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1.0 - Introduction

In RuneScape, Thieving is a very diverse skill. You can pick locks, loot chests and pyramids, steal from stalls, and even pickpocket certain people. All of these acts can be very rewarding; however, it's still dangerous as there are always characters on the lookout for annoying thieves. There are many tips and tricks you can use to your advantage when Thieving!

When it comes right down to it, Thieving is a relatively easy skill to level and to train. The only drawback is that it requires constant attention, unlike other skills such as Fletching and Cooking, where you can do other things in the meantime.

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2.0 - Lock Picking

Throughout the RuneScape world, you will find that you are unable to open certain doors. If you are lucky, the door you are trying to pass through can be pick locked. To pick a lock, simply right click on the door and select "Pick-lock." If you are successful, the door will open you will automatically walk through. If you fail, you will have to try again.

Successfully opening some locked doors requires you to have a Lockpick in your inventory in order to pick their locks. You can obtain Lockpicks from other players, or by pickpocketing them from Bandits and Rogues. Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den also sells Lockpicks.

Door Location Required level Experience Lockpick use Location picture
Door to 10gp Chest East Ardougne 1 3.5 No Picture
Ardougne House Door East Ardougne 13 15 No Picture
Door to Nature Chest East Ardougne 16 15 No Picture
H.A.M. Trapdoor East of Draynor Village 17 4 No Picture
Axe Hut Door Level 54 Wilderness 32 25 Yes Picture
Ardougne Sewers gate Ardougne Sewers 31 25 No Picture
Pirate hall Level 54 Wilderness 39 35 Yes Picture
Chaos druid tower North of Ardougne 46 37.5 No Picture
Paladin Door Ardougne palace 61 50 No Picture
Yanille Agility Dungeon Door Eastern Yanille 82 50 Yes Picture

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3.0 - Chest Looting

Unlike doors, the chests you are able to thieve from in RuneScape are not safe. If you do not take care when thieving from chest, the traps hidden in them will hurt you. To find a trap on a chest, right click on it and select "Search for traps." Your character will automatically find the trap and disarm it if your Thieving level is high enough.

Please note that when you loot the Paladin and Blood rune chests, you will be teleported outside their containing buildings. For the most part, chests do not give very good experience. The only chest that is really worth thieving is the Blood rune chest since it produces a fair amount of profit on top of the experience given. (NOTE: When thieving the Dorgesh-Kaan chests, you will need a Lockpick).

Chest Location Required level Experience Item(s) thieved Respawn time Location picture
10gp chest Ardougne (x2)
Axe Hut (x3)
13 7.5 10 coins 7 seconds Picture
Nature chest Ardougne (x2)
28 25 3 coins, Nature rune 10 seconds Picture
50gp chest Ardougne 43 125 50 coins 70 seconds Picture
Arrow tip chest* Hemenster
47 150 5 Steel arrow tips, 20 coins 210 seconds Picture
Average chest Dorgesh-Kaan 52 200 Oil lantern, Bullseye lantern, Mining helmet, Frog armour, Cave goblin wire, Rope, Bone bolts, Bone crossbow, Bone dagger, H.A.M. clothes, Spade, Bucket, Hammer, Newcomer map, Big bones, Coins, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Body, Mind, Cosmic, Chaos, Nature, Death, and Law runes, Water, Air, Earth, and Fire talismans, Dorgeshuun light orb, Empty light orb, Clue scroll, Gold charm, Green charm, Crimson charm, Blue charm 165 seconds N/A
Blood rune chest Chaos druid tower 59 250 500 coins, Blood rune (2) 180 seconds Picture
Customs lockers Rock Island Prison (x17), Must have completed Rocking Out 63 75 Rune scimitar, Uncut diamond, Uncut ruby, Uncut emerald, Uncut sapphire, Shark, Mithril bar, Gold bar, Pirate boots, Steel sword, Iron bar, Pirate shirt, Eye patch, Steel scimitar, Iron scimitar, Bronze scimitar, Clue scroll, 300 coins 200 seconds N/A
Paladin chest Ardougne Palace 72 500 1,000 coins, Raw shark, Adamant ore, Uncut sapphire 240 seconds Picture
Rich chest Dorgesh-Kaan 78 650 Uncut gems, Bullseye lantern, Mining helmet, Frog armour, Iron bar, Dorgeshuun light orb, Empty light orb, 500-2500 coins, Gold charm, Green charm, Crimson charm, Blue charm 510 seconds N/A

* Requires Lockpick to open chest.
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4.0 - Stall Thieving

In the past, you could only thieve stalls in the city of Ardougne, but now there are many stall-thieving activities around the globe. Stealing from stalls is a lot like chest looting; however, there are no traps on the stall. Instead, certain in-game characters will be on the lookout for thieves like you and will fight you or knock you out if they catch you.

