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There are several reasons to go to Draynor Village. Firstly, it's the best Woodcutting destination in all of Asgarnia and Misthalin. Secondly, it's a common city in quests, and also is the only place where free players can obtain dyes.

Special Attractions
Dyes for Capes and other Applications

If you want to dye your cape or get some dyes for a quest, visit Aggie the Witch. She will make you dyes with different ingredients:

  • Yellow dye: Two Onions and 5gp.
  • Red dye: Three Redberries and 5gp.
  • Blue dye: Two Woad leaves and 5gp.
  • Green dye: Mix yellow dye with blue
  • Orange dye: Mix yellow dye with red
  • Purple dye: Mix red dye with blue

To dye a cape, use your bottle of dye on a cape of any colour. You can get capes by killing the Highwaymen who wander on the path going from Lumbridge to Port Sarim, or buy them in the Champions' Guild, or Varrock clothes store.

Draynor Village is commonly referred to as the best Woodcutting spot in F2P. South-west of the bank, there are a bunch of Willow trees which are great for burning, or collecting in your bank.

Fishing Spots

This is pretty much the only place for level one fishers, and I would recommend training here until about level 25. The reason being that it's safe, there is a bank nearby, and there are plenty of fishing spots. Beware though, low level players may get attacked by the Dark Wizard while fishing.

Wizards' Tower

The Wizards' Tower is a good spot to train Magic , with a Lesser Demon in a cage on the top floor. Within the tower, members can buy Splitbark armour. The Runecrafting Guild also resides in this tower. Players need a level of 50 Runecrafting to enter.

The Jail

The jail is a great low-level combat training area. Here, you can three-item, and continue training on the jail guards until you die, then run back from Lumbridge and continue on, without losing anything.

The sewers are used as part of the Desert Treasure quest. There are many zombies down here to train on, as well as an anvil for smithers to use. The dungeon has 2 entrances, one near Diango's house and the other near the jail.

  • Animal Magnetism: Go to the Draynor Manor and speak to Ava in the southwest room.
  • Ernest the Chicken: To start this quest, speak to Veronica, who is infront of Draynor Manor. You'll be in the Draynor Manor most of the quest.
  • A Fairy Tale Part I: Speak to Martin the Master Gardener to start this quest.
  • Fairy Tale Part II, A: Speak to Martin the Master Gardener to start this.
  • Imp Catcher: Talk to Wizard Mizgog to start this quest.
  • Lost City: Talk to the Adventurers to start this quest.
  • Vampire Slayer: Talk to Morgan in the northern parts of Draynor Village to start this quest.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Dream1
  • Spooky2
  • Start
  • Unknown Land
  • Vision

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