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1.0 - Introduction

Dragons have been around since the days of RuneScape classic, starting with Elvarg. Since the release of RuneScape 2, many Dragons were introduced. These include coloured dragons (Green, Blue, Red and Black), the offspring of these coloured dragons (known as Baby dragons), Metal dragons (Bronze to Mithril) and lastly Brutal dragons (the only one being Green, to date).

Metal dragons (Bronze to Steel) were introduced along with Slayer; they are ferocious and often assigned as Slayer tasks. Despite the fact that they do not offer decent Slayer experience, they offer quite a number of valuable rewards for those hardened adventurers willing to take them on in the Brimhaven Dungeon. On top of that, all metal dragons drop the corresponding bar of which they are made of. The coloured dragons (excluding the babies) drop the corresponding coloured dragonhides, used frequently in the art of Crafting. Brutal Green dragons (being the lone brutal species) were released along with Mithril dragons; these can be found lurking in the darkness of the Ancient Cavern. All of the above dragons drop Dragon bones, ideal for Prayer experience; the baby dragons drop baby dragon bones, suitable for Players who cannot afford regular Dragon bones.

Aside from conventional dragons there is also the King Black Dragon, or KBD for short. The King Black Dragon was the original "boss-monster" of RuneScape and remains today a popular target for groups of players due to his valuable and rare drops.

2.0 - Basics of Dragon Slaying

Before you begin fighting dragons around RuneScape you will need to know basic methods to protect yourself from all dragons' dangerous fire breath. Firstly, you must always be wielding an Anti-Dragonfire shield (unless you are ranging or maging the dragons, but even then it's highly recommended to use one). Anti-Dragonfire shields can be obtained from Duke Horacio in Lumbridge.

The Anti-Dragonfire shield is not fully impervious to the dragons' breath. To fully protect yourself, you can take some Anti-Fire Potions, or use a Dragonfire shield (75 Defence required).


Dragonhides can be obtained by killing dragons, and can be crafted into dragonhide armour. Dragonhide armour offers excellent protection for rangers and all dragonhides have a great Magic resistance, although with limited melee protection bonuses.

Picture Dragonhide Type Obtained From
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Green Dragonhide Green Dragonhide Green Dragon, Brutal Green Dragon
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Blue Dragonhide Blue Dragonhide Blue Dragon
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Red Dragonhide Red Dragonhide Red Dragon
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of a Black Dragonhide Black Dragonhide Black Dragon, King Black Dragon

After you have managed to get the dragonhides, you must see a tanner. Tanners can be found in Al Kharid, the Crafting Guild, the Rangers' Guild, and Canifis. You should also bring along some money, a needle and thread, which can be bought from the crafting stores in Al Kharid and Rimmington (close to the Crafting Guild).

Further miscellaneous information:
  • Anti-Dragonfire shields are used to lessen the damage dealt by Dragons' fire breath attacks.
  • Anti-Fire Potions stop the Dragon's Fire Attack from doing any damage for a limited amount of time.
  • Dragon bones give 72 Prayer experience.
  • Unlike fully grown dragons Baby Blue, Red, and Black dragons all drop Baby dragon bones that offer 30 Prayer experience. Baby dragons do not drop dragonhides either.
  • For more information on Prayer Experience check out the Prayer Guide.
3.0 - Combat Styles

For Dragons 'Slash' and 'stab' attacks are the most effective melee combat style to use against them. Since the Dragon longsword is capable of both styles it is ideal for dragon slaying. For your own convenience this guide will list the most-used weapons, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

3.1 - Melee
Zybez RuneScape Help's Special Attack
Dragon Battle Axe

Definitely not a good choice to use against Dragons. If you are using an battle axe, the best fighting style would be 'crush' although it isn't very effective against dragons. It does have a high Slash stat, but even then it is too slow to really be of any use against dragons. Weapons like the battle axe are more suited against armoured foes. It is quite accurate however and the dragon battle axe does pack a nasty punch, especially against metal dragons.

