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Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

Astlayrix's brother, Dotmatrix, has studied a small hole that has appeared just north of the Herblore Habitat along with the help of Maverick, an adventurer. It seems that the Jade Vine was much more twisted with evil, and underneath the habitat where the jadinkos come to the surface, there is the home of the jadinkos, the Jadinko Lair.

The Jadinko queen is the mother of all the jadinkos in there, but many of them and the environment has begun to turn mutated and is harming the population. Those with a high Slayer level have an oppurtunity to kill these mutated jadinkos, and those who prefer skilling with a good Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fletching level can use the environment to salvage materials and open up oppurtunities for a training area for those skills.

In order to enter, you must first speak with Maverick who will explain briefly everything there is inside the lair.

2.0 - The habitat

The lair itself is a dungeon with several rooms connected to each other. Three of them contain many of these mutated jadinkos: Mutated jadinko baby, Mutated jadinko guard, and Mutated jadinko male. They are also filled with jade roots which dangle from the cavern's ceiling, which are to be made use of by cutting them with Woodcutting.

By the entrances to each of the three rooms, there are two fire pits. Any of them can be lit using Firemaking to start fires. In the main room, the Jadinko queen is nested at the back surrounded by vines. These vines can turn mutated which are to be cut, also with Woodcutting.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the Jadinko Lair shortcut

An offering table can be found to the east of the queen. As you perform tasks around the lair, the table will be filled in terms of favour points. The more tasks you perform, the more points you will get. These points can be exchanged for either: both seeds that are related to the Herblore Habitat and Juju teleport spiritbags combined, fruits for use in the lair, or a combination of both.

A shortcut leading to the Herblore Habitat above can be found in the south-west corner of the lair. Chop it with a hatchet (requires level 40 Woodcutting) once to use it any time you would like. It leads directly to the bank deposit box, handy for storing items you come across while inside the lair.

3.0 - Combat
3.1 - Monsters

Mutated jadinkos are monsters found only within the lair, and are Slayer monsters assigned by Sumona, Duradel or Lapalok, and Kuradal; however you don't need to be assigned to them to kill them. For each monster killed, a number of favour points are also earned which can be exchanged for rewards. See section 5.0 for more details on exchanging points for rewards.

Each of them have a 100% drop rate of Excrescence and Mutated vines, although the amount they drop varies. Their general drops include blossom seeds (used for the Herblore Habitat, noted Yew, Mahogany, and Magic logs, and charms at an uncommon rate.

Image Monster Requirements Description/Location Favour Points
Mutated jadinko baby (level 90) 80 Mutated jadinko babies are found in the western room of the lair: the first cave you encounter. 3
Mutated jadinko guard (level 145) 86 The mutated guards can be found in the northern cave section of the lair. 7
Mutated jadinko male (level 201) 91 Mutated male jadinkos are in the eastern part of the lair. 10
3.2 - Drops and Weapons

The most important drop of this update; also the most anticipated update to add on to the Abyssal whip is the Whip vine. It adds some extra bonuses to the regular whip, and it requires 80 Slayer and 85 Attack to equip. Note the Slayer level requirement; you cannot wield it without getting the level first. They are only dropped by the guards and males, and not the babies.

Image Item Levels Required Bonuses Upgraded Weapon
Whip vine 85 80 +86 Slash attack, +84 Strength Abyssal vine whip

There are also other weapons you can make using different drops such as the Bolas and Sagaie using Fletching. Sagaie do more damage the further you are away from your target and can be equipped with a shield. However, they cannot be attracted by Ava's devices (e.g. Ava's attractor). Bolas can bind their target on the spot. They also are consumed upon throwing them, so they cannot be retrieved. Both weapons are very effective against mutated jadinkos.

Image Item Level Ranged Attack Ranged Strength Items needed
Sagaie 72 +100 +70 Hardened straight vines and Mutated vines
Bolas 76 +100 +0 Excrescence and Mutated vines

You can also obtain fruits from jadinkos as well. Most of these give special bonuses when eaten; however they don't last very long. Also fruit cannot be traded with other players. Each fruit heals 150 life points, with the exception of God Fruits.

Important: It used to be that fruit taken outside of the Jade Vine areas will turn to Common fruit and will not offer the effects anymore. This is no longer true as of 9th August 2011, although fruits will not give their bonus effects when eaten outside of the lair.

Image Item Effects
Common fruit No effects
Shadow fruit Decreases chances to be hit by enemies by 2% for 1 minute
Igneous fruit Soaks 2% of damage taken for 1 minute
Cannibal fruit Increases chances of hitting by 2% for 1 minute
Aquatic fruit Doubles favour from fuelling fires for 1 minute
Amphibious fruit Doubles favour points from cutting mutated roots for 1 minute
Carrion fruit Doubles mutated vine drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 minute
Diseased fruit Doubles excrescence drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 minute
Camouflaged fruit Prevents you from being hit by roots for 1 minute
Draconic fruit Increases max hit by 2% for 1 minute
Saradomin fruit Recharges up to 100 Prayer points and heals 200 Life Points.
Guthix fruit Recharges up to 100 Prayer points and heals 200 Life Points.
Zamorak fruit Recharges up to 100 Prayer points and heals 200 Life Points.
3.3 - Strategies

It should be mentioned that using Prayer to protect yourself does not guarantee you will not be harmed; the monsters will bypass this by using Magic if you are praying Protect from melee. Further, if you stand from a distance and use both the Protect from Magic Prayer and use Ranged or Magic attacks against them, the jade roots around you will whip you for mediocre damage (around 0 to 50).

