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Table Of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
Sir Gollum08's Summoning Picture

Summoning is the 24th skill to be released in RuneScape, focusing both on the enhancement of other current skills and mainly the calling of otherworldly creatures in order to aid the summoner in battle. As per its namesake, Summoning allows the player to summon creatures from pouches. These creatures grant a variety of bonuses, such as the invisible +10 Mining boost from a Lava Titan, or the quick Farming boost from the Dreadfowl, or even the sheer powerhouse of the various titans. In addition to these creatures, your Summoning level also allows you to own a variety of pets, from a baby gecko, to a proud dragon.

Being counted as a combat skill, Summoning does affect your combat level. 12 levels can be gained from Summoning alone, raising the maximum level from the previous 126 to 138. On average, 8 levels in Summoning raises your combat level by 1. Contrary to popular belief, it does not affect your level in the Wilderness provided you do not have a familiar summoned or are not carrying any pouches or scrolls.

In order to begin training Summoning, you must complete the Wolf Whistle quest. You will not need to complete the quest to gather charms, although you won't be able to use them until you do.

2.0 - The Basics

Suggestively, the main benefit of the skill is to be able to summon and call upon the aid of creatures or animals, which are known as familiars. There are several aspects of Summoning, all of which are very useful and play a prominent part in the skill itself. The first is creating the pouches of familiars; these are used to summon the familiars themselves and are consumed once used. The second, of course, is summoning the creatures which is what the skill is centered around. A third and optional part is making and using scrolls, which are items used to activate a familiar's special move. The effects can range from relatively minor to extremely useful, such as the healing ability of a Unicorn stallion.

2.1 - Creating pouches/scrolls
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of summoning a familiar

The first thing you'll ever create will be a pouch. Pouches are the basis of Summoning, both in practice and in training. Taking a coloured charm, a handful of shards, an empty pouch, and a tertiary ingredient to a Summoning Obelisk will yield you a pouch, which you can use to summon the familiar within, or create Summoning scrolls, which activate their respective familiar's special move. One pouch can be transformed into ten scrolls. Most of the experience you gain in training Summoning will most likely come from creating these pouches.

Different pieces of equipment are required in order to begin training, including:

Image Name Notes
Zybez RuneScape Help's ImagePouchBought from a Summoning shop for 1gp each
Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageSpirit shardsBought from a Summoning shop for 25gp each
Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageSpirit shard packBought from a Summoning shop for 125,000gp each and can be opened for 5000 Spirit shards
Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageCharmsObtained as monster drops. Gold, green, crimson, and blue charms are stackable, while others aren't

To create a pouch, take the required equipment and go to a large Summoning obelisk. They have a left-click option, 'Infuse', which when selected will bring up an interface listing all the pouches you can make. At the top are two tabs, one for pouches and the other to let you transform pouches into special move scrolls. Icons which are grey means that pouch/scroll currently cannot be made, and coloured ones mean you have the right ingredients. Right-click a pouch/scroll you can make, and you can choose to make 1, 5, 10, all, or any number you wish.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the familiar creation interface
2.2 - Using familiars

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the familiar interface

Familiars are summoned from afar once their pouch is activated. Once they appear, they will follow you wherever you go for a certain period of time, until you dismiss them or their timer runs out (as indicated by their timer in the familiar's interface). These familiars give benefits like teleports, invisible or temporary level bonuses, or more simply to help you fight in a multi-combat zone. There are several kinds of familiars: Healer, Forager, Skill Booster, Beast of Burden, Remote View, and Light Enhancer (see section 4.3 for more details on their abilities). Nearly every familiar can fight back in some way, though some will only attack when being attacked.

In order to access the familiar interface, right-click on the Summoning icon next to the minimap. Next, select 'Follower details' to bring up the interface. The left-click function of the button can also be customised by right-clicking and selecting 'Select left-click option'.

  • Special move bar - special move points remaining out of 60
  • Scrolls - number of special move scrolls remaining
  • Attack - order familiar to attack a selected monster. You must be in combat for this to work
  • Take BoB (Beast of Burden) - if your familiar is a beast of burden or forager, take all of its items
  • Call familiar - bring the familiar next to you
  • Renew familiar - if your familiar has less than 3 minutes remaining on its timer and you have a pouch of the same type in your inventory, renew to refresh its timer while sacrificing your pouch
  • Dismiss familiar - get rid of your familiar, or right-click and select 'Dismiss now' to quickly dismiss it
  • Timer - minutes remaining on your familiar
  • Points - number of Summoning points remaining
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player using a familiar's special move

Every familiar has a unique special move, which can be activated by going into the familiar's interface and selecting the option, or right-clicking the Summoning bubble in the upper-right-hand corner. They can only be activated if you have the familiar's appropriate scroll in either your inventory, or for combat-related scrolls, your enchanted headgear (see section 5.0 for information on equipment). In your familiar interface, you will also notice a special move bar, similar to the ones that players have, although they replenish a lot faster.

To make scrolls for a familiar, first take a familiar pouch to a Summoning Obelisk and select which scroll you want to make. Each pouch makes 10 scrolls.

2.3 - Pets

Not only does the right Summoning level let you summon better, stronger familiars, it also lets you choose from a bigger range of pets as it increases. Pets are for players to take care of and do not serve any other purpose apart from, perhaps, showing off your high Summoning level. Some pets have growth meters, and almost all of them have hunger meters. Familiars and pets share the same interface, but there are a few differences. Pets do not have special moves and do not attack, so those two buttons are not needed. If you dismiss them, they will run away and disappear forever, so be careful not to accidentally select this.

Each pet has a different method of obtaining and, as with their picky nature, they eat only specific types of food which are also different. For some of them like beetle bits, you will need to visit a pet store to buy the food. For more information, see the pets section of this guide.

3.0 - Obelisks
3.1 - Obelisk Locations

Summoning Obelisks are very important, where you make your pouches, and ultimately, where you get your experience. It is important to find an obelisk that is very close to a bank in order for you to get the fastest experience. Obelisks are also where you have to go to recharge your summoning points. There are five Obelisk locations in RuneScape, the most popular is in Taverley, as it is not only close to Falador, but close to a Player-owned house location and a Hot-air balloon (accessible after the Enlightened Journey quest).

This means that you can access it easily, unlike the majority of the other locations. Brimhaven will be an alternative route, via Brimhaven house portal. You can also use Karamja gloves 3 to teleport to Shilo Village and then take a cart to Brimhaven.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageZybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
Taverley West of Brimhaven Gu'Tanoth North of Menaphos
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageZybez RuneScape Help's Image
South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony Mort Myre Swamp, Nature Spirit GrottoUnderground Pass

3.2 - Mini Obelisk Locations
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a mini-obelisk

Mini Obelisks allow players to restore their summoning points only, they can not be used to infuse pouches. Mini Obelisks are found all over RuneScape in large number and will always be nearby. For example players can find some of them on Karamja Volcano (southern side), inside Shilo Village, just west of the Duel Arena, at the Shantay Pass, just north of Pollnivneach, east of Sophanem, and near the moss giants in Varrock Sewers. Some of the easier ones to get to include the one right next to the Trollheim Teleport spawn, and the one right next to the Rellekah house portal.

