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Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction and Objectives

You can use Stat Enhancers to access the dungeon itself, however you cannot use any other stat enhancing to access the four different God camps (Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, or Bandos).

During the third age of RuneScape before all players' time, the Gods fought one final war over the possession of a sword. You have probably heard in your travels that the scar of the war and the battles before it is the Wilderness. However, in a dungeon recently uncovered, the war wages on - and you and friends can attempt to plunder the weapon and much more!

The God Wars Dungeon is just north of Trollheim. The dungeon can either be reached by pushing a boulder out of the way with level 60 Strength (you can also use a stat enhancer to access the dungeon) when coming from Trollheim (teleport to Trollheim then run north, climbing down the mountain), or squeezing through a crevice next to the boulder with level 60 Agility. Around the Dungeon entrance (Rope required) you will be feeling the full force of the mountain's icy wind, which does 10 damage often and lowers all stats gradually.

Zybez RuneScape Help's God Wars Dungeon Map

Be careful of the Ice Wolves (level-132) close to the entrance, and on your first visit there speak to the Dying knight and then tie a Rope to the rocks near the hole. The knight will give you a letter which you can bring to Sir Tiffy Cashien (although you will get nothing from this). Once you climb down into the dungeon your special attack energy, Summoning special move bar, and running energy will drain to zero.

Note: Inside the dungeon the winds no longer reduce any stats.

A map of the entire dungeon can be found here.

2.0 - Requirements

Players entering the God Wars Dungeon should have a combat level of at least 90 if they want to be successful. Going in with a team is the best move since the entire dungeon is a multicombat zone. Prayer potions, high healing food, super sets, and quick teleports out are vital. If you decide to try and take on any of the boss monsters, you will need to be prepared and must be aware of their abilities before you attack them (see the Bosses section for more information).

There are five strongholds in the dungeon, which belong to the gods: Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, and Zaros. All of the listed gods' armies, except Zaros, are found in the main area near the dungeon's entrance. Each god has their own base inside the dungeon, where they keep their stronger forces and their commanders reside.

To enter each God's chambers in the dungeon you need to meet certain criteria:

  • You need at least level 70 Constitution and 700 life points to cross the river into Zamorak's Fortress, and once inside, your Prayer will drain to 0.
  • To enter Saradomin's Encampment you will need level 70 Agility.
  • To enter Armadyl's Eyrie you will need level 70 Ranged.
  • To enter Bandos' Stronghold you will need level 70 Strength.
  • All of the above requirements are needed to gain access to each god's base in order to retrieve pieces of the Frozen key, which is used to unlock the Frozen door to Zaros' stronghold, the Ancient Prison.

Furthermore, to reach the boss monster of each god you must kill at least 40 of their side to pass through the door from their base into their boss room. Leaving the dungeon will annul all kills gained so do not leave.

Using any potion to raise your stats so that you can enter a specific base will not work.

If you wear any Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl or Bandos items (for instance a Zamorak cape or a Bandos chestplate. This also includes Zamorakian and Saradomin pet birds) whilst in the cave, their troops will not attack unless you engage them in combat. The items can be worn in conjunction - so if you wore one item of each god none should be aggressive to you. Remember though that they still do fight back when attacked by you.

Upon completion of As a First Resort you can take a dip in the Bandos pool on the western most side of the village of Oo'glog and this will provide the same effect as wielding a Bandos item, it will only last however for approximately 60 minutes.

3.0 - Armies of the Gods
Zybez RuneScape Help's Animation of the Saradomin Godsword Special Attack

Each God has their own set of warriors (many of which can be found around RuneScape - but these warriors are far stronger). The main objective of the dungeon is to reach the leaders of these armies and defeat them. Fighting in the dungeon gives good experience, and many creatures inside the bases can drop good items; one item being Dragon boots dropped by Spiritual Mages (level-83 Slayer required).