To thieve from a stall, right click and select "Steal from." If nobody catches you in the act, you will take the items from the stall and they will appear in your inventory.

You may be caught by the stall owner or any guard type NPC surrounding the stall. To avoid this, try to stay out of their lines of sight.

When training the skill of Thieving, the stalls that require a high Thieving level to steal from are not very useful because of their slow rates of respawn. I would recommend thieving from the Vegetable, Baker's, Tea, Silk, Seed, and Fur stalls for the best experience.

Please note that the time listed is when stealing from a stall on a crowded world. An emptier world will have a slower respawn time.

Stall Required level Location Experience Item(s) thieved Respawn time
Vegetable stall 2 Miscellania 10 Onion, Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, Garlic 2 seconds
Baker's stall 5 Ardougne
16 Cake, Chocolate slice, Bread 4 seconds
Crafting stall 5 Ape Atoll
10 Chisel, Uncut emerald, Ring mould, Necklace mould 7 seconds
Monkey food stall 5 Ape Atoll 16 Banana 7 seconds
Monkey general stall 5 Ape Atoll 10 Pot, Hammer, Tinderbox 7 seconds
Tea stall 5 East Varrock 16 Cup of tea 5 seconds
Rock cake stall 15 Gu'Tanoth 10 Rock cake 6 seconds
Silk stall 20 Ardougne
24 Silk 6 seconds
Candle stall 20 Entrana 20 Unlit candle -
Wine stall 22 Draynor Village Market 27 Jug of water, Jug of wine, Grapes, Jug, Bottle of wine, Uncut sapphire 14 seconds
Seed stall 27 Draynor Village Market 10 Herb seeds, Allotment seeds, Flower seeds, Bush seeds, Hops seeds 11 seconds
Fur stall 35 Ardougne 36 Fur, Gray Wolf Fur 12 seconds
Fish stall 42 Rellekka 42 Raw salmon, Raw tuna, Raw lobster 10 seconds
Crossbow stall 49 Keldagrim 52 3 Bronze bolts, Wooden stock, Bronze limbs 10 seconds
Silver stall 50 Ardougne
54 Silver Ore 30 seconds
Spice stall 65 Ardougne 81.3 Spice 80 seconds
Magic stall 65 Ape Atoll 100 Air rune, Earth rune, Fire rune, Water rune, Law rune 80 seconds
Scimitar stall 65 Ape Atoll 160 Iron scimitar 80 seconds
Gem stall 75 Ardougne
16 Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond 180 seconds

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5.0 - Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is one of the major aspects of thieving since there are so many characters to pick pocket around RuneScape. To pick the pocket of a NPC, right click on it and select "Pickpocket."

If you are successful, you will have gained some loot and thieving experience. If you fail, the NPC will stun you. When you are stunned, you will be unable to move.

Remember the higher the Thieving level you have, the lower the chance that you will fail.

Pick pocketing will usually bring the best experience for thieving enthusiasts. The best NPC's to thieve from for the most efficient training would be Men/Women, Warrior women, Warriors, Rogues, Master farmers, Guards, Desert bandits, Knights of Ardougne, Yanille Watchmen, and Paladins.

