s mouth. You now have x entry tickets” will be displayed in the game chat. Tickets can be gained in these ways even if a player already has 10 tickets.

The official world for playing Fish Flingers is world 89. It is strongly advised to play on this world using a friends or clan chat dedicated to the activity, as it is much easier to play in groups. Games of Fish Flingers run every 20 minutes, at approximately the same time on every world. A game of Fish Flingers takes 10 minutes to complete, but between games there is a 5 minute wait with the activity being close, followed by a 5 minute period where players may wait in the lobby area. To get to the lobby when it opens, speak to one of the Fisherman and use the teleport option to reach the Isla Anglerine, the island where Fish Flingers is played. Players must enter the lobby before the game starts to be able to participate; it is not possible to join a game once the lobby is closed. While the lobby is open a warning message will be displayed above the fishermen’s’ heads every minute announcing the time remaining.

2.0 - The Lobby

Once teleported to the Isla Anglerine players must wait in the fenced off lobby area for 5 minutes. The lobby is typically where groups of players prepare for the game ahead. A countdown timer will be displayed in the status panel, which appears at the top of the player’s screen upon entering the lobby. Once there are 4 minutes remaining until the game begins players can use the “get hint” option on the fisherman in the lobby to get a useful clue (note: sometimes there is a glitch where players are told “it won’t be long now” instead of receiving a hint when using the right click option; in this case players can gain a hint by talking to the fisherman and selecting the following “get hint” dialogue).

Each player’s hint will reveal one piece of information (either the correct bait, the correct hook or the correct weight) about one of the six fish species. These pieces of information are used to discover the 100% ratings for the six types of fish during the game, one of the principle aims of the activity. The hint will also reveal which of the four locations the fish may be found at, though this information can also be found by clicking on the “ratings” button in the status panel before and during the Fish Flingers game. As there are 6 species and only 4 locations to fish at, 2 of the locations will contain 2 fish types. Each player can receive only one hint per game and hints change every game, so it is common for players to share hints they receive via friends or clan chats in order to improve performance during the activity. Players may wish to “compile” hints given by other players whilst in the lobby by writing them down, so they can easily be used to find 100% ratings later on in the game.

Before passing on their hint, the player should note that clues are cryptic and ought to be decoded before sharing:

Zybez RuneScape Help's Darter Cod Hint

Hints referring to the bait describe the bait’s appearance and colour; this information can be used to identify the actual bait used while playing Fish Flingers. The table below shows the bait that is signified by different appearances (on the left) and colours (on the right). Blank squares indicate an appearance/colour combination that is not used; there are only 8 baits.



Green moth

Grey moth

2.1 - Hook Hints
Zybez RuneScape Help's Hook Hint Example

Hook hints refer to one of the six hooks that are used during Fish Flingers. Four hints can be used to directly identify a hook, for the remaining two hooks (bone/wood) there will be a single hint repeated twice indicating that either hook may be the correct choice.

That species is fairly normal and doesn't need a special hook. A normal hook should catch them just fine Standard hook
That species has a small mouth, so you'll need to take that into account when choosing your hook.Slim hook
That species has a wide mouth, so you'll need to take that into account when choosing your hook.Large hook
That species tends to nibble its food, so a double hook will help to catch them. Double hook
They're clever and can spot metal a mile off. You'd better think carefully about what type of hook you use.Bone or Wooden hook
2.2 - Weight Hints
Zybez RuneScape Help's Weight Hint Example

Six weights can be used in Fish Flingers. There are three hints, each of which can refer to two weights:

They've been spotted close to the shore, so you won't need much weight on your line to reach them.1-2
They've been seen a fair distance from the shore, but not too far.3-4
They've been sighted far from the shore, so attack lots of weight to your line to reach them.5-6

Now that the correct piece of information has been identified players can share it in their friends or clan chat. Normally hints are shared in the format fish/location/information, e.g. salmon/beach/3-4. Remember when sharing hints that each bait, hook and weight can be used only once.