The bosses and their body guards can drop Godsword shards (1 to 3), and will also drop their own God's hilt for the sword in addition to other miscellaneous items. The Godsword blade can be forged with level 80 Smithing (giving 200 XP) using all three shards. Once combined with a hilt (hilts can be taken on and off from the blade) it will give the sword a unique special attack depending on which god's hilt was used. The weapon requires 75 Attack to be wielded and all component drops are rare.

The bosses for Armadyl and Bandos also drop a special set of armour related to their respective bosses. Saradomin and Zamorak also drop a new specific weapon each, the Saradomin Sword and the Zamorakian Spear.

Note: Those in red below are guarding each God's boss-monster in their chamber.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of a Hellhound
  • Imp (level-7)
  • Icefiend (Level-17)
  • Pyrefiend (Level-48) (level 25 Slayer required to kill)
  • Vampire (level-77)
  • Bloodveld (level-81) (level 50 Slayer required to kill)
  • Werewolf (level-93)
  • Spiritual ranger (level-121) (level 63 Slayer required to kill)
  • Spiritual warrior (level-115) (level 68 Slayer required to kill)
  • Spiritual mage (level-121) (level 83 Slayer required to kill)
  • Hellhound (level-127)
  • Gorak (level-149)
  • Balfrug Kreeyath (level-151)
  • Tstanon Karlak (level-145)
  • Zakl'n Gritch (level-142)
Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of a Saradomin Priest
Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of Flight Kilisa

Note: Armadyl's soldiers are all Aviansie. Since they fly above the ground, they can only be hit by Ranged and Magic attacks; melee is useless against them.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of a Hobgoblin
  • Goblin (Level-12,17)
  • Hobgoblin (Level-47)
  • Ogre (level-58)
  • Jogre (level-58)
  • Cyclops (level-81)
  • Ork (level-107)
  • Spiritual ranger (level-115) (level 63 Slayer required to kill)
  • Spiritual warrior (Level-134) (level 68 Slayer required to kill)
  • Spiritual mage (level-121) (level 83 Slayer required to kill)
  • Sergeant Strongstack (level-141)
  • Sergeant Steelwill (level-142)
  • Sergeant Grimspike (level-142)


4.0 - Bosses

Below are tables showing in depth information about each boss monster. To reach each of them you must kill 40 of their side (leaving the dungeon brings that number back to zero!), and then enter their own zone and go through the boss door to their room. Each warlord has their own set of three underlings who protect their leader and are highly dangerous as well.

You can only pray at the altar in the Boss room once every 10 minutes, and cannot use it during combat. If you are wearing an item of the boss whose room you are in (e.g. Bandos boots, Saradomin cape) you will receive ten extra Prayer points.

When you enter a boss monster's room, you can only leave by selecting the right-click option "teleport" on the altar - you can't exit via the door you came through. Teleports using magic and any other teleporting items will still function.

These monsters are extremely difficult to defeat on your own without a high combat level. The recommended strategy is to go in a team of around 5 or more with a minimum combat level of around 95. Don't take any items you don't want to risk losing.

Recommended Inventory
  • Extreme (or Super) Attack, Strength, and Defence potions or Overload
  • 2-5 Prayer potions
  • Teleport crystal/Teletab/Ectophial
  • 15-19 Sharks, Rocktails, or Juju gumbos
  • Teleport runes to Trollheim (2 Fire and Law runes) or Trollheim tablet

4.1 - K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak)

Picture of K'ril Tsutsaroth
Where Found:North-East chamber (Zamorak's Fortress), in corresponding Boss Room.

Range: One of the most effective ways is to kill the monster is with Ranged. Here is a list of items that are recommended, in you inventory you must also bring a Super antipoison or you will most likely die:

  • Robin hood hat/Archer helmet
  • Karil's top/Dragonhide body
  • Karil's skirt/Dragonhide chaps
  • Ranger boots/Snakeskin boots/Rune boots
  • Rune crossbow
  • Diamond/Rune bolts
  • Archer ring/Ring of wealth/Ring of life
  • Barrows gloves/Dragonhide vambraces
  • Unholy book
  • TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape/Zamorak cape

Melee: Here is a list of the most effective items to use. In your inventory you must bring a Super antipoison or you will have an extremely high chance of dying. The first ones in the list are the best ones you can use. Remember that, the more expensive items you bring with you, the larger your loss will be if you die.

