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One thing that made the p2p combat scene so much different from the f2p version was the addition of special attacks. Powerful attacks, which made already-powerful members-only weapons even more special. While fighting with a dagger would be not be the best choice, the special attack of the dragon dagger was so strong that it made the weapon useful. And there are many more weapons! From the devastating blows of the Granite Maul to the healing and defensive boosting powers of the Enhanced Excalibur, every weapon had its own use. Heck, some weapons were almost solely used for their special attack, such as the infamous Dragon Claws. Nostalgic first paragraph aside, I hope you weren’t that much attached to the old system, as it has received a complete overhaul in the combat BETA!

That’s right, the new Combat no longer uses the special attack bar. Instead, we have an adrenaline bar now. As you proceed fighting your opponent, this bar will slowly fill. Depending on how much the bar is filled, you can use different types of abilities to (hopefully) gain the upper hand in your battles. And since the active use of abilities increases your DPS (damage per second), so does the adrenaline bar increase even more since it is based on your DPS. This rewards players who actively participate in combat, as opposed to players who wish to stay AFK/AFW. This should encourage everyone to pay maximum attention in order to obtain the best possible xp. And because this new combat system is so intense, Jagex has added hotkeys so you can eat your food and use your abilities with just a simple key button activation. Heck, you can even use it to teleport around with ease: all that power is just 1 finger click away!

Since you can choose your melee choice (Attack, Strength or Defence) with any weapon, your abilities will also have different options for each style. Even Constitution has received some abilities, which is basically free healing and replaces the Enhanced Excalibur special attack. And since certain abilities require certain weapons, this makes the ability system pretty diverse. On top of that, some abilities are available for F2P as well, so they can enjoy this brand-new system too! Since they were left out on special attacks for years, I think this is a good step into the right direction.

The Combat BETA has received a lot of feedback and criticism. Some claim that virtually nothing will be changed prior to the launch of the new combat system, and that this BETA is more like a phase to get used to the new combat system. Well I think this is partially true, but on the other hand Jagex did add some minor tweaks! For example, they re-organized the new ability book to make it easier to access everything, including the magic spells. Because honestly, the way it was organized at first made it really confusing and annoying. In order to use a magic spell, you had to scroll a lot through the available spells, especially for the high-levelled ones. Surely you could (and should!) use the brand-new hotkey function for easy access to teleport spells, but that still doesn’t mean Jagex should literally hide the spells in the tab which was originally meant for magic spells only. What personally bothered me is that Jagex has made no distinguish between the Enhanced Excalibur and the upgraded version of the Elite Seers’ Diary. Normally one would have a better healing special attack, but since that is gone there is no difference anymore. Kind of disappointing, as that was the reason why I wanted to obtain that item in the first place. The fact that the Mage Arena Spells won’t be used anymore might disappoint a few, and the fact that crystal equipment will always retain the same bonuses until final degradation will probably please a few. And perhaps the usage of hotkeys in combat and the use of the enter button on the keyboard might confuse a few, but if that are the only things we don’t like, why are we even complaining?

One thing is for sure: combat in RuneScape will never be the same. It will change combat and everything associated with combat with no doubt. How will this affect the PVM environment, PVP environment and the clan world? Only time will tell. Many people have already stated to quit after this update because it will change everything so much, while others will be attracted because of this. I will take a look at it myself. After all, it still is RuneScape. Perhaps it is time for a change.

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