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Entrana is an island off the west coast of Asgarnia run by Saradominist monks. It is a very useful island for both Crafting, glass making in particular, and Herblore, and is also used in some important quests. Entrana can be accessed with a boat from Port Sarim, using air balloons and through The Abyss. The trip requires no fee, but it is against Saradomin's will to take any weapons or armour on to the island to "keep the peace." There are, however, four ways to leave Entrana: take the ship back to Port Sarim, teleport, take a hot air balloon, or take the dungeon exit into the deep Wilderness.

Special Attractions
Law altar

Entrana contains the Law rune altar, used to make Law runes (with 54 Runecrafting). The quickest way to do this is to use glory amulets to teleport to Draynor Village and walk back, or to use The Abyss.

There is a hops spot here, south of the Herblore shop, watched by Francis. In addition, there is a water source nearby so if your watering cans are running dry, you can refill them here. Even if the fountain wasn't here, you can use your bucket on the well and then on the watering can.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Entrana Dungeon
Entrana dungeon

The Entrana Dungeon is used predominantly in the Lost City quest, to chop the Dramen branch, but has other redeeming qualities. It contains one of the only non-Wilderness locations of greater demons, and it is the location of the Dramen tree.

When you enter the caves, your prayer is drained to level 3 due to the presence of the evil god Zamorak. Also, the dungeon is only accessible from Entrana, and you cannot bring weapons or armour into the dungeon. This can be worked around by bringing fletching materials, leathers, needle, and thread to make ranging armour. The only way to get a hatchet for the tree is to get them as a drop from killing zombies.

Vials and seaweed

Entrana is one of the best-kept secrets in RuneScape when it comes to obtaining vials. The Herblore shop stocks up to 50 vials, and there is a fountain right outside the shop. There are also two vial spawns in the same area. If you need seaweed, Entrana has a large seaweed spawn located north-west of the Zamorak dungeon.

Healing Monks

If, for some reason, you are hurt on Entrana, the monks in the monastery will heal a few hit points.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Background
  • Righteousness
  • Underground

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