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Credits: J36

As another month here at Zybez comes to a close, we take a look at what has happened in the past 31 days.

The forum saw numerous promotions at all levels, In total 24!. Let's start off by congratulating the newest Senior Moderators: Aragon, Atarah, Debenkey, ^jordy and Scott. After working hard as moderators, they have all earned their step up to becoming administrators. With an influx of new Senior Moderators comes a need for new Moderators too. Congratulations to Josh Hogg, Justin, Scoobyninja, ToeJam, Murdoc, and Unbeaten on the red! Let's not forget the purples either though, and similarly applaud Milktea4me, Wee Man, H A Richards, BrotherVoid1, Chryzoprase, gkitti, Jay, Kevin, *Tom*, and Wilky for their promotions to Senior Member! To help aid the moderators, 4 new Community Leaders were promoted as well. Suggestions welcomed Aflstar, Graphics/Pictures welcomed -Spliffy and Gatarizzle, and General Discussion welcomed Kevin (what a month he's been having!) onto their respective teams. These users are experts of their respective forums, you'd do well in following their leads.

October, however, also saw the retirements of Senior Moderators ile and bolsh as well as Global Moderators Gladz and Sector Six. ile served not only as Head of Content for Zybez, but co-head DJ of Zybez Radio too. bolsh meanwhile was the leader of General Discussion as well as Graphics/Pictures. Gladz specialized on the Questions forum and Sector Six in Graphics. Their input will be sorely missed, but their contributions never forgotten. Thanks to all four of you for what you have done for this site.

Every month, the staff of the forum vote on members who have stood out that month in our Member of the Month competition. In September the winner was BrotherVoid1 (obviously predicting great things!), second place went to brian01001, and tied for third were Kevin (mentioned again?!) and Elder Jr. Congratulations on a fine month of work you four.

The Zybez20 podcast team recently closed their applications and accepted 9 new members. Let's welcome Axior, BrotherVoid1, Flailed, Hockeymanjs, Jay, Lieutenant Dan, Lynx 1, TheeAce, and Tothyname!. We look forward to hearing some fresh podcasts from all of you soon.

The Blogs and Comics staff also welcomed new faces to the crew. A big welcome to Jules, Wilky, JessyU, Scoobyninja, and iDecided. They will help the rest of the team make this and future articles look presentable. You go guys!

Not to be left out - the Content Team has announced the opening of applications to join them as well. If you want to help Zybez by just playing the game alot, this is definitely the team for you! Whilst on the subject, the existing team members recently released 3 new quest guides (Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough, & What's Mine is Yours), so go check them out if you still need help with them!


The Graphics Forum have released a revamped competition, running every 2 weeks with a different theme each time. Winners of the competition are given 3 months of Exclusive Membership and a snazzy underbanner commemorating their victory!

The Achievements forum recently opened up applications for their competition staff and Achievement of the Month staff. Last month, COWLBUT won Achievement of the Month, while Blackenese won Personality of the Month and Lirenchious was awarded Best Thread of the Month.

Zchat, the talking center of the game for Zybez users, just announced its own promotions for the channel. These ranged across the ranks, so please welcome KevinTz, Evidently, Av3 Bunny, Av3 Teddy, 5 x, net force, Haddock, iHasty, Brothervoid1, Episkey, Lucy Lawless, and CapeScape! Be sure to congratulate these users next time you enter the chat.

In October the events crew were able to host a Halloween Boss-Hunt. Zybezians put on their best Halloween costumes and partied at JessyU's house before proceeding to destroy the Chaos Elemental and other monsters. The Zybez Events Team and the Achievements crew also recently hosted a Bonus Experience weekend tracker. 106 Zybezians gained 602,361,887 experience and 1,441 levels between them, with Brothervoid1 gaining 35,140,835 experience on his own! Let's see what November holds for the Events crew.

A Zybez YouTube channel was recently announced and accepted applicants to form the basis of a successful crew for the future. More information will be provided soon on the path this project will take, so be sure to stay tuned to the forums for those updates!

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