  • Verac's Helm/Helm of neitiznot/Berserker helmet/Warrior helmet
  • Bandos Chestplate/Verac's Brassard/Dragonhide body
  • Bandos Tassets/Verac's Skirt/Torag's Platelegs/Rune Platelegs
  • Fury amulet/Glory amulet
  • Armadyl or Bandos Godsword/Abyssal whip/Dragon scimitar/Dragon dagger/Dragon mace
  • Bandos Boots/Dragon boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots
  • Ring of Wealth
  • Barrows gloves/Gauntlets
  • TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape/Zamorak cape
  • Dragonfire shield/Dragon defender/Unholy book

Note: Using Verac might be the best option for any player who can afford it. The set effect can hit quite well against K'ril.
Tactic: To reach K'ril Tsutsaroth you must have 40 Zamorak kills. You must then enter the Zamorak Fortress (need 70 Constitution and 700 life points remaining). Upon entering the Zamorak's Fortress your Prayer will be drained, so before you go through the door at the end of the chamber to K'ril Tsutsaroth, make sure you drink a prayer restore potion along with your super sets.
Either Ranged or Melee would be the most effective way to kill K'ril. Using too much Prayer will make K'rill hit through your prayer with added strength, which can be up to 53 damage, if the hit is above 30 it will also remove an equal amount of prayer points. An antipoision is a must, as this monster can poision you with damage over 16. Kill Tsutsaroth first, then the mage bodyguard, and then the others.
Notes: This is the highest combat level monster in God Wars. The monster is immune to poison and his poison can damage up to 16. The boss is guarded by Balfrug Kreeyath (level-151), Tstanon Karlak (level-145) and Zakl'n Gritch (level-142). Best way to reach 40 kill count is to kill imps, werewolves, Icefiends, Pyrefiends or Spiritual mages with Prayer on.

4.2 - Commander Zilyana (Saradomin)

Picture of Commander Zilyana
Where Found:South-East chamber (Saradomin's Encampment), in corresponding Boss Room.

Melee: Players attempting to take on the Commander should have a combat level of 100+. They will also need level 70 Agility to reach her. To enter Saradomin's encampment a Player must also have two ropes to tie to a rock. It is best to do this in a separate trip before going to take her on as the two used up spaces in your inventory is unhelpful. You only need to tie the ropes once. Don't try and take on this boss without a good sized team, regardless of your level.

To defeat this boss-monster, you will want to pack further prayer potions. Here is a list of what are the most effective items to use. The first ones in the list are the best ones you can use. Remember that the more expensive items you bring with you, the larger your loss will be if you die.

  • Helm of Neitiznot/Berserker helmet/Warrior helmet
  • Bandos Chestplate/Fighter Torso/Rune Platebody
  • Bandos Tassets/God Armour platelegs/Rune platelegs
  • Fury amulet/Glory amulet/Saradomin Stole
  • Abyssal whip/Dragon scimitar/Dragon dagger/Dragon mace
  • Dragon boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots/White Boots
  • Ring of Wealth
  • Dark gloves/Gauntlets Gloves
  • Saradomin Cape/TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape
  • Dragonfire shield/Dragon defender/Toktz-ket-xil
Tactic: Melee: The best way to get your 40 Saradomin kills before entering the boss room is to kill any Saradomin monsters already in combat with another god's troops. That way you don't take any damage.
Once your team is ready, drink your super set, and put on all the Prayers you want; make absolutely sure you have the Protect from Magic Prayer on just before you enter her room. Commander Zilyana will use a powerful lightning based Magic attack each turn of combat that will hit everyone fighting her. At the same time she will also use a melee attack that hits very high and rarely misses. Putting your sound on is very helpful as it will make a very distinct sound that will alert you of when you are being attacked by melee and can easily save your life.
If you are struck by her melee attack, your task is to run around the room to have the boss chase after you while your teammates attack her (this is why it is so important for a good sized team). Eventually the boss will attack a different person with her melee, forcing them to run around in the same manner. Teamwork is important whilst she switches targets because, if two people are running she is not taking enough damage from a small team. Continue this process until the boss is dead and then kill the bodyguards.
Notes:She is guarded by Starlight (level-149), Growler (level-139) and Bree (level-146). Watch out for her special attack as it is Magic based and strikes all players around her. The boss will sometimes drop prayer potions and the bodyguards sometimes drop three cooked monkfish or a summer pie that will help extend your trip. Don't forget to pray at the altar whenever possible (there is still a wait between each time this is possible).