3.0 - The Game Starts
3.1 - Aims

Depending on the aims of the player gameplay during Fish Flingers varies slightly. Players wishing to maximise the experience they gain should try to discover 6 perfect tackles, catch 3 big fish, assist 6 other players catch big fish, catch as many fish as possible, have a high total weight from fish caught and catch as heavy a fish as possible. People aiming to purchase rewards with tokens or medals should try to discover 6 perfect tackles, catch 3 big fish, assist 6 other players catch big fish and catch as many fish as possible.

3.2 - Interfaces
Zybez RuneScape Help's Interface Image

When the player is teleported to the Fish Flinger’s lobby the status panel appears at the top of their screen. Once the game begins the status panel provides all the information needed to play Fish Flingers. On the top left of the status panel is a box displaying information about the fish the player has caught: the weight of the heaviest fish caught, the number of fish caught (with number of big fish caught in brackets), the total weight of all fish caught and number of assists given to other players with big fish. Under this is the ratings button which displays information about the bait, hook and weight preferred by each fish species, once the fish has been caught at 100% rating. The timer displays the time remaining until the end of the game. At the bottom left is the depletion meter, showing the percentage depletion of the location the player is fishing at (docks, lake, river or beach). Once 100% depletion has been reached the particular location gains a depletion level, indicated by the number on the right side of the depletion meter. Once a location is depleted players catch fish at a slower rate, so it is advised to change to a different location. The right hand side of the status panel shows the player’s catch history; the most recent catch is displayed at the top. The catch history shows which fish was caught; where it was caught; the weight of the fish; the bait, hook and weight used to catch it and the rating of the catch. The catch history can be minimised to show only the most recent catch.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

As soon as the game starts the inventory is replaced by the fishing rod controls. Here players can select the bait, hook and weight combinations that they want by pressing the icons. The three weights shown are 1, 2 and 3; to get a higher weight multiple weights can be selected at the same time. When a selection is made from each category the cast button can be used near a fishing location to start attempting to catch fish. Once the fishing rod has been cast players will continuously attempt to catch fish. The clear line button deselects all the options a player has chosen.

3.3 - Locations
Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

When the game begins the gates of the lobby will open and players can head to one of the four fishing locations. This map shows where each location is in relation to the lobby. Although there are two docks locations, these are identical and do not count as different locations i.e. both have the same depletion and contain the same type(s) of fish.

4.0 - During The Game
4.1 - Discovering 6 Perfect Tackles

Players usually begin a game of Fish Flingers by looking for perfect tackles. The perfect tackle is the unique combination of bait, hook and weight which produces a 100% rating for a particular fish species. Each factor (bait/hook/weight) accounts for 33% of the overall rating. For each factor there is a range of 0 (for an incorrect choice) - 30% (correct choice) in rating; a 16% rating indicates that a choice that is a close match to the correct selection for that factor.

As finding perfect tackles can be difficult and take some time, players may choose to let other people search for the correct combinations and wait until they are shared in their clan or friend’s chat. However players can also choose to look for the correct combinations themselves. It is easiest to begin by completing combinations for fish which have had the most factors already identified from hints during the lobby period. To discover the unidentified factors players must use a trial and error process. Head to the desired specie’s location and select the correct factors as shown by hints. Firstly identify factors where hints have indicated a choice between two close matches (e.g. bone/wood, 1/2 weight, 3/4 weight, 5/6 weight). Choose one option and then the other, if the overall rating decreases 16% then the first option was correct, if it increases 16% the second option it correct.

Then use the processes outlined below depending on which factors need identification having not been hinted at during the lobby phase. Once each perfect tackle is discovered, discovering the remaining tackles becomes easier, as baits, hook and weights cannot be used more than once for multiple species during one game. Players should account for this when hunting for missing factors for a species by not trying baits/hooks/weights identified for species during the hinting phase.