You can also build a Mini Obelisk in your Player Owned House in the Menagerie room. 41 Construction is required. See our Construction guide for more information.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
South of Draynor Village Duel Arena Edgeville, north-west of the Grand Exchange Etceteria Feldip Hills Fishing Guild Rellekka in the Fremennik Province Tree Gnome Stronghold
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
Jatizso Karamja Volcano Lletya near Tirannwn Lunar Isle Mos Le'Harmless Nature Altar ruins Neitiznot Oo'glog
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
Port Khazard Port Phasmatys Port Sarim Rogue's Castle Shantay Pass Shilo Village East of Sophanem Combat Training Camp north of West Ardougne
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
Trollheim Tyras Camp Varrock Sewers Pollnivneach South of West Ardougne, north of the Battlefield. Near the Black Demons in Brimhaven Dungeon Keldagrim TzHaar
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zybez RuneScape Help's Image
Zanaris Near Rune Rocks in Heroes' Guild Giant Mole Den King Black Dragon Lair Slayer Dungeon entrance Gu'Tanoth Dungeon west wall Catherby Waterbirth Island dungeon
Zybez RuneScape Help's ImageZybez RuneScape Help's ImageZybez RuneScape Help's Image
Barbarian Assault Stronghold of Security In the Aberrant Spectre section of the Desert Slayer Dungeon
4.0 - Familiars
4.1 - The Pouches

Pouches will be your primary source of experience. While experience is also gained for both creating scrolls and summoning a familiar, this amount is paltry compared to what pouches have to offer. Pouches can be made from four things: spirit shards (bought from Pikkupstix, or players), empty pouches (bought from Pikkupstix), coloured charms (obtained from various monsters, and also bought as prizes), and a tertiary ingredient to complete the recipe. All but the tertiary ingredients are stackable, so you're usually going to end up with enough space for 24 pouches each trip, assuming you're using Teleport Tablets and an equippable item for teleporting.

Pouches are made at Summoning Obelisks, which are dotted around RuneScape. The most popular, by far, is the one in Taverley. If you have a house there, you can teleport to that location, run to the Obelisk beneath Pikkupstix, and teleport back, repeating the process. However, if you have 57 Summoning, using a Spirit Kyatt's teleport to the Piscatoris Hunter Area with a ring of duelling can remove the need for a teleport in your inventory, allowing for 25 pouches per trip.

In the wilderness, holding a pouch in your inventory, or having a familiar summoned, will count towards your overall combat level.

Level Name Ingredients Experience
Charm Shards Tertiary Creating Summoning
1 Spirit wolf pouch Gold 7 Wolf bones 4.8 0.1
4 Dreadfowl pouch Gold 8 Raw chicken 9.3 0.1
4 Meerkat pouch Can not be made; received as a Treasure Trail reward only 0.2
10 Spirit spider pouch Gold 8 Spider carcass 12.6 0.2
13 Thorny snail pouch Gold 9 Raw thin snail 12.6 0.2
16 Granite crab pouch Gold 7 Iron ore 21.6 0.2
17 Spirit mosquito pouch Gold 1 Proboscis 46.5 0.2
18 Desert wyrm pouch Green 45 Bucket of sand 31.2 0.4
19 Spirit scorpion pouch Crimson 57 Bronze claws 83.2 0.9
22 Spirit Tz-Kih pouch Crimson 64 Obsidian charm 96.8 0.9
23 Albino rat pouch Blue 75 Raw rat meat 202.4 2.3
25 Spirit kalphite pouch Blue 51 Potato cactus 220 2.5
28 Compost mound pouch Green 47 Compost 49.8 0.6
29 Giant chinchompa pouch Blue 84 Chinchompa 255.2 0.6
31 Vampire bat pouch Crimson 81 Vampire dust 136 1.5
32 Honey badger pouch Crimson 84 Honeycomb 140.8 1.6
33 Beaver pouch Green 72 Willow logs 57.6 0.7
34 Void ravager pouch Green 74 Ravager charm 59.6 0.7
34 Void torcher pouch Blue 74 Torcher charm 59.6 0.7
34 Void spinner pouch Blue 74 Spinner charm 59.6 0.7
34 Void shifter pouch Blue 74 Shifter charm 59.6 0.7
36 Bronze minotaur pouch Blue 102 Bronze bar 316.8 3.6
40 Bull ant pouch Gold 11 Marigolds 52.8 0.6
41 Macaw pouch Green 78 Clean guam 72.4 0.8
42 Evil turnip pouch Crimson 104 Evil turnip 184.8 2.1
43 Spirit cockatrice pouch
Spirit guthatrice pouch
Spirit zamatrice pouch
Spirit saratrice pouch
Spirit pengatrice pouch
Spirit coraxatrice pouch
Spirit vulatrice pouch
Green 88 Cockatrice egg
Guthatrice egg
Zamatrice egg
Saratrice egg
Pengatrice egg
Coraxatrice egg
Vulatrice egg
75.2 0.9
46 Iron minotaur pouch Blue 125 Iron bar 404.8 4.6
46 Pyrelord pouch Crimson 111 Tinderbox 202.4 0.9
47 Magpie pouch Green 88 Gold ring 83.2 0.9
49 Bloated leech pouch Crimson 117 Raw beef 215.2 2.4
52 Spirit terrorbird pouch Gold 12 Raw bird meat 68.4 0.8
54 Abyssal parasite pouch Green 106 Abyssal charm 94.8 1.1
55 Spirit jelly pouch Blue 151 Jug of water 484 5.5
56 Steel minotaur pouch Blue 141 Steel bar 492.8 5.6
56 Ibis pouch Green 109 Harpoon 98.8 1.1
57 Spirit kyatt pouch Blue 153 Kyatt fur 501.6 5.7
57 Spirit larupia pouch Blue 155 Larupia fur 501.6 5.7
57 Spirit graahk pouch Blue 154 Graahk fur 501.6 5.7
58 Karamthulu overlord pouch Blue 144 Fishbowl 510.4 5.8
61 Smoke devil pouch Crimson 141 Goat's horn dust 268 3
62 Abyssal lurker pouch Green 119 Abyssal charm 109.6 1.9
63 Spirit cobra pouch Crimson 116 Snake hide 276.8 3.1
64 Stranger plant pouch Crimson 128 Bagged plant 1 281.6 3.2
66 Mithril minotaur pouch Blue 152 Mithril bar 580.8 6.6
66 Barker toad pouch Gold 11 Swamp toad 87 1
67 War tortoise pouch Gold 1 Tortoise shell 58.6 0.7
68 Bunyip pouch Green 110 Raw shark 119.2 1.4
69 Fruit bat pouch Green 130 Banana 121.2 1.4
70 Ravenous locust pouch Crimson 79 Pot of flour 132 1.4
71 Arctic bear pouch Gold 14 Polar kebbit fur 93.2 1.1
72 Phoenix pouch Crimson 165 Phoenix quill 301.8 7
73 Obsidian golem pouch Blue 195 Obsidian charm 642.4 3.7
74 Granite lobster pouch Crimson 166 Granite (500g) 325.6 3.7
75 Praying mantis pouch Crimson 168 Flowers (red) 329.6 3.6
76 Forge regent pouch Green 141 Ruby harvest 134 1.6
76 Adamant minotaur pouch Blue 144 Adamant bar 668.8 7.6
77 Talon beast pouch Crimson 174 Talon beast charm 1015.2 1.6
78 Giant ent pouch Green 124 Willow branch 136.8 1.6
79 Fire titan pouch Blue 198 Fire talisman 695.2 3.6
79 Moss titan pouch Blue 202 Earth talisman 695.2 5.6
79 Ice titan pouch Blue 198 Water talisman
Air talisman
695.2 4.6
80 Hydra pouch Green 128 Water orb 140.8 1.6
83 Spirit dagannoth pouch Crimson 1 Dagannoth hide 364.8 4.1
83 Lava titan pouch Blue 219 Obsidian charm 730.4 6.6
85 Swamp titan pouch Crimson 150 Swamp lizard 373.6 7.6
86 Rune minotaur pouch Blue 1 Rune bar 756.8 8.6
87 Ghast Purchased as a reward from Temple Trekking for 80,000gp
88 Unicorn stallion pouch Green 140 Unicorn horn 154.4 1.8
89 Geyser titan pouch Blue 222 Water talisman 783.2 8.6
92 Wolpertinger pouch Crimson 203 Wolf bones
Raw rabbit
404.8 4.6
93 Abyssal titan pouch Green 113 Abyssal charm 163.2 8.6
95 Iron titan pouch Crimson 198 Iron platebody 417.6 8.6
96 Pack yak pouch Crimson 211 Yak-hide 422.4 4.8
99 Steel titan pouch Crimson 178 Steel platebody 435.2 8.6
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player performing a special move
4.2 - The Scrolls