Special attack: The Battle axe's special attack will temporary boost your strength, but lower your attack, defence, ranged and Magic levels. If you use this special attack and are of a lower level it may be helpful to have a stat restore potion with you to compensate the loss in attack and defence. The special attack takes up 100% of your Special attack bar meaning it takes some time to recharge, using a strength potion might be better.

Dragon Longsword

With its high Stab and Slash stats the dragon longsword is very accurate and especially powerful against dragons. The damage of the sword is lower than that of a Dragon battle axe, but its speed surpasses the battle axe by a long shot. Players must have completed Lost City quest to use this weapon.

Special attack: This special attack is actually very useful. When used your character will strike the enemy with increased power and accuracy. This attack can be used 4 times until your special attack bar is completely drained, so if you're lucky and don't miss too often, using it you can deal a lot of damage in a short period.

Dragon Dagger

Probably the most important thing about the Dragon dagger is the fact that it can be poisoned. Not only does the weapon have a fast speed in combat but it offers moderate slash and stab bonuses as well, so when poisoned it can deal a lot of damage quickly to dragons. Players must have completed Lost City quest to use this weapon.

Do keep in mind that you will not receive any experience from the damage your opponent takes from the poisoning.

Despite the dagger's positives, the best strategy with this weapon is to wield it briefly to strike and poison your opponent (using the special usually), then switch back to another weapon. This means that you can deal superior damage with another weapon, but still accelerate the dragon's death by poisoning it quickly with the dagger. Remember though that to poison an opponent you must deal at least 10 damage to their life points.

Special Attack: As with the dragon long sword's special attack, the dragon dagger special hits with increased power and accuracy. As well as this the special hits twice in the same turn of combat, and possibly three times if poison is effective on the opponent. As with the sword though, there is no guarantee that you will always hit.

Dragon Mace

Perhaps the most helpful virtue of the Dragon mace is the Prayer bonus you receive. Using this weapon means you can conserve Prayer points a while longer, just as with Monk Robes and Holy Symbols. To equip the mace players must have completed Heroes Quest. Its speed is comparable to that of a Longsword, but the damage you can deal with this weapon lies lower. It can be used against dragons but just as with the dragon battle axe it has a high crush stat and little stab and slash bonuses to offer. It is recommended to use the mace against armoured foes instead, however the crush bonus is helpful against metal dragons none the less.

Special attack: The dragon mace special attack causes you to hit with much more strength than usual, although accuracy is only marginally improved. You can hit extremely high numbers with this special attack if used correctly! That means using a super strength potion, ultimate strength Prayer and any other ways you might find to temporary raise your strength along with the attack can hit high indeed. Even when you don't have a high strength level and don't use a Super Strength potion it is still a very useful move, like the dragon dagger it is most effective when used as a special attack move between using a more suitable weapon.

Dragon Scimitar

The Dragon Scimitar is another great weapon for slaying dragons that ranks up with the Dragon Longsword. It has increased accuracy, which helps you deal more consistent damage, though unfortunately you need to have completed the Monkey Madness quest to be able to wield it. As you may be able to pick from its shape the Dragon Scimitar is best suited to Slash attacks.

Special attack: Unlike the Dragon longsword the Dragon scimitar's special increases only the accuracy of your attack, rather than the power. It also uses 55% of your special power meaning you need to wait after only using it once. All-in-all, the Dragon Scimitar's special attack against dragons is (excuse the pun) nothing special.

Abyssal Whip

The Abbysal is one of the most powerful weapons in Runescape and certainly the fastest. As well as packing a mighty punch, it also strikes faster than a longsword, dagger or scimitar. Because of this, the weapon is widely used and can speed up the process of Dragon slaying. Downsides to this weapon are that it is fairly expensive for most players. It also has a weak special attack and does not train Strength well (as it is 'controlled'), but if you are training for money purposes, an Abyssal whip is the ideal weapon.

