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1.0 - Introduction

Woodcutting is one of the most recognizable skills of RuneScape due to the fact that there are trees scattered all over RuneScape. It is an ideal skill to start if you wish to gain some decent money at lower levels. Woodcutting is also a very profitable skill. However, you will have to get a high Woodcutting level to start earning some decent money; with some dedication, you could be earning millions.

Other uses for Woodcutting are Firemaking and Fletching, though Fletching is a Member's skill. With Firemaking, you burn the logs. They are wasted, but you gain experience for it, as well as levels. In Fletching, you can use normal logs to make Arrow shafts, and all other logs are limited to making various items that can assist you in Ranged, as well.

2.0 - Basics

You start out with a Bronze hatchet and you click on a tree. You will then swing at the tree until you gain the logs, and then the tree will disappear. As you gain higher levels, you will level up and be able to cut up to Oak, Willow, and Yew Trees. Also, you will swing multiple times at the tree, and gain multiple logs before the tree disappears. This is different than the Trees, which will go down after one swing.

There are four free player logs, and eight Members-only logs. Normal, Oak, Willow, and Yew logs are available to free players and Members, while Members have Achey, Eucalyptus, Maple, Teak, Mahogany, Arctic Pine, Magic, and Cursed magic logs. Members also have access to various other excess wood to hack away at. While all players can chop down Hollow trees, causing them to fall into the river and to be carved into canoes for easy travel up the River Lum.

To aid in finding rare trees (Teak trees and above), you can look for this symbol on the minimap: Zybez RuneScape Help's City Key of a Rare Tree Spot

3.0 - Levels, Requirements, and Apparel

As you know, there are many trees in RuneScape. The table below outlines the fourteen log-types players can attain, the level required to chop them, and the experience gained. The Arctic pine tree is located only in the Fremennik Isles, and you must have at least started Fremennik Isles, The quest to be able to chop them. Players can also chop Hollow trees found between Canifis and the Hollows heading towards Port Phasmatys, providing one Bark per tree chopped, and giving 82.5 experience each time. Additionally, you will receive no inventory items for Ivy, but you will still receive great experience from it.

Picture Type Level to Cut Experience Members Location
Zybez RuneScape Help's Log Image Logs 1 25 No Throughout the world
Zybez RuneScape Help's Achey Tree Log Image Achey logs 1 25 Yes South of Castle Wars
Zybez RuneScape Help's Oak Log Image Oak logs 15 37.5 No Throughout the world
Zybez RuneScape Help's Willow Log Image Willow logs 30 67.5 No Draynor Village, north of the Seers' Village bank.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Teak Log Image Teak logs[M] 35 85 Yes South-west of Castle Wars, Ape Atoll, islands north-east of Mos Le'Harmless, patch of trees in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, south-east of Uzer
Zybez RuneScape Help's Maple Log Image Maple logs 45 100 No North of Seers' Village bank, west of Sinclair Mansion, west of the Legends' Guild, Daemonheim peninsula resource dungeon
Zybez RuneScape Help's Maple Log Image Bark[M] 45 82.5 (357.7 when Bark is received) Yes Mort Myre Swamp
Zybez RuneScape Help's Mahogany Log Image Mahogany logs[M] 50 125 Yes Tai Bwo Wannai Village, Ape Atoll, Kharazi Jungle, the islands north-east of Mos Le'Harmless
Zybez RuneScape Help's Arctic Pine Log Image Arctic pine logs[M] 54 140.2 Yes Neitiznot. *Must have started Fremennik Isles, The quest./td>
Zybez RuneScape Help's Eucalyptus Log Image Eucalyptus logs[M] 58 165 Yes West of Oo'glog
Zybez RuneScape Help's Yew Log Image Yew logs 60 175 No South of Seers' Village, Lumbridge graveyard, south of Falador, north of Varrock Palace, south of Varrock Church, west of Catherby, Zanaris, and in the Tree Gnome Stronghold near the bank
Zybez RuneScape Help's Choking Ivy Image Ivy**[M] 68 332.5 Yes North wall of Varrock Palace, south-eastern outer wall of Varrock Palace, north side of the north wall of Falador, south side of the south wall of Falador, south-east of Taverley, east wall of East Ardougne church, north side of the north wall of Yanille, south wall of Castle Wars
Zybez RuneScape Help's Magic Log Image Magic logs[M] 75 250 Yes South of Seers' Village, near the Legends' Guild, Lletya, Tree Gnome stronghold, east of the Mage Training Arena, Ruins (level 23 Wilderness).
Zybez RuneScape Help's Cursed Magic Log Image Cursed magic logs*[M] 82 275 Yes Ruins (Wilderness level 23, after the Spirit of Summer quest)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Bloodwood Logs Image Bloodwood logs[M] 85 320 Yes Near Chaos Altar, south of Pirate's hideout, north-east of Demonic ruins, the Ritual Plateau (after Ritual of the Mahjarrat), Soul Wars (after Nomad's Requiem), and the Darkmeyer Arboretum (after Branches of Darkmeyer)