4.3 - Kree'arra (Armadyl)

Picture of Kree'arra
Where Found:South-West chamber (Armadyl's Eyrie), in corresponding Boss Room.

Range: Players attempting to take on the Kree'arra should have a combat level of 100+, they also need level 70 Ranged to reach him. To enter Armadyl's eyrie you also need a rope (only ever used once) and a mithril grapple. To defeat this boss-monster you will also want to pack further prayer potions. The Armadyl pendant prevents the Aviansie from being aggressive when getting the 40 kill count, also killing any Aviansie already in combat saves health. Here is a list of what are the most effective items to use. The first ones in the list are the best ones you can use. Remember that the more expensive items you bring with you, the larger your loss will be if you die.

  • Karil's top/Dragonhide body
  • Karil's skirt/Dragonhide chaps
  • Karils coif/Robin hood hat/Archer helmet/Saradomin coif
  • Barrows gloves/Dragonhide vambraces
  • Rune crossbow
  • Runite/Ruby/Diamond Bolts
  • Holy/Unholy book
  • Ring of Life/Ring of Wealth/Archer ring
  • Pendant of Armadyl
  • TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape/Saradomin cape/Ava's Accumulator

Tactic: Range: Before entering the Boss room, turn on Protect from Range. Kree'arra attacks in a similar style to General Graardor with a magic-like Ranged attack, which can potentially do up to 60 Damage. If you are going as a group of 4-8, focus more on the three sergeants, while still getting a hit in with Kree'arra. At all costs, try to avoid a Magic attack from Wingman Skree by standing near the altar or in that general area of the room, trapping Skree behind the Kree'arra. Kree'arra attacks with a Ranged attack that has a stunning effect, knocking you back one step, however standing against the wall will prevent this happening to a certain degree. Depending on your bolts, it shouldn't take long until Kree'arra is down. Once he is dead quickly switch over to the sergeants. If you go as a group of 10 or more, split up the task evenly. Try to get at most 2 people on each sergeant while the rest focus on the boss. Using this method guarantees the boss and all three sergeants going down in less than 2 minutes.
Watch out for high damage from the guards or the boss. Kree'arra does have a rare Magic attack that can cause quite a bit of damage; heal as necessary. Also watch your Prayer carefully. If possible, try to use the altar (time limit between usage) and drink a dose of Prayer restore potion only in the period between boss rounds. One dose can last about 2 boss rounds, but it is best to be safe. If for any reason your Prayer goes out, teleport out right away - the next hit you receive might be your last, don't waste time drinking a potion and turning Prayer back on.
Notes: Kree'arra is one of the Aviansie and thus can fly, making melee attacks useless against it. Kree'arra is protected by Wingman Skree (level-143), Flockleader Geerin (level-149) and Flight Kilisa (level-159).

4.4 - General Graardor (Bandos)

Picture of General Graardor
Where Found:North-West chamber (Bandos's Stronghold), in corresponding Boss Room.