NPC Required level Experience Stun effects Location
Man/Woman 1 8 5 seconds
10 damage
Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Edgeville
Possible loot:3 coins
Farmer 10 14.5 5 seconds
10 damage
Lumbridge, Falador, Ardougne
Possible loot:9 coins, Potato seeds, Onion seeds
Female H.A.M. follower 15 18 6 seconds
10-30 damage
H.A.M Hideout
Possible loot:Bronze-Steel Dagger, Bronze-Steel Pickaxe, Uncut jade, Uncut opal, Damaged armour, Rusty sword, Bronze-Steel Arrows, Clue scroll (level-1), Grimy herbs, Bronze-Steel Hatchet, Needle, Thread, 5-16 coins, Iron ore, Coal, H.A.M. hood, H.A.M. shirt, Gloves, Ham skirt, Boots, H.A.M logo, H.A.M. cloak, Anchovy, Feathers, Hardleather body, Cow hide, Logs, Raw chicken, Buttons
After Buyers and Cellars, the loot also includes: Slayer staff, 18-31 coins, Iron ore (noted), and Coal (noted)
Male H.A.M. follower 20 22 6 seconds
10-30 damage
H.A.M Hideout
Possible loot:Bronze-Steel Dagger, Bronze-Steel Pickaxe, Uncut jade, Uncut opal, Damaged armour, Rusty sword, Bronze-Steel Arrows, Clue scroll (level-1), Grimy Herbs, Bronze-Steel Hatchet, Needle, Thread, 2-22 coins, Iron ore, Coal, H.A.M. hood, H.A.M. shirt, Gloves, H.A.M. skirt, Boots, H.A.M Logo, H.A.M. cloak, Anchovy, Feathers, Hardleather body, Cow hide, Logs, Raw chicken, Buttons
After Buyers and Cellars, the loot also includes: Slayer staff, 18-31 coins, Iron ore (noted), and Coal (noted)
Warrior (woman) 25 26 5 seconds
20 damage
North Ardougne, Varrock Castle
Possible loot:18 coins
Warrior 25 26 5 seconds
20 damage
Possible loot:18 coins
Rogue 32 35.5 5 seconds
20 damage
Rogues' Castle
Possible loot:2-50 coins, Air Runes (8), Lockpick, Jug of wine, Iron dagger(p)
Cave goblin 36 40 5 seconds
10 damage
Possible loot:Coins, Iron ore, Tinderbox, Swamp tar, Oil lantern, Torch, Green gloop soup, Frog spawn gumbo, Frog burger, Crispy froglegs, Bat shish, Wall beast fingers, Bullseye lantern, Cave goblin wire
Master farmer 38 43 5 seconds
30 damage
Draynor Village Market, North Ardougne
Possible loot:Herb seeds, Allotment seeds, Flower seeds, Bush seeds, Hops seeds
Guard 40 46.8 5 seconds
20 damage
Varrock, Falador, Ardougne
Possible loot:30 coins
Fremennik 45 65 5 seconds
20 damage
Possible loot:40 coins, Steel nails(1)
Bearded Pollnivnian bandit 45 65 4 seconds
50 damage
Possible loot:40 coins
Desert bandit 53 79 5 seconds
30 damage
Bandit Camp (Desert)
Possible loot:30 coins, Lockpick, Antipoison (1)
Knight of Ardougne 55 84.5 5 seconds
30 damage
Possible loot:50 coins
Pollnivnian bandit 55 84 5 seconds
50 damage
Possible loot:50 coins
Watchman 65 137.5 5 seconds
30 damage
Yanille Watchtower
Possible loot:60 coins, Bread
Menaphite thug 65 137 5 seconds
50 damage
Possible loot:60 coins
Paladin 70 151.75 5 seconds
30 damage
Possible loot:80 coins, Chaos rune (2)
Gnome 75 198.5 5 seconds
10 damage
Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village
Possible loot:300 coins, Swamp toad, King worm, Gold ore, Fire orb, Earth rune
Hero 80 275 6 seconds
40 damage
Possible loot:Coins, Fire orb, Jug of wine, Death rune (2), Blood rune, Gold ore, Diamond
Elf 85 353.5 6 seconds
50 damage
Possible loot:Coins, Jug of wine, Gold ore, Diamond, Death rune (2), Nature rune (3), Fire orb
Dwarf Trader 90 556.5 6 seconds
10 Damage
Possible loot:100/400 coins, Bronze bar (noted), Iron bar (noted), Steel bar (noted), Mithril bar (noted), Adamantite bar (noted), Runite bar (noted), Tin ore (noted), Copper ore (noted), Iron ore (noted), Mithril ore (noted), Adamantite ore (noted), Runite ore (noted), Coal (noted), Clue scroll (level-3)
6.0 - Multiple Pick Pocketing

On January 10, 2010, Jagex released an update to Agility that would make things more beneficial. Thieving was one of the 3 skills that would receive benefits, alongside Fishing and Hunter. Now, you have the opportunity to pickpocket some NPCs multiple times instead of just once! The higher the Thieving level the NPC requires, the higher your Agility level has to be.

In order to double pickpocket, your Thieving level needs to be 10 levels higher than usual, and your Agility 10 levels below that. For triple pickpocketing, your Thieving level must be 20 levels higher than usual, with your Agility level 10 below that once more. Last but not least, in order to quadruple pickpocket someone, your Thieving level must be 30 levels higher than usual, and Agility 10 behind again. However, when you get to higher level NPCs, you won't be able to necessarily double, triple, or quadruple pickpocket them.