Scrolls are created from pouches; one pouch converts into ten scrolls. These provide minimal experience. Scrolls, as mentioned, allow familiars to activate their special move, which can grant bonuses, deal damage, or just do something really special. Since scrolls are stackable, you can carry them in one inventory spot. However, you can have certain headpieces (such as helmets and hats) enchanted by Pikkupstix in Taverley, allowing you to imbue the headpieces with the desired scrolls, saving you an inventory space (see section 5.0).

Using scrolls will drain your familiar's special move bar by a certain number of points. The most that can be stored at once is 60, and a special move typically costs around 3 to 12 points each. When a familiar's special move bar runs out, you'll have to wait for it to recharge. It usually takes around 30 seconds to restore 15 points.

Level Name Familiar Effect Experience
(making and casting)
1 Howl scroll Spirit wolf Causes NPCs to flee 0.1
4 Dreadfowl strike scroll Dreadfowl Magical attack causing up to 30 damage 0.1
4 Fetch casket scroll Meerkats Digs for a Treasure Trail casket without making wizards appear
10 Egg spawn scroll Spirit spider Spawns Red spider's eggs around the spider (does not work inside a bank) 0.2
13 Slime spray scroll Thorny snail Inflict up to 80 damage 0.2
16 Stony shell scroll Granite crab Temporary +4 Defence boost 0.2
17 Pester scroll Spirit mosquito Attacks a target 0.5
18 Electric lash scroll Desert wyrm Magical attack, hits up to 50 damage and stuns opponent 0.4
19 Venom shot scroll Spirit scorpion Next Ranged weapon used counts as being poisoned (if it can be poisoned) 1
22 Fireball assault scroll Spirit Tz-kih Hits 2 targets for up to 70 damage 1.1
23 Cheese feast scroll Albino rat Forages 4 Cheese instantly ready to be withdrawn 2.3
25 Sandstorm scroll Spirit kalphite Hits 5 targets for up to 20 damage each 2.5
28 Generate compost scroll Compost mound Instantly fills a Compost bin with 15 loads of Compost (chance of creating Supercompost instead) 0.6
29 Explode scroll Giant chinchompa Explodes and damages nearby targets 2.9
31 Vampire touch scroll Vampire bat Damage an opponent for up to 120 damage. Chance of healing 20 life points 1.6
32 Insane ferocity scroll Honey badger Boosts your Attack and Strength and lowers your Defence 1.6
33 Multichop scroll Beaver Cuts up to 3 logs from a nearby tree and holds it 0.7
34 Call to arms scroll Void spinner
Void ravager
Void torcher
Void shifter
Teleports the player to the Void Knight Outpost 0.7
36 Bronze bull rush scroll Bronze minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 3.6
40 Unburden scroll Bull ant Restores energy depending on Agility level 0.6
41 Herbcall scroll Macaw Fetches a random grimy herb (can only be used once per minute) 0.8
42 Evil flames scroll Evil turnip Magical attack. Lowers the opponent's Ranged level 2.1
43 Petrifying gaze scroll Spirit cockatrice (and variants) Damage an opponent for up to 100 damage and lower a stat by 3 levels (depending on cockatrice used) 0.9
46 Iron bull rush scroll Iron minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 60 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 4.6
46 Immense heat scroll Pyrelord Crafts jewellery without a furnace 2.3
47 Thieving fingers scroll Magpie Temporarily boosts Thieving by 2 0.9
49 Blood drain scroll Bloated leech Damage yourself to cure poison, disease, and restore lowered stats 2.5
52 Tireless run scroll Spirit terrorbird Restores energy depending on Agility level 0.8
54 Abyssal drain scroll Abyssal parasite Magical attack that drains opponent's [guide]Prayer[guide] points 1.1
55 Dissolve scroll Spirit jelly Magical attack that deals up to 120 damage. Drains opponent's Attack 5.5
56 Steel bull rush scroll Steel minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 5.6
56 Fish rain scroll Ibis Creates raw mackerel, bass, or cod around the Ibis 1.1
57 Ambush scroll Spirit kyatt Attack a target instantly without delay 5.7
57 Rending scroll Spirit larupia Magic attack that drains opponent's Strength 5.7
57 Goad scroll Spirit graahk Select a target to attack it (as familiars have an option to attack, this special move is useless) 5.7
58 Doomsphere device scroll Karamthulu overlord Damage an opponent for up to 160 life points 5.8
61 Dust cloud scroll Smoke devil Deal up to 80 damage on up to 6 opponents 3.1
62 Abyssal stealth scroll Abyssal lurker Boosts Thieving and Agility temporarily by 4 1.9
63 Ophidian incubation scroll Spirit cobra Converts Eggs to Cockatrice eggs (also works with some other eggs) 3.2
64 Poisonous blast scroll Stranger plant Deal 20 damage with a 50% chance of poisoning your opponent 3.2
66 Mithril bull rush scroll Mithril minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 6.6
66 Toad bark scroll Barker toad Damage an opponent for up to 180 life points 1
67 Testudo scroll War tortoise Temporarily boosts Defence level by 8 0.7
68 Swallow whole scroll Bunyip Eat raw fish without cooking it (Cooking level required to cook the fish is needed) 1.4
69 Fruitfall scroll Fruit bat Creates fruit around the bat (notably Papaya) 1.4
70 Famine scroll Ravenous locust Destroys one piece of a player's food 1.5
71 Arctic blast scroll Arctic bear Magic attack that deals up to 150 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 1.1
72 Rise from the ashes scroll Phoenix Target Ashes on the floor to make the Phoenix appear from it and damage nearby targets. The lower its health, the more it hits 5
73 Volcanic strength scroll Obsidian golem Boosts Strength temporarily by 8 7.3
74 Rushing clawscroll Granite lobster Deals up to 140 damage. Drains opponent's Defence level by 5 3.7
75 Mantis strike scroll Praying mantis Deals Magic damage, binds and drains opponent's Prayer 3.8
76 Inferno scroll Forge regent Disarm an opponent's weapon (does not work if he/she is wearing Ice gloves) 1.5
76 Adamant bull rush scroll Adamant minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 7.6
77 Deadly claw scroll Talon beast Hits three times rapidly with Magic 11.7
78 Acorn missile scroll Giant ent Deal up to 170 damage on up to 3 opponents, and may drop Acorns 1.6
79 Titan's constitution scroll Fire titan
Ice titan
Moss titan
Boost life points by 80 and Defence by 12.5% 7.9
80 Regrowth scroll Hydra Use on a tree planted using Farming that has been cut down to instantly restore it 1.6
83 Spike shot scroll Spirit dagannoth Deals up to 180 Ranged damage, and stuns opponent 4.2
83 Ebon thunder scroll Lava titan Magic attack that drains player's special attack bar 8.3
85 Swamp plague scroll Swamp titan Deals Magic damage on multiple opponents with a chance of poisoning them 4.3
86 Rune bull rush scroll Rune minotaur Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage. Chance of stunning opponent 8.6
87 Ghastly request scroll Ghast Instantly restore 100 Prayer points ???
88 Healing aura scroll Unicorn stallion Heals player for 15% of maximum life points (affected by life point-boosting equipment) 1.8
89 Boil scroll Geyser titan Attack that deals more damage based on defensive bonuses 8.9
92 Magic focus scroll Wolpertinger Boosts Magic temporarily by 7. This is equivalent to a dose of Extreme magic potion 4.6
93 Essence shipment scroll Abyssal titan Deposits all Rune or Pure essence in the player's and titan's inventory to the bank 1.9
95 Iron within scroll Iron titan Strike 3 times the next time it attacks 4.8
96 Winter storage scroll Pack yak Send an item to the bank 4.8
99 Steel of legends scroll Steel titan Strike 4 times the next time it attacks 5
4.3 - The Familiars
Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player and his familiar