The mutated jadinko monsters can be fought with a melee equipment setup easily, but sometimes they hit extremely high with their melee attacks. If you do decide to take them on with melee, ensure that you have plenty of food to last you long enough, otherwise expect a quick death. The best method is to use Ranged and take their hits; they are less accurate with their Magic attacks provided your defence against Magic is high.

The best weapon to use is a combination of Bolas and Sagaie. Using the Bolas renders them unable to move, but against mutated jadinkos, they have an added effect of making them more vulnerable to attacks, increasing damage dealt to them. Sagaie deal extra damage against them and their damage is increased the further you are from your target. Using both of these weapons will quickly dispose of any mutated jadinko you may wish to kill. Try to get the jadinkos caught between the jade roots when using Sagaie to keep them further away from you for as long as possible.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player fighting a mutated jadinko male
4.0 - Skilling

As well as being a place for combat, the lair is also suited for those who wish to only train their non-combat skills. Because the monsters are not aggressive, coming here entirely to train other skills than combat is possible.

4.1 - Woodcutting

Where the mutated jadinkos are located are jade roots hanging from the cavern ceiling. Level 83 Woodcutting is required to chop them. In each of the monster rooms, they are everywhere and alternate between being curly and straight jade roots. Chop them once to turn them into cut roots, then chop them again to harvest them.

You can get either Curly roots or Straight roots from these jade roots. Chop them when they are curly to get the curly ones, and when they are straight, chop them for straight ones. Regardless of the root's form, chopping them once earns 80.5 Woodcutting experience, and chopping them again earns another 80.5 for a total of 161 per root.

Around the jadinko queen, there are several jade vines around her. Some of them will turn mutated, and the mutated ones will turn healthy again after a random amount of time. By chopping them, you will get Mutated vines, and will earn 140 Woodcutting experience for each one gathered. If you do not have the Slayer level to kill monsters for vines, this is your next best option to collect them.

Chopping a jade root once gives you 1 favour point, and chopping one fully gives another 1 for a total of 2 per root. Chopping a Mutated vine also gives 2 per vine chopped. See section 5.0 for more details on exchanging points for rewards.

4.2 - Firemaking

With the Curly roots obtained from chopping curly jade roots, the fire pits by the entrances to the mutated jadinkos' rooms can be lit with those roots. Place a root on an empty pit and light it with a Tinderbox, and it will be lit. More roots can be added to the pit simply by clicking on a lit fire pit and choosing to burn any remaining roots on it. For each Curly root lit, 379 Firemaking experience is granted (397.5 with Flame gloves and Ring of fire).

Unlike other methods of training Firemaking where each log must be burned manually, there is a 'Burn-all' option to automatically burn all the Curly roots in your inventory, much like Cooking. This makes this the best method of training by far in terms of experience rate, cost, and lack of tediousness. The experience rate for this ranges from 230,000-270,000 experience per hour, depending on how fast you can chop for the Curly roots.

Each Curly root burned gives 2 favour points. See section 5.0 for more details on exchanging points for rewards.

4.3 - Fletching

While slaying monsters or cutting wood, you will gather various peculiar ingredients. Mutated vines are found while killing jadinkos and chopping the mutated vines around the Jadinko queen, Excrescence are found only by killing monsters, and the Straight roots you gather from chopping the jade roots are used for Fletching.

Firstly, the Straight roots are to be used on a lit fire pit. You will get Hardened straight roots; use them with a Knife with level 83 Fletching to get Sagaie shafts. Finally, use the shafts with Mutated vines to make the unique Ranged weapon, Sagaie.

The other weapon which can be made is called a Bolas, which requires level 87 Fletching. Simply use 2 Excrescence with a Mutated vine to make them.

Fletching within the lair does not earn you favour points. See section 5.0 for more details on exchanging points for rewards.

Image Level Name Material XP
One Set of 5
83 x5 Sagaie shaft Hardened straight root 0 0
83 Sagaie Sagaie shaft
Mutated vine
40 200
87 Bolas 2x Excrescence
Mutated vine
50 250
5.0 - Offerings

While performing tasks such as training combat, Woodcutting, and Firemaking using resources that are found in the lair, the Jadinko Queen will become more pleased and will place her offerings on an offering table just to the east of her. These come in the form of favour points. The more tasks you do, the more points you earn up to a maximum of 2,000.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the message box showing favour points

You are given 3 options for your reward and can withdraw as many as you like (by right-clicking the table and selecting 'Withdraw-X'). Each of them cost a different number of points per reward taken from the table.

  • Random jadinko fruits that provide bonuses in the lair (cost 13 points each).
  • Selection of Juju teleport spiritbags and Herblore Habitat-related seeds (cost 40 points each). This includes fruit tree, vine flower, and vine herb seeds.
  • A combination of both of the above (cost 10 points each)

For every jade root you chop, Curly root you burn, and Mutated vine you chop, you earn 2 points. Chopping a healthy jade vine will cause you to lose 1 point. The best strategy to build up a vast amount of points is to continuously gather Curly roots and burn them.

The seeds you receive are dependent on the jadinkos you have attracted up on the surface. If you have Draconic jadinkos only (which drop vine herb seeds), all your seeds will be assortments of vine herb seeds. If you also have Common jadinkos summoned, you will get fruit tree, vine herb, and vine flower seeds.

6.0 - FAQ
Q: Can the jadinko fruits be taken out of the lair?

A: Yes. Before an update on the 9th August 2011, if you do, they will all turn into Common fruits which do nothing other than heal you for 150 life points. This is no longer true, although fruits eaten outside of the lair do not give their bonus effects.

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