Special Attack: The abyssal whip's special attack steals opponents energy, striking once in a twirl of red. This is not needed for Dragon slaying, and your valuable attack bar could be used for a double dragon dagger strike, or hit from a dragon mace instead. The attack uses half of the bar per use as well.

3.2 - Ranged

Ranged is a very useful against dragons. The main reason being that you are firing from a distance away from the Dragon where it cannot attack you, and therefore you don't lose any life points, which saves time and money collecting food as well. Ranged attacks are most useful against Blue and Red Dragons because there are more safespots in their respawn areas. Ranged attacks against Green Dragons are also effective, however Green Dragons are only found in the Wilderness and underneath it within the chaos tunnels, and therefore taking arrows can be risky. The Crystal Bow is very effective against killing all types of Dragons, but can be quite costly. Gathering arrows in Blue dragon areas is still fairly dangerous as their firebreath in particular can be fatal without the correct protection.

The Magic shortbow is the recommended bow. It is fairly cheap, but has a very high Ranged Bonus and fires quickly. It's best used in conjunction with Steel+ arrows when fighting Dragons. The shortbow is faster than the longbow as well.

Ranged is not recommended against Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Mithril Dragons as they use a Ranged fireball attack unless using a crossbow with an anti-dragonfire or dragonfire shield.

Special Attack: Similar to the dragon dagger special attack in effect, the shortbow fires two arrows in rapid succession meaning damage can be dealt quickly.

3.3 - Magic

Magic is very effective against Dragons due to their low Magic defence. The recommended spells are: Fire Bolt, Fire Blast and Slayer Dart. Magic is also effective for the same reasons as Ranged; you don't take any damage if you are in a safespot.

However, do not use Magic against a King Black Dragon. It is completely useless, and will just waste your money. Also Magic is less effective versus Brutal green and Mithril Dragons.

4.0 - Preparing For Combat

As would be expected, for a new player it takes some courage to attack a dragon for the first time. An unprepared player is no match for a dragon so you should stock up on food, armour and other helpful items (depending on your combat style) before going heading to a dragon's location.

4.1 - Food

Food is without a doubt the one thing that will give you the true advantage over a dragon. The ability to heal yourself by eating food at a fast rate will often be what keeps you alive. Of course not all food is suitable, apple pies may be delicious but there are higher healing foods out there that are more useful.

  • Lobsters: Probably the most used food, they can be fished in Karamja, Catherby or the Fishing Guild notably. Lobsters heal 120hp and therefore may not last that long, but they are fast and easy to fish in return.
  • Karambwan: These can be fished or bought from Lubufu upon the completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. They heal 180hp when cooked and are a good alternative for swordfish.
  • Monkfish: These can be fished after the completion of the Swan Song quest at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. They heal 160HP each and are fairly easy to fish.
  • Swordfish: The best food available on F2P and ideal for players attempting to defeat Elvarg. However they are quite slow to fish and you burn them a lot unless you have a high Cooking level. Swordfish heal 140hp.
  • Sharks: Sharks are hard to catch, and require a high Fishing level of 76, and level 80 Cooking to cook. In return though they are able to heal 200HP each. These huge fish are often used when fighting the stronger dragons, such as the Black Dragons, Metal dragons, and the King Black Dragon.
  • Anchovie/Pineapple Pizzas: These take a long time to prepare, and they must be eaten in two pieces, thus you will have to skip two combat rounds rather than one. These are not recommended unless you are using safespots and need something to use sparingly to recover minor damage.
  • Ughtanki kebabs: They require some time to prepare, but it's worth it as they heal 190Hp each. You have to kill Ughtanki Camels in the desert south of Al Kharid, cook their meat, and get the other various ingredients to ultimately get a kebab.
  • Tuna & Sweetcorn potatoes: These heal 220Hp each, but take a very long time to prepare.

