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1.0 - Introduction

Throughout RuneScape there are many items sold by NPCs that can be bought and sold to other players for more money resulting in profit. Typically these items can only be bought once every 24 hours coining the name Daily activity or in multiple numbers, Dailies. Although Dailies are not an official activity in RuneScape, they are great ways to make an easy profit everyday and only take a small amount of time to complete. Flying under the radar, Dailies can give you a jump start on your way to developing and growing your wealth, boosting your charm pile and getting your experience counter up.

2.0 - Activities

The following are items that are sold or given to you by NPCs, most of them requiring you to have an Achievement Diary completed. You can visit the Achievement diaries overview for more information.

NPC Item(s) Requirements Price
Arhein 40 Pineapples, 80 Seaweed None 2gp each
Wizard Cromperty 150 Pure essence Ardougne Achievement Diary medium tasks Free
Bert 84 Bucket of sand Hand in the Sand, The Free
Zaff 8, 16, 32, or 64 Battlestaff None; for more Battlestaves you'll need the Varrock armour 1, 2, or 3 112,000gp, 224,000gp, or 448,000gp
Geoffrey 30, 60, or 120 Flax per day Seers' Achievement Diary, Seer's Headband 1, 2, or 3 Free
Aubury, Magic store owner, Mage of Zamorak 1,110 Death rune, 2,300 Water rune, 2,300 Earth rune 68 Magic 400,000gp
Slayer masters 3,000 Unfinished broad bolts, 3,000 Broad arrow heads Smoking Kills 50gp per; 300,000gp total
Lilly Defence potion (3), Strength potion (3) Access to the Warriors' Guild 880gp for Defence potion (3), 1,200gp for Strength potion (3); 20,800gp total
Jossik Vial pack, Vial of water, Vial of water pack, Greenman's ale Horror from the Deep 500gp per Vial pack and Vial of water pack, 2gp per Greenman's ale; 20,020gp total
Chargurr Raw bird meat, Raw bird meat pack As a First Resort... 63gp per Raw bird meat, 3,544gp per Raw bird meat pack; 21,894gp total
Betty Death rune, Earth rune, Water rune None 310gp per Death rune, 17gp per Water rune and Earth rune; 41,800gp total
Lundail Death rune, Earth rune, Water rune None 310gp per Death rune, 17gp per Water rune and Earth rune; 102,000gp total
Gerrant Feather None 6gp per feather, 6,000gp total
Squire Death rune, Earth rune, Water rune 40 Combat 310gp per Death rune, 17gp per Water rune and Earth rune; 65,000gp total
Baba yaga Death rune, Earth rune, Water rune Lunar Diplomacy 310gp per Death rune, 17gp per Water rune and Earth rune; 127,000gp total
Ava Feather Animal magnetism 6gp per Feather, 6,000gp total
Dell Monti Pineapple Karamja achievement diary 40 free Pineapples while wearing Karamja Gloves 1
Combat Related

The previous dailies were all non-Combat related ones; the next, however, does require Combat levels, and a few quests in order to complete. It can even be difficult for a high-levelled player to accomplish it everyday--good food, armour, and Prayer is recommended to keep yourself from dying.

NPC Reward Requirements
Bork Big bones, 2,000–9,973 coins, Green charm (2), Crimson charm (7), Blue charm (5), Various uncut gems What Lies Below
Hunt for Surok
Phoenix 5 Phoenix quill, 1,000 Crafting experience, 7,500 Firemaking experience, 500 Slayer experience, and a chance of finding a Phoenix eggling In Pyre need
Wild Jade Vine 1 Jade vine seed 2,500 Slayer experience, 1,500 Farming experience Back to my Roots
Distractions and Diversions

The next ones are Distractions and Diversions and can only be done a few times a day. Evil Trees can be done twice a day and Shooting Stars can be done infinitely, but you can only cash in 200 Stardust per day. The Phoenix Lair Dungeon can be repeated daily, as well. For more information, you can visit the Distractions and Diversions Overview.

Activity Location Rewards
Evil Tree Random Woodcutting and Firemaking experience, Logs, Oak logs, Willow logs, Teak logs, Maple logs, Mahogany logs, Yew logs, Magic logs, Coins, various tree seeds
Shooting Star Random Mining experience, Stardust, Cosmic rune, Astral rune, Coins, Gold ore
3.0 - Strategies

The beginner's route is the simplest upon simplest route you can imagine, and is therefore designed for people who have little to no quests done and have a short supply of money.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Arhein daily Image

Requirements: None

  1. Starting in Varrock, withdraw 159,740gp and walk to the Magic shop behind of the Varrock east bank. Trade with Aubury and buy the full stock of Death, Water and Earth runes.
  2. Advance to Camelot by either walking or teleporting there. From Camelot, walk South-east to Catherby and speak to Arhein at the General store. Buy 40 Pineapples and 80 Seaweed from him and make your way over to Port Sarim by walking or teleporting to Falador or Draynor Village.
  3. Once in Port Sarim, go to the Magic shop and trade with Betty. Buy the full stock of Death rune, Earth rune and Water runes and proceed South to the Fishing shop.
  4. At the Fishing shop, trade with Gerrant and buy the full stock of Feather.
  5. Walk to the Void Knight Outpost boat at the Port Sarim docks and speak to a Squire. Take a boat to the Void Knight Outpost and trade with the Squire who runs the Magic shop. Buy the full stock of Earth, Water and Death runes.
  6. From here, proceed to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and sell of all the items at Market price for profit.

