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RuneScape has come a long way, and so has its graphics. Graphics literally shape the game and give it a face. No wonder most developers strive for a game containing appealing graphics, as it is part of the first look, and we all know how important a first look is. So, you would expect Jagex to attempt to release the best graphics for the public and spend time on making everything as appealing as possible. Like said before, your game mechanics can be good but if your graphics are not sufficient you are missing out on a large amount of possible participants. Of course, this might be a little bit narrow-minded on their side, but you cannot really blame them in any way whatsoever; it is their very own free time they are spending.

Jagex is obviously trying their best in the graphics section. Many areas have received an impressive overhaul the past few years, with many more to come. Latest teaser images show a brand-new Al-Kharid and screenshots of RuneScape running on tablets and html5. All these new images certainly look good, everyone has to admit that!

But, I cannot wonder why some things are not being made public. Things which, in my opinion, would make the game more appealing and add an extra layer on the adventure setting of RuneScape. I am talking of the teleport animations available through Solomon’s Store. These teleport animations provide a different, much cooler home teleport animation. For years we’ve seen the old animation of the player drawing a circle and reading a book, so these animations stand out even more when compared to what we’ve had. The animations vary from jumping up in the sky to being picked up by a gnome copter or a Pegasus or even a big-looking demon, including fancy effects. The downside? It would cost over 10 dollars/euros/pounds for a player to acquire one of these animations. And to be honest, that is outrageous! Up until a few years ago, I could've bought a whole 2 months of membership for the same price! Who knows how much one can explore, achieve and discover in that time span, compared to a single animation.

And this is where it stings. Jagex can produce and release high-quality animations and more, but they suddenly ask a load of money for it. Heck, the whole Solomon Store is one big cosmetic item sale, displaying Jagex’s quality in designing but also displaying the bitter fact that they request (more) money for it in order to obtain it. Normally you would earn such things through quests, which would be a cool idea: earning new teleporting animations through (side-) quests or something else would be a good idea. But the fact that you can only buy it is a shame and in my opinion a waste of development.

Sadly it doesn’t end here. To quote that wretched Yelps and Solomon: ‘’but wait, there is more!’’. For this time: buy 50 extra slots of bank space for the price of more than 10 dollars/euros/pounds. The lackof bank space was always considered to be a (bit of a) technical difficulty, but apparently you can simply buy your way into the banks of RuneScape now. A worrying occurrence, but what perhaps is even more worrying is knowing that things will probably escalate even more. What’s up next, buying Loyalty Points or the latest Thok saga?

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