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Credits: Man Bon; S15
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of a diseased livid plant
Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

The following skills are required in order to begin this activity: 70 Magic, 60 Agility, 60 Crafting, 60 Farming, and 50 Construction. The Lunar Diplomacy quest must also be completed. The Livid Farm is found within a Members' only area, and is safe in the sense that nothing can harm you.

The Livid Farm is located on the northern part of the Lunar Isle. The easiest and fastest way to reach the Livid Farm would be to use the Lunar Home Teleport or the Moonclan Teleport. Alternativley, you can use the boat from Rellekka to get to the Pirate's Cove then take the boat again to the Lunar Isle. Pauline Polaris is a member of the Moon Clan.

She explains to you that Lokar went on a courageous trip to Karamja and he came across "a funny chap" named Papa Mambo. He obtained some saplings from a vine that grew in the region and brought them to her. He wanted her to grow and enhance the vine using magic. She explains that Lokar named them "Livid" and that he will be transporting what she grows to Brundt the Chieftain to help protect their village from wild beasts.

2.0 - The Farm

A map of the Livid Farm

  • Livid plant patches - These are where the Livid plants grow. They change reguarlarly and randomly.
  • Fence repair spots - These spots are repaired by having a Lunar fencepost in your inventory. No tools are required.
  • Log pile - This is used to obtain the logs for Plank make which creates the Lunar fenceposts.
  • Produce pile - This is where the harvested Livid plants appear. A full produce pile has 10 Livid plants in it.
  • Trade wagon - This is where you deposit your Livid plant bunches.
2.1 - Helping out

Helping out on the farm is the main focus of this activity. It awards you with Produce points, which can be used for rewards later on. Magic experience is earned for casting various spells, plus bonus experience in other skills: Crafting, Construction, Agility, and Farming.

Spell Action(s) Experience Gained Produce Earned

Fertile Soil
Casting Fertile Soil on any empty patch in the farm will allow Livid plants to grow. 87 Magic
91.8 Farming

Cure Plant
Cures the Livid plant from diseases. There are four different strains of the plant and in order to cure the plant you must identify the correct type of strain. 60 Magic
91.8 Farming

Plank Make
Take Lunar lumber out of the bin, then convert them into Lunar fenceposts that can be used to fix the broken fences. 90 Magic
54.6 Construction

String Jewellery
When the Livid plants are harvested, they appear in the produce pile (which is the bin to the east). Take them, then string them together and place them onto the trade wagon. 83 Magic
270 Crafting

Energy Transfer
Whenever Pauline is drained, cast Energy Transfer on her and you will be given four choices of phrases. Choose an encouraging response to energize her. 100 Magic
169.7 Agility

Occasionally, a distraction will appear somewhere around the entrance. These require Lunar spells, and do not give Produce points. Instead, they reward you with bonus runes. Magic experience is earned for casting the spells.

Spell Action(s) Experience Gained Reward

Monster Examine
Meteora will occasionally stop by the farm with her pet Ibis who is sick. Cast Monster Examine on the Ibis to diagnose it, then talk to Meteora again and select the condition it is diagnosed with out of 4 possible answers. You will then cure the Ibis of its disease. 61 Magic 1 Astral rune, 10 Water runes, 16 Earth rune, 1 Cosmic rune and 1 Mind rune

Energy Transfer
Pauline will occasionally get into a battle with a Suqah. Energise her by casting Energy Transfer on her to fend it off. 100 Magic 3 Astral runes, 10 Water runes, 16 Earth runes, 2 Law runes and 1 Nature rune

Vengeance Other
You must cast Vengeance Other on Murky Pat to help him deal with the problems people are causing him. 108 Magic 3 Astral runes, 15 Water runes, 20 Earth runes and 2 Death runes
2.2 - Strategies

It is not necessary to complete every task that is available, but it is helpful if you want to maximise your Produce points.

Fertilising patches

On the west side of the farm, there are several patches. Some of them will be empty and will need fertilizing. Simply fertilize them by left-clicking on them and the spell will be cast, allowing the plant to begin growing.

Curing the plants

The most difficult aspect of this activity is perhaps curing the plants. Upon attempting to cure them, you will be given an interface to identify the strain of plant that matches the one you are curing. The correct one must be chosen out of four possible options. There are four different kinds of livid which can be cured.

Image Notable features Box in interface
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a diseased livid plant Has two dark purple flowers Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot cure plant interface
Top-left box
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a diseased livid plant Has three velvet-coloured flowers Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot cure plant interface
Top-right box
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a diseased livid plant Has three faintly-coloured pink flowers Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot cure plant interface
Bottom-left box
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a diseased livid plant Has four pink flowers Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot cure plant interface
Bottom-right box
Fixing the fences

Some fences will be broken at each stage which will need repairing. To do this, take some Lunar lumber from the pile of logs in the bin. Convert them into Lunar fenceposts by casting Plank Make on them, then use the posts on the fences to fix them. A tip would be to make many fenceposts beforehand (around 10) so the next time broken fences begin to appear, time does not need to be spent converting the lumber.

