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Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
Construction is a skill that allows one to build and customise their house, which can be bought for a very small fee of 1,000gp. It is generally a very costly skill to train, but provided that there are enough materials to train to a very high level, along with cash of potentially millions to spare, your house can look fabulous and impressive, and what would be a better place to host your very own house parties other than your sweet home?
You have the option to build up to 32 different rooms; these rooms range from Gardens to Dungeons, allowing you to make each to your own personal liking. Some of these rooms are very useful and unlock features that are exclusive only to player-owned houses. A prime example is the ownership of a marvellous Gilded altar, which allows a player to offer bones to the gods, getting 350% of the normal experience compared to simply burying them.
Within this skill, you will use items such as: Wooden planks, Limestone, Nails, Soft clay, and many kinds of other building materials to create furniture, doors, windows, and other decorative features.

While training your Construction skill, you are building, maintaining, and adding to your very own personal house. You can have a great time decorating and furnishing your own piece of RuneScape architecture.

2.0 - The Basics
2.1 - Buying a House

The Estate Agents are located in the cities of Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, and Seers' Village. At each of these locations you will find an Estate Agent. If you have not already purchased a house, he will sell you a basic house and a plot of land to build on for 1,000gp. This initial package includes a garden and a parlour with basic wooden walls and an exit portal. By default, your house will be in Rimmington (See '2.2 - Entering a House' for details).

Later on, when you obtain a higher Construction level, the Estate Agent can change the wall type and/or the location of your house for a small price. Zenevivia's dark stone style is only available after completing the Love Story quest.

Estate Agent Options
Design Level Cost Location Level Cost
Basic Wood 1 5,000gp Rimmington 1 5,000gp
Basic Stone 10 5,000gp Taverley 10 5,000gp
Whitewashed Stone 20 7,500gp Pollnivneach 20 7,500gp
Fremennik-Style Wood 30 10,000gp Rellekka 30 10,000gp
Tropical Wood 40 15,000gp Brimhaven 40 15,000gp
Fancy Stone 50 25,000gp Yanille 50 25,000gp
Zenevivia's dark stone * 68 Free

* - requires completion of the Love Story quest

2.2 - Entering a House

Each house can be located at a certain portal around RuneScape. When a house is first created, its default location is at the Rimmington portal; however it can be moved by speaking to the Estate Agent. When you 'Enter' a portal you will be given the following options.

House Options
Mode Description
Go to your house If you enter your house in this mode you will not be able to build in it. You must enter your house using this mode if you wish to allow other players to visit your house.
Go to your house (building mode) In this mode you will be able to make changes to your house but guests are not allowed in. Please note that you can enter/switch-out-of building mode when you're in the house. See the building mode section under basics for details.
Go to a friend's house Enter the name of the other player and you will be taken to their house provided they are in it and they allow guests. Please note that the owner of the house can expel their guests any time they wish.

House Teleporting

When you achieve level 40 Magic, you will gain the ability to cast the House teleport spell. This spell requires 1 Law, 1 Earth and 1 Air rune. The teleport itself gives you the ability to teleport directly into your house without the need to run to and from your portal. This spell can either take you into your house, or outside of the portal in which your house is situated. You can also toggle between normal viewing mode, or building mode. Both of these depend on your selected house options under the Settings menu in-game. (more details in section 2.3)

2.3 - House Options & Guests

The 'House Options' menu is located in the regular RuneScape options tab which is marked by the wrench icon. The house options menu allows you to take control over your house in a few different ways. The menu will allow you to:

  • » Turn building mode on/off.
  • » Change your House Teleport location (inside or outside the House Portal)
  • » Expel all guests from your house.
  • » Leave your home.

Using this house options menu, and the options listed below you can control what happens within your house. You already know that visitors cannot access your house when you are in building mode and that you can expel all your guests at once using the option within the menu. Here are two more ways to control your house and it's guests:

House Options
Mode Description
House Portal To stop all other players from entering your house you can simply press the 'Lock' option on the portal. When you are ready to allow guests again into your house, you can unlock this portal.
Private Chat Toggle When this button is set to ON there is no restriction to who can enter your house. When set to FRIENDS only your friends can enter. Having it OFF is the same as locking the house portal. People on your ignore list cannot enter your house regardless of which mode you are on.
2.4 - Building Mode

From reading the above sections, you already know that you can access the building mode directly from the portal and from the 'House Options' menu and by standing outside your portal. After you have logged on, the first time you enter building mode, you will be required to enter your Bank PIN if you have one. This is to prevent people who have managed to access your account, from deleting any your rooms.

