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Easy Quests Priest in Peril, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Nature Spirit, In Aid of the Myreque
Stats 15 Crafting, 12 Cooking, 25 Agility, 26 Farming
Items Chisel, Wolfbane, Ring of charos, Druid pouch, Silver sickle(b) or Ivandis flail (30), Limpwurt seed
Medium Quests Ghosts Ahoy, Shades of Mort'ton, Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains, Fairy Tale II - Cure A Queen, In Aid of the Myreque, Darkness of Hallowvale, Nature Spirit, Haunted Mine, Dwarf Cannon
Stats 22 Herblore, 29 Hunter, 33 Magic, 35 Smithing, 40 Woodcutting, 45 Slayer, 53 Farming
Items Coins, Ectophial, Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet, Flamtaer hammer, any hatchet, Rope, Small fishing net, Restore potion (3), Garlic, Silver dust, Bucket of water, Barley malt, any main ingredient of an ale, Law rune, Air rune, Steel bar, Ammo mould, Mushroom spore, Crystal-mine key, Serum 207 or Serum 208
Hard Quests All Fired Up, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Haunted Mine, Desert Treasure, In Aid of the Myreque, Legacy of Seergaze, Branches of Darkmeyer
Stats 40 Slayer, 50 Construction, 62 Firemaking, 65 Agility, 66 Magic, 70 Fletching, 70 Defence, 70 Attack or Ranged, 76 Woodcutting
Items Blood altar teleport, 2 Silver sickle(b), Ring of fire
Elite Quests Legacy of Seergaze, Branches of Darkmeyer, Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Stats 76 Strength, 77 Runecrafting, 80 Firemaking, 85 Summoning, 85 Slayer, 91 Farming, 94 Herblore, 96 Fishing
Items Drakan's medallion, Pure essence, Fellstalk seed, Morchella mushroom spore, Vial of water, Games necklace, Fiyr remains, Magic pyre logs
Other All Temple Trekking companions at level 99.
1.0 - Easy Tasks
Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Craft your own Myre snelm in Morytania 15 Crafting Kill a snail in Mort Myre Swamp and use a chisel on the shell.
Cook a Thin snail in Morytania 12 Cooking Kill a snail and pick up the Thin snail. Either cut a swamp tree and light the log or use the cooking range in Port Phasmatys
Kill a Werewolf in its human form using the Wolfbane whilst in Canifis Priest in Peril To reclaim the Wolfbane see Drezel in the Paterdomus church basement.
Finish a game of Werewolf Skullball 25 Agility, Creature of Fenkenstrain Bring Ring of charos
Kill an experiment under Castle Fenkenstrain Started Creature of Fenkenstrain Push the far east statue in the graveyard east of Fenkenstrain's Castle and go down and kill an experiment.
Restore and boost your prayer points at the altar in the Nature Grotto Nature Spirit To teleport close to the Nature Spirit Altar use Fairy Rings code BKR
Kill a Ghast in Morytania Nature Spirit Use a Full Druid pouch to make a Ghast attackable. Killing Ghasts in Temple Trekking will not work.
Grow some fungus in the swamp using Bloom Nature Spirit, Silver sickle(b) or Ivandis flail (30) Uses 40 Prayer Points to cast the spell.
Take an easy companion through an easy route of Temple Trekking In Aid of the Myreque At the start of Temple Trekking choose an easy companion and guide them through the easy path.
Kill anything on the ground floor of the Slayer Tower None To easily teleport to the Slayer Tower use the Ring of slaying.
Harvest Limpwurt root in the farming patch near Port Phasmatys. 26 Farming Plant Limpwurt seed in the flower patch. Takes 17.5 minutes to grow.
2.0 - Medium Tasks
Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Take a trip on a charter ship to the Port Phasmatys dock. Coins
2 ecto tokens if you haven't previously visited Port Phasmatys
Charter a ship to Port Phasmatys. You must have previously passed the barrier to Port Phasmatys in order to be able to charter a ship there.