Requirements: Hand in the Sand, The, Varrock Achievement Diary, Seers' Achievement Diary, As a First Resort..., 232,894gp for Achievement Diary 1, and 344,894gp for Achievement Diary 2

  1. Starting in Varrock, withdraw X coins and walk to the Staff shop in the Varrock Square. Speak to Zaff and buy 16 or 32 Battlestaves depending on which Varrock armour you have.
  2. Once you have bought your Battle staves from Zaff, walk North-west to the Grand Exchange, bank, and walk to Edgeville. Once in Edgeville walk to the Wilderness ditch and hop over. Run to the Mage of Zamorak who resides at about level 5 Wilderness and trade him. Buy the full stock of Death, Water, and Earth runes. Leave the Wilderness and teleport to Camelot.
  3. Walk south until you reach the Flax farm. With your Seer’s Headband on, speak to Geoffrey and receive 30, 60, or 120 Flax depending on which Seer’s Headband you have. Deposit your items at the Seers' Village bank and walk or teleport to Yanille.
  4. Once in Yanille, proceed to Bert’s house which is next to the Player Owned House portal. Speak with Bert and he will give you 84 Buckets of sand.
  5. Advance to Oo'glog by walking or by sailing on a Charter boat. Once in Oo'glog, walk towards the center of the town and trade with Chargurr by the big spit roast. Buy the full stock of Raw bird meat and Raw bird meat packs.
  6. Go to Brimhaven and talk to Dell Monti while wearing Karamja gloves 1 and receive 40 pineapples
  7. Teleport to the Grand Exchange and sell the items.

Requirements: Hand in the Sand, The, Ardougne Achievement Diary, Varrock Achievement Diary, Seers' Achievement Diary, As a First Resort..., 1,239,020gp

Zybez RuneScape Help's Zaff Daily Image
  1. In Varrock, buy 64 Battlestaves from Zaff. Run south-east to Aubury and buy the supply of Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes.
  2. Teleport to Camelot and head south-east to Arhein, buying his supply of Pineapple and Seaweed. Run west to the Camelot flax field and talk to Geoffrey with your Seer's headband 3, collecting your 120 Flax.
  3. Teleport to Watchtower and run west under the wall; run to Bert's house and collect your 84 Buckets of sand. Then go to the Magic Guild's second floor and trade the Magic store owner, buying all of his Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes.
  4. Go to Port Sarim. Trade Betty (in the Magic shop) and buy out her stock of Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes. From here, go south to Gerrant and buy 1,000 Feathers. Run west to the Squire and travel to Void Knights' Outpost--head south and trade the Squire and buy his supply of Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes.
  5. Teleport to Ardougne and speak to Wizard Cromperty to collect your essence. Head west to the lever near West Ardounge pull it, and run to the Mage Arena bank, speak to Lundail, and buy out his stock of Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes.
  6. Use a Games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe and run into the Warrior's Guild; trade Lilly and buy her Strength potion (3) and Defence potion (3).
  7. Teleport to Barbarian Outpost from and cross the rocks to the Lighthouse, enter it, and climb up the staircase. Talk to Jossik and buy Vial of water pack, Vial of water, and Greenman's ale.
  8. Teleport to Mobilising Armies and run to Oo'glog; trade Chargurr, buying Raw bird meat and Raw bird meat pack.
  9. Teleport to Draynor using an amulet of glory, walk to Draynor manor and go inside and talk to Ava buy her stock of 1,000 feathers
  10. Go to Brimhaven and talk to Dell Monti while wearing Karamja gloves 1 and receive 40 pineapples
  11. Lastly, teleport to Edgeville and head north over the ditch and to the Mage of Zamorak. Buy his supply of Death rune, Water rune, and Earth runes.
4.0 - FAQ
Q: How long approximately do the routes take?

A: For Beginner: Roughly 5 minutes, For Intermediate: Roughly 10 minutes, and Advanced: Roughly 15 minutes

Q: Will I always make money from Dailies?

A: Depending on Grand exchange values it varies, but the majority of the time you will make a profit no matter what route you do.

5.0 - Related Guides and Tips
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