Please note: Guests cannot visit your house when in building mode. If there are guests in your house when access building mode, they will be automatically expelled.

After you have entered building mode, the following steps will allow you to build furniture.

  1. When you enter building mode, 'hot spots' will appear in all the rooms of your house, these will appear as large white outlines of what the object in that spot should be. If you right click on an empty hot spot, you will be given the option to build on it. In the right click menu, select 'Build' to begin building your furniture.
  2. A menu will appear displaying the furniture you can build on that hot spot. To build something, simply click on it, provided you have the required level and materials. If you don't, an 'X' will appear over the item.
  3. If your nails don't break, the furniture will be automatically built and will be ready for use.
  4. To remove a piece of furniture, simply right click on it in building mode and select 'Remove.' A confirmation screen will appear, assuring that it was not accidental.
Zybez Runescape Help's Spiral Staircase image
Building New Rooms

Adding additional rooms to your house is easy. It does however, cost money, so in order to build any new rooms, you need cash in your inventory while building them. In order to build a new room, simply right-click on the door spot you wish to build onto during building mode. Next click 'build'. This will open up a new window in-game showing a list of different rooms you are able to build with your Construction level.
In order to remove a room, simply right click on one of its doors, from the outside of the room and click remove.

Extra Floors

Building new levels must be done in combination with staircases. To build up a single level, you must build a staircase directing upwards in one of your rooms. If you try to go up this staircase in building mode, it will ask you if you would like to build a room above.
Please note: Quest halls and skill halls are the only rooms which support staircases above ground.

You can also add rooms below the ground level of your house. To do this, build a staircase downwards from a hall in your house. When adding a room below your house, you now have the option to build a dungeon room (with stairs) in addition to the quest and skill hall options.

Overall, you're allowed to have a total of 3 different levels. You can have a basement/dungeon, a ground floor, and one floor above ground.

3.0 - Building Equipment
3.1 - Tools

There are only two tools you will need in Construction. Please note that you will need a hammer and a saw when building almost anything in your house. The main exception to this is plants, which requires a watering can.

Construction Tools
Picture Name Notes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Hammer Hammer Obtained from any General Store. Needed for all building activities.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Saw Saw Obtained from the Construction Supplies shop. Needed for all building activities.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Watering Can Watering Can Obtained from any Farming Shop. Needed to plant bagged plants.
3.2 - Materials

The most common materials used in Construction are planks. For a fee, the Sawmill operator north-east of Varrock, in the Lumber yard, will cut your logs into planks. The types of logs he will cut into planks are: Normal Logs (100gp), Oak (250gp), Teak (500gp) and Mahogany (1500gp). While there isn't an initial difference between them, the more expensive planks will build better furniture and give more experience.

Another material that is sometimes used in this skill are nails. Made from Smithing, nails come in a variety of metal types from Bronze all the way to Rune. All nails will have the same effect on your furniture, however rune nails are strongest and will rarely break while the weaker bronze nails tend to break quite often when trying to construct something. Note that they are only often used during the initial stages of training Construction, and as a result, stockpiling large amounts of these is not recommended.

Construction Materials
Picture Name Notes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Plank Planks See Description Above.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Nails Nails See Description Above.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Steel Bar Steel bar Used for making metal furniture. Made from smelting with the Smithing skill.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Bolt of Cloth Bolt of cloth Used for curtains, beds, rugs etc. Bought from the Construction Supplies shop.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Soft Clay Soft clay Used for low levelled furniture. Use a pickaxe to mine from an ore rock that contains clay to obtain it's hard form. Then use a clay ore on any water source to make soft clay.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Limestone Brick Limestone brick Used for medium levelled furniture. Bought from the Stonemason shop, and also in Razmire Builders Merchant shop. You can also mine limestone north-east of Varrock (on the way to Canifis) and use a chisel to make the bricks.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Marble Block Marble block Used for higher levelled furniture. Bought from the Keldagrim Stonemason shop.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Gold Leaf Gold leaf Used to make gilded furniture. Bought from the Keldagrim Stonemason shop.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Magic Stone Magic stone Used for high levelled magical furniture. Bought from the Keldagrim Stonemason shop.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Bagged Plant Bagged plants Bought from the Garden Centre shop.
4.0 - Room Construction

Each subsection will outline the requirements and main features for each room. This includes the hotspots as well as any special uses for each room. You may only get the key items back from the following pieces of furniture: Guild Trophy, Castle Wars/Rune/Mithril/Adamant Armour, Mounted Sword. Unfortunately, all other key items from other furniture are unredeemable if you remove them.

