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Credits: J36

The Achievements Competition Staff concluded their 25th Achievements Skilling Competition. In the words of Atarah, "Competition twenty five was a strong battle, especially in the mining battle. In Slayer, Johnyisbest romped his way to victory with 2,786,305xp, the only competitor over 1mil experience. In Mining, Justrox snuck in at the last minute to clinch a well fought battle with 3,518,731xp against Paradite who, despite an early lead, was pipped to the post. Congratulations everyone!"

We hope to see you participate in the next competition!

The annual topic of asking for how much you gained in the year 2012 was posted in the Achievements forum as well. How do your gains compare to other years?

The Clan forum staff opened up their annual Clan Awards. Some of the more notable awards include Best Overall F2P Clan, Best Overall P2P Clan, Best Community, Most Respected Clan, Best Overall Poster and Best CD Staff Member. In order to vote users had to be registered before November 2012 to be eligible. Users also couldn't vote for their clan or any member of their clan. Winners will be announced in January.

The Zybez Events team hosted their annual 12 Days of Zybez event. This was held with coordination from the Radio and Zchat team. From December 12th to 24th, events from skilling to monster killing were held almost daily.

The Zybeznet clan has started making some big changes, and you should expect some more changes in the coming months.

The Zchat Secret Santa event was still under way in December, with the gifts being delivered to the Santa so they can be given out in January. Examples included 2k potatoes, 2k Armadyl runes, 100k red chinchompas, and others. The Holiday Drop Party sponsored by Zchat and the Event Team concluded the holiday on December 26th. Items drop included 3k law runes, 110k maple logs, 100 green dragon hides, 100 blue dragon hides, and other items totaling over 100 million coins. (Picture)


To help users enjoy their holidays a little bit more and the staff cope with their ever-increasing workload, Zybez saw some fresh promotions.

The Radio team welcomed 8 new DJs to their team:

Tips: Multimedia and Design:

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and hope a new years resolution of yours was to be more active on Zybez! After a successful year what will the next hold for everyone at Zybez, we wonder...

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