Use an Ectophial to return to Port Phasmatys. Ghosts Ahoy Teleport to Port Phasmatys using the Ectophial
Exchange Ecto-tokens for brewing yeast with Metarialus in The Green Ghost inn's cellar. Ghosts Ahoy Below the pub in Port Phasmatys you'll find Metarialus. Exchange 5 Ecto-tokens for the brewing yeast. Be sure to have an Empty Pot with you.
Use a Flamtaer hammer to help fix the Shades of Mort'ton temple. Shades of Mort'ton Purchase a Flamtaer hammer in Mort'ton if you don't have one. You need (can be purchased at the builder's shop in Mort'ton) 5 Swamp paste, a Timber beam, a Limestone brick. Head to the Shades of Mort'ton temple, and begin to build the temple.
Use the fairy rings to travel to the Haunted Woods. Must have at least started Fairy Tale II - Cure A Queen Use the fairy code ALQ to teleport to the Haunted Woods.
Obtain some bark from hollow trees. 45 Woodcutting Hollow trees are dotted around the haunted woods. Cut one to recieve Bark. The bark you recieve can be used in a hard task later on.
Use the western gate of Port Phasmatys. Ghosts Ahoy Walk through the gate west of Port Phasmatys
Take a medium companion through a medium route of Temple Trekking. In Aid of the Myreque Select a medium companion and successfully lead them through a medium route.
Complete a Burgh De Rott Ramble. Darkness of Hallowvale This is like Temple Trekking but the trek must begin in Burgh de Rott
Unlock a chest in the Shade Catacombs. Shades of Mort'ton Collect any type of key from burning shade remains and open a chest within the Shade Catacombs. Visit the Shades of Mort'ton guide for more information.
Trap a swamp lizard in the Haunted Woods. 29 Hunter Catch a swamp lizard east of Canifis. You will need a small fishing net and some rope. Beware of ghasts.
Mix a Guthix Balance potion while in Morytania. 22 Herblore
Must have at least started In Aid of the Myreque
Restore potion, Garlic and Silver dust
Whist in Morytania, combine a Restore potion with Garlic and Silver dust. Silver dust can be obtained from players or by grinding a Silver bar at the Ectofuntus.
Start any ale brewing below The Green Ghost inn. 14 Cooking Add the ingredients into the brewery below The Green Ghost inn. The easiest ale to make is cider - requires 16 Cooking apples, 4 Buckets, and Ale yeast.
Telegrab the pickled brain on a table in the Hair of the Dog. 33 Magic
1 Air & Law rune
Use the telegrab spell on the pickled brain in the Canifis pub.
Explore the tunnel from the cellar under the Hair of the Dog. In Search of the Myreque Enter the trapdoor that is located south of the pub in Canifis.
Make a batch of cannonballs in Port Phasmatys. Ghosts Ahoy
Dwarf Cannon
35 Smithing
Obtain a cannonball mould and smelt four cannonballs by using a steel bar on the furnace south of the bank in Port Phasmatys.
Kill anything on the first floor (upstairs) of the Slayer Tower. 45 Slayer Kill any of the monsters on the first floor of the Slayer Tower. The lowest level you can kill is an Infernal mage.
Harvest bittercap mushrooms in the farming patch near Canifis. 53 Farming Plant a Bittercap mushroom spore and harvest the produce when it is fully grown.
Mine some mithril ore in the Abandoned Mine. Haunted Mine
Crystal-mine Key
If you have a Crystal-mine key already from the Haunted Mine quest, head south of the swamp and descend the stairs and go through the western set of doors and mine the mithril ore. If you need to regain the key, follow the directions used in the Haunted Mine quest guide to get the key back from the boss room. You will find it laying on the box.
View the stock in Razmire Builders' Merchants shop. Shades of Mort'ton The builders' shop is marked with a general store icon. Right click Razmire to select the building inventory.
