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1.0 - Introduction

The Herblore Habitat is found within a members' only area. The habitat is safe in the sense that nothing can harm you unless you are poisoned before entering; however, beware of the Spiders and Jogres who roam the jungle near the habitat. They can still damage lower-levelled individuals.

The Heblore Habitat is located in the deep, south-east corner of Karamja, east of the Kharazi Jungle. The easiest and fastest way to reach the habitat would be to speak with Bettamax in Taverley and purchase Juju teleport spiritbags, which will teleport you to Papa Mambo in the habitat. Papa Mambo is a witchdoctor who has been hard at work and has used his powers to create an area where Farming, Herblore, and Hunter can all be trained within a small amount of space. You may talk to Astlayrix for a run-down on the Herblore Habitat.

2.0 - Requirements

The Herblore Habitat requires at least 54 Farming, 70 Hunter, 54 Herblore, and possibly 54 Construction, but it is recommended that you get at least 69 Farming and 78 Hunter as this grants you access to much of what the habitat has to offer.

Farming and Hunter equipment are used to plant the crops and hunt the creatures, although Papa Mambo will sell everything you need to get started (this does not include bush or fruit tree seeds), so you may wish to bring only cash to the habitat. A Tool leprechaun will be there to store Farming equipment for you if you buy any, or you can travel to another one around the world to store the tools beforehand.

3.0 - Construction

For some jadinkos, artificial environmental features may need to be built on the hotspot provided in the habitat in order to attract them. With the right Construction level, you can build these free of charge. Note that you will not need a Hammer and Saw as with regular Construction activities. If you do not have the right Construction level to build the feature you want, you will have to ask Papa Mambo to construct them for you at a hefty fee. The cost of each feature is shown in the table below.

No experience is gained in Construction in the habitat at all. You can request the assistance of another player to build a feature for you, and this is highly recommended for those who do not have the required level as this means you will not have to pay.

Feature Level Required Cost
Boneyard 56 56,000gp
Abandoned house 57 57,000gp
Thermal vent 59 56,000gp
Tall grass 62 62,000gp
Pond 65 65,000gp
Standing stones 70 70,000gp
Dark pit 80 80,000gp
4.0 - Farming
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the Herblore Habitat Farming area

In order to attract any type of jadinko and begin hunting them, you must be able to plant seeds of certain crops, including: coloured vines (plant in Vine flower patch) and special berry bushes found only in the habitat (plant in Vine bush patch), or fruit trees (plant in fruit tree patch). Any of these seeds can be obtained from hunting jadinkos. However, bush and herb seeds can only be obtained from hunting, while the vine seeds can also be purchased from Papa Mambo, and fruit tree seeds can also be bought from the Grand Exchange or found in a Bird's nest (tree).

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the Herblore Habitat eastern island

Using your Farming skills, you can also grow vine herbs within the habitat to make useful potions, which are made using the Herblore skill. When you obtain herb seeds, they can be planted in two vine herb patches: one where the other Farming patches are located (fruit tree, vine flowers etc.), and the other across an island to the east which can be reached by climbing up a vine leading there.

If you talk to Papa Mambo for free seeds, he will give you one seed of each coloured vine every time. He will only do this as long as you have not caught your first jadinko, so you may want to take around 5 of each before you continue.

You do not need to wait for the plants to grow fully; they will be able to attract jadinkos regardless of what stage of growth they are in (even if they were only just planted!), unless they die due to disease. At any point, you may request the assistance of another player who has the correct Farming level to plant your seeds.

Fruit Trees

The only ways to obtain fruit tree seeds is from a Bird's nest (tree) or from a jadinko drop.

Seed Plant Level Required Planting Experience Harvesting Experience Check-health Bonus Produce
Apple tree+ 27 22 8.5 1,199.5
Cooking apple
Banana tree+ 33 28 10.5 1,750.5
Orange tree+ 39 35.5 13.5 2,470.2
Curry tree 42 40 15 2,906.9
Curry leaf
Pineapple tree 51 57 21.5 4,605.7
Papaya tree 57 72 27 6,146.4
Papaya fruit
Palm tree 68 110.5 41.5 10,150.1

+ These are the only trees that will attract jadinkos, however you may plant others. Additionally, only these types of seeds will be dropped by jadinkos.

Vine Bushes

The only way to obtain vine bush seeds is from a jadinko drop.

Seed Plant Farming Required Planting Experience Harvesting Experience Check-health Bonus Produce
Lergberry bush 61 145.5 31.5 236.3
Kalferberry bush 77 220.2 52.5 375.3
Vine Flowers

You may obtain vine flower seeds from Papa Mambo and jadinko drops.

