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Credits: sbw2004 and Cape
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Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
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The Stronghold of Player Safety is one of the first free to play updates in 2008. Located in between Edgeville and the Barbarian Villiage, the Stronghold is a fairly simple place, with interesting rewards. The rewards include new emoticons, a bit of money, and a new training area with a few new monsters. Unlike the Stronghold of Security, there are no "doors" that ask you questions about safety. You can travel to the lower levels of the prison where the new monsters are located. Note, the objective of this mini game is to simply teach players about rule breaking and how to report rule breakers.

The prison monsters are non-aggressive. Even against a level-3 the monsters will not attack you. Therefore you do not need any armour to protect your items.

To begin, the player will have enter through the cellar door on the west side of the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence. Players will not be able to enter through the exam center until he or she has passed the exam. Also, players will not be able to enter the prison through the rift until he or she has climbed up through the rift by the rope on the top floor of the prison.

2.0 - The New Prison

As the RuneScape Knowledge Base tells, "a prison was once built beneath the earth but was lost to time. As the guards grew bored and wandered off, the strange creatures made it their home. In modern times, it has been rediscovered, and has become a place of education. Above the prison is the Misthalin Training Center of Excellence. Attached is a new prison, where gublinch crowd the cells."

2.1 - The Gublinch Cells
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The only way to start this mini quest is to enter through the cellar entrance. Once inside, you will see many gublinch inside of their own cells. Before a recent update occurred, players had to find the reasoning as to why each gublinch was imprisoned (the reasons had to do with breaking various RuneScape rules). Now this is no longer a requirement.

Once you're done enjoying the scenery, you will need to talk to the guard near the end of the jail. The guard explains how to use the 'Report Abuse' function and what it does. After the explanation is over he will give you access to a new area: The Misthalin Training Center of Excellence.

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2.2 - The Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence
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After talking to the guard you will be able to access the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence. This room contains various students who are taking an exam. Players used to have to take the exam as well, but a recent update changed that. Now this room's purpose is for speaking to Professor Henry. He tells you that cockroaches have overrun the dungeon below, and that it may be a good idea for you to investigate. Professor Henry will tell you that there's a hidden entrance leading into the dungeon that's behind a poster in the jail below.

2.3 - Stronghold of Player Safety Dungeon
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The entrance to the Stronghold of Player Safety Dungeon is behind a poster in the new prison - where the gublinch cells were. Walking through the tunnel, you will arrive on the middle floor of the old prison. Initially, the old prison doesn't look to much different from any prison that would let its prisoners control the place. The player is met by many non-aggressive muggers at the entrance. Venturing further into the dungeon, the player will see that the cockroach drones have dug many caves. To the east is a small network of caves dug out by the cockroaches, and inhabited by the larger, more dangerous workers.

Around this floor are many stairways. Most of the stairs head to the bottom floor, but one staircase heads to the top floor. If you wish to go to the top floor head for the north-east corner. The easiest way is to take the first stairs you come to near the entrance - these will take you to the bottom floor. From the bottom floor, you can cross to the east side to save a little time traveling. Head up these stairs and continue on toward the north-east corner.

At the north-east corner is a door. The door is "magically" locked. The player must find a lever somewhere in the dungeon to unlock this secret area. On the top floor, in the same room as the rope exit, is a lever. By pulling the lever the player can unlock or lock the door. Behind this door lies a treasure chest filled with a pair of safety gloves, two experience lamps, and 10,000 gp.

The Stronghold of Player Safety Dungeon is a great place to train with friends due to the fact that many of the higher-level cockroaches are in a multi-way zone. These Cockroach Soldiers use a variety of attack styles though so beware.

3.0 - Monsters

Throughout the Stronghold of Player Security Dungeon are cockroaches of different levels. While some may be easily defeated, others will require decent armour to overcome. Food and armour are a definite requirement if this location is going to be used for quick experience. The following are some of the newest monsters to appear on RuneScape following this update:

4.0 - Rewards

The rewards you recieve for finishing all of the tasks in the stronghold are two antique lamps which give 500xp to a skill of your choice, 10,000gp, a pair of gloves and the 'safety first' emote. They are obtained by opening the chest in the dungeon of the Stronghold.

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