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Community Recap - January 2013Edit This Entity

Credits: J36

After an eventful 2012, January started 2013 off with a bang with the conclusion of the forum-wide 2012 Awards Results. The staff and users of Zybez voted in various fun and serious categories, with the winners and runner ups listed below:


See if you can spot all the fun staff-specific awards hidden in the winners' and runner-ups' signatures around the forum!

The annual Clan Awards also concluded, with the winners being:


Achievements of the Year:

Each year the Achievements staff holds their own annual awards based on their monthly competition. As voted for by you, the winners for the 2012 Achievements of the Year categories are:

Community/Zybez Team Promotions:

After many years of dedicated service in the Clan Discussion forums, another Senior Moderator was promoted - Bow. This promotion comes on the heels of Runescape Dinasty closing, a clan he has helped to lead for just as many. Now that he has more time on his hands, let's be on the look out for big things from Bow. Congratulations!

The Content Team had another busy month with the release of the Desert Tasks, the Kalphite King, and God Statues. With the help of Isobel - they also revamped the existing Fish Flingers guide! Check out more news over at the Zybez News forum.

The Events Team opened up their applications for new recruits as well, with the eventual induction of the following members:

Look forward to these guys helping us host all sorts of new events in the near future!


January also brought about a revamp to the Global Rules outline and the Community Help thread, both are invaluable guides to all the forum's features and contain many useful tips for getting the most out of your Zybez experience. Thank you Matchu and Debenkey!


And with all of that our of the way, let's see what the short month of February brings to the world of Zybez and the world we all inhabit of Gielinor.

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