4.1 - Garden (lvl 1, 1000 gp) Show/Hide
4.2 - Parlour (lvl 1, 1000 gp) Show/Hide
4.3 - Kitchen (lvl 5, 5000 gp) Show/Hide
4.4 - Dining room (lvl 10, 5000 gp) Show/Hide
4.5 - Workshop (lvl 15, 10,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.6 - Bedroom (lvl 20, 10,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.7 - Skill hall (lvl 25 , 15,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.8 - Games room (lvl 30, 25,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.9 - Combat room (lvl 32 , 25,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.10 - Quest hall (lvl 35, 25,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.11 - Menagerie (lvl 37, 30,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.12 - Study (lvl 40, 50,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.13 - Costume room (lvl 42, 50,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.14 - Chapel (lvl 45, 50,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.15 - Portal chamber (lvl 50, 100,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.16 - Formal garden (lvl 55, 75,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.17 - Throne room (lvl 60, 150,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.18 - Oubliette (lvl 65, 150,000 gp) Show/Hide
4.19 - Dungeon Junction/Stairs/Corridor (lvl 70, 7500 gp) or Dungeon Pit (lvl 70, 10000 gp) Show/Hide
4.20 - Treasure Room (lvl 75, 250000 gp) Show/Hide
4.21 - Level enhancements

During Construction you will find there are certain items of which will increase your Construction level temporarily, this is often handy when you want to build something in your house that requires a higher Construction level than you own. In the following section you will be informed as to which item will increase your level by how much and how you acquire those specific items.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Icon Tea is one of the most used Construction enhancements. Depending on which shelves you own, depends on how effective your tea will be to your Construction level. If you own the basic shelves your tea will only give a bonus of 1 level, if you own wooden shelves (3)/Oak shelves(2)/Teak shelves(1), you will get an increase of 2 levels and if you own gold trimmed shelves, you will get a bonus of 3 levels.
These levels can be stacked along with the Crystal saw.
In order to make tea you will need to:
  1. Get a kettle, teacup and teapot from their shelves.
  2. Retrieve tea leaves from the Larder then use the tea leaves with the teapot.
  3. Fill the kettle from a water source within the house.
  4. Use the kettle on the stove once boiled use the kettle with the teapot.
  5. Use the teapot with the teacup and you have your tea.
Please note: If you log out or leave your house with the tea in your inventory you will loose the tea and will have to make more when you return to your house.

Spicy stew
Zybez RuneScape Help's Icon Stew is one of the least used Construction enhancements as it takes time and/or knowledge in order to acquire a successful Construction boosting stew.
You also need to have completed the sub-quest for Evil Dave during the Recipe for Disaster quest. The dungeon of which you obtain the spices is located in Edgeville in the small house just behind the bank once in the house use the trapdoor to get down into the dungeon where Evil Dave should be, you will also need to take your hell cat, as the spices are obtained by catching the Hell rats (Overgrown hell cats do not catch rats). There is a chance of the stew failing. However if you succeed to create the correct stew you will gain 6 Construction levels the stew's boosting levels are completely random, if you successfully make one it may increase your level by 6, however it does have a chance of failing when eaten and decreasing your level by 6. When combined with the Crystal saw, this will give you an overall increase of 9 levels. In order for evil Dave's stew to be successful you need to add 3 Orange spices to the stew. Wearing the Construction skillcape will also boost your Construction level from 99 to 100.
Stew and Tea cannot be stacked.

