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Throughout my time playing RuneScape, the Wilderness endured many changes. None of the changes annoyed and affected me more than the battle of No Honor vs. Honor, which separated PKers into two different categories. In case you do not know what No Honor and Honor are, I'll give you a description of each.

Before I give you definitions of the two types of segregated PKers, let me give you the definition of the word Wilderness, which is taken from the RuneScape Knowledge base.

Wilderness- Very dangerous area where other players can attack you! The further north you go the more dangerous it becomes. It is here you may combat your foes at will, whether monster or player.

If one were an Honor PKer, that person would not attack people without permission. An Honor PKer would say, "Pot up" before a fight, so that there would be no unfair advantages, possibly even for him or herself. They do that so other people respect them, even if the Honor PKer loses. Honor PKers get flamed less, too. Honor PKers mainly leave their mark in the low Edgeville Wilderness. They join Honor clans, and frown upon No Honor PKers. On the other hand, there's No Honor PKers. A No Honor PKer will attack people at their own will, without warning or consultation. A PKer who is No Honor will usually get more kills than Honor PKers. No Honor PKers include: Runecraft PKers, rushers, Blitz-Maulers, lurers, etc.

There are different levels of No Honor and Honor PKers. People are not limited to either Honor and No Honor. People may be neutral, or they may be a bit No Honor, or a bit Honor. Personally, I was No Honor, but not totally No Honor.

In my opinion, the Wilderness has turned into a tame place where there are un-official rules; and I don't like it. The Wilderness I like is the F2P Wilderness. You can kill whoever you want without them running away like a wimp. Why is it like that in F2P? People aren't as afraid, because the F2P weapons can't kill you in 2 hits! Let's face it: many P2P weapons are overpowered, and there are not enough Hit points for the amount that people can hit. No Honor PKers take advantage of that. That is why people are so afraid of No Honor PKers, leading to the dislike of them. Yes, there are more Honor PKers than No Honor PKers, but I believe that No Honor PKers have guts and are real Pkers!

Why does the Honor vs. No Honor battle make me mad? When I go out in the Wilderness, I like to do whatever I want, attack whoever I want, and kill with whatever weapon I want, as long as it abides by the RuneScape rules! Attacking whoever I desire is not against the rules. When I PKed in Edgeville, I'd take the high ground and look down at everyone. When I saw someone I wanted to attack, Smite goes on, DDP++ special on, Protect item on, Attack and Strength prayers on, and I attack them. As I am getting ready to do the second DDP++ special on them, they turn on Protect from Melee and run away, proceeding to say, "NH noob!" I wouldn't go up to a person and say, "Fight?" just to get some e-respect, then get killed.

No Honor PKers are basically the rebels of the Wilderness. They do what they want, and I respect that! In fact, I respect it much more than saying, "Pot up" before a fight. The only thing that is scary in the Wilderness nowadays is the overpowered weapons; and not the people that can come running out of nowhere and attack you. Honor PKers have turned the Wilderness from a no ruled, everything goes place to have lots of fun into their own safe little oasis so that they don't die.

This was written before the most recent PKing updates.

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