* Cursed magic logs can only be cut upon the completion of Spirit of Summer.

** Note that nothing is received when you successfully cut Ivy.

There are many hatchets you can use to cut logs. The better the hatchet, the easier it will be to chop trees and get logs faster; however, different hatchets have different level requirements.

Picture Name Level Required Members
Bronze hatchet 1 No
Iron hatchet 1 No
Steel hatchet 6 No
Black hatchet 6 No
Mithril hatchet 21 No
Adamant hatchet 31 No
Sacred clay hatchet* 40 Yes
Rune hatchet 41 No
Dragon hatchet 61 Yes
Inferno adze 61 Yes

* The Sacred clay hatchet awards double the normal experience gained for every log it cuts from a tree.

Lumberjack clothing can be obtained from killing undead Lumberjacks during the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble minigames (the broken bridge puzzle). Each piece of Lumberjack clothing, when worn, will increase the amount of experience you receive from chopping a tree. When wearing the whole set, you will attain a 2.5% experience bonus for each log chopped.
Level 44 Woodcutting is required to wear these Members only, untradeable items; in order to obtain them, you must have completed the Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, In Search of the Myreque, and In Aid of the Myreque quests. Additionally, for the Burgh de Rott Ramble, you must have completed the Darkness Of Hallowvale quest. Considering the intensity and the time required to get them, you would be going out of your way to get them if you have not done any of the requirements. However, for the avid woodcutter, it is time well spent.

Picture Name Individual XP boost
Lumberjack hat 0.4%
Lumberjack top 0.8%
Lumberjack legs 0.6%
Lumberjack boots 0.2%
4.0 - Training Methods and Locations
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Willow trees
Level 1-35

Level 1 is the starting point for all great woodcutters. At this level, you can cut Normal, Dead, and Evergreen trees. Members can use the Logs they obtain from such trees to fletch Arrow shafts. A good spot to train for non-members is by the Draynor Manor with the forest of Dead trees. At level 15, you can chop Oak trees. However, these can be a little slow, so if you stay around the same general area of Draynor Woods, you can rotate between Dead trees and Oak trees. An alternate place to cut Oaks is just south of the Grand Exchange, and few players rarely cut here. At level 25, you should now be able to chop Oaks fast enough; continue chopping just north of Draynor Village. At level 30, you can chop Willow trees, but continue with Oaks until around level 35. Doing this will allow you to chop Willow trees faster.

Free players: For now, continue with either Oak trees or Normal trees.

Members: Members should consider training in McGrubor's Woods, as it is not crowded and the trees are more spread out. However, there are Guard dogs to watch out for.

Level 36-60
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Maple trees

From level 36, you should be able to chop Willow trees fast enough. For free-to-play users, the best place to chop and bank your Willow logs is Draynor Village, just south of the bank. For Members, you can go past the Willows outside the Barbarian Assault minigame, as there are eight Willow trees, accompanied by a deposit box just inside the minigame. Willow logs can be a very good money-maker for lower levels, making up to 25k per hour; however, they can be quite hard to sell. Other good spots include south of Rimmington, around Port Sarim, and beside the Champions' Guild. Unfortunately, these spots are second-rate areas, due to the fact that there are no nearby banks. If you are dropping or burning your logs as you go, these places are never crowded, so are far better than Draynor Village. For Members, there are also large amounts of Willow trees located by the Lady of the Lake in Taverley. Once again, there is no bank handy for banking logs, so this spot is better for people burning or dropping them.