3.0 - Hard Tasks
Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Kill Tarn Razorlor (or visit his lair if he's already dead). Haunted Mine Kill Tarn Razorlor in his lair, or return to the lair if you have previously killed him. You may use a ring of slayer to get to the lair quicker.
Break a Blood altar teleport tablet. Legacy of Seergaze
50 Runecrafting
45 Runecrafting Guild Tokens
Purchase a Blood altar teleport tablet from the Runecrafting Guild and break it.
Cast Bloom using a Flail of Ivandis upgraded with at least 200 burnt vyre corpses. Legacy of Seergaze
Cremated 200 or more Vyrewatch
If you have already cremated 200 Vyrewatch, use your Flail of Ivandis to cast bloom while in the swamp. If not, you need to collect 200 Teak pyre logs (teak or above), and 200 vyre corpses and burn them underneath the Paterdomus temple.
Hand in your stick at the end of the Werewolf Agility Course. 60 Agility
Ring of Charos
Collect the stick that is on the floor throughout the course and hand it in upon completion of the lap.
Use the shortcut to get to the bridge over the Salve without going through the temple. 65 Agility Use the shortcut that leads to the bridge over the river Salve.
Attune your house portal to Kharyrll, or use yours if it has already been attuned. Desert treasure
50 Construction
66 Magic
Build a Kharyrll portal in your POH and use it to teleport to Canifis. You may use another player's house if you do not meet the requirements.
Equip a full set of Barrows gear in the Barrows. 70 Defence & either:
70 Attack and Strength,
70 Attack and Magic
or 70 Ranged
Equip a full set of barrows armour. This includes the helm, body, legs, and weapon.
Use a Columbarium key to unlock an alcove. Legacy of Seergaze Burn a Vyrewatch to receive a key, and use it on an alcove underneath the Paterdomus temple.
Fletch a blisterwood polearm in Morytania. Branches of Darkmeyer
76 Woodcutting
70 Fletching
Have 2 sliver stickle(b) in your inventory along with blisterwood logs, which can be cut in Darkmeyer.
Take a hard companion through a hard route of Temple Trekking. In Aid of the Myreque Take Rolayne Twickit in Canifis, at the Temple Trekking start, and take hard routes throughout the trek.
Burn a Haunted Woods Torch while wearing the fire ring. All Fired Up
62 Firemaking
Use your Bark from the medium task, or cut a new one from a hollow tree around the haunted woods. Use it on a torch which are dotted around the woods. Be sure to have a tinderbox with you.
4.0 - Elite Tasks
Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Use Drakan's medallion to teleport to Darkmeyer. Branches of Darkmeyer Use the medallion obtained during Branches of Darkmeyer quest (doesn't require completion) to teleport to Darkmeyer.
Kill an abyssal demon in the Slayer Tower 85 Slayer Kill an abyssal demon on the top floor of the Slayer Tower. You may use a Wild pie to gain 5 levels.
Craft blood runes at the Blood altar Legacy of Seergaze
77 Runecrafting
Craft any amount of runes at the blood alter without assistance.
Summon a ghast familiar in Morytania. In Aid of the Myreque
87 Summoning
Once all of your Temple Trekking companions have reached 99, click on the noticeboard and select the rewards tab. Hit 594 and then click claim. You must have 50,000 coins to purchase the familiar.
Farm and mix the ingredients for a prayer renewal potion entirely in Morytania. 94 Herblore
91 Farming
Plant a fellstalk seed in the Port Phasmatys farming patch, and a morchella mushroom spore in the Canifis mushroom patch. Once all have grown harvest, and use the fellstalk herb on a vial of water, and then a morchella mushroom on a fellstalk (unf) potion.
Fish shark barehanded off the Burgh de Rott dock. 96 Fishing
76 Strength
Catch a shark using the Barbarian barehanded fishing technique.