4.2 - Identifying The Bait

Players can use the bait table to choose baits based on similarity or difference in appearance/colour. Close matches to a bait are displayed in the same column/row e.g. locust and grey moth are close matches of green moth. Close matches with an appearance/colour similar to the correct bait give a rating of 16%.

To find the correct bait begin by choosing a random bait. Then switch to a bait with a different appearance and colour and no close matches in common to the current bait e.g. changing from worm to cricket would have a close match of maggot in common, but changing from worm to locust leaves no close matches in common.

Note the change in overall rating:

  • 0% change = neither bait is correct. Choose another bait with a different appearance and colour and with no close matches to the current bait.
  • 33% increase = new bait is correct.
  • 33% decrease = previous bait was correct.
  • 16% increase = correct bait is similar to the new bait. Try baits with close matches of appearance/colour to new bait i.e. in same column/row until the rating increases another 16%.
  • 16% decrease = correct bait was similar to the old bait. Try baits with close matches of appearance/colour to old bait i.e. in same column/row until the rating increases another 16%.
4.3 - Identifying The Hook

Finding the correct hook is much easier than finding the bait, this table shows hooks which are similar on the same row. To find the correct hook players should begin by choosing a hook from one set and then changing to a hook from a different set e.g. slim to bone.


Again players should note the change in overall rating that occurs:

  • 0% change = neither hook is correct. Choose a hook from the remaining set.
  • 33% increase = new hook is correct.
  • 33% decrease = previous hook was correct.
  • 16% increase = correct hook is similar to the new hook. Try the other hook in the new hook’s set.
  • 16% decrease = correct hook was similar to the old hook. Try the other hook in the old hook’s set.
4.4 - Identifying The Weight

Finding the correct weight is also relatively simple. Weights range from 1 to 6 and close matches of a weight are the weights one number above and one number below it. The player should begin by selecting any weight and then choosing another weight 2 weights more or less than the original.

Look for the change in overall rating:

  • 0% change = neither weight is correct. Choose a weight 2 numbers above/below the numbers that have previously been tried.
  • 33% increase = new weight is correct.
  • 33% decrease = previous weight was correct.
  • 16% increase = correct weight is similar to the new weight. Try the weight 1 weight above/below the current weight until the rating increases another 16%.
  • 16% decrease = correct weight was similar to the old weight. Try the weight 1 weight above/below the previous weight until the rating increases another 16%.

Once the player has discover the perfect tackle for a fish species by fishing it at 100% rating a message will be displayed in the game feed showing how many perfect tackles have been found. Players can share correct combinations in the friends or clan chat if they are using one. The format for sharing a combination is usually fish species/location/bait/hook/weight. Some players may use number codes to share combinations more quickly, although not all clan/friends chats allow the use of number codes.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

In a number code the first number refers to the bait, ranging from 1-8; the second number refers to the hook, ranging from 1-6 and the third number refers to the weight to use. E.g. cod docks 416 means that cod is at the docks and the perfect tackle for the species if cricket, standard and 6.

Green mGreen moth
Grey mGray moth
StdStandard hook
LgLarge hook
DblDouble hook
4.5 - Getting Heavy Fish/High Total Weight

After catching a fish at 100% rating the player can check how heavy the fish species is compared to the other species by pressing the ratings button.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

Species weight can range between lightest, light, average, heavy and heaviest. Two species will have an average weight. Species weight changes each game. The heaviness of the species determines the maximum weight of fish that can be caught by fishing that species.

Species weightMaximum fish weight

To catch the heaviest fish possible players should check their ratings after finding each perfect tackle and then fish the heaviest species when it is identified. The maximum weight possible for a fish is 199 and it is common to get this weight while fishing the heaviest species. To have a high total weight (up to 10,000 weight) players should continue to fish the heaviest species. Although it is possible to get a high total weight by fishing any species it is fastest to do so by fishing the heaviest species. As many players fish the heaviest species it is common for the heaviest specie’s location to deplete quickly. Therefore players may find it beneficial to fish the heaviest species as soon as it is found rather than wait until they have found all perfect tackles, and then return to finding perfect tackles after the heaviest fish’s location has depleted.

