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What we now know as RuneScape Classic was created on January 4, 2001, and as the game's popularity grew, a beta for the modern game of RuneScape 2 was opened on December 1, 2003 before its release on March 29. 2004 and renaming to 'RuneScape'-proper soon afterwards.

As time went by though, Jagex had to start dealing with credit card fraud with stolen cards - losing them money due to the fact that not only were they being used to drive gold farming accounts, but banks were increasing their processing fees too as a result of the subsequent charge-backs. This ultimately led to Jagex declaring that banks were threatening to cut-off such financial servies to them altogether, report Jagex as a fraudulent enterprise to various credit bureaus, and so on as a final ultimatum to curb the real-world trading (RWT) epidemic once and for all. This is what eventually forced them to, on the fateful day of December 10, 2007, to remove free trade, modify the party room's mechanics, place limits on staking, and replace the Wilderness with Bounty Hunter. This tumultuous moment has been regarded by many players as the point from which RuneScape started changing for the worse. Everyone was very frustrated when the Wilderness got removed as that was what made RuneScape unique. What we were left with was a replacement of [Wilderness] which was what made the game unique.

Three pieces of content that embody this perceived downward trend best are the Squeal of Fortune (SoF), Solomon's Store, and Evolution of Combat (EoC). The first two encourage micro-transactions by selling spins and runecoins to players for real-life cash, and given the SoF regularly gives players coins and xp lamps - you can effectively buy gp and level-ups... RWT'ing has always been against Jagex's rules, but to many people it seems that they are breaking it themselves now... It takes away the sense of accomplishment others have at having trained hard for all their levels and money, quite disgusting really.

The EoC, meanwhile, is arguably the most controversial of the lot. Gone is the turn-based hit system of old and in are the more standard MMORPG mechanics of action bars, abilities, and so on. Jagex's flagship update of 2012 intended to revolutionise the game and turn around their dwindling playerbase, the EoC was (for the most part) instead met hostility and negative reviews from what seemed like half the community or more. By updating the combat system but leaving everything else the same, to me it seems that Jagex have just made the game more complicated - and of course to quote the famous saying developing amongst players: "Jagex likes to fix things that aren't broken. PvP clans were hit particularly hard by the EoC, many indeed closing soon after its release as a result of the option to toggle between single and multiway combat, changes to armours, and so on.

Masses of players have thus lost faith in Jagex as they seemed to have destroyed their own game and do not give the impression that they really listen to, let alone want, player feedback. RuneScape was brilliant in so many ways until all of these changes were implemented, a trend stemming especially from the loss of one of its founders Andrew Gower himself, and indeed looks like it's going down the drain altogether.

Recently, though, there have been faint glimmers of hope for the future. Jagex has just now announced a poll to gauge player interest over the return of archived servers which would allow us to play the game as it was in 2007, widely regarded as RuneScape's pinnacle. Though there is much debate over whether Jagex has been pressured into this by the numerous petitions in circulation with thousands of signatures each which leave them with no other choice, or genuinely sympathise with those complaining and have their best interests at heart, the important fact is that they have listened. All this comes down to know is if Jagex can build upon this momentum restore the game to its former glory by listening to RuneScape's true experts more often - us.

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