Teleport to Burgh de Rott using a Games necklace. In Aid of the Myreque
Temple Trekking level 500 or more
Once your temple trekking companions have reached a combined level of 500, your games necklace will have the ability to teleport to Burgh de Rott
Burn a Fiyr Shade with pyre wood. 80 Firemaking Burn the remains of a Fiyr Shade at a Funeral Pyre. The remains can be obtained from another player or by killing a Fiyr Shade. See the Shades of Mort'ton guide for more information.
Defeat all seven Barrows Brothers. Ritual of the Mahjarrat Kill each of the seven brothers in Barrows minigame.
5.0 - Rewards

You get two items per completion of each set of tasks. The easy tasks give the reward of a 4,000 xp lamp and Morytania Legs 1. The medium tasks give a 10,000 xp lamp and Morytania Legs 2. The hard tasks give a 20,000 xp lamp and Morytania Legs 3. The rewards for the platelegs all build on the previous set. For completing the elite tasks, you'll receive magic lamps totaling 140,000 xp. Two lamps worth 50,000xp and one worth 40,000xp. The legs will be replaced free of charge, should you lose them.

  • Morytania legs 1
    • Double fungi when casting bloom*
    • 5% extra Temple Trekking rewards
    • 50% chance a ghast ignoring you rather than attacking you
  • Morytania legs 2 (in addition to version 1)
    • Robin offers 13 bonemeal per day in exchange for bones, and 13 free buckets of slime per day.
    • Razmire offers a daily choice of free planks.
    • Ability to teleport to the slime pit under the ectofunctus 5 times daily*
    • Cannonball smithing time is halved in Port Phasmatys
    • The mushroom patch near Canifis will no longer become diseased
    • Haunted tools will no longer attack you in the Haunted Mine
  • Morytania legs 3 (in addition to version 1 and 2)
    • Robin now offers 26 bonemeal in exchange for bones, and 26 buckets of slime daily.
    • Increased chance of getting better keys from burning shades*
    • 50% more prayer XP by burning shades*
    • All ghosts will now talk to you as if you were wearing the Amulet of Ghostspeak
    • Prayer drain in the Barrows is reduced by 50%. Receive double runes from Barrows chests.
    • 10% more Temple Trekking rewards
    • 50% chance that Blood Altar teletabs don't break on use*
  • Morytania legs 4 (in addition to version 1, 2, and 3)
    • Robin now offers 39 lots of bonemeal in exchange for bones, and 39 buckets of slime per day.
    • Each essence has a 10% chance of gaining a second blood rune at the Blood altar*
    • 50% more prayer XP from burning vyrewatch*
    • 20% chance of creating a 4-dose prayer renewal potion when making it in Morytania.*
    • 10% additional Slayer XP for kills in the Slayer Tower when on a task.*
    • Double mushroom yield on the patch near Canifis
* - To receive these benefits, one must be wearing the legs.

Picture Name Item Stats
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Morytania legs 1 Morytania legs 1 Attack Ranged: +4
Defence Stab: +2, Slash: +2, Crush: +1
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Morytania legs 2 Morytania legs 2 Attack Magic: -5, Ranged: +6
Defence Stab: +8, Slash: +8, Crush: +10,
Magic: +4, Ranged: +10,
Summoning: +10
Other Absorb Magic 5%, Absorb Ranged 1%
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Morytania legs 3 Morytania legs 3 Attack Magic: -10, Ranged: +11
Defence Stab: +25, Slash: +19, Crush: +27,
Magic: +14, Ranged: +25,
Summoning: +20
Other Absorb Magic 5%, Absorb Ranged 2%
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Morytania legs 4 Morytania legs 4 Attack Magic: -10, Ranged: +14
Defence Stab: +28, Slash: +22, Crush: +30,
Magic: +20, Ranged: +28,
Summoning: +25
Other Absorb Magic 6%
Absorb Ranged 3%

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