4.6 - Catching/Assisting Big Fish

When fishing any fish species on 100% rating players have a chance of hooking an extra-large fish. These big fish weigh more than ordinary fish (though they do not count towards catching the heaviest fish possible - 199 is the maximum weight for this) and require assistance from other players to catch. When another player has hooked a big fish bubbles will appear in the water where they are fishing. Additionally a trumpet sound will play when the player is close to a big fish that can be assisted, and a message will be displayed in an unfiltered game chat. Other players can help to catch the big fish by clicking on the bubbles.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Flingers Guide

The more people that click to assist in catching a big fish the quicker it will be reeled in; although there is a maximum number of players that can assist in catching a big fish at the same time. If there are too many people already assisting then the player will be told that there is no space for them to assist in catching the fish. It is possible to reel in a big fish with only one assistant, but this will take much longer. Players will be credited with the weight of the fish if they assist another player in catching it; up to a total of 6 assists, at which point they will no longer be awarded anything for helping. After assisting in catching a big fish a message will be displayed in the game chat telling the player how many assists they have given, this is also shown in the status panel. As many players choose to fish the heaviest species it is usually easiest to find players to assist at this specie’s location. It is also faster to assist 6 other people near the beginning of the game, when more players are also assisting and helping reel in big fish faster.

To catch their own big fish the player needs to be fishing a species on 100% rating. Players cannot hook a big fish if another player has already hooked another big fish close by. Consequently a player has more chance of hooking a big fish if they are at a location with few other people. However players should bear in mind that they will require assistance to reel in any big fish they catch. Therefore many players choose to fish in a highly populated location such as the location of the heaviest species, but spread out from others i.e. on different map squares. Once a player has hooked a big fish a coloured message will be displayed in the game chat.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

At this point the player should be careful not to press the cast button as doing so will release the big fish without crediting the player. Assistance from other players will result in the player catching the big fish. After the big fish has been caught or released then another big fish cannot be hooked for one minute. Players may use this cool down time to look for perfect tackles or give assistance to others etc.

4.7 - Catch As Many Fish As Possible

To increase the total number of fish caught players can use the quickcasting technique. When players cast their line at a location they will fish continuously, however each time they catch a fish an animation of the character pulling a fish from the water and then throwing back the line will play. During this animation no more fish will be caught. However it is possible to skip this animation by pressing the cast button again as the character begins to pull up their fishing rod. The player will begin catching fish again sooner. If the player does this every time they catch a fish during the game the overall amount of fish caught increases dramatically. When quick casting it is much easier to accidentally release big fish, so before pressing cast players should check that they have not hooked a big fish.

In addition players should make sure they are fishing at locations that aren’t depleted. Typically the majority of players will fish at the heaviest specie’s location, then move to the heavy specie’s location depending on how close to the end of the game depletion occurs. If it is near the end of the game players may simply move to the nearest non-depleted location or not move instead.

5.0 - The Game Ends

At the end of the game players will be transported back to the lobby and their results will be shown to them.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image

The results screen shows the player’s ending score and the medals and tokens they received from playing. It also shows the players with the five highest scores and best results from all players participating for total fish caught, highest total weight and heaviest fish. If multiple people have these awards e.g. the heaviest fish then they will all be given the best result award, with their own name appearing in their results.

5.1 - How Scores Are Calculated

Scores for the each of the following factors are added together. Apart from the perfect tackle score, scores for the other factors are rounded down. The highest possible score is 48. As the game ends players are awarded Fishing experience, the amount of experience given is determined by the player’s score. The player’s Fishing level determines the maximum amount of experience that can be awarded; around 22k at level 99 Fishing. Fish caught: 1 point for 70 or more fish, 2 points for 80 or more fish, 3 points for 90 or more fish, 4 points for 110 or more fish, 5 points for 130 or more fish. Up to a maximum of 5 points.