Melee: Firstly you need a hammer to enter the Bandos Stronghold, so don't forget it. Barrows armour isn't recommended incase you die and also it means you can't wear any god items to lessen the number of aggressive monsters against you. Here is a list of what are the most effective items to use. The first ones in the list are the best equipment choices. Remember that the more expensive items you bring with you the more expensive your loss will be if you die.

  • Helm of Neitiznot/Verac Helm/Berserker helmet/Warrior helmet
  • Bandos Chestplate/Verac brassard/Fighter Torso/Rune Platebody
  • Bandos Tassets/Verac skirt/God Armour legs/Rune legs
  • Fury amulet/Glory amulet
  • Armadyl or Bandos God Sword/Verac's Flail/Abyssal whip/Dragon scimitar/Dragon dagger/Dragon mace
  • Dragon boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots
  • Berserker Ring/Ring of Wealth/Ring of Life
  • Barrows Gloves/Gauntlets
  • TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape
  • Dragonfire shield/Dragon defender/Toktz-ket-xil

Note: If you use a God Sword, you cannot use a shield. Choose wisely.
Tactic: Melee: To reach General Graardor you need to have gathered 40 Bandos kills. The easiest method is to run to the northern wall in front of his dungeon inside the entrance, and once there kill the goblins nearby to quickly reach 40. Use your hammer on the Bandos door to enter, make sure you have Magic Protection Prayer on to defend yourself from the monsters inside the Bandos Stronghold. When you enter the room with General Graardor change your Prayer to Protect from Ranged Prayer, General Graardor will only use Ranged attacks, but when he strikes with his special attack put on Protect from Melee Prayer so he can do no damage. If Graardor attacks the first player to enter specifically they should use Melee Protection Prayer on instead. Kill the boss first (Graardor), then his guardians.
Notes:The General can attack several players at once and is guarded by Sergeant Strongstack (level-141), Sergeant Steelwill (level-142) and Sergeant Grimspike (level-142). Keep in mind that Strongstack attacks with melee, Grimspike with Ranged and Steelwill with Magic. Do not use the Prayer altar that is in the lair until you are very low prayer! Once you use it, you have to wait an unknown time (estimated 10-15 minutes) before using it again. Use it only as necessary, and don't leave Prayer on for too long.

5.0 - The Ancient Prison

The Ancient Prison is a separate section of the God Wars Dungeon which was sealed away behind the foreboding Frozen door for three years after the release of the God Wars Dungeon. Many players speculated at what would be behind it and how whatever was behind it had gotten there, recently we discovered that behind the Frozen door was Nex, an extremely powerful follower of Zaros after being forced into the Ancient Prison during the 3rd age during the GodWars. "Nex" in Latin means "Death" and is merely an under-statement for the amount of power that Nex has, infact, so much so that all four of the gods avatars which you see in the God Wars dungeon (Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak and Saradomin) had to work together to keep Nex locked behind the Frozen door. However, the battles of the God Wars has re-awoken Nex, the powerful avatar of Zaros, allowing players to enter the Ancient Prison for the first time to fight Nex in all of its glory.

Zybez RuneScape Help's God Wars Dungeon Map
5.1 - Nex
Picture of Nex
Where Found:Southern part of the God Wars Dungeon (Frozen Door), between Armadyl's Eyrie and Saradomin's Encampment. You need level 70 Strength, Constitution, Agility and Ranged to get into the specific part of the dungeon to be able to collect all four Frozen key pieces in order to open the Frozen door.