Members can also cut Maple trees at level 45. Maples don't give quite as good experience as Willows, but if you are cutting for money, Fletching, or Firemaking, then these will give a bonus over Willows in that they give more experience when fletched or burned, and sell for more. Members can make use of the massive Maple tree plantation north of Seers' Village, or the smaller grove just north of the Seers' Village bank. There are also several trees scattered elsewhere around Seers' Village, if you don't mind running around a bit. Also, when you have the Seer's headband 2, 3, or 4, you get 10 more experience when cutting Maples.

Free players: Willows are the best experience for free players, even at higher levels. Either cut and bank them in Draynor Village, or cut and drop them in Rimmington or Port Sarim. At 45, you can also go to the Resource dungeon on Daemonheim (30 Dungeoneering required) and cut and drop the logs.

Members: You can continue with cutting Willow trees until Yews or Ivy, or you can swap over to Maple trees. If you are only chopping for Woodcutting experience, you should stick with Willows; however, Teaks have proved to produce great experience, but are usually dropped. Before Ivy and the Sawmill came out, Teaks used provide some of the greatest experience possible.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Choking Ivy
Level 61-75

At level 60, you can now chop Yew trees. Trying to do so at this level, though, is nearly pointless. The only reason one would bother doing this is if they are after money. However, Yew logs only make around 35k-50k an hour at level 60, so it's really not worth it. There are four locations where free players can chop Yews easily: Edgeville, north of the Varrock Castle, south of Falador, and north-east of Rimmington. These are also less crowded, but more out-of-the-way locations: North-east of Port Sarim, east of Draynor Village, east of Varrock, and in the Lumbridge Churchyard.

Members have a few more options for chopping Yew trees, namely the very popular grove of trees at Catherby, and the three churchyard trees in Seers' Village. There are some other less-crowded spots as well, including several Yew trees in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Zanaris, as well as a large number in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony hunting area.

Perhaps one of the better options, Yew trees are present in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, underneath the central bank. There are a total of 3 Yew trees; on top of that, there is a Farming allotment where trees may be planted. With a Farming level of 60, a player may plant a Yew tree at this spot, allowing them to chop 4 Yew trees in that area. The main advantage is that it is extremely close to a bank, as it's literally on top of the trees. However, the Yew seeds are a little expensive at times, but well worth it if you plan on cutting there often. After completing the quest Rocking Out, you can use your locker in Rimmington to deposit Yew logs. Additionally, you can chop Ivy at level 68, which is the best thing you can chop for experience. It will become faster as higher levels, though, so you may want to wait until then. Some Ivy locations are walls of the Varrock Palace, outer walls of Falador, Taverly, outside of Castle Wars, Yanille, and the church in Ardougne.

Free players: If you are only after money, you can begin chopping Yew trees. Otherwise, stick with Willow trees if you are after experience. At level 70, cutting Yews picks up a bit, although not enough to outrun Willows in experience-per-hour.

Members: Once again, if you are only after money, you can start chopping Yew trees now. However, it's advisable to continue to train on Teak trees until at least level 75, which is the earliest time where you can chop Yew trees easily. Nonetheless, Teak trees are still some of the best experience. Ivy is another great place to start, as it is already becoming faster. You may still continue chopping Willow or Maple trees, but the best way to get experience is through Ivy or Teaks. For more information on Ivy, please visit the section below.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Magic trees
Level 76-99

You are an expert at Woodcutting at this point. You can chop nearly every log in the game, and you can do it well. You should know the best places to chop whatever it is you are after, but we'll cover some good magic tree locations all-the-same.

At level 75, Members can chop Magic trees. However, if you are after experience, stay with Teaks or Ivy. Even at level 80, Magic trees are still very slow. The Magic tree areas often have a few people there at a time, so you also have to put up with that if you decide to chop them for money. You would be better off chopping Yews until at least level 85 before you begin trying to chop Magic trees. The best places to cut them are south-west of Lletya, south of Seers' Village (near the Legends' Guild), outside Thormac the Sorcerer's Tower, around the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and at the Mage Training Arena. Additionally, once you reach level 80 Woodcutting, you can use the Sawmill; the guide is located below. It's currently the best experience in the game for Woodcutting, but requires more attention than chopping trees.