Familiar abilities
Beast of burden (slots)
Thorny snail (3)
Spirit kalphite (6)
Bull ant (9)
Spirit terrorbird (12)
Abyssal parasite (7)*
Abyssal lurker (7)*
War tortoise (18)
Abyssal titan (7)*
Pack yak (30)
Forager (item)
Spirit spider (Red spider's eggs)
Granite crab (fish)
Desert wyrm (ore)
Albino rat (Cheese)
Compost mound (Compost/seeds)
Beaver (logs/planks)
Void ravager (ore)
Macaw (herbs)
Evil turnip (Evil turnip slices)
Spirit cockatrice (Cockatrice eggs)
Magpie (jewellery)
Ibis (fish)
Stranger plant (Strange fruit)
Fruit bat (fruit/seeds)
Granite lobster (fish)
Giant ent (Oak logs)
Stat boosters Temporary
Dreadfowl (+1 Farming)
Compost mound (Farming - 1 + 2% of level)
Stranger plant (Farming - 1 + 4% of level)
Geyser titan (Ranged - 1 + 3% of level)
Granite crab (+1 Fishing)
Desert wyrm (+1 Mining)
Beaver (+2 Woodcutting)
Void ravager (+1 Mining)
Pyrelord (+3 Firemaking)
Ibis (+3 Fishing)
Spirit graahk (+5 Hunter)
Spirit larupia (+5 Hunter)
Spirit kyatt (+5 Hunter[/guide])
Arctic bear (+7 Hunter)
Obsidian golem (+7 Mining)
Granite lobster (+4 Fishing)
Lava titan (+10 Mining, Firemaking)
Wolpertinger (+5 Hunter)
Iron titan (+10% Stab, Slash, and Crush Defence)
Steel titan (+15% Stab, Slash, and Crush Defence)
Healer Void spinner, Bunyip
Remote view Macaw, Ravenous locust
Light enhancer Vampire bat, Fruit bat