For more information see our Cooking and Fishing guides.
4.2 - Equipment

Anti-Dragonfire Shield
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Anti-Dragonfire shield

As said, the Anti-Dragonfire shield is nearly always required against dragons. The shield is received during Dragon Slayer quest, in which you will receive it from the Duke of Lumbridge. Don't worry - even if you have lost it, you can get an unlimited amount of shields back from the Duke! A good trick to stock up on them is to drop the shield, and talk to him again, to get another shield. Repeat the process till you get the desired amount you require.

Dragonfire Shield
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Dragonfire shield

Level 75 Defence is required to equip the shield. Combining the Anti-Dragonfire Shield and a draconic visage will result the dragonfire shield. It can hold up to 50 charges of dragonfire and every charge adds +1 to stab, slash, crush and Ranged defence. The shield has its own special attack, which releases dragonfire but has to cool down afterwards. Combining the anti-dragon shield and a draconic visage requires 90 Smithing and will give you 2000 Smithing experience. You need a hammer and an anvil to add them together.

You can also pay Oziach 1,250,000GP to attach them. To charge the shield, you must be attacked by 50 dragon fire's from a dragon or skeletal wyvern. Any dragon that breathes fire or ice is able to charge your shield. Only one charged dragonfire shield can be in your bank, whether they have the same or different charges.

Anti fire-breath Potion
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Anti fire-breath potion

These potions are commonly used when fighting Bronze, Iron, Steel and Mithril Dragons. You will have to make these potions in order to prevent the Dragon's breath from hurting you. If you have Protect from Melee enabled, are wielding an Anti-Dragonfire shield and have drunk a dose of this potion, you can kill the dragon without any problems, and even without losing a single life point yourself. The anti fire-breath potions do protect against the King black dragon.

First of all, they are available to paying members only. This means that Free players can't get hold of them in any way, thus they will have accept the additional damage they may receive from a dragon's breath. To create a anti-fire potion you must obtain Lantadyme, put the herb in a water-filled potion, and then use a ground Blue Dragon Scale with the mixture (69 Herblore required). These can be acquired from the Blue Dragons' nest, located in the Members' Dungeon nearby Taverley. For more information on how to make this potion, visit the Zybez Herblore Guide.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Anti fire mix Players who have completed Barbarian Training can also take 2-dose anti fire-breath potions and add them to caviare provided they have level-75 Herblore. The Antifire mix potion created can protect players for more or less time than normal potion but also each dose also heals 30-60 life points. Players may decide to use these instead to save inventory space.


This isn't necessarily required to kill the Dragons but it is very helpful. Prayer is useful for extending how long players can stay at spawn locations of dragons, and speeding up the rate of kills. However your Prayer will drain soon if you keep using Protect from Melee. The expensive solution to loss in Prayer points are prayer restore potion. These potions can be made by mixing Ranarr weed with some Snape Grass (38 herblore required) in a water filled vial. You should have about 50 Prayer Potions before you start a full dragon killing spree.

Armour & Weapons

Armour is perhaps the most flexible requirement against dragons. Players must all of course bring what they can afford, and more so what they are not afraid to lose in some situations. Adamant and Rune armour is sufficient for Green and Blue dragons in many cases, but rising through the difficulty of dragons better melee, Ranged, and Magic armour should be used. Good armour is crucial when fighting Metal dragons and Brutal green dragons. Dragonhide is often preferred by melee users as well as rangers against the King Black Dragon as it is lighter to wear whilst travelling through the wilderness and it supplies ample protection against the dragon's attacks as long as the wearer is in a good sized group.

5.0 - Dragons
5.1 - Normal Dragons

Green Dragon
Blue Dragon
Red Dragon
Black Dragon
5.2 - Metal Dragons

Metal Dragon are weak to CRUSH attacks, contrary to other dragons. For more information about killing Bronze, Iron, and Steel Dragons check out our Brimhaven Dungeon Guide. For more information on fighting Mithril Dragons, and also Brutal Green Dragons see our Ancient Cavern guide.

