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Credits: Myst and Mmilord

Oo'glog is a city full of female ogres. Then a woman with high dreams came and decided to turn the city into a health spa since there are multiple thermal baths which have special effects. It is also close to one of the most populated hunting areas. In order to fully take advantage of the facilities here though, one must complete the quest As a First Resort....

Special Attractions

There are 5 different spas in Oo'glog, each giving a different special effect when you bathe in it. Bathing in the Mud bath gives you a temporary increase of 8 to your Hunter level, and makes hunting slightly easier as it masks your scent. The Thermal bath has an effect similar to that of a Saradomin brew, in that it boosts your Constitution a few levels over your base level, and additionally, can cure Poison or Disease. The Salt-water spring freezes your run energy at 100% for around 20 minutes, even in areas that would normally drain it. The Sulphur sping refills and boosts your prayer points to a few levels over your base Prayer level- giving a higher boost than anything else in the game. And finally, the Bandos pool acts as if you are wearing a Bandos item at God Wars Dungeon, by keeping the Bandos monsters from attacking you for about an hour.

Eucalyptus Trees

To the west of the city are trees which are slightly slower to cut than maples but give better xp, thus making it an efficient training method.


The jungle hunter area is located just north of the city. Due to this area's popularity with red chinchompa hunters, Oo'glog is a perfect place to bank all your random event rewards and get your hunter level raised temporarily by one of the spa pools.

Charter Ship

Upon completion of As a First Resort, you are able to charter a ship to Oo'glog making it much handier for aspiring hunters to get to the hunting areas to the north.

Red Sandstone Mine

North of the city, there is a mining spot that contains Red Sandstone. This was added to the game on February 7th, 2012. This can be mined once a day, and you can receive a total of 50 pieces of Red Sandstone. If under the effect of a shooting star however, you can receive 55-65 pieces of the Sandstone. After collecting the Sandstone, you may use it on the Robust Glass Machine, which is located south, within the borders of the city. This will result in the creation of Robust Glass. With a glassblowing pipe and 89 Crafting, a player is able to craft Potion Flasks, which are vials that can hold up to 6 doses of any liquid.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Spa Bizarre

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