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Q: Tell me how Solace started.

Shadow Elves died and a lot of former members and friends of our founder, The Man O, joined quickly because none of the other clans really looked appealing (it was during the middle of the first ever crash war).

Q: Opening a new clan is rather difficult, even during the time you opened. Do you feel this set you at a disadvantage compared to other clans? If so, how do you think you overcame these obstacles to become an influential clan today?

We definitely were at a distinct disadvantage. In the older days, many clans were able to do miniwars, pk trips, or community events to build their community and their clan. We definitely overcame the obstacles because of the doubters and because we always made fights fun. If people want to stay and fight, people will stay and attend fights.

Q: At the time of your opening, many members of the clan world suggested you were an attempted remake of Shadow Elves (SE). Did SE influence your clan in anyway?

The most SE members Solace ever had was around 20, but SE didn't influence our clan all too much. The only things that are similar or ever have been is that both Solace & SE fought outnumbered frequently and used their organization and member quality to compete with top clans.

Solace PKing

Q: Major rivalries are found in almost every PKing clan. What clan do you feel you had the strongest rivalry with? What made it different compared to others?

I feel like our strongest rivalry to date is EoS. When we were first being created, EoS always ran around and sniped us, trying to act tough. The fact that they had to use real-life leaks to try to damage our pride due to our in-game performances really speaks for itself. We've been in two crash wars total and one is still currently going.

Q: Is there any particular moment in your mind that was special? Perhaps it was a specific war or PK Trip that was particularly memorable.

Solace had never really pulled 60 people until some-time early 2011. We hadn't fought DF for quite some time, but when we did we all posted 60 or 180 on our facebooks because we were so shocked and we had wanted it for so long.

The only other moment that stands out to me is when Solace fought VR in the early summer of 2012. We went in 80 vs 130 and emerged 7 hours hours later victorious. EoS had sniped us the entire fight and our members wanted retribution. After this victory, Solace retaliated and initiated a full out crash war and the clan world has literally got a line split in two because of it.

Solace PKing 2

Q: Community is the lifeblood of any clan. What do you think makes your community so different from other clans?

We have an ever-changing community. We don't have an official retired rank because our leadership didn't want people to just plant down and be forever inactive. Surprisingly, we still have a ton of active senior and elite members who have imprinted on us forever. Our community is different from other clans because we don't take everything as seriously as most do.

Q: In regards to those non-clanners out there, how is clanning different compared to regular gameplay? Are there any significant sacrifices that have to be made as a result of being in a clan?

There really are no major sacrifices to be in Solace. You must dungeoneer enough to keep the best weaponry in your bank (we have almost 20 people with 120+ DG who frequently teach and tutor people so everyone is pretty educated and the average time of a floor is around 15-16 minutes) as well as be stocked on corrupt, rune, and other PKing supplies. Be online around peak clan world times (4pm EST / 9pm GMT - 8pm EST / 1am GMT) and you won't have a problem 'sacrificing RL' for clan events.

As for gameplay, it's the only way I can play the game now. Being by yourself and discovering things can be fun and rewarding, but when a new update comes out and 20 of your best friends are online ready to try it with you, it's much more enjoyable. Clans give you the power to show dominance over other players and their establishments, as well as give the game a fast-paced thrill when you're transitioning through other clan's piles.

Q: Solace is known for their signature cyan:Sol spam and many within the Clan community have said this has resulted in the clan world adopting the use of autotypers during fights. What do you feel the impact of this has been on the clan world?

I do feel somewhat bad that we've plagued the clan world with auto typers and shortkeys, but truth is all spam is now is motivational anyways. If you see more cyan:sol than green:eos, chances are we're winning and they're losing. If your clan still depends on spam for organization chances are you are in the stone age. Yes, it's made a large impact but no, I don't feel like it's a negative one. Spamming was dying in the multi-BH era when people stopped spamming names.

Q: Similar to the Wilderness removal in 2007, the Evolution of Combat update is seen by many to be detrimental to the clan world. What are your thoughts on this and how will Solace react to the proposed changes?

People need a reason to quit, people don't like change, and people are moving on in life. This will happen in Solace and in all clans. We've already had multiple EoC BETA events and know just about everything there is to know about the EoC. We'll continue as a clan as long as the community wants to.

Q: How do you want to be remembered? Do you feel Solace has fulfilled what it was meant to be or exceeded those expectations?

Solace was meant to be a small clan with 30-45 members. When I joined in October 2009, shortly after it was formed, I realized that we could really have something here. The members were dedicated, the clan was prospering, and people couldn't keep our name out of their mouths. As for 'fulfilling what it was meant to be' I'd say we've done that. I'll also say we've done more than I could have ever dreamed. Dalejamesw from Divine Forces helped me set up our forums and asked me 'do you think 60 people will view your forums at one time' and my answer was something along the lines of 'i don't think we'll ever get 60 members'.

I want Solace to be remembered as the only new clan to be successfully formed in a day of dying clans. Elite warrers who could give you a hell of a fight. A clan that was simple and realistic with goals and expectations that set members on track and kept a positive atmosphere despite any and all odds.

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