5.3 - Elvarg

Elvarg is the Dragon that must be defeated in order for you to complete the Dragon Slayer Quest. Although her combat level isn't too high, she has 1200 life points and can hit up to 400 damage when she uses her fire breath attack. Lobsters are the recommended food and you should take some combat potions as well.

5.4 - The King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon is one of RuneScape's fiercest foes, at a whopping level 276. His three heads prove to be extremely tough to defeat, and the dragon's desolate location doesn't make it any easier, what with the possibility of revenants, and distance from banks. It is suggested that no one under level 100 attempt to challenge the KBD alone. A group of at the very least 6 skilled players, usually above level 80 minimum is advised.

King Black Dragon
Flying Solo versus the King Black Dragon

Defeating the KBD (King Black Dragon) by yourself is a taxing task. It can take a number of trips to the bank to restock supplies until you are able to continue fighting it.

Recommended Equipment:

Helmet: It is suggested that you bring a Neitiznot Helmet, Mystic Helmet, or any other hat which gives Magic defence bonus. Since you are going into the wilderness you may only want to use Mystic to not risk losing valuable armour.
Cape: A Legends cape, Obsidian cape, or a Skill cape would work fine. If you feel you are advanced enough, a fire cape would work as well.
Amulet: The amulet can be substituted for any amulet which you feel will give you good attack/defence bonuses, yet let me remind you again; since you are going into the wilderness you may not want to risk valuable armour. Some amulets you could take are an Amulet of Glory, Amulet of Fury, or a God Stole.
Top: The top can be a Karil's Platebody (recommended), Mystic top, Dragonhide body or any top which you feel gives good Magic defence bonuses. If you feel you are advanced enough you could take Armadyl Platebody.
Weapon: The weapon can be a Abyssal whip (recommended), Dragon Scimitar, or any other Melee weapon which you feel like using. Remember, substituting for any 2H weapon is not recommended since it means you loose out on a shield! You might want to bring an Enchanted Excalibur, or a DDS along for their Special attacks.
Shield: An anti-dragon fire shield or a Dragonfire Shield is a MUST! Without this you will get hit for 400+ damage and will die quickly.
Bottom: The bottom can be Karil's Plateskirt, a Mystic bottom, Dragonhide chaps or any other bottom which you feel gives good Magic defence bonuses. If you are advanced you can bring Armadyl Platelegs.
Gloves: The gloves can be Barrows gloves, or any gloves which you feel gives good Magic defence bonuses and/or Melee attack bonuses.
Boots: The boots can be Dragon Boots, Rune boots, Climbing Boots, or any boots which you feel gives good Magic defence bonuses. Those boots are wizard boots.
Ring: The ring can be a ring of life, for their different special effects. Also note that rings of recoil do not function on the KBD. If you are advanced you can bring a Berserker Ring, or a Warriors Ring.
Note: Ahrims and Karil's are useful as they both provide high Magic attack and defence bonuses

Bayney's Equipment Screenshot Bayney's Inventory Screenshot

Recommended Inventory

There is nothing you can really change here, except for the amount of Prayer restore and Anti-fire potions you take.

The prayer restore potions are there for obvious reasons: to keep your Prayer points above 0 and keep your prayers active. The Super antipoisons are in case you get poisoned due to the poisonous spiders or the KBD's Magic attacks. One Dose of a Super Antipoison lasts quite a long time so you don't really need to worry about more than two potions. The Super attack and strength potions are so you hit the KBD harder and faster, rather than needing to teleport out before you kill it.

You can bring a teleport tablet, ectophial or any other teleport you want. You could bring a weapon such as a mace, dragon dagger(p++), dragon halberd or any other weapon which has a good strong special you could use at the start.

The Slaying

One thing you could use providing you have 100+ Combat and 50+ Slayer is go to the shilo village master and do tasks until you get black dragons; you can bring along a black mask and it will increase your attack and strength by 15% while fighting the dragon, also if it is fully charged it may lower the dragons defence by 15%. King Black Dragons do count as an alternative for a Black Dragon task.