Seed Plant Farming Required Planting Experience Harvesting Experience Produce
Red vine 54 52 255
Red vine blossom
Blue vine 54 52 255
Blue vine blossom
Green vine 54 52 255
Green vine blossom
Vine Herbs

While hunting jadinkos, you may obtain some herb seeds. These are planted in two special vine herb patches; one inside the area where Astlayrix and the rest of the patches are, and another on the island to the east which you can get to by climbing up the vine leading there and crossing it. Suggestively, they are the special herbs used to create the various useful Juju potions.

Seed Plant Farming Required Planting Experience Harvesting Experience Produce
Erzille 58 87 87
Argway 65 110 125
Ugune 70 135 152
Shengo 76 140.5 160
Samaden 80 170 190
Zombie Farmer

The Zombie farmer at the farming patches will look after your tree and bush plants, but only if you pay him to do so.

Plant Charge
Apple tree 9 Sweetcorn
Banana tree 4 Basket of apples
Orange tree 3 Basket of strawberries
Lergberry bush 3 Red vine blossom
Kalferberry bush 3 Lergberries
Erzille 3 Green vine blossom
Ugune 3 Blue vine blossom
Argway 4 Red vine blossom
Shengo 5 Lergberries
Samaden 5 Kalferberries
5.0 - Herblore

Unique Juju potions can be made with the ingredients you have earned while training in the habitat. With the herbs obtained from Farming and the jadinko vines gathered by Hunting, mix the herb into a Juju vial of water (sold by Papa Mambo for 10gp each, or a Juju vial pack of 25 vials for 250gp each), then mix the vine with the unfinished potion. Each of them have unique and powerful effects, although the Juju hunter potion is actually only used within the habitat to be poured on vine flowers to temporarily attract certain jadinkos, and the three god potions grant experience bonuses only within the habitat. These potions have no other use.

All of the herbs for the potions can be grown in your Vine herb farming patch. When picked, they will be grimy and need to be cleaned before they can be used for mixing.

Herb Cleaning
Herb Herblore Required Experience

58 10

65 11.6

70 11.5

76 11.7

80 11.7
Potion Herblore Required Primary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient Experience Effects

Juju hunter potion
54 Erzille Corrupt vine 123 Is needed to be poured on planted coloured vines in order to attract certain jadinkos

Scentless potion
59 Argway Shadow vine 135 All traps will be treated as if they were smoked

Juju farming potion
64 Ugune Marble vine 146 One in three chance of picking twice the number of herbs from a Farming patch

Juju cooking potion
67 Shengo Plant teeth 152 Used on a Baked potato to make a Strange potato, which may be combined with Tuna and sweetcorn to create a Juju gumbo stew

Juju fishing potion
70 Shengo Aquatic vine 158 One in three chance of catching a Raw baron shark when fishing sharks

Juju woodcutting potion
71 Samaden Oily vine 160 One in ten chance of activating banking effect when cutting trees, which sends logs to your bank automatically
Small chance of receiving higher level logs sent directly to bank

Juju mining potion
74 Samaden Draconic vine 168 One in ten chance of activating banking effect when mining, which sends ores to your bank automatically
Small chance of receiving higher level ores sent directly to bank

Saradomin's blessing
75 Samaden Saradomin vine 170 Provides a 10% bonus to Farming experience inside the habitat

Guthix's gift
75 Samaden Guthix vine 170 Provides a 10% bonus to Herblore experience inside the habitat

Zamorak's favour
75 Samaden Zamorak vine 170 Provides a 10% bonus to Hunter experience inside the habitat

The Tool leprechaun in the habitat is able to store six types of three-dose Juju potions for you with a limit of 30 potions per type, these being: Juju hunter potion, Juju farming potion, Scentless potion, Saradomin's blessing, Guthix's gift, and Zamorak's favour.

6.0 - Hunter
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the Herblore Habitat Hunter area

Once you have managed to attract a type of jadinko, they will appear either on the north or south side of the habitat, or for the god jadinkos, they will appear on the eastern island. Astlayrix will help you remember the required combination for it (except for god jadinkos). Right-click on him and select 'Jadinko-requirements' to open an interface showing every Jadinko you have discovered so far.

Note that because the requirements for the three god jadinkos (Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak) change on a weekly basis, he will not be able to remember the requirements for you. Every player's required combinations for those jadinkos are different; you must discover them yourself.

Most jadinkos require Marasamaw plant traps to hunt, and are hunted in the same manner as box-trapped creatures. Simply lay the trap near where they are and wait for them to get trapped. You can increase the chances of successfully catching one by wearing Witchdoctor camouflage gear (which is the only camouflage equipment for the Herblore Habitat), smoking the traps with a Torch, drinking a Scentless potion, and baiting the traps with Withered vines.