Summon Level required Skill focus Other abilities
Spirit wolf 1 Attack
Dreadfowl 4 Magic Farming boost (+1)
Spirit spider 10 Controlled Forager - Red spiders' eggs
Thorny snail 13 Ranged Beast of burden (3)
Granite crab 16 Defence Forager - Produces fish while the summoner is fishing
Invisible Fishing boost (+1)
Spirit mosquito 17 Attack
Desert wyrm 18 Strength Forager - right-click to obtain ores
Invisible Mining boost (+1)
Burrow - mines up to Iron ore
Spirit scorpion 19 Controlled
Spirit Tz-Kih 22 Magic Despair - right-click to drain an opponent's Prayer while in combat
Albino rat 23 Attack Forager - stores Cheese after scroll use
Spirit kalphite 25 Defence Beast of burden (6)
Compost mound 28 Strength Forager - Compost and seeds
Farming boost (1 + 2% of your Farming level)
Use a bucket on your familiar to get compost, dealing 20 damage to your familiar
Giant Chinchompa 29 Ranged Explode - randomly explodes during combat, dealing damage to nearby targets
Vampire Bat 31 Controlled Can heal itself when it inflicts damage on an opponent
Light enhancer
Honey badger 32 Strength Ferocious - chance of attacking again without delay
Beaver 33 None Forager - logs and planks
Invisible Woodcutting boost (+2)
Counts as a knife for Fletching
Void ravager 34 Strength Forager - ore
Invisible Mining boost (+1)
Void spinner 34 Defence Healer - heals summoner 10 life points regularly
Void shifter 34 Attack Teleporter - teleports you to the Void Knights' Outpost when your life points fall below 10% of your total life points
Void torcher 34 Magic Strike - right-click to inflict ten extra damage with this attack
Bronze minotaur 36 Defence
Bull ant 40 Controlled Beast of burden (9)
Macaw 41 None Forager - herbs
Remote view
Improved chance of Grimy herb drops
Evil turnip 42 Ranged Forager - Evil turnip slices
Can heal itself when using Ranged attacks
Spirit cockatrice 43 Magic Forager - Cockatrice eggs
Drain - right-click to inflict damage on an opponent and drain a combat skill, dependent on Cockatrice variant
Iron minotaur 46 Defence
Pyrelord 46 Strength Invisible Firemaking boost (+3)
Counts as a Tinderbox while Firemaking with a 10 XP bonus
Magpie 47 None Forager - jewellery
Bloated leech 49 Attack
Spirit terrorbird 52 Controlled Beast of burden (12)
Abyssal parasite 54 Magic Beast of burden (7) - unnoted Rune/Pure essence
Prevents Prayer drain while in the Abyss
Spirit jelly 55 Strength
Steel minotaur 56 Defence
Ibis 56 None Forager - fishes while summoner is fishing
Counts as a Harpoon when fishing Tuna and Swordfish
Gives invisible Fishing boost (+3)
Spirit graahk 57 Strength Invisible Hunter boost (+5)
Teleports to Horned graahk area
Trample - if a Graahk has to move to get into combat, it strikes twice
Spirit kyatt 57 Attack Invisible Hunter boost (+5)
Teleports to Piscatoris hunting area
Pounce - when summoned directly into combat, the first attack hits upto three times the normal damage
Spirit larupia 57 Controlled Invisible hunter boost (+5)
Teleports to Feldip hunting area
Karamthulhu overlord 58 Ranged Drown - right-click to attack an opponent with a Water spell
Smoke devil 61 Magic Flames - right-click to attack an opponent with a Fire spell
Abyssal lurker 62 Controlled Beast of Burden (7) - unnoted Rune/Pure essence
Spirit cobra 63 Attack
Stranger plant 64 Controlled Forager - Strange fruit
Farming boost (1 + 4% of Farming level)
Mithril minotaur 66 Defence
Barker toad 66 Strength Cannon - right-click to load a Cannonball to fire
War tortoise 67 Defence Beast of burden (18)
Bunyip 68 Attack Healer - heals summoner 20 life points regularly
Turns raw fish into Water runes
Fruit bat 69 None Forager - fruit and seeds
Light enhancer
Fly - Gathers fruit when walking through Brimhaven and Musa Point
Ravenous locust 70 Attack Remote view
Can eat your opponent's food
Arctic bear 71 Controlled Invisible Hunter boost (+7)
Counts as 2 pieces of Arctic camoflouge
Teleports you to the Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter area
Phoenix 72 Magic Ash Blast - right-click to reduce an opponent's chance to hit by blinding them.
Obsidian Golem 73 Strength Invisible Mining boost (+7)
Granite lobster 74 Defence Forager - gathers Raw swordfish and Raw shark while summoner is fishing
Invisible Fishing boost (+4)
Praying mantis 75 Attack
Adamant minotaur 76 Defence
Forge regent 76 Ranged Fireball - right-click to hit up to 6 targets for up to 50 damage each
Counts as a Tinderbox when Firemaking with a 10 XP bonus
Talon beast 77 Strength
Giant ent 78 Controlled Forager - Oak logs
Nature Link - turns Pure essence into Nature or Earth runes
Increased yield when harvesting fruit trees, Belladonna, and cacti
Collects Whiteberries at random
Fire titan 79 Magic
Ice titan 79 Attack
Moss titan 79 Strength
Hydra 80 Ranged
Spirit dagannoth 83 Controlled Ferocious - chance of attacking right after the previous attack with no delay
Lava titan 83 Strength Chance of inflicting 50 extra damage with every attack
Invisible Firemaking boost (+10)
Invisble Mining boost (+10)
Teleports to the Lava maze
Swamp titan 85 Attack
Rune minotaur 86 Defence
Ghast 87 Prayer Prevents food from being rotted in Mort Myre
Makes Ghasts non-aggressive
Unicorn stallion 88 Controlled Cure - right-click to cure poison and disease
Geyser titan 89 Ranged Ranged boost (1 + 3% of your level)
Use Bowls to obtain Bowls of hot water
Recharges Amulet of glory
Recharges Ring of wealth
Wolpertinger 92 Magic Invisible Hunter boost (+5)
5% Defence boost against Magic attacks
Doubled yield and experience when harvesting berries
Abyssal titan 93 Attack Beast of burden (7) - unnoted Rune/Pure essence
Iron titan 95 Defence Invisible Defence boost (+10% to Stab, Slash, and Crush Defence)
Pack yak 96 Strength Beast of burden (30)
Steel titan 99 Ranged Invisible Defence boost (+15% to Stab, Slash, and Crush Defence)
5.0 - Equipment

Whilst chopping at trees when Woodcutting, players have a chance of a bird's nest falling on the ground nearby. Nests can alternatively be received from Kingdom managing, which is a slightly faster method. If you search any nest, you have a chance of receiving one of the eggs below, an item of jewellery, or seeds. These eggs can be incubated in a pet shop to make it hatch into a newborn pet. The Dragon egg is a rare drop from Dragons, with a low drop rate.

Note that penguin, cockatrice, vulture, chameleon, and dragon eggs can't be obtained from a bird's nest.

Picture Egg Type Level Required Hatched Summon
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Cockatrice Egg 43 Spirit Cockatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Penguin Egg 30 Penguin
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Raven Egg 50 Raven
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Red egg 70 Zamorak hawk
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Blue egg 70 Saradomin owl
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Green egg 70 Guthix raptor
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Vulture Egg 85 Vulture
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Chameleon Egg 90 Chameleon
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Dragon Egg 99 Dragon

Cockatrice Eggs

The following eggs are obtained by using the Spirit cobra's special ability known as Ophidian Incubation, which allows players to turn a regular egg from the table below, into a different cockatrice egg. These cockatrice eggs can then be used as the final ingredient to create pouches to summon the Cockatrice variations.

Picture Egg Type Egg required Hatched Summon
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Cockatrice egg Egg Spirit Cockatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Zamatrice egg Red egg Spirit Zamatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Saratrice egg Blue egg Spirit Saratrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Guthatrice egg Green egg Spirit Guthatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Pengatrice egg Penguin egg Spirit Pengatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Vulatrice egg Vulture egg Spirit Vulatrice
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Coraxatrice egg Raven egg Spirit Coraxatrice

Several pieces of headgear, some of which are useful for their defence, can be enchanted by Pikkupstix in Taverley to store combat-related special move scrolls. To get them enchanted, simply talk to Pikkupstix or select the 'Enchant' option that he has. He will let you choose the headgear to enchant, and after enchanting, it will gain an (e) suffix to its name. Using combat-related scrolls on the enchanted headgear will store them, and can be taken back out any time.

Level to store Name Scrolls
10 Antlers 40
20 Adamant full helm 50
20 Slayer helmet 50
20 Snakeskin bandana 50
30 Lizard skull 65
30 Splitbark helm 50
30 Rune full helm 60
35 Berserker helm 70
35 Warrior helm 70
35 Archer helm 70
35 Farseer helm 70
45 Helm of Neitiznot 90
50 Feather headdress 150
50 Dragon med helm 110
55 Lunar helm 110
60 Armadyl helmet 120
6.0 - Pets
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the pet follower interface

Aside from familiars, pets are also available for those who have refined Summoning skills. All pets do not serve any kind of purpose other than to show off your Summoning level. Like familiars, the pets interface can be accessed by right-clicking on the Summoning icon by the minimap and selecting 'Follower details'. The interface for pets differ slightly:

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player with a pet dragon
  • Call follower - brings the pet to you
  • Dismiss - brings up a confirmation message to confirm if you want to dismiss your pet. By clicking 'Yes', your pet will be ridden of. This can not be undone
  • Hunger meter - increases as the pet follows you longer. Your pet will run away when this reaches 100% and will not return
  • Growth meter - also increases as the pet follows you longer. When this reaches 100%, your pet will grow into its adult version (or next stage of growth)
Level Name Obtained Food
1 Baby troll Given for free by Corporal Keymans during the Burthorpe tutorial N/A
1 Bulldog Bought from a pet shop in Taverley or Yanille for 500gp each Raw meat
1 Dalmatian Raw meat
1 Greyhound Raw meat
1 Labrador Raw meat
1 Sheepdog Raw meat
1 Terrier Raw meat
4 Milk tooth creature Obtained after completing Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift. Bucket of milk / Bucket of chocolatey milk
4 Rune guardian Obtained after completing Rune Mechanics quest. None
4 Creeping hand Converted from a Crawling hand for 5 Zeal (obtained from the Soul Wars minigame) Leather gloves
4 Minitrice Converted from a Cockatrice head for 25 Zeal Limpwurt root
4 Baby basilisk Converted from a Basilisk head for 40 Zeal Eye of newt
4 Baby kurask Converted from a Kurask head for 70 Zeal Bones
4 Abyssal minion Converted from an Abyssal head for 85 Zeal Ashes
10 Gecko Caught using the Hunter skill Flies (also Beetle bits as adult)
10 Platypus Caught using the Hunter skill (after completing As a First Resort...) Raw fish / Ground fishing bait
(Fishing bait as adult)
23 Broav Caught using the Hunter skill (after completing While Guthix Sleeps) Mort myre fungus
30 Penguin Talk to the Penguin keeper in Ardougne zoo for a Penguin egg Raw fish
40 Giant crab Talk to Nung Raw fish
50 Raven Obtain a Raven egg from a Bird's nest while cutting trees Ground fishing bait (Fishing bait as bird and adult)
60 Squirrel Caught using the Hunter skill Nuts
70 Saradomin owl Obtain a blue Bird's egg from a Bird's nest while Woodcutting or from the kingdom of Miscellania Ground fishing bait (Fishing bait as bird and adult)
70 Guthix raptor Obtain a green Bird's egg from a Bird's nest while Woodcutting or from the kingdom of Miscellania Ground fishing bait (Fishing bait as bird and adult)
70 Zamorak hawk Obtain a red Bird's egg from a Bird's nest while Woodcutting or from the kingdom of Miscellania Ground fishing bait (Fishing bait as bird and adult)
71 Ex-ex parrot Talk to 50 Ships Musafah and use it on the stone by the Cave horror dungeon in Mos Le'Harmless Rock fragment
72 Phoenix eggling Randomly encountered after completing the Phoenix Lair Distraction and Diversion Ashes
72 Mean phoenix eggling Randomly encountered after completing the Phoenix Lair Distraction and Diversion Ashes
80 Raccoon Caught using the Hunter skill Raw meat/Raw fish
85 Sneakerpeeper spawn Buy from the Rewards trader in Daemonheim for 85,000 Dungeoneering tokens Eye of newt
85 Vulture Obtain a Vulture egg as a drop from a Vulture Ground fishing bait (Fishing bait as adult)
90 Chameleon Take a Chameleon egg from Cairn Isle Flies
95 Monkey Caught using the Hunter skill Banana
99 Baby dragon Obtain a Dragon egg as a rare drop from a chromatic dragon (green, blue, red, or black) Raw meat
99 TzRek-Jad Exchange at Soul Wars for a Fire cape and 100 Zeal. 99 Slayer is also required N/A
7.0 - Training Methods
7.1 - Gathering Charms

Charms are one of the most important elements of training Summoning, and they are also the aspect that sets Summoning apart from most skills. To achieve 99 Summoning, an immense amount of charms are required. Some of the preferred methods for gathering charms include Slayer, Rock lobsters, and Waterfiends. Below is a table showing each charm and the best monsters to obtain them from.

Picture Charm Monsters Notes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Gold Charm Image Gold Fire giant; Dagannoth; Hellhound; Giant rock crab Gold charms do not give a lot of experience, but they use a very small amount of shards. This makes them cheap, but slow experience
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Green Bloodveld; Turoth; Iron dragon; Steel dragon; Basilisk Green charms are not the best charms for training. They have a high cost, for a relatively low amount of experience. However, they tend to be used for many useful familiars.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Crimson Waterfiend; Rock lobster; Black demon; Dust devil; Abyssal demon; Nechryael As all of those monsters except for Rock lobster are commonly assigned Slayer assignments, Slayer is an excellent way to accumulate many of these charms. They give a lot of experience and are more commonly dropped by higher-level monsters
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Blue Kalphite; Gargoyle; Dark beast; Tormented demon; Glacor Blue charms give the most experience per charm; however, they are rarely dropped.

For a more detailed and in-depth analysis of charm drop rates, visit our Charm Drop Rates database.
Special Charms

Other charms can be obtained through specific methods. They are actually used as tertiary ingredients and, unlike the ordinary charms, are not stackable. The following charms are used alongside the regular charms to create several special familiars.

Picture Charm Obtained From
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Abyssal charm Killing Abyssal leeches, Abyssal guardians, and Abyssal walkers
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Obsidian charm Killing TzHaar monsters
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Ravager charm Exchange 2 Pest Control points for a charm
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Spinner charm Exchange 2 Pest Control points for a charm
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Shifter charm Exchange 2 Pest Control points for a charm
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Torcher charm Exchange 2 Pest Control points for a charm
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Talon beast charm Killing Nail beasts during the Temple Trekking mini-game

7.2 - Pouches experience calculator

The first step to training Summoning effectively is to gather large amounts of charms. Through activities like training combat, particularly Slayer, you will build up a collection of coloured charms ready to process into pouches and experience. This calculator will help you total up the amount of experience you can get from using them all. To use this calculator, type in the number of each coloured charm that you have, then select the familiar whose pouch you will make. The calculations made will be shown, and the total experience will be calculated for you.

Charms Familiar Shards Experience
Gold charms:
Green charms:
Crimson charms:
Blue charms:
7.3 - Training Strategies
Level 1-18

After completing Wolf Whistle, Pikkupstix will generously give you 275 gold charms to give you a head start with your Summoning training. It's important to make the most out of these as experience is much slower in the lower levels. Because the vast majority of the experience will come from making pouches, the main obelisk you will be using at this point is the one located in Pikkupstix's basement.

Currently, the only pouch available for you to make is the Spirit wolf pouch. These use Wolf bones as tertiary ingredients, so collect (or buy) them and start making 58 of these pouches until you reach level 4, where you can make 95 Dreadfowl pouches to level 10.

Carry on making those until you are able to make Spirit spider pouches which require Spider carcasses. You will need to make 126 of them to get level 16, then afterwards make 36 Granite crab pouches which need Iron ore for the ingredient. Note that you will need more than the 275 gold charms given to you after the quest to start you off; you will need to gather more charms by, for example, hunting monsters to reach even higher levels.

Level 18-32

At level 18, you will be able to make your first green charm familiar, the Desert wyrm. You can save the charms for later when you can make better familiars, or you can begin making Desert wyrm pouches until level 28, when you can make Compost mounds. As with before, use your gold charms to make Granite crabs, or if you are willing to spend a lot of money for the Proboscis tertiary ingredients, Spirit mosquitos.

Even though you can make Spirit scorpions with your crimson charms or Albino rats with blue charms afterwards, it is suggested you save them for later as you will gain more experience from them then. For now, focus on using up your gold and green charms.

Level 32-57

Now the crimson charms are worth using up. Level 32 grants you access to Honey badgers which give decent experience, and also because their tertiary ingredient, Honeycombs, are easy to hoard. They are obtained from the beehives west of Catherby and can be taken and banked in Catherby bank. Continue your training by making Honey badger pouches.

Another familiar with a cheap tertiary ingredient comes at level 33, this being the Beaver, and needs Willow logs to make. These are extremely cheap when purchased from other players, so players should immediately create these pouches once they get the level. From this point onwards, they are great for players who wish to save money because of their comparatively cheap cost.