Bunching the livids

At the final stage in the cycle, the produce pile will be filled with 10 Livid plants. Take them all from the pile, then bunch 5 of them together by casting String Jewellery on one of them. Converting 2 sets of 5 plants will give you two Livid plant bunches, which are to be deposited in the Trade wagon to the south-east.

Energising Pauline

Whenever Pauline is drained, cast Energy Transfer on her and you will be given four choices of phrases. In order to successfully energise Pauline, you must choose the correct one that is encouraging to her. Choose one of the following in the list:

  • "Come on, you're doing so well."
  • "Keep going! We can do this."
  • "Extraordinary!"
  • "Lokar will really appreciate this."
  • "Look at all the produce being made."
3.0 - Rewards
3.1 - Spells

Your Produce points can be used to unlock the ability to cast up to 8 other Lunar spells. To obtain them, simply talk to Pauline Polaris and learn them once you have enough points. You only require the points needed to get them; points are not deducted for unlocking them. Each spell must be unlocked in order.

Name Description Runes to cast Produce required

Teleport to South Falador
Teleports you south of Falador (by the Farming patch) 2 Astral runes, 1 Law rune, 2 Air runes 69,840

Repair Rune Pouch
Use on a degraded pouch to repair it and improve it's strength, so it takes longer to degrade. 2 Astral runes, 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Law rune 139,760

Teleport to North Ardougne
Teleports you south of the Fishing guild (by the Farming patch) 2 Astral runes, 1 Law rune, 5 Water runes 227,120

Remote Farming
View the status of Farming patches and cure any disease from a distance 2 Astral runes, 2 Earth runes, 3 Nature runes 314,480

Spiritualise Food
Cast on ordinary food and feed it to your familiar to heal it, boost its combat stats and extend its timer 2 Astral runes, 3 Cosmic runes, 5 Body runes 401,840

Make Leather
Cast on hides to turn them into leather. Converts 5 hides at a time 2 Astral runes, 2 Fire runes, 2 Body runes 489,200

Disruption Shield
Nullifies the next hit you receive from another player. Only works against other players, not monsters 3 Astral runes, 3 Blood runes, 10 Body runes 576,560

Vengeance Group
Everyone in a 3x3 square around you rebounds 75% of damage to an opponent next time they are damaged 4 Astral runes, 3 Death runes, 11 Earth runes 663,290

Teleport to Trollheim
Teleports you to the Trollheim Farming patch 3 Astral runes, 3 Law runes, 10 Water runes 744,400

Group Teleport to Trollheim
Teleports you and anyone with accept aid on around you to Trollheim Farming patch 3 Astral runes, 3 Law runes, 20 Water runes 806,400

Borrowed Power
Allows you to cast certain combat spells from the standard Magic book 3 Astral runes, 1x Charge Arcane capacitor necklace 880,000

3.2 - Wishes

Once all of the available spells have been unlocked, you may then spend Produce points on wishes, which grant a temporary effect depending on the chosen wish. They can only be bought once all spells have been bought. Wishes can be remotely activated using the NPC Contact spell and contacting Pauline Polaris.

Name Description Cost
Let it Rain Seeds! Assorted seeds will appear on the floor around you 18,000
Gimme Herbs! Grimy herbs will appear in your inventory 18,000
Vial My Herbs! Takes all the clean herbs in your inventory and turns them into unfinished potions of that herb type. This will work on noted herbs of up to 50 at a time. 5,500
Turn Lunar Lumber into Runes! Turns all lunar lumber in your inventory into runes. You will need a full inventory of logs. 5,500
Reduce the Fish I Burn! Reduced chance of burning fish for 30 minutes 18,000
More Planks, Please! Chance of receiving more planks when casting Plank Make for next 20 minutes 18,000
4.0 - FAQ
Q: Why can't I unlock certain spells?

A: You must unlock the spells in order.

Q: Will my points disappear after unlocking a spell?

A: No, your points will stay until you unlock the final spell, then your points will be reset to 0.

Q: Why can't I purchase wishes?

A: You must unlock all spells before you can purchase wishes.

Q: Pauline mentioned something about a reward once I obtain Witchdoctor clothing from the Herblore Habitat. What is the reward?

A: Once you get the entire Witchdoctor set from the Herblore Habitat (which consists of a mask, robes, and legs), wear it and speak to Pauline Polaris who will give you Mambo's potion. Drink it to gain 3,000 Farming experience.

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