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Port Phasmatys is a members only town. In order to get in you must pay a toll of 25 ecto-tokens. To enter for free, you must have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest. The port does not get much traffic, besides from the occasional player on a quest, but it is a good place to train Prayer and to smelt bars. In addition, you must wear an Amulet of Ghostspeak to talk to any ghost residents of the port. You must be wearing the amulet to quickly access the bank, but can communicate without it in most cases.

Special Attractions
Ectoplasm and the Ectofuntus

If you are after a more efficient, and cheap way to train your Prayer, this is the way to go. Worshipping one bonemeal and bucket of slime at the Ectofuntus will give you 4 times the original experience given by the bone. Bones that can be ground include: regular bones, big bones, burnt bones, Dragon bones, Baby dragon bones, Ourg bones, Fayrg bones, Raurg bones, and Zogre bones.

Basic steps:
  1. Start by buying some buckets and pots from the general store. Bring your Ectophial (reward from Ghosts Ahoy), and 27 buckets. Teleport using the Ectophial, refill it at the Ectofuntus, and go down the trapdoor.
  2. Make your way to the very bottom of the temple.
  3. Use the buckets with the ectoplasm, to obtain buckets of slime.
  4. Use your Ectophial to teleport back up and then bank.
  5. Grab 13 bones, 13 pots, and your Ectophial, and teleport back to the Ectofuntus. Go upstairs, grind the bones, and go back to the bank.
  6. Withdraw 13 bonemeals, and 13 buckets of slime, and take them to the Ectofuntus by teleporting with the Ectophial. Worship the Ectofuntus to gain prayer exp.
  7. Talk to the Ghost Disciple to gain your Ecto-tokens.

Of course, there are much faster ways to do this; including using a ring of duelling to teleport to the castle wars lobby to bank, and using a mix of glory amulets and the Ectophial.


The furnace in Port Phasmatys is directly across from the bank. This is one of the best furnaces to smelt at in RuneScape for distance from a bank. Come here if you have a lot of smelting to do. The only downside is that the doors close a lot.

Charter Ships

Certain ships at ports throughout RuneScape now have the ability to charter you to a number of locations. The sailers also stock certain items that they've picked up along their travels throughout RuneScape that you are able to buy. The Port Phasmatys charter ship departs to Brimhaven (3,650gp), Catherby (3,250gp), Karamja (1,850gp), Port Sarim (2,050gp), Shipyard (1,850gp), and the Tyras Camp (3,200gp). To halve the cost of these charter ships, wear a ring of charos (a).

  • Cabin Fever: Start by talking to Bill Teach in the pub.
  • Ghosts Ahoy: Start by talking to Velorina north of the entrance to the port.
  • Rum Deal: Talk to Pirate Pete on the docks North of Port Phasmatys to start the quest.
  • Rocking Out: Start by talking to Bill Teach in either Port Phastymas or Mos Le'Harmless.
Miscellaneous Information

Upon completion of the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will receive an Ectophial. If you right click your Ectophial and choose the option 'Empty', you will be teleported to Necrovarus' temple. Use your now empty vial with the Ectofuntus to refill it. The Ectophial will break if dropped. If you lose or break it, go back to Velorina to get a new one.

  • Brew Hoo Hoo!
  • Phasmatys
  • The Other Side

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