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Deep in the deserts of Al-Kharid, there emerges a new and mysterious city. Although it might seem like an ordinary desert city, just explore further, and you would find how useful it is. There are no requirements to enter, except being a RuneScape Member, of course. The Nardah fountain has dried up, and the citizens need your help to restore water to their city. Complete the Spirits of the Elid quest to be able to use the water source in Nardah.

Special Attractions
Clay Oven

For your everyday Cooking needs, there are two clay ovens located in the city. One is very close to the Bank, the other is not as close, but not very far either.

Elidinis Statuette

Praying at this statuette will not only restore your Prayer points, but it will give you an additional +70 to your total Constitution.

Bank of RuneScape

Need some place to store items? Tired out from carrying that heavy backpack of yours? No worries! The Bankers of Nardah would be happy to help store your items.


Ideal for your everyday Smithing needs, just grab a hammer and some bars, and you're ready to go. The anvil is located in the same building as the Armour store, and is quite close to the bank.


Zahur is a herbalist who will clean herbs you take to her for a small fee of 200gp per herb. If you cant find a high level herbalist to clean your herbs, this is another way to get your herbs cleaned.

Rug Merchant

Stuck in the middle of the desert? Don't worry, the Rug Merchant would take you on a magical carpet ride to the Rug Merchant south of Pollnivneach.

Miscellaneous Information
How to get there?

Rub a Ring of Duelling and walk south to the Shantay Pass. Buy yourself a pass, withdraw some money, and head into the desert. Talk to the Rug Merchant and fly to Pollnivneach, then walk south to the next Rug Merchant. From there, take the Carpet once more to Nardah.

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