Once you reach the entrance to the KBD's lair, stand outside the gate and use your potions. Take one dose of the: Super attack, Super strength, Super antipoison and antifire potions. Once you've drunk a dose of each, enable protect from melee, open the door and climb down the ladder. Quickly go and pull the lever, then run and attack the KBD. Use your weapon's special attack (if it has one) and then switch to your normal weapon and hit away. You may get hit a bit, but never freak out. Stay calm and you can react faster than if you're freaking out and don't know what to do. Always use Protect from Melee while with the KBD, as it hits a LOT harder with Melee than Magic. Heal when your health gets low and always watch your Prayer. There is no real strategy on where to stand, just hit him. Don't run away unless you have no Prayer and are about to die. Sometimes it takes two trips, but most of the time it only takes one trip.

You can also use Ranged against the KBD, take your anti-dragonfire shield, a ranged potion, and a high level crossbow with bolts (enchanted ruby bolts and higher are ideal), as well as the normal equipment. Whilst ranging stand a few steps away from KBD and put on protect from magic. With level 80 Ranged players can be capable of slaying the dragon twice in each trip.

You will most probably only be able to make one trip (kill him once) and then you will have to teleport out. That is alright, just go back and kill it again. Pick up the drops (it drops a Black dragonhide and Dragon bones 100% of the time), and then teleport out.


Here it gets a little bit easier. The more players you have on your team, the lower combat level you need to kill it. With 2-4 people it's suggested around 90 combat, 5+ people you could be anywhere from 80 combat and above, or lower.

Recommended Equipment

There is no real change between the equipment you take if you solo the KBD or if you team it, you just don't necessarily have to bring equipment that is as expensive because you won't take as much damage. Your best dragonhide or mystic armour is great as it won't matter if you die and you can still kill it relatively easy. In large groups rune armour will suffice.

Recommended Inventory

Again, the inventory doesn't have to change whether you're teaming or solo'ing the KBD. The main changes you could have would be more Super attack/strength potions, less Sharks, more Prayer restore potions and a weapon, for its special attack. Note that you will probably be killing it more than once in a trip depending on your team's combat levels, so make the changes you feel are necessary. In very large groups within clans trips can reach hundreds of kills.

The Slaying

Do the same start as you would solo'ing the KBD. Once you reach the entrance to the lair, stand outside the gate and pot up. Take one dose of the: Super Attack, Super Strength, Super Antipoison and Antifire. After you've finished potting up, chuck on Protect from Melee, open the door and climb down the ladder. Quickly go and pull the lever, and run and attack the KBD. Use your weapons special (if you have one) and then switch to your normal weapon and hit away. The difference here is you and your team should split up and surround it from different sides. This way, it spends more time spinning around.

Same goes if you were solo'ing the KBD; heal when needed, take a dose of your prayer restore potion when needed, and do this until you kill it. Once dead, pick up the loot, run about 10-15 squares away from the respawn area and turn off your Prayer. Remain focused at all times as you can still easily die next time. As soon as the KBD spawns, turn on protect from melee, run to it and attack it. If you need to drink more of your potions, do it while attacking him rather than just as it respawns because you may get hit. Again, separate your group so it spends more time spinning around. This guide must stress this: do not think that because you're owning it, you can just relax. Remain on CONSTANT alert and watch your Prayer points and your Hit points. If you do this and heal/pot when necessary you should be fine. Pick up the drops and teleport out when you're all out of Potions and food. A tip would be to share food in case someone is getting attacked a lot and is low while you're very high.

6.0 - Money Making

There are several ways that you can make a great deal of money by slaying these dragons, but there are mainly only two dragon types that are really popular to make money from. Many high level dragons are capable of dropping valuably rare items, however as a money making system this can be unreliable.

Green Dragons

There are several locations in the Wilderness where Green Dragons are found.