At level 41, you can summon Macaws. They have a special move which let you generate a valuable herb per minute and are good if you want to earn back some money lost from training. Later at level 47, begin training with Magpie pouches and summon some while training. They are foragers of jewellery and uncut gems which let you generate profits without any effort at all.

Move on to making Pyrelord pouches once you reach level 46. Their tertiary ingredients are Tinderboxes which are even easier to get. You will not be making them for long as at level 49, you will be making Bloated leech pouches, using Raw beef as the ingredient.

Once you reach level 52, begin making Spirit terrorbird pouches with your gold charms, the ingredients being Raw bird meat. Hold on to some pouches for yourself; they are one of the most useful familiars. They are beasts of burden with 12 slots in their inventory, so they are able to carry 12 items for you. Their special move restores energy depending on your Agility level. This proves to be useful while training Summoning given the amount that you will be running to and from an obelisk.

If you have any blue charms stocked up, it is wise to save them for later as, again, the experience gained per charm is a lot higher at higher levels.

Level 57-92

This is where training is sped up dramatically, because you now have access to Spirit kyatts. Their right-click ability, teleport, takes you next to the Summoning obelisk in the Piscatoris Hunter area (west of Tree Gnome Stronghold). It can be found under a trapdoor just west of the mining spot. Combined with fast teleports to a bank, this is the fastest method of making pouches accessible.

The procedure is to firstly summon a Spirit kyatt and take your stack of Pouches, charms, shards, and tertiary ingredients from a bank. The best item to equip in order to teleport back to a bank is a Ring of duelling, because they provide a fast teleport to Castle Wars bank and have as many as 8 teleport charges before disappearing. An alternative is a Ring of kinship, which provides a slower teleport to Daemonheim where there is a bank nearby but is free and has limitless teleports.

Now would be a good time to begin using blue charms. You have two recommended choices of pouches to make from them, either Spirit kyatt pouches to fund your Summoning training if you are using the Kyatt method, or Spirit graahk pouches which are just as popular for players training Runecrafting, and are sought after as a result. Larupias are a waste to create as they have only one useful function: to teleport you to the Feldip Hunter area. Of course, you may choose to make other more higher-level pouches as you ascend through the levels in order to squeeze out as much experience out of your blue charms.

Regarding the journey to higher Summoning levels, it is only a matter of switching out the pouches you make with your charms for more efficient and cost-effective experience. You should be making the following (familiar names, their required charms, levels, and tertiaries are listed):

Level 93-99

From level 93 onwards, all new familiars will only require crimson charms. This means you can make every single familiar that require the other colour charms, gold, green, and blue. With gold charms, you can make Arctic bears, War tortoises, or the cheapest option that gives the least experience which is Barker toads. Abyssal titans can be made with green charms, but their tertiary ingredient, the Abyssal charm, takes longer to obtain, so you may wish to create Unicorn stallions instead. Finally, you can create Geyser or Lava titans with blue charms which require many spirit shards.

While Wolpertingers would be the best option in terms of experience, they have a problem in that they actually require two tertiary ingredients. If using the Spirit kyatt method for training, one trip will allow you to make only 12 Wolpertinger pouches as opposed to the normal 25 with most of the other pouches.

When you get to 95, things should get a lot easier, but also a lot more expensive. This is because you will then be able to make Iron titan pouches. These pouches require crimson charms, 198 shards, and an Iron platebody as the tertiary ingredient. These Iron platebodies are easily purchased from the Grand Exchange, or you could smith them yourself if you are looking for a cheaper expenditure.

Attaining level 96 allows you to create the infamous Pack yak pouch. These pouches are a excellent way to train your Summoning until level 99, if you are not that rich and are not afraid of some tedious killing. By gathering the Yak hides first-hand, you will have to go kill the Yaks yourself. Alternatively, you could find a world with players killing yaks and pick up the hides that they don't bother picking up. If you are going with Yaks, you will have to create 7931 Pack yak pouches, from 96 to 99. As you can see, that is a lot of Yaks to kill.

This means that the most logical, but also more expensive, way to get to 99 is to keep on making both Iron titan pouches and Pack yaks. You could, for example, create 500 Iron Titans, then kill 500 yaks and use their hides to make 500 Pack yaks. If you are a wealthy player and you are not afraid of spending some money on your Summoning Cape, you can stick to making Iron titans.

7.4 - Training routes

The following section will outline some of the fastest, or best possible routes that a player may take to maximize their training potential. Keep in mind that some of the requirements below aren't suited for everyone. Some of the routes require the completion of fairly high level quests, while others may take quite a lot of effort on the Player's side. Either way, the following routes should aid you in your training.

Hot Air Balloons
  1. Completed Enlightened Journey Quest
  2. Ring of duelling (Optional)
  3. Unlocked the Castle Wars hot air balloon route
  4. Logs
  5. Willow logs or Ring of duelling
  6. Recommended: Ring of duelling

This route requires that you complete Enlightened Journey quest, which unlocks Hot Air Balloons. Upon completion of the quest, you are able to travel between Taverley and Entrana. You can then unlock other locations by completing a puzzle. Make sure you have the Castle Wars location unlocked.

The strategy, as you might have guessed already, involves using the Hot air balloons to travel between Castle Wars and Taverley. Both balloon locations are very close to your main destinations: the Bank in Castle Wars, and the obelisk in Taverley. Withdraw your charms, pouches, shards, final ingredients and some logs from the Castle Wars bank. Run to the hot air balloon and hitch a ride to Taverley. Once you have made the pouches you have a choice of two routes back. You can take the balloon back to Castle Wars, which will require some Willow logs, and use more energy. Alternatively, you can use a Ring of duelling to teleport back to Castle Wars, this will save time, energy and reduce your weight limit.

This route is one of the fastest, however the hot air balloons have a weight limit of 40kg. If you are carrying heavy tertiary ingredients (for example Iron ore for Granite crabs) you will not be able to use this route effectively unless you are wearing an Agile top and Agile legs. Despite this, if you find yourself training by making pouches and you aren't over 40kg (e.g. Dreadfowls) then this is a fast route.

Piscatoris Fishing Colony
  1. Completed Swan Song

The strategy involved with this route is quite simple. Upon completion of Swan Song, you have access to the bank in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. The time spent in walking is fairly minimal. Start at the bank, and walk south, out of the main doors. Just west of the tunnel entrance is a ladder; climb down the ladder to get to the obelisk. Once there, infuse the pouches, and make your way to the Bank again. If you don't have any iron ores, this is also a good route to mine iron ores on the way to the obelisk.

Spirit Kyatt
  1. 57 Summoning
  2. Spirit kyatt
  3. Ring of duelling or Tokkul-Zo

For this method, you will start in the Castle Wars lobby. Withdraw your pouches, charms, shards and secondary ingredients from the bank. Interact with your Spirit kyatt and click the teleport option. This will get you very close to the Piscatoris obelisk (Picture). Go down the ladder and infuse your pouches. Use your Ring of duelling in order to get back to the Castle Wars lobby to repeat the process.

A much better alternative to the Ring of duelling for those who have completed Elder Kiln, The is to use the 'Teleport' option of the Tokkul-Zo ring, with infinite teleports to the Fight Kiln. Choosing this teleport sends you straight next to a banker.

