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Zybez RuneScape Help Recruiting

Please read the entire post if you're thinking of applying.

Once again, we're back to you, Community. We need more help working around the Zybez Runescape Help website. We've got the drive and we keep expanding, growing, and innovating. We constantly add new sections and tools to the site and with this constant flow of work, we need more people to help us do it. Have you ever found yourself interested in being a part of the Zybez Runescape Help content team? Well, here's your chance.

Mandatory Requirements
  1. You must be able to keep secrets. Everything that happens on Zybez stays on Zybez.
  2. You must have at least the Member rank at Runescape Community (made 50 or more posts).
  3. We prefer our applicants to be a registered member of Runescape Community for at least one year. That said, if you've been a good member, seem to be a worthy applicant and haven't been a member for a year, please submit an application an we'll consider you on a case-by-case basis.
  4. You must not have previously worked for, or been affiliated with, another major Runescape fansite.
  5. You must have a secure computer. You must have an Anti Virus and/or Anti-Spyware program, as well as a Hardware or Software Firewall. Click here to check your security (more green the better).
  6. You must still have an interest in Runescape, and not just be applying for the status of being a Zybez Staff member. Though a small number of very dedicated members have received ratings for their work on Zybez, it is extremely rare for it to happen. Working on Zybez will never gain you a rank on the forums, so do not apply just because you think you can get a promotion here on the forum because of helping on Zybez.
Additional Requirements
  1. Literacy Skills
    • As Zybez prides itself on the quality of our content, it is essential that those on our team have proficient literacy skills. That is, you must have a high quality of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. What you're writing will be read by thousands of people, and the content you will be contributing will represent Zybez as a whole.
  2. Dependability
    • We must be able to rely on you to take initiative to complete tasks with or without being asked to do so. The minimum requirement is 35 actions per week, or 5 per day. If upon being accepted, you cannot do the work that is required of you, you will be put on the waiting list for your particular crew and someone will be brought in to fill your position. Do not apply if you find you're always busy with school, work, or extra-curricular activities and cannot carry out this requirement.
  3. Runescape Knowledge
    • It is preferred that you actually play Runescape and know about recent updates so you could work on updating information relating to it for a fast-as-possible release.
  4. IRC
    • It is required to have access to IRC, or willing to start using it, as we use it as main communication between people on the content team.
What do Zybez staff do?

Now that you've read all that, are you ready for you'll be asked to do?

  • Fix corrections submitted by our users.
  • Ensure all content is kept up-to-date.
  • Assist with major content overhauls.
  • Check content for grammar, spelling, and valid xHTML before release.
  • Replace low quality images with HD images.
  • Moderate all user submitted content (e.g. screenshots, comments).
  • Develop new content, as needed/required.
  • Report site based errors to the Managers who report them to Curse developers.
After each update, when necessary:
  • Update Images and maps for guides such as Skill, Quest, City, Guild, Mini-game and Miscellaneous.
  • Update Strategies for Skills and Quests.
  • Item Database: Add new items, amend updated items, update changed images.
  • NPC Database: As above, for monsters.
  • Clue Scroll Database: As above, for clue scrolls.
  • Skill Calculators: Ensure these are updated accordingly, and that relevant training methods are included.
How to Apply

Once you have read all the information in the above post, simply Click here to proceed to the application form.

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