Crystal saw
Zybez RuneScape Help's Icon The Crystal saw is another popular Construction boosting item and is often used along with tea from a gold trimmed cup to give an increase of 6 levels. In order to obtain this item you need to have completed Eyes of Glouphrie, The. The saw itself adds a hidden bonus of 3 meaning you can construct items that are 3 levels higher. The saw is stackable with Tea and Spicy stews. The Crystal saw is limited to 28 items, after constructing these 28 items the Crystal saw will revert back to it's seed form, it will then need to be re-enchanted either by returning to Brimstail's cave or by speaking to Ilfeen after you have completed Roving Elves
You can also use the Crystal saw during Sawmill training. The Crystal saw will not use any of it's uses during the training and will give double the amount of experience per plank made, it will not however give double the reward upon completion of the order.
If you destroy or loose the saw you can speak to Brimstail to get it back.

The crystal Saw does not work on building rooms, plants or NPCs such as monsters.

5.0 - Servants

A servant can be obtained by going to the Servants Guild which is just north of the Ardougne marketplace. To own a servant, you must have at least two bedrooms (with any bed built in each) and the appropriate Construction level required to hire the servant. Each servant can do different tasks, though the higher level servants have more functions than the lower level servants. Servants, after completing 8 tasks, will ask to be paid their wages of the same amount as when you hired them. This can be paid from Coins in your inventory or bank.

After completing the Love Story quest, the fees of hiring and maintaining servants will be reduced. Refer to the table below for the prices after completing this quest.

All servants now have a 'fetch-from-bank' option, making it easier and quicker to get them to bring more supplies for you. For instance, if you have recently asked them to bring supplies, you can use the option to ask them to bring more of the same item. This significantly speeds up the training.

Another way of using your Servant is to carry noted Logs in your inventory. You can then use the noted Logs on your servant and use the option to un-note them. Once your servant returns and gives you the logs, you can send your Servant to get them made into Planks. This does take longer, as your Servant needs to make 2 trips, but it does cut the cost of training by a fair amount.

Servants will also follow you at all times, unless otherwise instructed.

Servant Level Cost (in GP) Carrying Capacity Service Provided
Normal Reduced *
Rick 20 500 375 6 Serves Shrimp
Takes items to and from Bank
Welcomes visitors to House
Maid 25 1,000 750 10 Serves Stew and Cups of Tea
Takes items to bank and from bank faster than Rick
Welcomes visitors to House
Cook 30 3,000 2,250 16 Serves Pineapple Pizzas and Cups of Tea
Takes items to and from bank faster than Maid
Takes wood to sawmill and gets Planks
Welcomes visitors to House
Butler 40 5,000 3,750 20 Serves Chocolate Cake and Cups of Tea
Takes items to and from bank faster than Cook
Takes wood to sawmill and gets planks faster than Cook
Welcomes visitors to House
Demon Butler 50 10,000 7,500 26 Serves Curry and Cups of Tea
Takes items to and from bank faster than Butler
Takes wood to sawmill and gets planks faster than Butler
Welcomes visitors to House

* - the cost of hiring a servant is reduced after completing the Love Story quest.

6.0 - Heraldry
6.1 - The Basics

Heraldry gives you the ability to show off your own family crest by painting the crest on Steel full helms, Rune full helms, Steel kiteshields, and Rune kiteshields; you can even make a large banner displaying your family crest! All of the pieces of the heraldic armour and even the banner can be worn around and shown off. You might be thinking to yourself, "I want to show off my family crest...but how?" Well, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is talk to Sir Renitee in Falador Castle and he will tell you your family heritage. If you don't like the family crest that he gave you then you can change it for a fee of 5,000 coins. Your family crest will then appear throughout your house and on the heraldic armour that you create.

6.2 - The Heraldic Items Show/Hide

7.0 - Racks and Hidey-holes

Building hidey-holes and racks will allow you to build stations that hold the items needed for crossbow shortcuts and rope pulls. A hidey-hole will provide a shortcut with a crossbow and grapple, while a rack stores an infinite supply of Ropes. They only need to be built once, and the experience attained is one-off; it is only awarded once. As with regular furniture, you will need a Hammer and Saw to build them. A Sacred clay hammer can double the Construction experience gained when building these.

7.1 - Hidey-holes Show/Hide

7.2 - Racks Show/Hide

8.0 - Training Strategy
Zybez Runescape Help's Guilded altar image image
Levels 1-19
Builder's NOTE: Smaller, more simple housing provides for a shorter wait when toggling building mode.