You'll know when you successfully pickpocket someone multiple times because if you double pickpocket, you will have both of your hands pull out an item, triple being three items, and quadruple four. Additionally, your chatbox will say when you have done so. You can click to pickpocket someone again, even while this emote is going on.

NPC Level x2 Thiev. level x2 Agil. level x3 Thiev. level x3 Agil. level x4 Thiev. level x4 Agil. level
Man 1 11 1 21 11 31 21
Farmer 10 20 10 30 20 40 30
Female H.A.M. follower 15 25 15 35 25 45 35
Male H.A.M. follower 20 30 20 40 30 50 40
Warrior 25 35 25 45 35 55 45
Rogue 32 42 32 52 42 62 52
Cave goblin 36 46 36 56 46 66 56
Master farmer 38 48 38 58 48 68 58
Guard 40 50 40 60 50 70 60
Fremennik citizen 45 55 45 65 55 75 65
Bearded Pollnivian bandit 45 55 45 65 55 75 65
Desert bandit 53 63 53 73 63 83 73
Knight 55 65 55 75 65 85 75
Pollnivian bandit 55 65 55 75 65 85 75
Watchman 65 75 65 85 75 - -
Menaphite thug 65 75 65 85 75 - -
Paladin 70 80 70 90 80 - -
Gnome 75 85 75 - - - -
Hero 80 90 80 - - - -
Elf 85 - - - - - -
Dwarf trader 90 - - - - - -
7.0 - Training Methods

The following steps are a guide to help you level Thieving as fast as possible. Remember that they are just guidelines.

Level 1–5

When you first start out Thieving, there is not much choice of what to thieve. You can start out thieving Man and Woman and Vegetable Stalls between levels 1-4. Once you have reached level 5, make your way to the Tea stall in south-east Varrock.

Level 5–20

After reaching level 5 Thieving, you can now thieve items from the Tea stall, which is the best experience at your level for a while. You rarely get caught and if you do, nothing happens. It is recommend thieving from the tea stall until about 20 Thieving.

Level 20–38

Now head over to one of the silk stalls which are either in Ardougne or Keldagrim. If stalls get boring then the Warriors in Al Kharid are the next best choice.

Level 38–41

These levels will most likely be the most monotonous. But at least they can be summed up into two words: Master farmer. The Master farmer does not give the most experience you could get, but is the fastest way to raise your level. Rapidly clicking him over and over not only gives you an easy target to steal from, but also, at some times, very good seeds such as Ranarr and Snapdragon. He is a very good choice over most other things during these levels.

Level 41–55

If you like Master farmers you may continue doing them as they will bring in some money. If you are already bored of them then there are several other options.

At level 41 you can now enter the secretive Thieves' Guild upon completion of the second part of the Buyers and Cellars quest. With a Lockpick in your inventory go to the chests and loot all the doors, the chests to the south, and one of the northern chests if you have the time.

Once you reach level 50 switch to coshing the Pickpocketing volunteers. Wield a Rubber blackjack and lure the Pickpocketing volunteer to the southern door. Once he is past the door, close it and begin knocking him out.

Guards in Varrock, Falador, or Ardougne are your final option for some variation. Bring plenty of food, you can fill your inventory since the only thing you can loot from them is coins.

Level 55–65

You can continue with the method you used from level 41-55, if you prefer, but the next option available is Knight of Ardougne. Alternate between thieving them and the baker's stall if you need food.

Level 65–70

Now you can thieve from Menaphite thugs. Head to Pollnivneach and lure the thug to the northern building so you can trap him behind the curtains to ensure he doesn't move. It is highly recommended to complete Feud, the quest to be able to use a Maple blackjack. This can be continued up until 95 if you do not like the higher level methods.

Level 70–91

At level 70 after the completion of Do No Evil you can thieve Monkey knife fighters. They can yield over 200k experience an hour if you click fast enough.

Additionally, you can begin Pyramid plundering at 71 to start your fast levelling. Loot the 5th room before you go onto room 6 in order to get more experience per run—the run to the room can take away a bit of your time. For more information, check out our Pyramid Plunder guide.

Level 91–99

Menaphite thugs are still very good until 95 Thieving. After that Monkey knife fighters are by far your best choice with up to 300k experience an hour for these levels.

Pyramid Plunder

The best and fastest way to train your Thieving at this level is to use Pyramid Plunder. As a quick rundown, Pyramid Plundering involves going through a series of rooms and looting the treasure that you find. You will find a Gold chest in each room, as well as a Sarcophagus, and an assortment of Urns. It's usually a waste of time to look for snakes in the urns, so just try looting them. Should you not be able to loot one, or if you're running out of time, then you should consider checking for snakes.