Members: Stick with Yew trees until at least level 85, which is the earliest chopping Magic trees becomes a speedy option. Even then they are not necessarily fast, though. Until 85, Yew trees will deliver some decent money, and Teak trees (as well as Ivy) will give you the best experience.

With the completion of the Spirit of Summer quest, you can get access to the Spirit World in the ruins located in the western Wilderness. There is a Cursed magic tree here; if it is chopped, it will respawn in the real world. You never have to wait for the tree to respawn, basically, as you can go between the two worlds. If you wish to keep the logs, you may teleport to Edgeville and run back.

5.0 - Making Money

For lower leveled woodcutters, the recommended trees to chop are normal Trees. These can sell for a bit of cash because players desire them in Fletching and Construction. Keep cutting these if you wish to gain a bigger profit; cut them until approximately level 30. You can even chop these until level 45 for Members, or 60 for F2P players, as Willow logs sell for around 8gp each. Cutting Oak logs at a low level is also recommended since Members buy these for Construction uses.

Cutting Yew trees at level 60 is difficult. They are the best logs for F2P and I suggest cutting them at level 65 - 70. It is a great way to make money. Cut these for money until level 99 for F2P or level 80 - 85 for P2P.

**It is always good to remember that even though you have the woodcutting level to cut a higher level tree, doesn't mean it's economically efficient. Often times with higher level trees you acquire logs extremely slow meaning less money. So it would be better off to keep cutting a lower level tree until you are five to ten levels ahead of what you need.

Cutting Eucalyptus logs is another method similar to Yew logs. They require 58 Woodcutting and are recommended to cut around 60-65 Woodcutting. These logs can easily be cut east of Mobilising Armies, and banked at the Mobilising Armies bank. Careful, as there are Ogress (Level-69-99) and Wolves (Level-64) around, and the area is multi-combat. It is recommended to bring food and good armour if you are low level. You can usually hide from them behind trees.

At level 85, Magic logs are easier to get than at level 75, but they can still be difficult. There is no level at which they become necessarily easy. Cut these until level 99 if you want, or stay at Yew trees until you think you get enough Magic logs. Don't be fooled by the money; you will work long hours if you're planning on selling Magic logs in bulk.

Also, for maximum productivity in Woodcutting for money, it is encouraged to have a Beaver (level 33 Summoning), which can greatly enhance the amount of money you make at higher levels with its multichop and forager abilities. Also, if you are cutting a tree from a farming patch (particularly in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Yew/Magic trees), then you can always use a Hydra (level 80 Summoning). Hydras will respawn your tree, shortening the wait for a tree!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Birds Nest Image
6.0 - Random Events

There is currently one Random Events that can occur during Woodcutting.

The Woodcutting random event is a bird's nest, which will occasionally fall from a tree and onto the ground while you woodcut. Search the nest to find a ring, tree seed, or a bird egg. Wearing a strung rabbit foot necklace will increase the chance of this random event. Generally, the lower level trees that you cut (Oak, Willow), the higher the chance of finding a bird's nest. The three main eggs are green, red, and blue, symbolising the colors of the three Gods: Guthix, Zamorak, and Saradomin. On a very rare occasion, a Raven egg will be in the nest. Also note that the bird's nest can be crushed by using a pestle and mortar with it. These are used in making potions through Herblore.

7.0 - Growing Trees

With the addition of the Farming skill, players are now able to grow their own trees to cut. There are five locations where a player can grow a tree. You can grow Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, and Magic trees in these spots, which are located in Lumbridge, Falador Park, Taverley, Varrock, and Tree Gnome Stronghold. You get normal Woodcutting experience for cutting the trees you have grown. See the Farming guide for more information on growing trees.

8.0 - Canoes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Canoe on a Rack

Canoes are accessible by all players and allow you to paddle along the River Lum. Every type of canoe can take you up and down the river, but only one type can take you into the Wilderness. The Waka canoe takes you through an underground river into level 35 Wilderness, near the Moss giants, and is widely used for returning in clan battles. Take note that you cannot return by canoe in the Wilderness, so make sure you want to go there first!