Getting there takes an average of 1 minute, banking, and teleporting included. So you don't have to mind that much about revenant. You can fight them and if you die to them you can just teleport back here with some food in inventory to survive to an attack (don't forget an anti-dragonfire shield) and grabbing your items under the gravestone. And normally, players are nice enough and just repair or bless your grave so no problem of time getting your items back. If you can't fight back the revenant, or don't want to die for any reasons, just walk west and get into clans wars. Your teleblock will be out since the clan wars is non wildy and then you can teleport to the Wilderness Volcano. This is probably the most effective and fastest way possible.

The 'East Dragons' are located north of Varrock. There are 8 dragon respawn spot.

Quests required:
There is no quest required to get here

Items required:
Game necklace (8):802 GP each, having 10 or more in bank would be enough for a while.
Cooked monkfish: 306 GP each, having 200 or more in bank would be enough for a while.
This is probably the fastest way back and forth.

For these Dragons it's recommended that you melee them. When you go to fight them bring the item's listed above in the "Inventory Set-up" section of this guide. It's also recommended you bring a form of teleportation because there can be revenants lurking there.

If you have a higher Magic level, you may also have easy access to the Green Dragons, north-west of the Graveyard (Located at ~23 Wilderness). Here you may use Ancient Magicks (Level 84, Carrallangar Teleport) to teleport yourself to Level 20 wilderness. From there, walk just a little north-west, and you have reached another accessable Dragon Slaying area.

Killing them is quite simple. All you have to really do it drink your potions and then kill them. It's recommended that you only pick up their Bones and Hides and leave the other items dropped unless they are worth more than 2,000gp. When you have a full inventory; teleport to Edgeville by using your Amulet of Glory. Bank and repeat. If you kill the Dragon's effectively you can make upwards of 100,000 GP an hour. The hides can be sold for around 1,600gp each and the Bones for about 2,000gp each.

Blue Dragons

Blue Dragons are found in various locations around the map. To kill them you can use any of the Melee, Ranged or Mage combat styles. A very effective weapon to use is a Halberd, which allows you to Melee attack Dragons from a distance without getting hurt. The best locations for killing Blue Dragons are the Heroes' Guild and the Gu'Tanoth dungeon, which is south of Yanille (requires completion of Watchtower quest).

If you are planning to Range them it's recommended you have 70+ Ranged and use Steel+ Arrows. If you are a Mage then Fire Bolts and/or Blasts are very effective. To kill them efficiently you need to have about 80+ Combat if you are going to Melee them. And 70+ Combat if you plan to Halberd them. Killing Blue Dragons can make you about 140,000 GP an hour if you are very efficient. Their hides sell for around 1,900gp each and their Bones for around 2,000gp each. Blue Dragons are more efficient for Money Making than Greens if you are a lower level because they are not located in the Wilderness and you can use the three different Attack Styles.

Metal Dragons

Metal Dragons are not for the feint of heart. They have high defence and constitution, and can hit extremely hard. They drop Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Plateskirts, and the Draconic Visage. A detailed guide to defeating this foe can be found here, in the Brimhaven Dungeon guide.

7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much damage can Dragons do?

A: Dragons can hit up to 500 damage with their Fire Attacks if you don't have an Anti-Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire shield, or anti-fire potion (potion works for 6 minutes).

Q: Do Dragons 1-hit me if I am not wearing a shield?

A: They are able to do so, but it is not 100%. They can hit very high if you don't use the shield, but a 1-hit is not automatic. Still, it's a possibility, so be careful especially if you are a lower level player.

Q: I have a low/medium/high combat level, which dragon should I train on?

A: Low - Probably best if you start fighting baby blue dragons with good armour, good food and teleport runes.
Medium - Baby blue dragons are going to become less of a challenge to you, so you could start with the blue dragons, bring your trusty antifire shield, good food, weapons and teleport runes.
High - You could pretty much battle most of the dragons. Black dragons could be entertaining, if you bring your anti-dragonfire shield and food then you can have a go at them.

8.0 - Related Guides and Tips
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