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1.0 - Introduction

This is a safe activity. You will not lose your armour and items if you die while playing.

The Dominion Tower is a place for players to venture out into and fight bosses from all quests. It is located west of the Ruins of Uzer, and is easily accessible in two ways. The quickest way is to teleport using the Dominion medallion, with the second route being starting at the Shantay Pass and walking south-east. The entrance is on the south most side of the Tower.

2.0 - Requirements

In order to use the Dominion Tower, you must be a combat level of at least 110, and have completed any 20 of the following quests:

Required Quests
Another Slice of H.A.M. Between a Rock... Blood Runs Deep
Contact! Curse of Arrav, The Demon Slayer
Desert Treasure Do No Evil Dragon Slayer
Dream Mentor Family Crest Fight Arena
Fremennik Trials, The Great Brain Robbery, The Haunted Mine
Holy Grail Horror from the Deep Legends' Quest
Lost City Love Story Missing My Mummy
Monkey Madness Mountain Daughter My Arm's Big Adventure
Nomad's Requiem Recipe for Disaster Shadow of the Storm
Spirits of the Elid Temple At Senntisten, The TokTz-Ket-Dill
Troll Romance Troll Stronghold Vampyre Slayer
Void Dance, A Void Stares Back, The Wanted!
While Guthix Sleeps - -

3.0 - The Tower

There are a total of four modes that you can play when inside of the Tower. In order to select the mode and begin playing, simply enter the Tower, click the staircase, and select the game mode. By completing certain objectives in the game modes, you earn Dominion Factor. This is on the high-scores table on Runescape's website. By earning Dominion Factor, you can spend it to claim different rewards out of the rewards chest. This rewards chest is placed on every floor you complete if you wish to claim your prize at that time. You can only collect Dominion factor in a certain game mode until you die or forfeit. The types of game modes are listed below, along with handicaps.


A handicap makes the fights more challenging. A handicap can restrict you from using certain items in battle, and can weaken your attacks and skill levels. Handicaps are used in the Climber, Freestyle, and are a possiblity in Special game modes. For more information on the handicaps in each specific game mode, read below. (Picture)


This mode is as the name implies, you climb through the levels of the Tower. On each level, you will fight a random boss monster, as well as dealing with a handicap. As you slay your way through the levels, the handicap will carry over into the next round. That means if you had the handicap of "No shield" for the first level, you would also have "No shield" and the handicap for level two. Reward items are accumulated after each round, and increase with each victory. However, all of your reward is risked each level, allowing you to loose or gain reward items. (Picture)

The handicaps in this game mode can be toyed with a little bit. You can "Nudge" or "Re-spin" the handicaps in between rounds. By choosing "Nudge", the handicap wheel will skip over to a new handicap that you are yet to use. By choosing "Re-spin", the wheel of handicaps will start over again, resetting your current handicaps.

While in between levels, you have the option to save your progress, claim your rewards, and exit the game mode. This can be done by clicking "Hold On". However, note that you can not return to your saved game, and will have to start at level one again.


The Endurance game mode is practically the same as the Climber game mode. However, there are no handicaps and you can not bank in between levels. (Picture)


The Freestyle game mode grants you the most freedom, by allowing you to control all aspects of the fights. You may fight any boss monster that you have access to, and can turn on or disable any handicaps you wish. Bosses are only accessible if you have completed the quest they are originally fought in, as well as having faced them in the Climber or Endurance game modes. (Picture)


The Special game mode are challenges that are already set out for you. The boss and handicaps are already chosen, and you can not play one of the challenges if you are yet to encounter them in Climber mode. (Picture)

Revenge of the Evil Chickens

You must fight 15 Evil chickens in a multi-way combat arena without the use of any prayers. The Evil chicken attacks with magic, so you will be bombarded with hits. If you win, you will get a dominion factor of 1780. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

Finish Him!

