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Have you ever asked what keeps you connected?

As our community ages, many players have started leaving RuneScape due to busy schedules, university, or even work. There's also the fact that they might have just tried and done pretty much everything that there is to do in the game. Thus they lack the motivation to keep playing, and with the memories of the past tormenting them - decide it is time to move on with their lives one way or another. There's only so much of a rush you can get from maxing skills, mastering the best combat-skills to fight in a variety of ferocious battles both in the Wilderness and in the famous Duel Arena (RuneScape's legal casino). Others may even have joined a group of people that are incredibly nuts for some runite pieces! Not anymore though; they're fed up and their accounts are continuously offline for several days, then weeks, then months...

We have all had our fair share of good moments in the game, but what makes us attached enough to keep coming back despite the bad? What makes me use my spare time sitting in front of a 15inch screen playing an online game when we could actually be playing outside? What makes some of us to stop playing RuneScape and still use IRC and Teamspeak to communicate with their friends here? Even though you hear some say that they are totally fed up of RuneScape, they end up playing again in a few months... Why does that happen - what is really our drive and motivation to play this game?

The answer is not that simple. The goal of being the bestest of the best can be the drive skillers need to search for the best training methods in any and all the skills. On the other hand, "runite assassins" who kill each other at high levels of the Wilderness might say that warring is what floats their boat on RuneScape; they actually enjoy it so much that they play just for warring. Personally, I'm part of this second "group" - whenever I log into RuneScape, I do it check my merches and attend my clan's events. Though I'm fully aware that I've probably lost the train on what comes to RuneScape Updates and new contents, I still often log it just to talk a bit with my fellow clanners or even to slay some monsters. Overall, I appear to be in the limbo, since I didn't quit but I don't play actively.

Playing since 2003, I started clanning in late 2006 and exceeding at it soon became my main goal in RuneScape: skilling to get money for armour, train combat so that I wouldn't get killed often during fights, etc... Above all, the strong sense of community, family and friendship that I always had in my clans kept me attached to this game. The experiences I've shared, the things I've learned about other countries and their culture, the mutual respect, the efforts towards a collective goal, the funny moments with my fellow clanners... That's what has defined my RuneScape-experience for the past 5 years!

I believe that there is something to be learned from every twist and turn to this game. Often this comes by judging the consequences of our actions, but sometimes these aren't measurable over a short-term time span. RuneScape has given me lots of good experiences to look back upon, although it consumed...several...afternoons during High School. Now in my second year of University, struggling to manage studies, real life and RuneScape, it is my clan (or should I say my crew of "runite assassins"?) that keeps me connected!

So.. Have you ever asked what keeps you connected?

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