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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Kalphite Queen
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1.0 - Introduction

Found in the north-western regions of the Kharidian desert (map), or through the shortcut in Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, the Kalphite dungeon contains one of the most powerful creatures in the game: The fearsome Kalphite Queen (level-333). This queen of insects (also known as the KQ) is the most likely creature to drop the dragon chainbody, a highly sought-after prize. Although the entrance is in a desert area, the sandy caves of the Kalphite are not - so no waterskins are required.

The cave is also home to those bugs who protect their queen: Kalphite workers (level-28), soldiers (level-85), and guardians (level-141). The guardians and soldiers are poisonous and aggressive, so watch out for them. If you are after the Kalphite queen, it is recommended, but not required, that you take a number of friends along, as the battle is not easily won.

2.0 - Skill Recommendations

The table below shows the minimum and recommended requirements proposed by confident KQ slayers. With the minimum requirements, you may be able to kill the Kalphite queen, but not as effectively as if you were to fight it with the recommended stats. Use the minimum stats only if you are in a large team, while the recommended stats are what should be used in small teams or for avid Kalphite queen slayers.

Skill Minimum Recommended
Attack 60 80+
Strength 60 80+
Defence 60 80+
Hit points 65 75+
Magic 62 80+
Ranged 70 80+
Prayer 37 60+
3.0 - What to Bring

What you should bring entirely depends on what monster you are going to be fighting. If you wish to attempt a match with the Kalphite queen, read below to learn what you should bring. If you plan to train on the other bugs in the dungeon, other types of armours can be used.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of What Barrows to Wear, and Bring

Verac's equipment is the most useful armour for killing the Kalphite queen. The reason you wouldn't use Guthan's is because the healing special rarely occurs when needed, and it costs a lot of money. Dharok's is too slow, and Karil's works well, but is rarely used. Verac armour is the armour of choice because it negates all armour bonuses and prayers - at least, there is about a 50% chance that it completely ignores the defence. The Kalphite queen has extremely high defence, which makes Verac's perfect for the occasion. It is also a good choice to use against the Queen's second form, which uses Protect from Melee Prayer. Regular armours and robes just do not help you enough to make it really worth your while to go fight the Kalphite queen.

The rune defender greatly helps the accuracy of your dragon mace or dragon dagger specials. However, since the dragon dagger (p++) is highly inaccurate, the dragon mace is preferred because it is highly accurate and can inflict significant damage.

Note: Do NOT bring a cannon to try and kill her; she will just end up destroying it.

The teleport tablets teleport you to Lumbridge where you can recharge prayer and easily and quickly walk back to Shanty Pass to start your next trip. A bonus of teleport tablets or any one space teleport is that it allows space for more food. You may use any one hit teleport and use a charged glory to Al Kharid as you choose.

When you have everything you need (it is suggested you stock up enough supplies for 10-20 trips at least for avid killers), head to the Shanty Pass south of Al-Kharid. Here you can make any last minute adjustments to your inventory by opening the Shantay chest, which will give you access to your bank. When you're sure you're ready, buy a Shanty pass from Shanty for 5gp, and then go south though the pass.

When you're through the pass, immediately head directly west until you get to the tunnel entrance (Map). Use a rope on the hole then climb down; you're now in the Kalphite lair!

*Note* When you use your rope with the hole it can be used by any player to get down. You will not be able to get your rope back once you use it on the tunnel entrances.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Dungeon Map of the Kalphite Lair
4.0 - Where to Stand

When fighting the Kalphite Queen, there are some recommended places to stand to conserve your supplies as long as possible.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Where to Stand

There are basically two types of groups: two people; four or more people. Any odd numbers are not recommended as the Kalphite queen's special attack will go from person to person and standing on another player means that you never know whose health bar is whose.

For two players, to avoid the queen's special attack going from one person to another, you must be directly opposite your partner, if you are off even slightly, the special attack will be able to hit you both.

For a group, again being directly opposite is recommended but spread out so everyone can see their health bars. In a group of four or more, be aware that everyone will get hit by the special but you will be able to easily see each other and not worry about whose health bar is whose. The amount you get hit is random, but everyone will be hit.

Pay extremely close attention to your Constitution. The Kalphite Queen packs a nasty punch, which might catch you offguard. Heal whenever necessary.

5.0 - Solo'ing the Queen

If you are one of those people who value their items, panics before entering the Kalphite Queen's lair, or runs away every time she hits a 100 on you, this is not where you want to be! Meaning that if you are not ready to risk dying and losing some items then do not try and solo the Kalphite Queen. This is a very difficult and dangerous boss.

The best thing to cope with this is to fight the Kalphite solo! That's right, solo! Only wear full Verac's, teleport runes, and whatever else you need (food) and go inside and fight her. Your goal here is not to kill her, but to live and do a bit of damage. Repeat this as many times needed; two or three times works for some people. Once you realize that even though she does high damage, she cannot kill you as much as you thought she could, or as easily so you won't panic as much. Once you "know" what you're up against, then you will be more confident before, or even believe that you won't lose your stuff.

In order to kill the Queen in one trip, however, takes great talent and luck. Make sure you are NOT being attacked by Guardians at the same time as the Queen; this will inflict serious damage and commonly poison you. Also, make sure to keep an eye on your prayer and health; her max hit with all attacks is 310 and will sometimes combo mage/range with a melee attack that hits as fast as a dragon dagger special. It's suggested to keep your lifepoints at 400 or higher when soloing. Prayer must be kept high as well, and if you choose to use melee prayers, the Piety prayer is highly suggested. Keeping 20-30 prayer at all times is recommended.

One last note: when you are on your last leg, no food and not much prayer left, you commonly do the most amount of damage throughout the whole fight at this stage. Experienced Kq'ers will stay and fight until the absolute last minute and get the kill. BEWARE - this is very dangerous.

6.0 - The Beasts

Inside the Kalphite lair, resides a few Kalphite variants, all ranging in levels and strengths. The table below outlines each creatures drops, combat level, and other various pieces of information.

Kalphite Hive

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