Player Owned Houses
  1. A Player Owned House in either Brimhaven or Taverley
  2. Kharyll/Canifis portal
  3. Amulet of glory trophy
  4. Teleport to house tablets
  5. Recommended: Butler or Demon butler

This method is relatively slow, as the obelisk is quite a walk from the POH portal. Nevertheless, it is a fairly fast method of training. You will need plenty of House teleport tabs, which you can either buy or make yourself. The steps involve banking in either Canifis or Edgeville. Banking in Canifis requires a Canifis/Kharyll Portal, while banking in Edgeville requires an Amulet of Glory trophy. Whichever bank you use, you will be using the obelisk in Brimhaven. Gather your supplies, then use your House teleport tab to go to Brimhaven. Once there, head North west of the House portal till you arrive at the obelisk. Make your pouches, then use your House teleport again. Once inside your POH, take the Canifis portal to go to Canifis, or Amulet of Glory trophy to go to Edgeville.

An alternative to banking in Canifis, you may carry the final ingredients in noted form. The rest of the items are stackable, so you can carry as much as you want. Once you teleport to your POH, use the noted items on your Butler. He will automatically ask if you want the items unnoted. Say yes, and less than a minute later, he should be back with the items unnoted. The benefit of using your butler is that you spend less time banking; the downside is that you spend more money paying your servant. Regardless, if you use your butler, particularly a Demon butler, you spend way less time banking, thus speeding up this particular training route.


Having a house portal in Taverley works slightly differently. For this method, you will not need Teleport tabs, although you may use them for the sake of using it. Using a teletab is recommended if you want the fastest possible training route. The steps involved are as follows:

Start at the house portal in Taverley, then walk to the obelisk. Once there, make the pouches, and either walk back to your POH, or use a House Teleport tab. When you're inside, you may wish to use your Amulet of glory trophy, or Canifis portal. Or, like the above route, you may use your Butler. Using your butler would be a good idea, as you spend less time banking. If you do bank in Canifis or Edgeville, you will need House Teleport tabs, in order to get back to Taverley.

Shilo Village Carts
  1. Completed Shilo Village quest
  2. 10gp each trip
  3. Recommended: Karamja gloves (3)

For this method you will need to start in Shilo Village bank. Withdraw all the equipment you need and have plenty of money out (multiply how many trips you plan on doing by 10gp, or 20gp). Simply run to Vigroy the cart pusher, and pay him 10gp to take you to Brimhaven. From here you will be very close to the obelisk, when you have infused your pouches you can either get the cart back to Shilo Village or use your Karamja gloves to teleport nearer to Shilo Village. This route is much quicker than Hot air balloons as you have no weight limit, it is also much cheaper than the house teleport routes as you do not need teletabs.

8.0 - Tips and Tricks

Summoning is one of the most diverse skills in the game. It is a combat skill, yet it also provides aids in other skills and situations. When wandering around busy areas, it is not uncommon to see players with the same familiars in the same areas because of their special abilities that they possess, of which you might not have known about. From special moves to passive skill boosts, there are many nifty features that could be made use of. The tips below are listed in order of Summoning level to access, starting with the lowest first.

Shard refund

Do not worry if you buy too many Spirit shards, either by buying the wrong amount or buying more than you expected to use. Simply go to one of two pet shops and sell the shards to the owners and they will buy any amount at full price. The two pet shops are located in Taverley and Yanille.

Egg spawning

Involves a Spirit spider familiar and Egg spawn scrolls. Their special move, Egg spawn, generates multiple Red spiders eggs on the spaces around them. On average, 3 are made for every scroll used. Profits can easily be made as the eggs are used as Herblore secondary ingredients, and the scrolls are inexpensive.

Warning: this will not work while inside a bank!

Compost gathering

The special move of a Compost mound familiar is to fill a compost bin with 15 loads of Compost, with a small chance of putting Supercompost instead. The cost of either the pouches or scrolls is usually very low; however, the compost is quite valuable to farmers training Farming. The best location for this method is the allotment patches in Catherby. Choose to cast the special move with the Compost mound summoned on an empty compost bin, then bank the filled buckets by going south to the bank. With enough Buckets, this is not only a good way of making fast money, but is great for training Farming at very low levels.


Some skills involve standing next to a bank and withdrawing materials in order to process them, for example making unstrung bows with Fletching or making potions with Herblore. You will not be using another familiar while performing these activities. A Magpie is a forager of jewellery and gems which are valuable, and it will automatically hoard them over time as long as they are summoned. These effectively earn you free money and are recommended if you won't be using another familiar for a long time.

Bunyip fishing

A lesser known ability of the Bunyip is its ability to turn raw fish into several Water runes (around 2-3). This can easily be combined with Fishing training, and may be used in some Slayer. The best way of using this ability is fly fishing for Raw trout and Raw salmon since they are easiest to catch and provide decent experience.

Be warned that using any kind of fish provides the same amount of runes, so be careful about what you choose to feed into the Bunyip.

Fireball Assault monster luring

The Spirit Tz-Kih's special move is to launch a fireball missile at a target, which will also damage other monsters around it if in a multi-combat area. This lets players make a large number of monsters turn towards them with ease and is a good alternative for conventional luring methods. An especially good use of this is while training in the Mummy room in the Chaos Tunnels.

9.0 - F.A.Q
Q: Does Summoning affect your combat level in the Wilderness?

A: Unlike the former PvP worlds, Summoning does not in fact affect your combat level in the Wilderness. Combat levels now no longer increase if the player brings a summoned familiar or pouch.

Q. Can I go anywhere I want in RuneScape with my summoned familiar?

A: No, there are certain areas that do not allow you summon or enter if you have a combat familiar out. These include areas such as: The Grand Exchange, The Barrows, and the Mage Training Arena.

Unlike the familiars, your pets can be taken anywhere except the following locations: Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, Fight Pits, Fight Caves, Fishing Trawler, Agility Arena, Pest Control, in a duel in the Duel Arena, Vinesweeper, Temple Trekking or Soul Wars.

Q. Is there anywhere that I can't take my summoning pets?

A: Yes, you are not allowed to take familiars on Hot air Balloons, Canoes or Magic Carpets, Ancient Cavern, Ape Atoll Agility arena, and you cannot enter building mode in your house.

Q. Is there a potion for Summoning?

A: Yes, there is a Summoning potion that restores both Summoning points and the special move bar. It requires a Herblore level of 40 to make. The required ingredients are Spirit weed, and Cockatrice eggs, including any of the six other variations. When drunk, it restores between 7 to 31 Summoning points, depending on your Summoning level.

Q. How do I swap pouches and scrolls for shard refunds?

A: You can talk to Bogrog at the Summoning Obelisk south of Yanille (in Gu'tanoth) to swap your pouches and scrolls. Right-click Bogrog, select Swap, and then right-click the pouches or scrolls in your inventory and select the number you want to swap. Note that in order to swap a pouch or scroll for shards, you must be at least a few summoning levels above the level required to make that pouch. You will get a refund of 70% of the shards needed to make either that pouch or scroll. Pouches and scrolls over level 11 requires 10 levels, over level 21 requires 8 levels higher, over level 31 requires 7 levels higher until a pouch over 81 requires only 2 levels higher and a pouch over level 91 requires 1 level higher.

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