In the beginning, it is fairly easy to level up. If you want to level up as fast and cheaply as possible, duelling rings and house teleport tablets are recommended. Start by going into the parlour room and create 3 crude wooden chairs by clicking on the chair 'hot spots'. The requirements for creating them are 2 planks and 2 nails per chair. You should now have a construction level of 3. This may give you the impression that Construction is an easy skill, but the higher your level, the harder it becomes due to the increased number of actions needed to increase your skill level.

After you have created 3 crude chairs, you must now remove them. To remove them, simply right click on the chair and select the option 'Remove chair'. A confirmation check will appear in your chat window ensuring that you want to remove said item, click yes. After you've removed the chairs, you must now rebuild them. Repeat this process until you have run out of planks. A fast way that many players use to build and remove chairs quickly is standing by a single chair building and removing only it.

Once you have run out of planks, teleport to Castle Wars (by using a Ring of Duelling) and quickly run to the bank. Withdraw a full inventory of planks, then teleport to your house, which requires 40 magic to teleport to your own house. Now start building crude chairs and removing them. Repeat this process until you have used up your 96 normal planks. By the time you have used up 122 normal planks or created 61 crude wooden chairs, you will have reached 19 Construction.

Alternatively, once you reach level 3 Construction you can go right up to Falador and mine plenty of clay, then go buy a bucket at a general stores and make a clay fireplace until level 10, then make ponds in a garden. This is slightly less expensive and some believe it to be easier from level 3 until 17. A third method is when you become level 5 Construction make decorative rocks in your garden until you wish to switch to something else. Decorative rocks take 5 Limestone bricks and give 100xp each so its 20xp per Limestone brick. Another method is, upon reaching level 8 Construction, creating wooden chairs. Wooden chairs require 3 planks, and 3 nails to create.

Levels 19-31

Once you are level 19 construction, you will now have the ability to create a workshop. I highly suggest creating a workshop as close as you can to the portal. To create a workshop, you must be in building mode. Click on a door 'hot spot' to add onto your house. It requires 10,000 gold to create a workshop. Once you have created a Workshop, you must now create a wooden work bench which requires 5 Planks and 5 Nails. You will now be spending most of your training time constructing on the workbench. The great thing about this work bench is that you can create flatpacks of almost any furniture. These flatpacks are also tradable to other players that might want to buy and add to their own home.

So by now you should have used up all of your normal planks, meaning you will be using Oak planks from this point on. The great thing about Oak planks is that you wont have carry any more nails because they do not require any type of nails to build, and you get more than twice the amount of exp for your money.

At this point, you should be making flatpack oak chairs. Use the teleport method to restock on your supplies and bank your flatpacks because they are a waste of space.


Usually at level 20, people tend to hire Rick the butler. In terms of time and money, this is incredibly inefficient, considering that Rick only serves food, greets guests, and carries six items to and from the bank. Wait until you are level 30 before you hire a servant. Once you reach 30 Construction, it is wise to hire a Cook because she has the ability to run your logs to the Sawmill. If you have your cook run to the Sawmill, she will ask you money for the Sawmill's fee. The same rule applies for the Butler, and the Demon butler. As you upgrade your butlers, the butler will be faster in turning your logs into planks. The Cook, Butler, and Demon butler each have a max limit on the amount of logs that each can carry. The Cook can carry up to 16 logs at a time, the Butler can carry up to 20 logs at a time, and the Demon butler can carry up to 26 logs at a time. The time it usually takes the Cook to turn your logs into planks is 15 seconds, 10 seconds for the Butler, and 5 seconds for the Demon butler. As time goes on, your servants will ask you to pay there fee. The Cook will ask for 3,000gp, the Butler will ask for 5,000gp, and the Demon butler will ask for 10,000gp. With a newly added feature, you can now have your butler go to the bank and get the money for you.
Note: Servants can be hired in Ardougne, north of thieving stalls.

Levels 32-74

Once you have reached 32 Construction, you will have the ability to make Carved oak tables at your workbench. The requirements for making these tables is 6 planks. Carved oak tables are found under the dining tables icon when creating flatpacks. You will be able to make up to 3 Carved oak table flatpacks at a time, and will have 5 Oak planks left over. With the remaining 5 Planks, create 1 Oak chair, and 1 Oak arm chair which will use up all the Oak planks in your inventory. You use the teleportation method when needed.
Strategy: Alternatively if you wield an Air staff and have a saw, hammer, law runes and earth runes in your inventory for Camelot and home teleport. You should have 24 inventory spaces for oak planks so of course you can't use a butler to get your planks but it is quicker making 4 carved tables than 3 tables plus 2 chairs. What you do is teleport to Camelot, withdraw 24 oak planks, teleport to your house, flatpack 4 carved tables then repeat.

