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1.0 - Introduction

Daily Challenges are quick tasks that can be completed daily for a small reward. The challenges can be accessed by speaking to the Imperial Guard quartermaster in Burthorpe, as well as the Noticeboard.

2.0 - Challenges

Challenges are short and quick tasks that you can complete daily using the range of all of your skills. As you level your skills and complete quests, more challenges will become available. Challenges can be filtered in three ways: Recommended, Daily, and Skill. When filtering by Recommended, challenges will be filtered by skills with the highest level. When filtering by Daily, up to 5 challenges of the day will be listed. When filtering by Skill, challenges will be listed according to skill.

Daily Challenges

Once a day, a random challenge will be selected from the main challenge list, which are indicated by a gold star on a red background. Upon completing a challenge, it will disappear from the main list, not being replaced until the following day. Note that if you complete all five of the challenges, you will only receive one replacement the following day, not five. All of the challenges on the main list will be discarded after five days, regardless of its status. Some challenges will require you to hand in items that you made. For these, bring your items to Captain Haskell in Burthorpe.

When a Daily Challenge is completed, you will receive a few rewards; a Squeal of Fortune spin, XP, and a Challenge mystery bag.

2.1 - Agility
Task Quantity
Burthorpe Agility CourseComplete 8 laps
Werewolf SkullballComplete 8 games
Gnome Stronghold Agility CourseComplete 9 laps
Penguin Agility CourseComplete 6 laps
Barbarian Outpost Agility CourseComplete 32 laps
Brimhaven Agility DungeonGain 20 tickets
Wilderness Agility CourseComplete 25 laps
Werewolf Agility CourseComplete 24 laps
Bandos Throne Room Agility Course
Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course
Flash Powder FactoryComplete 1 game
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility CourseComplete 6 laps taking the balancing path both ways
Advanced Gnome Stronghold CourseComplete 27 laps
2.2 - Combat
Task Quantity
Rampage Mk XII: Kill monsters that are level 145 or above21
Rampage Mk XIII: Kill monsters that are level 165 or above12
Rampage MK XIV: Kill monsters that are level 185 or above57
Defeat each of the Barrows brothers (excluding Akrisae the Doomed) and loot their chest4
Defeat any boss in the God Wars Dungeon (you must have dealt the most damage)1
2.3 - Construction
Task Quantity
Teak beds50
Fancy teak dressers80
Teak armour cases120
Teak cape racks
Carved teak magic wardrobes
Mahogany cape racks
Mahogany costume boxes
Mahogany wardrobes
2.4 - Cooking
Task Quantity
Seafood buffet!11 Raw crayfish, Raw shrimps, Raw anchovies or Raw sardines
Carnivore3 Raw beef, Raw rat meat, Raw bear meat or Raw yak meat
Cook Raw chicken3
Cook Bread9
Teleport Cracked cooking urn1
Cook Herring5
Cook Baked potatoes28
Cook Mackerel3
Cook Redberry Pies24
Teleport Fragile cooking urn1
Cook Raw trout31
Cook Raw cod161
Cook Raw pike175
Cook Meat pies38
Make Pot of cream154
Cook Raw salmon177
Make Stew92
Cook Raw tuna178
Make Apple pies51
Make Garden pies44
Cook Raw rainbow fish206
Make Plain Pizzas48
Teleport Cooking urns3
Make Pat of butter92
Cook Raw lobsters177
Make Cakes156
To Stealing CreationCook 5 food items of at least class-3 in Stealing Creation
Cook Raw bass168
Cook Raw swordfish143
Make Meat Pizzas39
Make Fish Pies34
Make Cheese70
Teleport Strong cooking urns4
Make Pitta breads96
Make Curry150
Cook Raw monkfish243
Make Admiral pies138
Cook Raw sharks184
Teleport Decorated cooking urns4
Cook Raw cavefish223
Cook Raw rocktails249
Make Summer pies331
2.5 - Crafting
Task Quantity
Make Strong cooking urns70
Make Decorated fishing urns
Craft Blue dragonhide items300
Craft Black dragonhide items
2.6 - Dungeoneering
Task Quantity
Complete a floor in Daemonheim on maximum complexity1

XP rates:

