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Credits: J36

After a promotion filled October, November brought organizational changes for the forum. With major changes done towards RuneScape with the release of the Evolution of Combat, the forum staff had to step up and adapt. The temporary Evolution of Combat forum was merged with General Discussion, which also absorbed the RuneScape Classic hub.

The Pictures and Graphics board got made over and turned into Multimedia and Design. This is the place for all pictures, videos and designs. If you need any help with any picture related question the revamped Help and Assistance board is available for all your questions, where one can also find a variety of tutorials to aid you in the quest of making the coolest pictures possible!

Due to not being popular the blogs IPB application was removed, but you are still able to blog around the forum. For example you can use Achievements to show everyone how your RuneScape character is coming along, or even your own profile's About Me page to perhaps talk about your real life. To show off your literary skills head over to the The Writers' Desk (the new home of the Zybez Blogs and Comics team), where those who still remember the Zybez Book project can find related works in The Library.

The Events board got a makeover of its own as Events Discussion was merged with the main forum, whilst the Runefest section was removed - but will return once the next event is announced. Be sure to check out its festively-themed 12 Days of Christmas and Zchat Secret Santa (and Drop Party) events in the meantime though!

Last month, Nitromanic won Achievement of the Month, while also winning Personality of the Month and Liles was awarded Best Thread of the Month
To help ease all users with the change, the post count restrictions that were in place originally are no longer active. All users are now able to post in whatever board they have interest in.

If you have any further ideas for changes, please head over to the dedicated Community Suggestions board.

To help with aid in the forum reorganization, some more community leaders were promoted in the following sections.

Tips welcomed:

Clan Discussion welcomed:

Clan Discussion promoted:

And in anticipation of the of the Evolution of Combat the Content Team welcomed 18 new editors:

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