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Varrock is the central town in the eastern region of RuneScape. It is located in the Kingdom of Misthalin, and is open to both members and free players. It has a wide range of features, from a General Store, to the pubs.

Special Attractions
Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent has found his new home in Varrock; between the Church and the Palace. This agent sells blocks of land, can re-decorate your house, or move its location - for a fee of course. He also provides you with a useful book detailing land and construction types.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the South-west MineZybez RuneScape Help's Map of the South-east Mine

Southeast Varrock Mine - Here are some of the best places to mine. There are many beginners here as there are some tin, copper, and iron. It is one of the best places as it is so close to the east bank in Varrock.

Southwest Varrock Mine - This is a good place to mine clay, silver, iron, and tin. This is also a prime Mining spot because of its nice location to the west Varrock bank.

Varrock is a prime location to train your Woodcutting skills. Once you are level 60 you can cut yews. Just north of Varrock palace are three yew trees. It is nice because you are only a short distance from a bank, or the central market to sell them for a nice sum of money. For more on the prices see the Market Price Guide.


This is the biggest and best market area in nearly all of RuneScape. Located right in the centre of Varrock, and around the west bank, you can sell anything you need to at anytime. Here, you can buy or sell anything, at almost anytime of the day or night. Most of your main items are sold in the centre. Then, your rune items are sold just to the east of the west bank and west of Zaff's Staff Shop. Therefore your rare items are sold to the north of the bank. For more on the prices see the Market Price Guide.

Grand Exchange

Bring your items or money to the Grand Exchange to be set up with another player who is buying or selling exactly what you're after! To initiate an exchange, talk to one of the clerks and put up the item you want to offer or search for the item you're after. After putting up an item or making an offer you just have to wait a while and once the trade is finished your new item or coins will be automatically put into the bank for you.


The Apothecary can do various tasks. He can make you a 4-dose strength potion, if you give him a limpwurt root, a red spider egg, and 5gp. The Apothecary will also give you 325 Herblore experience when you use the "diary" (From the Shades of Mort'ton quest), on him.

Varrock Palace

The castle consists of three floors and a nice training spot in front.

  • Front of Castle - Here you will find about five guards. This is a prime place for free players to train combat stats. It is also a great area for members to get their Thieving up, as there usually aren't very many people here. It is also a prime place to train for medium level treasure trails.
  • East side of Castle - Queen Ellamaria has set up her garden for King Roald, but needs your Farming and diplomacy skills in obtaining the seeds and statues for her in Garden of Tranquility quest. Once you finish the quest, you can pick White Tree Fruit from her garden.
  • First Floor - On the first floor you will find many important people for your quests. Sir Prysin is in the room to the south-west. King Roald is in the room located in the south-east room in the castle. A Monk of Zamorak is trapped in a cage behind the stairs near the entrance to the palace.
  • Second Floor - When you walk into the north-western room you will find another spawn of guards, here 3-4 spawn. This is another good place to train your combat stats, and to Thieve and Range for clue scrolls on member servers. To the south-west you will find a combat training area. Also in the northern room you will find a Saradomin altar for recharging prayer.
  • Third Floor - Captain Rovin is in the room on the north-western side. There is more up here, full of supplies, but unfortunately nobody can reach them.

The Cooks' Guild is located west of Varrock and requires level 32 cooking to enter. This guild hosts many spawns for cooking related items including pie plates, grapes, cake tins, pots and jugs. It also has a windmill inside it for people wishing to make flour. There is a sink, several ranges and even a dairy churn located inside to serve nearly all your cooking needs. There also is Romily Weaklax in the Cooks' Guild who will sell you a pie book to teach you how to make different types of pies and will buy low level pies from you.

The Champions' Guild is the only combat oriented guild for free players to get into. Free players can buy several rune items out of a shop in the guild, and members when they get challenge scrolls as drops from NPC's can go into the basement and fight the champion whose challenge scroll the player holds.

Varrock Museum, which is situated on the northern route out of the city, allows players who have ventured far and wide to cash in their knowledge and discoveries for experience on it's first floor. As well as that the museum allows players to complete several historically themed tasks around the building, earning experience and other helpful rewards. For more information visit our, Varrock Museum guide.

