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Credits: Aragon

Lletya is one of the most beautiful cities in the game. It is the key city in Tirannwn, which contains a lot of helpful resources for the average player. One of the most common things in Lletya is the Fruit tree patch, used for Farming. Lletya is also a common respawn point for a Penguin, from the Distractions and Diversions Mini Game. Most people use a Elf Crystal to teleport into Tirannwn, as it's the only way of teleporting there.

Special Attractions

This bank is commonly used as it is the only bank in Tirannwn. It is also close to the teleport spawn of the Elf Crystal.


Many players take advantage of the Fruit tree patch in Lletya while Farming, as it is close to a teleport spawn and a bank.


Sometimes you are unable to buy the certain colour die you want in the Grand Exchange. In Lletya, Oronwen will sell you Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple dye for 6 gp a piece.


Upstairs, there is an altar where players can recharge prayer.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Far Away

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