You must simultaneously fight the following bosses: Arrav, Koschei the Deathless, General Khazard, Black knight guardian, The Kendal, Black golem, White golem, and Grey golem. Each of them will have only 20% of their life points remaining and it's up to you to finish them off. You will also have the following handicaps active: No prayers; reduced melee, range, and magic defence; diseased; poisoned; no special attacks; random daze and no power-ups. If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 1600. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

Just Die Already

You will be played in a multi-way combat arena against six Dagannoth sentinels. The sentinels use their mechanic of healing each other so you'll need to attack them all from time to time. They still work in pairs, each healing whichever sentinel is standing to its side. If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 1650. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

No More Nomad... No More!

You will be pitched against Nomad twice in a row without the option of replenishing your inventory for food or for taking a breather. The rules will be the same as in a normal battle with no handicaps. If you will you'll get a dominion factor of 2930. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

I Eat Dagannoths For Breakfast

You will be against the original dagannoth mother, the second dagannoth mother, and 2 Dagannoth sentinels; all at once. There are no handicaps. If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 1940. You will get no dominion factor for dying.


You must fight all the end bosses from Recipe for Disaster simultaneously. Various handicaps applied: no shield; no power-ups; reduced melee, mage, and ranged defence; no familiars; no body armour and no special attacks.If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 1500. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

You'll Never Defeat Me

You must survive for 5 minutes in an arena with: The Inadequacy (plus Doubts), The Everlasting, The Illusive and The Untouchable. With one inventory of food this should be no easy feat. You will not have time to kill all of the creatures, so you must devote time to evading and perhaps taking out one or two of them. Food will spawn in the arena that you can run and pick up to increase your survival time. You will also have handicaps applied: reduced melee, range, and magic attack and defence; no shield; no body armour; no potions; random daze; halved HP; no prayers; no food and no familiar. If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 875. You will get no dominion factor for dying.

Hey! Eat Power-up

You aren't allowed to go into this fight with any weapons or armour. The arena floor will be littered with the bomb power-ups. You will then be surrounded by various lower level boss monsters such as: Solus dellagar, Delrith, Count draynor, Melzar the Mad, Sigmund, Tarn razorlor, The Draugen, The Kendal, Tumeken's shadow, Culinaromancer, Elvarg, and Treus dayth. You have to kill them all ONLY using the powerups and fists if you wish. The bombs will deal more damage than normal in the match. If you wish, you can use Silverlight, the ancient mace, the hammer and stake to finish of Delrith, Sigmund, and Count Draynor respectively. These weapons are spawned in the arena. There are no handicaps. If you win you'll get a dominion factor of 695. You will get no dominion factor for dying.


It is possible to spectate a player, and watch them as they fight their way through the levels. In order for you to spectate another player, you first must tag them using a Dominion medallion. If the tagged player decides to enter the tower and begin fighting, you may watch the fight from one of the spectator points within the arena. Spectating is only possible when the other player has Accept Aid on, and is accessed by clicking on the staircase within the Tower, and selecting "Spectate". (Picture)

Another method is to climb the staircase in the main lobby, then choosing the 'Spectate' option in the menu. This will bring up a list of players who can be spectated which you can choose from.

3.1 - Points of Interest
  • Bank - This is yet another one-click bank. You can use it to stock up your inventory before going into battle. This bank also appears at the end of every fight; however, you can use it only during Climber mode, not Endurance mode.
  • Entrance - This is the entrance to the Dominion Tower.
  • Rewards Chest - This chest is on both sides of the ground floor as well as at the end of every fight. You can claim your rewards at any point after a fight, although doing so will effectively end your climber/endurance run. This will use all of your current Dominion Factor that you earned during your battles. The rewards can vary from Scorpion meat to XP tomes (see rewards section for more information).
  • Scoreboard - This scoreboard is located on the eastern side of the ground floor. You can view the top 10 scores of that world, based on Dominion Factor earned.
  • Stairs - They are located on both sides of the floor. You can click anywhere on the stairs to access the mode menu. From there, you can select which mode you want and proceed into battle.
  • Strange Face - This is a creature on the wall in the middle section of the floor. You can talk to him if you have any questions about the Dominion tower, rewards, Dominion medallion, and even the tower's history. If you right-click and select 'Rewards' you can view a list of all the rewards and achievements (see rewards section for more information).
4.0 - Bosses

There are a total of forty-eight bosses that you can face while within the Tower. The bosses are divided up into eight different classes, being sorted by difficulty. The hardest bosses will be in Class A, with the easiest bosses being in Class H. In order to access and fight a particular boss, you first must have faced them in one of the game modes, in addition to completing the quest that they belong to.