To make a canoe, use your hatchet at the "canoe station," which actually looks like a Dead tree. Then, once the log has fallen onto the carving station, use your hatchet with it to create the canoe. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn where the canoes can take you and how many hubs each canoe can sail past.

Canoe Name Woodcuting level Experience
Log 12 30
Dugout canoe 27 60
Stable dugout canoe 42 90
Waka canoe 57 150

9.0 - Woodcutting Minigame

If you want to try something new, different, but still involving Woodcutting, head to the Tai Bwo Wannai Village in Brimhaven and Musa point. What this minigame involves is cutting back the jungle around the Tai Bwo Wannai Village and repairing the fence around it. While hacking away at the jungle with your Machete, you can find one of several events: A monster may jump out at you such as a Broodoo victim, Bush snake, Tribesmen, or some Mosquitoes. You could also find a Gem rock, or uncover a rare Goutweed plant.

Jungle type Experience
Light jungle 32
Medium jungle 55
Dense jungle 81

See the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup guide for more information on this game.

10.0 - Evil Trees
More information on the Evil Tree.

As many know, the Evil Tree is a Distraction and Diversions activity which can marginally help your Firemaking, Woodcutting, and even Farming, plus put some cash in your pocket. With help from a Spirit tree, you can find out the locations of a current tree, as well as a predicted time of when the next one will be arriving. Additionally, when a Strange sapling has appeared in RuneScape, a Spirit tree will give you a general idea of where it is located through hints. Each hint has a few corresponding areas that it could be, with the exception of one hint.

11.0 - Choking Ivy
Zybez RuneScape Help's Choking Ivy Image

On September 23, 2009, Jagex introduced the Woodcutting rebalance. This was made to balance the Woodcutting skill, and give you more things to do with it. One of the things that was introduced was Choking Ivy. It is currently found around the globe, and when cut, you will receive nothing in your inventory. You will receive 332.5 experience per ivy you cut, making it the best experience in RuneScape for chopping. Free players can see the Choking Ivy, but they can't chop it. Also, they will see a different examine than in Members. If you're a Member, you will see "Choking ivy, ready to be cut down." However, should you be logged into a free world, you will simply see "Some ivy."

Ivy is extremely popular among people, but the upside to having a higher Woodcutting level required means more open spots to cut. The less visited cities containing Ivy will generally have less people there (Yanille, Ardougne). Another positive thing about Ivy is that you can get bird's nests from them. You can hold more of them at once because you don't get anything when cutting Ivy! Although the respawn time isn't very fast, you can usually just move onto another patch.

Although you don't receive anything while cutting ivy, there is still one way to make money: birds nests! Wearing a Strung rabbit foot while cutting will increase your chances of receiving a nest. These can be fairly common, so it's recommended to even further enhance your Woodcutting experience!

Here are the current ivy locations:

  • South-eastern wall of the Varrock Palace. There are 5 ivy spots here.
  • Northern wall of Varrock Palace, close to the Yew trees. There are 4 ivy spots here.
  • The outer, southern wall of Falador. There are 7 ivy spots here.
  • The other, northern wall of Falador. There are 7 ivy spots here.
  • South-eastern Taverley, near the farming patch. There are 5 ivy spots here.
  • Southern wall of Castle Wars. There are 7 ivy spots here.
  • The outer, northern wall of Yanille. There are 6 ivy spots here.
  • The eastern wall of the East Ardougne's church. There are 5 ivy spots here.
12.0 - Sawmill Training
Zybez RuneScape Help's Sawmill Image

Along with Choking Ivy, there was another way to train Woodcutting in the rebalance: Sawmill Training. First, you will need to have 80 Woodcutting to start training. It is believed to be the best experience in the game for Woodcutting, which is up there with Ivy, but it takes a bit more concentration and focus. You can start by heading to the Sawmill, north-east of Varrock. Be sure to either have a Saw or a Crystal saw with you. Speak with Overseer, and she will explain to you where you are, and that her name is Jill. Then, go to the Job board a few steps away. There are two kinds of tasks you can take on: short, and long. Long tasks generally have a third to half more the amount of planks you need to cut up.