Melee: To access this area of the dungeon you will need a Frozen key, which can be obtained from collecting the shards of the key from the four different bases of the dungeon by killing the followers of that specific god. Note: You do not need to kill the general and the guardians inside the boss room for the key parts. Once you have obtained the Frozen key, you can now open the Frozen door, providing the Frozen key is in your inventory. It is suggested to Melee your Killcount in the following gear as it's possible to re-bank before having to enter Nex's prison;

Killcount Setup

  • Verac's helmet
  • Karil's top/Black d'hide body
  • Bandos Tassets/Verac's skirt
  • Fury amulet/Glory amulet
  • Chaotic rapier/Abyssal whip/Dragon claws/Chaotic longsword
  • Dragon boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots
  • Berserker Ring/Ring of Life
  • Barrows Gloves/Gauntlets
  • TokHaar-Kal/Fire cape/Skill cape/Ardougne Cape
  • Dragonfire shield/Dragon defender/Toktz-ket-xil/Elysian spirit shield/Divine spirit shield

Boss Setup
  • Verac's helmet
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Karil's top
  • Karil's skirt
  • Dragon boots/Ranger boots/Snakeskin boots
  • Ava's accumulator
  • Berserker ring(i)/Archers' ring(i)/Dragonstone ring(i)/Onyx ring(i)
  • Dragonfire shield/Blessed spirit shield/Elysian spirit shield/Divine spirit shield
  • Barrows gloves
  • Chaotic rapier/Chaotic Crossbow/Rune crossbow/Abyssal whip/Godsword/Dragon Claws
  • Diamond bolts(e)/Ruby bolts(e)

Melee: To reach the Ancient prison, you need to have obtained the Frozen key and entered the Frozen door. The best way to go about getting Zaros killcount would be to follow the gear guide as stated above as the aggressiveness of the NPC's in this area are highly dependent on your defence bonuses against their attack style, and NOT a Zaros related item. The gear stated above has a mixed defence bonus spread throughout all three attack styles, which should prevent everything in the Ancient prison from being aggressive other than the Ancient mages. The quickest and easiest way to get Zaros killcount using this method is to pray against Magic, possibly use Turmoil or Piety and kill the Blood reavers.

You can skip the entire 40 kill count process by wearing a full set of Ancient ceremonial robes (see rewards). As long as you wear it, this grants you access directly to the bank area in the Ancient Prison and will save you a lot of time.

After you have finished Killcount, you are now permitted to enter the small room between the Ancient prison and Nex's lair, this is a perfect opportunity to re-stock up on supplies and prepare yourself to fight one of the strongest and highest levelled monsters in RuneScape!


Note: Unlike the other boss rooms - There is no Altar in The Ancient Prison!

Phase 1 - Introduction

Does a disease attack that causes the poison and *cough*. The cough will spread to nearby players so be as spread as possible, this disease will also lower your stats and Prayer very quickly.

When Nex is 4\5 HP, Kill the Fumus Minion.

Phase 2 - Darkness

The closer you are to Nex the darker your screen will become. Black spots appear underneath you. These explode within one or two seconds - You need to be quick to avoid them! Watch out because Nex will switch and run at you during the darkness. Try to stay out of the darkness as this will damage you quite rapidly - This is a good opportunity to Range this form. When Nex is 3/5 HP, kill the Umbra minion.

Phase 3 - Blood Reavers

Nex uses a blood barrage type of attack which heals herself. Clear the Blood Reavers as soon as possible and be sure to not attack Nex while your hitsplats are purple on her avatar. This will heal everything you hit on her! Use this opportunity to attack the Blood reavers. When Nex is 2/5 HP, kill the Cruor minion.

Phase 4 - Ice Prison

Range Nex and stay far away from her. Don't get close to each other as she throws a magical attack similar to an Ice barrage spell which will cause massive damage. Not only this, but she will create stalagmite walls around her to protect herself from your Melee attacks, so take this as an opportunity to Range this form. Another attack which you will need to watch out for is her attack where your character will be surrounded by a small wall of stalagmites - Eat and quick! You're about to be hit for approx 600-800+ damage. You can escape from the Ice wall attack if your team mates attack the stalagmites quickly so you can escape before being quick, but it is unlikely that you will escape in time. When Nex is 1/5 HP, kill the Glacies minion.

Phase 5 - The power of Zaros!