Class A
Nomad Pest queen Decaying avatar
Eruni, Ayuni, Leeuni Dagannoth mother Zenevivia
Class B
The Untouchable Damis, Fareed, Kamil, Dessous The everlasting, The illusive
Dagannoth sentinels Karamel, Gelatinnoth mother Nezikchened
Class C
Balance elemental Jungle demon Arrav
Ice demon The inadequacy GIant roc
Class D
Arrg Barrelchest Chronzon
Evil chicken Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na , Dessourt Giant scarab
Class E
Bouncer Koschei the deathless Arzinian avatar
Black knight titan General khazard Black knight guardian
Class F
Dad Tree spirit Agrith-Naar
Dagannoth mother TokTz-Ket-Dill White golem, Black golem, Grey golem
Class G
Treus dayth Elvarg Culinaromancer
Tumeken's shadow The Kendal The Draugen
Class H
Tarn razorlor Sigmund Melzar the mad
Count draynor Delrith Solus dellagar
5.0 - Rewards and Achievements

There are a number of rewards and achievements that you can receive while fighting bosses within the Tower. Rewards vary from new items to use in combat and new abilities. Achievements primarily upgrade your weapons and abilities, and are a bit challenging to complete. In total, there are 22 rewards and achievements. They are all listed and explained below. (Picture)

The items you can receive from the Reward chest are:

  • Dom Saradomin brew (full)
  • Dom super antipoison (full)
  • Dom super prayer (full)
  • Dom super restore (full)
  • Help horn*
  • Dominion staff*
  • Dominion sword*
  • Dominion crossbow*
  • Diminutive bomb*
  • Massive bomb*
  • Colossal bomb*
  • *Must unlock through Achievements before they can be awarded from the chest.

    Goal Reward/Achievement
    Reach floor 5 in Climber mode Extra aggressive taunt unlocked
    Reach floor 10 in Climber mode Extra comedy taunt unlocked
    Reach floor 15 in Climber mode Power-up unlocked - Help horn
    Reach floor 15 in Endurance mode Extra submissive taunt unlocked
    Reach floor 20 in Endurance mode Your Dominion medallion upgrades to a Super dominion medallion
    Reach floor 25 in Endurance mode Power-up unlocked - Dominion Crossbow
    Suffer each and every type of handicap Power-up unlocked - Dominion Sword
    Use help horn and bomb power-ups Power-up unlocked - Dominion Staff
    Find half the Journal Pages Power-up unlocked - Diminutive Bomb
    Collect all the Journal pages Power-up unlocked - Massive Bomb
    Dominion Factor of 10,000 and all journal pages Power-up unlocked - Colossal Bomb
    Kill 100 bosses Dominion marker - stage 1 unlocked
    Kill 200 bosses Dominion marker - stage 2 unlocked
    Kill 300 bosses Dominion marker - stage 3 unlocked
    Kill 400 bosses and fight all Special matches Dominion Mines unlocked (buy 10 for 10,000 gp)
    Kill 450 bosses and spectate a match Dreadnips unlocked *
    Kill 500 bosses Ascendancy Mines unlocked (re-locked on claiming)
    Kill 500 bosses and all from set 1 Goliath gloves unlocked *
    Kill 500 bosses and all from set 2 Spellcaster gloves unlocked *
    Kill 500 bosses and all from set 3 Swift gloves unlocked *
    Complete all other achievements Dominion marker - stage 4 unlocked
    Complete all achievements Visit the top of the tower

    * - with every 5 boss kills in either Endurance or Climber mode, you can claim any one of: 100 Dreadnips, Goliath gloves, Swift gloves, or Spellcaster gloves. Once you kill 25 bosses (and 5 of the above are available for selection), you will have 5 claimable sets available and cannot get anymore sets unless you spend them on any of the above rewards.

    6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is the quickest way to get to the Dominion Tower?

    A: The quickest way to get to the Dominion Tower would be to teleport using the Dominion medallion.

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