Pyramid Plundering is almost always the leader of experience when it comes to Thieving, especially at higher levels. However, when you reach level 81, the best way to get your Thieving up is by Blackjacking Menaphites in the desert. When you reach level 91, it is highly recommended that you use Pyramid Plundering to finish off your experience.

Pyramid Level
(Thieving required)
XP per hour XP per game
1 (21) 8–10k 800
2 (31) 18–20k 1,800
3 (41) 25–30k 2,500
4 (51) 45–50k 4,500
5 (61) 50–80k 7,000
6 (71) 100–120k 10,000
7 (81) 150–180k 15,000
8 (91) 200–240k 20,000

Jagex introduced items called blackjacks during Feud, The quest. These are very handy in pick pocketing, because depending on the type of blackjack, it can stun your opponent for a certain period, allowing you to pickpocket them successfully without being stunned. Although you can only use them on the NPCs in the quest city of Pollnivneach, blackjacks are a great way to train until level 71 because it is the fastest training method allowing you to get 150k experience an hour. However, it also requires concentration and many clicks, placing it behind Pyramid Plunder in this manner.

Sorceress' Garden
Zybez RuneScape Help's Summer Spirit Image

Another way to gain experience quickly, especially at lower levels such as 45–71, is to do the Sorceress's Garden. The gardens are four seasonal mazes in which lie corresponding elementals (Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring). The object of each maze is to either reach one of the two ends: The herb patches (which are easier to reach), or the Sk'irk fruit trees at the furthest point of the maze. When you take herbs or a fruit, you are automatically teleported outside by the main fountain. There are many ways to make your way through the gardens but players usually find small quirks to shave time off of each run. This can be and is a very effective way to train thieving if spam clicking or Pyramids aren't your thing. See our Sorceress's Garden guide for more information about them.

Osman from the Sorceress's Garden minigame gives very generous thieving experience in exchange for Sq'irk juice. However, it's probably better to make money rather than try and get all of the Sq'irks required for the juice.

Thieves' Guild

Although not much information has been gathered depicting experience, after doing the quest Buyers and Cellars, you will be granted brief access to the Thieves' Guild. Blackjacking here may be a good idea if you need a change of scenery; the experience is rather close to Pyramid Plunder.

8.0 - Other Information
8.1 - Random Event
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Pillory

There is only one random event for Thieving: the pillory. This random event gets you sent to the pillory where the game locks you in a cage and you have to unlock it to get out. While you are in the cage, a NPC will throw tomatoes at you, also other players can throw at you while you are caged. However, although this used to be involved only with Thieving, it is now an event that can happen regardless of what you're doing.


An effective way to pickpocket an NPC is so corner it so it can't move. However, you should make sure that you let them wander around every few minutes, or they reset to their spawning point. In addition, if you attack your NPC by mistake just go up some near by stairs and come back down and it will stop attacking you. The best method is to use that will ensure that you don't attack your NPC is by equipping any type of bow, without equipping arrows. This will prevent you from accidentally attacking them.

When thieving, click to theive someone as fast as possible to get the best experience. If you get stunned, start clicking pickpocket again a second before the stun wears off due to the fact it takes a second to register the command in game.

If you are Thieving in Ardougne center, do not bother to bring your own food. Just buy Cakes from the Baker or just thieve. If you are Thieving from a stall try, and lock the shop owner or nearby guards into a building so they catch you less often. However, it does not always help, most of the time it does.

Those who wish to be a little more accurate while Thieving will can get Dark kebbit fur from the Falconry Hunting Area. The Dark kebbits can be caught if you have 57 Hunter. The fur can be made into Gloves of silence which increase your success rate of Thieving, but they require a Hunter level of 54. The gloves degrade when players are caught pickpocketing and are destroyed after about 60 failures. Another common item is the Ardougne cloak 3. It increases your chances of not getting caught while pickpocketing, which can definitely come in handy!

Rogues' Den

You have to work your way around a challenging maze, working steadily to not step into traps or you can be sent back to the beginning! You can win a nice set of armour from doing this, as well as a nice amount of Agility and Thieving experience! Check out the guide on Rogues' Den.

9.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I double/triple/quadruple pickpocket an NPC, will I receive the additional experience for doing that?

A: No—you will only recieve double, triple, or quadruple loot, respectively. The XP will remain the same as a single pickpocket.

10.0 - Related Tips
Related Tips

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