Nex prays Melee and Soul splits. Range it. If she tanks you pray melee as her main attack is melee. If not being tanked pray magic. Nex will also switch to the Deflect melee prayer which will deflect back 100% of the damage you do against Nex during this time, so be careful not to use Melee here, however it is best to use a Crush based attack when she is not praying Deflect Melee. Nex also uses the Wrath curse upon her death that hits anyone close to her for high numbers, so be sure to run as soon as she dies.

6.0 - Rewards

Every boss monster excluding the Zaros boss Nex also have a chance of dropping Godsword shards. There are 3 shards in total, and when all the parts are assembled, they can be made into a Godsword blade with level 80 Smithing by taking it to any anvil and using the parts on it. It requires any one of the four hilts to be attached to the blade in order to use it. These hilts are rare drops from their respective boss monsters; Kree'arra drops the Armadyl hilt, General Graardor drops the Bandos hilt, Commander Zilyana drops the Saradomin hilt, and finally K'ril Tsutsaroth drops the Zamorak hilt.

The Godsword is capable of four different special attacks depending on the hilt attached to the blade. The hilts do not affect the swords' stat bonuses. Animations of these special attacks can be found in our Special Attacks guide.

The Zamorak Godsword is capable of the special attack, Ice Cleave, which freezes opponents for 20 seconds. The Zamorakian spear can use the special, Shove (identical to the Dragon Spear special attack) stunning your opponent for some time.

The Saradomin Godsword can perform the move, Healing Blade which restores half of your hit damage to your constitution and a quarter to your prayer, receiving a minimum of 100 life points and 5 Prayer points. Another item, the Saradomin sword can perform a special attack called Saradomin's Lightning - a magic based attack capable of 5-16 extra magic-based melee damage to the standard melee attack.

The Armadyl Godsword can carry out The Judgment special attack, inflicting 25% more damage on an opponent.

Finally, the Bandos Godsword's special attack is Warstrike, doing 10% more damage and draining the opponents combat stats to 0 in this order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged (drain amount depending on damage).

Image Name
Godsword shard 1
Godsword shard 2
Godsword shard 3
Armadyl godsword
Bandos godsword
Saradomin godsword
Zamorak godsword
6.1 - Armadyl

The following items are dropped by Kree'arra, Flockleader Geerin, Flight Kilisa, and Wingman Skree.

Image Name Requirements
Armadyl helm 70 Ranged
70 Defence
Armadyl chestplate
Armadyl chainskirt
Armadyl gloves
Armadyl boots
Armadyl buckler
Armadyl crossbow 70 Ranged
6.2 - Bandos

The following items are dropped by General Graardor, Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Grimspike, and Sergeant Steelwill.

Image Name Requirements
Bandos helmet 65 Defence
Bandos chestplate
Bandos tassets
Bandos boots
Bandos gloves
Bandos warshield
6.3 - Saradomin

The following items are dropped by Commander Zilyana, Bree, Starlight, and Growler.

Image Name Requirements
Saradomin sword 70 Attack
Saradomin's murmur None
Saradomin's hiss
Saradomin's whisper
6.4 - Zamorak

The following items are dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth, Balfrug Kreeyath, Tstanon Karlak, and Zakl'n Gritch.

Image Name Requirements
Steam battlestaff None
Zamorakian spear 70 Attack
Hood of subjugation 75 Magic
75 Defence
Garb of subjugation
Gown of subjugation
Gloves of subjugation
Boots of subjugation
Ward of subjugation
6.5 - Nex
Image Name Requirements
Zaryte bow 80 Ranged
Torva full helm 80 Strength
80 Constitution
80 Defence
Torva platebody
Torva platelegs
Torva gloves 80 Defence
Torva boots
Pernix cowl 80 Ranged
80 Defence
Pernix body
Pernix chaps
Pernix gloves 80 Defence
Pernix boots
Virtus mask 80 Magic
80 Defence
Virtus robe top
Virtus robe legs
Virtus gloves 80 Defence
Virtus boots

