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Being around since early 2000; RuneScape, infamous or not, is one of the most popular MMORPGs across the world. There are many reasons for this, such as it being free to play, and web browser based. But I will not go in to that with much detail.

Despite surviving major changes to the game such as the removal of Free Trade and the Wilderness, ever so often, you hear players mutter something along the lines of 'RuneScape will die.' This is often with good reason as it is evident that the game has become increasingly easy. And as a consequence, players no longer a sense of accomplishment when they achieve a goal. Couple that with the staggering amount of bots that were previously in the game, one can often wonder how RuneScape has managed keep going after so long.

Have you ever heard of the idiom “one man's food is another man's poison”? Well it brings some relevance here! Do you remember those beyblades you collected while you were young? Or perhaps you envisaged yourself as a young Ash Ketchum and chose to collect Pokémon Cards? Well, somewhere down the line, you grew out of your old toys. Or perhaps you felt they were ruined by updates, for example, the introduction of new Pokémons. But guess what? Surprisingly enough, those companies are still intact! They did not suddenly stop producing and updating their products because you no longer had interest in them, but rather catered to the next bunch of consumers in line. You could call it a cycle.

The same process that all these other companies went through is the same process JaGEx and RuneScape are going through. Players come and go, it is the nature of game business, and JaGEx knows this. For every player who dislikes an update, there is equally likely to be a player who loves it. So why should JaGEx try to preserve the so-called 'golden days' of the game when players are going to quit regardless? Surely, as I have described, from a gaming companies' standpoint, it only makes sense for them to continue trying to appeal to new and fresh players regularly.

Also RuneScape players are quite loyal to an extent, despite the growing popularity of more modern 'dynamic' MMOs, RuneScape still has a strong following with millions of active players around the world. The game has gone from strength to strength in recent times; the introduction of Dungeoneering has certainly added a lot to the game, quests have gotten better, and the graphics and the animations have become really smooth. And if you were to attempt to compare the humble beginnings of RuneScape to its current state, you will be in for a big surprise.

The way I see it, the only way RuneScape will die is if it loses its appeal to new players by not 'conforming' to the current times. But, JaGEx are still brimming with ideas as RuneScape finally got its first fully voiced quest recently. Java's capabilities continue to rise, and JaGEx will make use of it accordingly. There is much reason to believe the best is yet to come.

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