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Yanille is a Members only city in south-western RuneScape. The main attraction is the Magic Guild, which can only be accessed at level 66 Magic. Yanille is also home to a Hops Farming patch.

Special Attractions
The Dragon Inn

Talk to the bartender to buy either a dragon bitter for 2gp, or Greenman's ale for 10gp. The dragon bitter will raise your strength by 2 and heal 10 life points; however it will lower your attack by 4. The Greenman's ale will raise your Herblore level by 1.

The Magic Guild

The Magic Guild is located west of the Yanille bank. The Magic Guild requires 66 Magic to enter. Wizard Distentor, the head wizard, has the ability to teleport you to the rune essence. Because the Magic Guild is so close to a bank, it is the best place to mine rune essence. For more on the Magic Guild, refer to our Magic Guild guide.

The Magic Guild is a large three-storied building in the centre of Yanille surrounded by a small 'mysterious glow'. To get inside you have to be level 66 Magic because according to the head wizard, Distentor "The magic energy in here is unsafe for those below that level." Keep in mind that you may use a magic potion or a wizard mind bomb to raise your magic level to enter.

Inside the guild you will find two magic stores on the second store; one stocking almost every rune imaginable; the other selling mystic robes. As well as this, on the third floor there are three teleportation portals, which will take you to either the top of the Wizards tower south of Draynor Village, the Dark wizard tower south of Taverley, or Thormac the sorcerer's tower just south of Catherby.

If you talk to Wizard Distentor, you can ask to be teleported to the rune essence. This is the best place to get teleported to the rune essence since it is so close to a bank.

Also, if you go below to the dungeon, the wizard there will let you kill his level 24 zombies, which are in a cage. These used to be fantastic experience when attacked with the crumble undead spell, and with the magic shop just up the ladder, you will be hard pressed to run out of runes. If you have a stack of cash, a committed mage could stay here forever. However, Jagex has halved the experience of casting crumble undead due to abuse from players.

Player Owned House

There is a portal out the front of the house that you must go through to be able to enter your own, or a friend's house. If you wish to move, speak to the Real Estate Agent located in Varrock. It will cost you 25,000gp to move here.

Hazelmere's Jungle Island

East of Yanille is a jungle-type island, containing numerous jungle spiders (level-47). If you are looking for a quiet combat training spot that is close to the bank, this is the spot for you. This island is also used for The Grand Tree quest, where you must speak to Hazelmere about some Daconia rocks, and during The Eyes Of Glouphrie and The Path Of Glouphrie quests.

The Watch Tower

Also home to the start point of the Watch Tower quest, this magical building is also home to Watchmen (level-33) which can be pick-pocketed with level 65 Thieving. This is a popular place to train your thieving skill.

The Agility Dungeon

The Yanille Agility Dungeon is a good spot for Herblorists to get herbs. There are many herb-dropping NPC's in the dungeon, each with a different Agility level required to access them. If you have 82 Thieving, you can pick a lock to allow you easier and safer access to the deeper part of the dungeon. The highlight of the agility dungeon is in the very back: a NPC (Salarin the Twisted) who, when killed, can drop a sinister key which unlocks a chest giving you several herbs at once!

  • Watch Tower: Talk to a Watchtower Wizard at the top of the watchtower, north-west of Yanille, to start this quest.
  • The Hand In The Sand: Talk to Bert by the cooking shop to start this quest.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Big Chords
  • Long ago
  • Magic Dance

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