Lumberyard & Saw Mill

The Lumberyard and Saw Mill is found just north-east of Varrock, by the pub near the wilderness. The Lumberyard is used in Gertrude's Cat quest. Here you will find Gertrude's cat, to take home to her kittens. The Saw Mill, just below the Lumberyard, is used in the Construction skill. The Sawmill operator also sells saws, cloth and nails. He will also turn logs into planks for a certain price per log.


Canoes are a new transportation style for all players with 12 or higher Woodcutting.. One can canoe from Lumbridge all the way up the Lum river to Edgeville.The stop by Varrock is next to the Champions' Guild. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn more about how to use canoes and where you can land.

The rat pits are a mini-game for members who wish to train their cat into 2 special stages - Wiley and Lazy. Check out the Pet Care Guide on how to unlock these 2 stages of cat. Members can also pit their cats against each other in a game of rat catching. Whoever kills the most rats wins.


There are a few dungeons in Varrock. The main dungeon in the city is the Varrock Sewers. This dungeon is large and has training places for intermediate-level players and has spots for different combat types too. The sewers also have a shortcut leading to the nearby Edgeville Dungeon.

Another dungeon around Varrock is the Phoenix Gang Hideout. This small dungeon has a few thieves to attack, but not much else. You can also find a dungeon under the Digsite. This one appears to be a temple devoted to Zaros though not much is known about it currently. One other dungeon you can find near Varrock is to the far north-east. It is the dungeon that gives you access across the River Salve into Morytania. This passage is commonly referred to as Drezel's Basement. The final dungeon around Varrock currently is the Crevice Cave. This dungeon contains many good training spots for lower levels and some cool graphics to go along with the NPC's

Achievement Diary

Varrock is home to the second achievement diary to be released. There are a number of tasks of varying difficulty spread out around Varrock and you can find all the information you need in the Achievement Diary guide.

  • Demon Slayer: Talk to the Gypsy in her tent to see how much of an adventurer you are. You'll have to beat Delrith, which could be a challenge to some.
  • Devious Minds: Talk to the monk outside the entrance to the temple on the River Salve to start this quest.
  • Dig Site Quest (Dig Site, The): Talk to the Examiner in the Exam Center to start this quest.
  • Dragon Slayer: Speak to the Guild master in the Champions' Guild, who will refer you to Oziach to begin the quest. This is the hardest quest in all of the free lands in RuneScape. You need to prove yourself worthy of wearing Rune platebody by defeating Elvarg, the meanest dragon.
  • Family Crest: This is a members only quest. You will have to go about retrieving all 3 pieces of the family crest. You will need to persuade the sons by doing them favours.
  • Garden of Tranquillity: Talk to Ellamaria in the eastern part of Varrock castle to help her build her garden.
  • Gertrude's Cat: Talk to Gertrude to go on a mission to find and rescue her missing kitten.
  • Priest in Peril: This is a members only quest. This will introduce you to the lands to the east. There you will find a completely new race, and loads of things to do along with a new wardrobe.
  • Rag and Bone Man: Talk to the Odd Old Man in the Limestone quarry north-east of Varrock to start the quest.
  • Rat Catchers: Talk to Grimesquit in the Varrock Sewers to start the quest.
  • Shield of Arrav: Talk to Reldo to learn about the valuable shield of Arrav that was stolen long ago.
  • A Soul's Bane (Soul's Bane, A): Talk to Launa found North-East of Varrock by the Digsite to start this quest.
  • What Lies Below: Speak to Rat Burgiss south of Varrock to start this quest.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of Spawn Points in Varrock
Miscellaneous Information
Spawn Points
  • At the blue dot 6-10 (level-7 and 20) dark wizards spawn, and it is also where Delrith resides.
  • At each purple dot 3-6 (level-21) guards spawn.
  • At each green dot two men spawn.
  • At each yellow dot 2 unicorns and a black bear spawns.
  • At each pink dot 2-3 rats spawn.
  • At each red dot a mugger spawns.

  • Adventure
  • Cellar Song1
  • Doorways
  • Expanse
  • Garden
  • Greatness
  • Lullaby
  • Medieval
  • Parade
  • Rat a Tat Tat
  • Scape Cave
  • Spirit
  • Still Night
  • The Trade Parade
  • Venture
  • Venture2

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