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I don’t know how many of you still read the RuneScape homepage, but today, February 13, 2013, Mark Gerhard announced a guaranteed content poll for the potential return of an August 2007 version of the game. Many players have hailed this as a victory for the community, but is it really? August 2007 was over five years ago. How can we, the players, view five years of change and innovation with anything but nostalgia glasses? Is it really fair to call 2007 RuneScape's “glory days” or its “golden age” when the vast majority of players had just started or weren't even playing at that point? However, these rose-tinted glasses will break soon… RuneScape 2007 is not, and will not be, the fun and games everyone paints it out to be.

Why do I think so? Well, there are three types of players when it comes to RuneScape 2007: RuneScape Classic veterans from around 2005, new players (2006-2007), and those who had not played at all yet. For purposes of this blog, I am going to ignore the third group, save for stating that they should not be allowed to vote AT ALL. They did not play during that period, why should they be allowed to influence its return? I will spend the rest of this blog addressing the other two groups.

Firstly - “new players.” If you created your account in 2006-2007, I would caution you to really think about your vote before casting it. You were new to the world of RuneScape. Everything was exciting, you were naïve. Be careful. Now, I know the PvP community will have my head on a pike for saying this, but combat in that era sucked. Half the time, players hit 0. You just stood there and exchanged blows like a couple of Rock’em Sock’em Robots.

I wish there was more to it than this guys, I really do

Combat was super simplified and unexciting. This was the environment in which AFK-training was born. It was so rampant at one point that JaGEx made it a reportable offense on the same level as macroing (which was similarly running rampant). Outside of combat, many of the updates that we love and enjoy today are post-August 2007. Listed here are some of the highlights.

And the list goes on. Is losing all this amazing content worth the pettiness of NostalgiaScape? The PvP community would probably quarter my headless corpse next for saying this, but is the current state of RuneScape really so bad that you want to spit in the face of JaGEx and say that the last five years of development have made no improvements to the the game? That they should have quit developing altogether? Are you really so arrogant to believe that your opinions reflect the entire community? That’s what demanding these old servers is essentially saying. JaGEx, you’ve spent five years and millions of dollars into developing content for your game, whilst what you actually should've done is (according to the average player who is obviously a business mastermind) pocketed everything, taken the time off, and kept the game exactly as it was despite the fact doing so would've meant it would quickly become embarassingly outdated when compared to market rivals and so on. NO! How dare you say that to a developer? If the roles were reversed, would you appreciate people saying that to you and about your project?

Now, the RuneScape Classic veterans. JaGEx kept the Classic servers online for you to play ever since RuneScape 2 went live. At the time of writing this article's initial draft, there was a collective total of 178 people playing your servers, with only about 50 of them confirmable as actual Classic veterans in the first place! How then would the 2007 servers avoid this same fate? Yeah, they’d be fun for a few months. Hell, some people might even get a year out of them. But the RuneScape community is fickle, and you and I both know that people move on. It’s sad, but unfortunately true.

So people, I beg you. Please, please, really think about your vote before casting it recklessly. Sure, for JaGEx to even consider fragmenting the playerbase like this a lot of noise must have been made, but in reality why should they be forced into a corner? What makes you, the player, feel so entitled to get your way on the issue?

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