Another commonly used process is to use the Oak larders technique. To start the process, it requires to have 33 Construction, lots of Oak planks, a kitchen room, and a servant of a cook or higher. To start, first go to your house in build mode. Tell your servant to get Oak planks from your bank. Go to your kitchen, once your servant comes back with your Oak planks, tell the servant to return back with more Oak planks. Then build a Oak larder in the larder's hot spot (each time you build a Oak larder, it requires 8 planks). Next, you must remove it and build another oak larder until you are out of planks. Your servant should be back now with more oak planks for you to build more Oak larders. Once your servant is back, command the servant to bring back more Oak planks. Repeat this process until you are satisfied. This method gains no revenue, so any money you invest in gaining experience will be lost.

Keep repeating this process until you reach 40 Construction, then upgrade your servant to a Butler. After that, go back to creating Carved oak flatpacks until you reach 50 Construction. If you want to continue past 50 Construction, it is suggested that you use this method until you are satisfied with your level.

A cheaper method is to make Decorative Rocks (5 Limestone bricks) at 100exp per (20 exp per Limestone brick). This could save you a fair bit of money even if it takes you slightly longer. Mining your own Limestone and turning them to bricks means you can either do bank runs or only spend money on servant wages.

Zybez Runescape Help's Magic Barrier image
Levels 74-99

If you have a Butler and a Dungeon and are using Oak planks, it is recommended that you build Oak dungeon doors. Have a normal butler bring you 20 Oak planks at a time and while he is fetching the planks, you have time (if you're fast) to build and remove 2 doors. This method brings you far more experience than the Oak table method. You do not need a bell because as soon as the Butler gives you the planks you send him out for more.

9.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is the sawmill?

A: It is south of the lumber yard, north-east of Varrock. You must talk to the Sawmill Operator to turn your logs into planks.

Q: How much does it cost to turn your logs into planks?

A: 100gp for Normal Logs, 250gp for Oak Logs, 500gp for Teak Logs, and 1,500gp for Mahogany logs.

Q: Isn't it faster to make oak larders? They use up 8 planks and they give 480exp at a time.

A: Players usually level on oak larders for a few reasons, as it's fast, good experience and the money amount you lose isn't that big. Although you have to go to the building mode, it's still better than using workbenches.

Q: Is there a way to construct items or rooms higher than my current construction level?

A: As soon as you have constructed in your kitchen a larder, a sink, a stove and shelf, you can make tea. The tea gives a construction bonus of +1 up to +3 depending on your current type of shelf. If you've done the Recipe for Disaster Evil Dave sub-quest, you can create the Evil Stew of Doom. Add 3 doses orange spice to a stew to get a bonus on construction which will be between -6 and +6. If you've done the Eyes of Glouphrie quest, you will have received a crystal saw. It adds +3 to your construction. You can combine the Tea OR the Evil Stew of Doom with the Crystal Saw, making the maximum bonus +9 on top of your Construction level. However the saw bonus is only applicable to constructing furnishings, NOT building rooms, buying monsters etc.

Q: How much does it cost to repair Barrows armour on an armour stand?

A: The way to formulate this is subtracting half of your smithing level from 100, then dividing it by 100 times the normal repair cost at Bob, so the mathematical formula would be [100-(Smithing Level/2)]/100 * Normal Repair Cost.

Q: What happens to my items if I delete my room?

A: If you delete a room, you will lose all items in that room. There is no way to get them back either, so deleting a demon throne room is not advisable.

Q: How do I make teleport tablets?

A: You'll need soft clay and the runes for the spell you need. Click on your lectern and make the spell you require.

Q: Can I substitute a regular hammer for a Sacred clay hammer?

A: Yes, you can use a Sacred clay hammer to train Construction. You will receive double the experience as well.

Q: What are these long/curved bones?

A: Long and curved bones are special bones dropped by monsters that drop big bones. If you take them to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan, he will pay you some money per bone, and give you construction xp for them if your construction level is over 30. (1000gp and 1500xp for long bones, 2000gp and 3000xp for curved bones).

10.0 - Related Guides and Tips
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