Jadinko Hunter Required Experience Reward Notes
Common jadinko 70 350 Withered vine Chance of dropping seeds
Igneous jadinko 74 465 Marble vine Chance of dropping vine bush seeds
Cannibal jadinko 75 475 Plant teeth Chance of dropping vine bush seeds
Aquatic jadinko 76 475 Aquatic vine Chance of dropping vine flower seeds
Amphibian jadinko 77 485 Oily vine Chance of dropping fruit tree seeds
Carrion jadinko 78 505 Pungent vine Chance of dropping vine herb seeds
Draconic jadinko 80 525 Draconic vine Chance of dropping vine herb seeds
Saradomin jadinko 81 600 Saradomin vine Chance of dropping all seeds
Guthix jadinko 81 600 Guthix vine Chance of dropping all seeds
Zamorak jadinko 81 600 Zamorak vine Chance of dropping all seeds

Additionally, you will have to construct certain features and plant certain things in order to attract some types of jadinkos.

Jadinko Required Vine Blossom Required Bush Required Tree Environmental Feature
Common jadinko Any - - -
Shadow jadinko Red vine blossom - - Abandoned house
Igneous jadinko Blue vine blossom Lergberry bush Orange tree Thermal vent
Cannibal jadinko+ Green vine blossom Kalferberry bush - Tall grass
Aquatic jadinko+ Red vine blossom Kalferberry bush Apple tree Pond
Amphibian jadinko Blue vine blossom Lergberry bush - Pond
Carrion jadinko Green vine blossom Kalferberry bush - Boneyard
Diseased jadinko - - Banana tree Boneyard
Camouflaged jadinko+ - Lergberry bush - Standing stones
Draconic jadinko+ Red vine blossom Lergberry bush - Dark pit

+ You will need to use a Juju hunter potion on the vine flowers for these jadinkos. The potion's effect will last for around 10 minutes before it wears off.


Diseased, Shadow, and Camouflaged jadinkos are caught through tracking unlike the other ones. The habitat's tracking area is located in the south side, where all the bushes, holes, and burrows are, and the method of tracking is just like outside the habitat; inspect a burrow, then continue searching other features in the area depending on where the footprints head towards until you discover where the jadinko is hiding. Right-click the feature and select "Attack", and you will attempt to catch it.

The pattern to discovering the jadinkos' hiding places are actually constant; the order of features to search is the same every time depending on which burrow you searched first. For every attempted catch, there is a small chance that you will fail and let the creature scatter away.

Jadinko Hunter Required Experience Reward Notes
Shadow jadinko 71 475 Shadow vine Chance of dropping any seeds
Diseased jadinko 78 580.5 Corrupt vine Chance of dropping any seeds
Camouflaged jadinko 79 600 Striped vine Chance of dropping any seeds
7.0 - Rewards

If you have hunted all of the non-god jadinkos in one week, Papa Mambo will give you an experience boost to either Hunter, Herblore, or Farming. The amount of experience granted is based on your level in the chosen skill and you may only gain an experience boost once per week. In addition to the experience boost, you will be rewarded with Witchdoctor legs or Witchdoctor robes. The Witchdoctor clothing acts as camouflage for when hunting in the Herblore Habitat, and the clothes can be sold to Papa Mambo for 5,400gp each.

If you hunt all of the god jadinkos in one week, Papa Mambo will once more give you an experience boost in either Hunter, Herblore, or Farming. This time, however, you will receive a Witchdoctor mask as a reward. The mask has an unlimited number of teleports to the Herblore Habitat and acts like camouflage when hunting in the habitat.

Wearing the Witchdoctor gear once you have caught all of the jadinkos in a given week will provide you with a momentary boost to Hunter, Herblore, or Farming XP when performing any actions relevant to each skill. This boosts lasts for 30 minutes from the moment you first wear the item and then the effect will diminsh.

Witchdoctor Item Hunter Required Effects

Witchdoctor mask
70 Provides 2% boost

Witchdoctor robes
70 Provides 2% boost

Witchdoctor legs
70 Provides 1% boost
8.0 - FAQ
Q: Can I request assistance from someone to build an environmental feature using Construction?

Yes; the person will not receive any experience, of course.

Q: If Papa Mambo has already built a feature for me, will I have to pay him again to build the same one?


Q: Which potions are available outside of the habitat?

All but the Juju hunter potion, Saradomin's blessing, Guthix's gift, and Zamorak's favour are available outside of the habitat.

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