  • Big fish caught: 2 points per big fish caught, up to a maximum of 6 points.
  • Total assists: 1 point per fish caught with assistance from other players, up to a maximum of 6 points (3 big fish in game).
  • Total weight: total fish weight divided by 500. Up to a maximum of 20 points (10,000 weight in game).
  • Heaviest fish: 1 point for 170+ weight, 2 points for 180+ weight, 3 points for 190+ weight. Up to a maximum of 3 points.
  • Perfect tackle found: 1 point for finding 1 perfect tackle, 2 points for finding 2 perfect tackles, 3 points for finding 3 perfect tackles, 4
  • points for finding 4 perfect tackles, 6 points for finding 5 perfect tackles, 8 points for finding 6 perfect tackles. Up to a total of 8 points (6 tackles).

Players with the five highest scores will appear on a podium in the lobby at the end of the game.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Bait Interface Image
5.2 - Medals

There are four medals that can be received per game, awarded for the following accomplishments:

  • Junior angler: finding perfect tackles for 3 species.
  • Master angler: finding perfect tackles for 6 species.
  • Whopper: catching 3 big fish.
  • Team Player: assisting 6 other players catch big fish.
5.3 - Tokens

Tokens are also awarded for different activities:

  • 1 token per 4 fish caught.
  • 1 token per big fish caught (up to 3 big fish).
  • 1 token per 2 assists given to other players with big fish (up to 6 assists).
  • 1 token per 2 perfect tackles found (up to 6 tackles).

A player may have a maximum of 2,000 tokens at one time, but an unlimited number of medals. When rewards are purchased using tokens the tokens are used up, but medals are not used up in the same way.

6.0 - Rewards

Rewards can be accessed via any of the fishermen.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Hook Hint Example
6.1 - Fishing Outfit

The fishing outfit includes four pieces, each piece of the set costs 140 tokens to purchase. When pieces of the set are worn they increase the experience gained from fishing. Each piece gives a different amount of experience increase; if all four pieces are worn then an extra 1% experience boost is given, making a total of 5% increased experience gained. Once a piece has been purchased duplicates of it can be obtained for free.

Piece of OutfitExperience Boost
Fishing Hat0.8%
Fishing jacket1.6%
Fishing waders1.2%
Fishing boots0.4%
6.2 - Tackle boxes

Tackle boxes require a sufficient number of medals and tokens to buy or upgrade. A player must purchase the lower level tacklebox before being able to upgrade to the next highest one. To upgrade a tackle box the player must have it their inventory.

Tackle boxes are useful as they can store raw fish and fishing bait, increasing the amount of time players can spend at a fishing spot before banking. In addition tackle boxes can store pieces of the fishing outfit, fishing gloves (swordfish gloves, shark gloves or cooking gauntlets) and fishing tool such as harpoons and lobster cages, though they are not often used for this because of the toolbelt. Better tackle boxes can hold more things. Obtaining a champion’s tackle box is a requirement for the trimmed completionist’s cape and requires 3580 tokens and 500 medals in total.

Tackle boxToken Cost Medal RequiredRaw fish stored Tool slotsBait slots Bait per slotGlove slots
Beginner's tackle box 110206111500
Basic tackle box 2305012212500
Standard tackle box 47011018324000
Professional's tackle box 90023024436501
Champion's tackle box 1870500305310002
6.3 - Raw Fish

Players may also purchase raw fish using their tokens, although this option is chosen much less than the other rewards.

7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How frequent are Fish Flingers games?

A: Games are started every 20 minutes, which means 10 minutes after the previous game ends. The time is the same for each world.

Q: Where is the Fisherman's wife?

A: She is located just outside the Fishing guild, north of Ardougne.

Q: Can I get another ticket as a drop from a fish?

A: Yes, there is a chance that you will receive a ticket from a fish instead.

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