Starting off, you'll need to collect some logs. Next, put them in the hopper to make planks. Collect the planks, and use them with the workbench.
Take-logs(many) Stack of logs: You'll fill up your inventory with logs here, one by one.
Load-logs(many) Conveyor belt hopper: You put the logs into the machine here, and it will produce planks.
Take-plank(many) Planks: After putting your logs into the hopper, you will have some planks in this pile. Each log will give you two planks.
Cut planks Workbench: There will be four types of planks you will need to cut. You should only cut the amount you need, as it will be a waste of your time to go over.

Cut style Plank cut type Difficulty Exp with Saw Exp with Crystal saw
Straight cut 1x Short plank, 1x Long plank Simple 15 30
Diagonal cut 2x Diagonal-cut plank Medium 18 36
Curve cut 1x Curved plank Hard 22 44
Tooth & groove cut 1x Tooth-cut plank, 1x Groove-cut plank Very hard 25 50

Though this may seem like it isn't worth the time, for every task you complete, you will get a nice sum of experience for your work! Also, when cutting the planks, you cut them at a very fast pace; faster than cutting many types of logs!

Did you know, when you use the Crystal saw at the Sawmill, it doesn't run down your charges? In order to obtain the Crystal saw, you will have needed to complete a few steps in the quest Eyes of Glouphrie, The. The Crystal saw will double the experience you get from the Sawmill, making it definitely worth your time to get!

13.0 - Woodcutting Urns

With the addition to pottery in the Crafting skill, players can now create, charge and teleport various types of urns for five different skills for experience in the particular skill that the urn was used on. Of the five skills, Woodcutting is one of them, and with the right Crafting level, players can create an urn, fire it, fill it with scraps or cut offs from training Woodcutting, add an Earth rune, and then teleport it to Ernie in Varrock for an alloted amount of Woodcutting experience. It is also important to note that chopping Ivy will not fill the urns.

For more information, please view the Crafting skill guide, as well as the Pottery and Urns section.

Image Urn Woodcutting Experience Crafting Required
Cracked woodcutting urn 160* Level 4
Fragile woodcutting urn 425* Level 15
Woodcutting urn 825* Level 44
Strong woodcutting urn 1662.5* Level 61

*- Woodcutting experience will be gained when the urn is teleported to Ernie.

14.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find Maple trees in F2P?

A: The only place that free players can currently chop Maple trees is Daemonheim Peninsula. You must have level 30 Dungeoneering to be able to access these trees.

Q: Where are Teak and Mahogany trees?

A: Teak and Mahogany trees can be found in the Tai Bwo Wannai Village area, to the right of Trufitius' hut. To gain access to the tree enclosure, you will have to pay 100 Trading sticks, which you can obtain by doing the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. Teak trees can also be found in the Kharazi Jungle, Ape Atoll, Uzer, and on the peninsula south-west of Castle Wars. Mahogany trees can be found on the eastern side of the Khazari Jungle and on Ape Atoll.

Q: Is the Dragon hatchet worth buying?

A: This depends. If you have enough money to buy a Dragon hatchet, then go ahead. However, there is no need to stress if you can't Rune hatchet is more than sufficient to train Woodcutting all the way to 99 with. JaGex released an update to make the Dragon hatchet cut faster than the Rune hatchet, but it's not a wide margin. Additionally, if you have 92 Firemaking, you can use an Inferno adze, which cuts at the same rate as a Dragon hatchet. However, you will burn approximately 1/3 of all the logs you chop.

Q: Do you get experience from birds' nests?

A: No, you will only get experience from cutting logs. Getting a bird's nest from a tree, no matter what the reward, will not give you any experience.

Q: Is there anything that gives experience bonuses when cutting logs?

A: Yes! Besides the Lumberjack clothing and Sacred clay hatchets (see above), there is also the Seer's Headband from the Seers' Achievement Diary at the Medium or Hard difficulty. If Woodcutting Maple trees within the Seers' Village area while wearing this headband, you will receive 10 bonus experience for each log cut. Also, uncharged rings obtained from the quartermaster in the Clan Citadels can be right clicked to present a "charge" option. A woodcutting ring can then be made which provides 150% woodcutting experience for a short amount of time.

Q: Is there any summoning familiar that boosts your Woodcutting level?

A: Beavers boost your Woodcutting by two levels invisibly. A Beaver pouch requires 32 Summoning to be summoned.

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