By wearing the full Ancient ceremonial set, you will gain access to the bank area in the Ancient Prison without the need to kill 40 Zaros followers. This is especially handy for players who want to hunt Nex regularly. Apart from that, the robes are cosmetic and have no requirements to wear. This table shows the stat bonuses of all of the items obtained from the following monsters within the Ancient Prison:

Picture Name
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of an Ancient Ceremonial Mask Ancient ceremonial mask
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of an Ancient Ceremonial Top Ancient ceremonial top
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Ancient Ceremonial Legs Ancient ceremonial legs
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Ancient ceremonial gloves Ancient ceremonial gloves
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Ancient ceremonial boots Ancient ceremonial boots
7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I use a strength or agility potion to get past the boulder?

A: Yes, but you CAN NOT use stat enhancers to gain access to any of the God encampments.

Q: Do I need a rope every time I enter the dungeon?

A: No, you only have to use the rope once with the rock at the edge of the hole into the dungeon. You do have to speak to the dying knight to do so first however.

Q: Do you have a map of the God Wars Dungeon?

A: Yes, here.

Q: Does Nex, the Zaros avatar drop a Zaros hilt?

A: No. Zaros was not in the God Wars so therefore does not have his own Godsword.

Q: Why does Ancient Ceremonial gear get dropped by Nex's minions and the Ancient mages but not have any bonuses?

A: Ancient Ceremonial Equipment was not supposed to have any bonus stats as it was meant to be 100% cosmetic for enthusiastic Zaros followers, which could be a level 3! Also, the minions only drop this equipment as Nex has too many drops, adding more would make her drop tables even more complicated.

Q: Why am I still being attacked in the Ancient Prison/Zaros area with a Zaros item? Is this a bug?!

A: This is not a bug. The monsters in this area of the dungeon attack you based on your Defence bonuses, the gear setup shown in the Nex section above is a good example of equipment that makes everything but the Ancient mages un-aggressive against your character.

Q: What items will protect from which God's troops other than their Godsword?

For Armadyl you will be protected by: The Armadyl helmet, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl godsword, and the Armadyl pendant from Temple of Ikov quest.

For Bandos: Bandos boots, Bandos tassets, Bandos chestplate, Bandos godsword, and the Ancient mace from Another Slice of H.A.M. quest. Granite mace from The Chosen Commander quest. Bandos Pool after you finish the quest As a First Resort....

For Saradomin: Saradomin Cape, Holy Symbol, Holy Book, Saradomin Armour, Saradomin Robes, Blessed Saradomin Dragonhide, Saradomin Crozier, Saradomin Cloak, Saradomin mitre, Saradomin Staff, Saradomin Stole, Saradomin mjolnir, Saradomin Sword, Saradomin godsword, and a Saradomin Owl.

For Zamorak: Zamorak Cape, Unholy Symbol, Unholy Book, Zamorak Armour, Zamorak Robes, Zamorak Top and Bottom, Blessed Zamorak Dragonhide, Zamorak Crozier, Zamorak Cloak, Zamorak mitre, Zamorak Staff, Zamorak Stole, Zamorak mjolnir, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorak godsword, and a Zamorak Hawk.

Castle wars items do not affect the aggression for Saradomin or Zamorak. If you wear one item from each of the four Gods, none of the NPCs in the Dungeon will attack you.

Q: Does the Salve Amulet work on Spiritual Creatures in the dungeon?

A: No, as explained by JaGex the monsters have faded from existence so they are not technically dead.

Q: What does the Bandos Pool from the As a First Resort... quest do?

A: After going into the Bandos Pool you are granted the Favour of Bandos, which serves as if you are wielding a Bandos item. However, the effect only lasts a little over an hour.

Q: Is there any requirement to attach a hilt to a godsword blade?

A: No, to attach a hilt to an already-smithed godsword blade does not have any level requirements. However, to smith the godsword blade out of godsword shards 1, 2, and 3, you do need level 80 Smithing. By doing so, you will earn 200 smithing experience.

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