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Burthorpe is a very quiet town. You start three quests there including Death Plateau, Troll Strongholds and A Tale of Two Cats. Burthorpe is also the holder of the games room, and the Rogue's Den. The quickest way to get to Burthorpe is by using the games necklace to teleport into the Games Room and is often used as a quick way to recharge amulets of glory. The city is also home to the Warriors' Guild.

Special Attractions
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Games Room

The Games Room is a place where you can just come with friends, relax and play games together. The games include RuneLink, which is like Connect 4; Draughts, which is similar to Checkers; Runesquares, which is a game you may have played in which you try and complete a square; and Runeversi, which is basically Reversi. You do not get any experience in any skills for playing these games.

The Rogue's Den

The Rogue's Den is an agility and thieving training area. Complete the maze and you will receive certain rogue items. The entrance to the den is in the Toad and Chicken Inn. There is also a banker and fire which can be used for quick cooking.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Thumbnail Screenshot of the Rogues Den. Click for full size image.

The Warriors' Guild

The town also hosts the Warriors' Guild, where higher level players if their Attack and Stength levels add up to 130 or more can enter.

  • Death Plateau: The starting and finishing points for Death Plateau are both located in Burthorpe. Talk to Denulth in tent south of the castle.
  • A Tail Of Two Cats: Speak to Unferth in his house in Burthorpe to begin the quest.
  • Troll Stronghold: Both the finishing and starting point for this quest are in Burthorpe. Speak to Denulth, in the tent south of the castle.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Principality: All throughout Burthorpe

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