2.7 - Farming
Task Quantity
Plant Onion seed1
Plant Watermelon seed
Plant Snapdragon seed
Plant Lantadyme seed
Plant Dwarf weed seed
Plant Torstol seed
Plant Jade vine seed
2.8 - Firemaking
Task Quantity
Light (or place on a bonfire) Oak logs84
Light All Fired Up beacons simultaneously6
Light Magic logs320
Complete accepted patterns inside Char's Firemaking Training Cave1
2.9 - Fishing
Task Quantity
Catch Raw shrimp or Raw crayfish28
Catch Raw sardine19
Catch Raw lobsters80
Teleport Strong fishing urns2
Catch Raw cavefish46
Catch Raw rocktails44
Catch Raw sharks59
Fill Decorated fishing urn1
2.10 - Fletching
Task Quantity
String Yew shortbows336
String Yew shieldbows
String Magic shieldbows
2.11 - Herblore
Task Quantity
Brew Extreme strength potions3
Brew Extreme defence potions
Brew Extreme ranged potions
Brew Extreme magic potions
Brew Guthix's gifts10
Brew Saradomin's blessings
Brew Zamorak's favours
2.12 - Hunter
Task Quantity
Catch Dashing kebbits (Falconry)88
Catch Dashing kebbits (Falconry)77
Catch Imps (using Magic boxes). A recommended location would be south of Ardougne by the altar area29
Impetuous Impulses II: Catch Young, Gourmet, or Earth implings72
Jadinko Redux: Catch Jadinkos of any type at the Herblore Habitat40
Jadinkos with a Vengeance: Catch Jadinkos of any type63
Catch Charm sprites132
2.13 - Mining
Task Quantity
Mine Adamantite ore7
Teleport Decorated mining urns13
Mine Concentrated coal207
Mine Concentrated gold250
2.14 - Prayer
Task Quantity
Bury Bones12
Scatter Infernal ashes or fill an Infernal urn with them5
Bury Ourg bones, or offer them at the Ectofuntus or a POH altar
Bury Frost dragon bones, or offer them at the Ectofuntus or a POH altar
Bury Frost dragon bones1
2.15 - Runecrafting
Task Quantity
Craft essence into Death runes444
Craft essence into Blood runes659
Runespan X: Siphon Law, Nature, or Chaos runes inside Runespan265
Runespan XI: Siphon Death, Law, or Nature runes inside Runespan190
Runespan XII: Siphon Blood or Death runes inside Runespan145
2.16 - Slayer
Task Quantity Level
Assignment: GreenhornKill 7 Slayer task monsters1
Assignment: RookieKill 12 Slayer task monsters10
Assignment: NoviceKill 40 Slayer task monsters20
Assignment: ApprenticeKill 22 Slayer task monsters30
Assignment: JourneymanKill 40 Slayer task monsters40
Assignment: KillerKill 45 Slayer task monsters50
Assignment: ReaperKill 47 Slayer task monsters60
Assignment: VeteranKill 49 Slayer task monsters70
Assignment: ExpertKill 44 Slayer task monsters80
Assignment: MasterKill 37 Slayer task monsters90
Assignment: Grand MasterKill 35 Slayer task monsters99
2.17 - Smithing
Task Quantity
Smith Iron ceremonial swords inside the Artisans Workshop16
Smith Steel ceremonial swords inside the Artisans Workshop
Smith Mithril ceremonial swords inside the Artisans Workshop
Smith Adamant daggers210
2.18 - Summoning
Task Quantity
Smoke devil pouchs4
Forge regent pouches13
Arctic bear pouchs15
Hydra pouches
Geyser titan pouches3
Spirit dagannoth pouches6
Iron titan pouches
Pack yak pouchs
Wolpertinger pouchs
2.19 - Thieving
Task Quantity
Law and Order: Pickpocket Watchmen or Menaphite thugs120
Pickpocket Dwarven Traders70
Pickpocket Gnomes
Pickpocket Elves
Steal from Gem stalls11
Pyramid Plunder - Room 552 items
Pyramid Plunder - Room 6
Pyramid Plunder - Room 8
2.20 - Woodcutting
Task Quantity
Play a round at the Sawmill2
Chop Yew logs55
Chop Magic logs30
3.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I get in a Challenge mystery bag?

A: You will get random miscellaneous items, including coins, that are worth around the same value as the items you handed in for a task reward. The task rewards list will include a bag only if it requires you to hand in items produced during the task.

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