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Lumbridge is a peaceful little town where new players can find their feet with the various guides wandering about. Lumbridge is also the ideal place for lower levels to train and interact with the surrounding community. On the top of the castle you can also find a bank.

Special Attractions
Lumbridge's Guides

A wise and friendly group eager to help newcomers become full-fledged adventurers. They give advice and insight on many different topics, most of them being reviews to what was covered on Tutorial Island. Also they are helpful to players coming from RuneScape Classic.

Here are the list of all the Guides located in Lumbridge. Note that each guide has its own unique speciality, and they will give advice accordingly.

Guide Name Guide Description Location
Phileas the Lumbridge Sage
General Information (Questing, Monster, Money Making, Security, Where to locate bank, etc). North-east of Lumbridge Castle
Melee Combat Tutor
Teaches you different styles of attack. Description of various types of weapons. Ability to attain Training Shield and Training Sword. North of Lumbridge Castle
Ranged Combat Tutor
Description of Fletching (How to make bows/arrows). Informs you of the Rangers' Guild to practice Archery and gain guild tickets. Ability to attain Training Bow, and 25 Training Arrows. North of Lumbridge Castle
Magic Combat Tutor
Describes Mage Arena deep in the wilderness. Ability to obtain 30 mind and air runes. North of Lumbridge Castle


This is the furnace. You can smelt your ores into bars here. It is not very popular, however, many new players tend to use it.

Fishing store

This is the fishing store for all your fishing needs. Hank, the store owner, will sell you anything that requires fishing. He will also give you a small fishing net or crayfish cage for free!

Three fishing areas can be found in Lumbridge. The fishing options here are bait or lure. This allows you to catch Trout and Salmon with a fly fishing rod and feathers or Pike with a fishing rod and bait. You can also catch crayfish with a crayfish cage behind the church. The closest bank would be at the top floor of the castle.


The Lumbridge Castle has four floors.

  • The basement has a few item re-spawns such as a sink, jug, bucket, knife, and cabbage, and leather boots. It also has the Culinaromancer's chest, which is both a shop (Culinaromancers' Cooking Chest and Culinaromancers' Item Chest) and bank, both are only accessible if you are on a members world and have at least started Recipe for Disaster quest.
  • On the first floor, you can start the Cook's Assistant quest. When you finish the quest, you can use the range for an added Cooking bonus.
  • The Second floor has the starting point for the Rune Mysteries Quest and the The Lost Tribe quest, a bronze dagger re-spawn, and a spinning wheel. You can also pickpocket Sigmund and open the chest to find a full set of H.A.M robes you can wear.
  • The third and final floor houses Lumbridge's very own bank.

Church and Cemetery

An altar is located here to recharge Prayer points. In the cemetery, there is a coffin with the headless ghost in it used for The Restless Ghost quest.

Lumbridge Swamps

The Lumbridge Swamp is home to many attractions - there is the water Runecrafting temple, the entrance to the Lumbridge Caves dungeon, two mines, swamp tar spawns, the entrance to the Lost city of Zanaris and also contains a short-cut to Al Kharid.

There are also two mines in Lumbridge swamp. The eastern one is closer to Lumbridge Castle bank, whilst the western one is closer to Draynor Village's bank.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Lumbridge Swamp East Mine Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Lumbridge Swamp West Mine

Canoes are a transportation style for both members and free players. One can canoe from Lumbridge all the way up the Lum river to Edgeville. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn more about how to use canoes and where you can land.

Culinaromancers' Chest

The Culinaromancer chest is located in the basement of the Lumbridge Castle by the table with a cabbage on it. This chest is a reward for completing the Recipe for Disaster quest. As you finish each sub quest, you can access new items in the chest. This chest also has a bank for members to use.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Autumn Voyage
  • Harmony
  • Harmony 2
  • Yesteryear

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