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1.0 - Introduction

After thousands of years of having to run after tomb raiders to retrieve stolen gold, an ancient guardian mummy has recently opened a pyramid in Sophanem for brave adventurers to plunder. Ridden with traps, this pyramid is very dangerous, but may also provide great rewards. A select few may even find an ancient sceptre that allows one to teleport to the three pyramids of the Kharidian desert!
The pyramid is located in Sophanem. To get to Sophanem, make your way through the Shantay Pass. From here, you have a few options. You can: walk south to Sophanem, or use Ali Morrisane's flying carpet to fly to Pollnivneach. Then, you can fly to Sophanem for a fee of 200 coins, unless you have your Ring of Charos (a) to reduce the cost of magic carpet rides. If you decide to walk all the way, it is recommended to bring the right supplies with you: desert clothes and a waterskin.
Note: This is a dangerous mini game; you will lose your items if you die.

2.0 - Requirements and recommendations
Requirements: Recommendations:

The following inventory is useful for higher level thieves and you may need more or less food than pictured; the more you take, the longer you will last, but the less you can carry. The anti-poison potions are not necessary if you have completed The Great Brain Robbery quest and use a Holy Symbol and the prayer book to cure poison by reciting the prayer. This takes one prayer point, which can be recharged at the altar south-west of the pyramid. You should experiment to see what works best for you.

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A fair amount of anti-poison potions, and a few portions of decent food. Two 4-dose super anti-poison potions do well and they last you at least 8 runs. Best food is monkfish, as it's not that expensive and heals a lot. Take 2 super anti-poison potions 4 dose and 24 monkfish, this is the most effective inventory. Also, lockpicks may prove useful for picking the locks on the doors between chambers but will only decrease the experience you get out of doors, so don't take one.

Completing the quest Contact! will give you access to a bank a few steps from the pyramid. This is necessary for faster times of banking and preparing for the next round. Consider taking a knife and waterskin if you want to sell your loot to Simon Templeton immediately after finishing a round of looting. Don't take armour, as it'll just slow you down.
If you have reached a certain stage in Dealing with Scabaras, and talked to the Guardian Mummy, you will be able to sell Simon Templeton noted artefacts from the pyramid. This is highly recommended as you can make one trip instead of several.
When you have completed all of the Seers' Village Diary, you will be able to turn your normal Excalibur into an Enchanced Excalibur. When the special is used, you will receive 40 life points every 2 seconds. Overall, in 10 seconds you will regain 200 life points. The special will recharge in the 5 minutes you spend plundering, so you will be able to use it before you start another round.
If you have 68 Summoning, then you have the ability to infuse Bunyip pouches. They will restore you 20 life points regularly, saving you money versus buying food. Also, you will be able to plunder longer with a Bunyip, instead of having to bank constantly.

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3.0 - Getting started
Zybez RuneScape Help's Start Game Image

Once you have your gear ready, go to Sophanem. The pyramid has four doors but only one leads to the Guardian Mummy who will be standing in the centre of the chamber. Speak to the Guardian Mummy to learn how the game works, then right-click on him to enter the game.

Once you enter the pyramid, you will see a speartrap found in the hallway leading from the doorway you came through to the rest of the tomb. Click on the wall to try and disarm the trap. You may not be successful and take some damage, but there is no poison on the spears.

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4.0 - How to Play

In the pyramid, there are 8 rooms in total, in increments of 10 required thieving levels. The first room requires level 21; the last takes level 91 thieving to enter. Each room has several urns, a chest and a sarcophagus for you to loot. Search the urns, never check the snakes, as that is a waste of experience.
The chest may contain poisonous Scarabs (lvl 98), and the sarcophagus may hold a powerful Mummy (lvl 84). Therefore, don't bother opening the sarcophagus at all, and only open the gold chest right before you're about to leave a room.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Check Snakes Image

Even though scarabs hit multiple hits in a short time, they are not too accurate. Using a prayer against melee attacks is recommended as prayer can be recharged at the altar to the southwest of the pyramid. Scarabs are capable of hitting you if your defence is low or if you are not wearing any armour. Be sure to only open the chest directly before leaving that room.

You will have 5 minutes to loot the pyramid. You can see which room you are in and how much time you have left by looking at either the time bar or hourglass. Once your five minutes are up you will be transported outside the Pyramid.

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5.0 - Strategy

Once you get an easy to follow strategy down for Pyramid Plunder, you'll find that the experience just starts rolling in. First off, it's really best to only do two rooms. In those two rooms, it is suggested that you search all the urns. Just skipping checking for snakes and charming them. If you fail try again. If you keep failing, you may move on, as this can be aggravating.
For instance if you are 75 thieving, do the level 61 room and the level 71 room. In the 21, 31, 41 and 51 rooms, open up the gold chest and then pick the locks on the doors until you get to the room desired. As you go on to higher levels the artefacts that you can receive become better. In the beginning you will find mostly pottery artefacts and ivory combs but as you continue on you will find stone items and and then gold.
It is always best to bring a full inventory of sharks for the fastest experience, but that can be costly, so if you are trying to save cash, it's fine to stick with lobsters or monkfish. If you are power training, just drop all the artefacts, as this will save a bunch of time. However, always keep a Pharaoh Spectre if you get one. They can sell for lots of cash to other players. You could even use it to get back to the pyramid faster after re-loading your inventory.

Pyramid Level
(Thieving Required)
XP per Hour XP per Game
1(21) 8-10k 800
2(31) 18-20k 1,800
3(41) 25-30k 2,500
4(51) 45-50k 4,500
5(61) 50-80k 7,000
6(71) 100-120k 10,000
7(81) 150-180k 15,000
8(91) 200-240k 20,000
6.0 - Rewards
Room Thieving Level Thieving EXP per Chest Looted Strength EXP per Sarcophagus Looted Thieving EXP per Urn Checked Thieving EXP per Urn Looted Thieving EXP per Door Opened Without Lockpick Thieving EXP per Door Opened With Lockpick
1 21 40 20 40 60 40 20
2 31 60 30 60 90 60 30
3 41 100 50 100 150 100 50
4 51 140 70 140 215 140 70
5 61 200 100 200 300 200 100
6 71 300 150 300 450 300 150
7 81 450 225 450 675 450 225
8 91 550 275 550 825 -- --

You receive 10 thieving exp when you disable the spear trap in front of each room. The rewards from the mini game are a variety of items you can sell to Simon Templeton, who is located at the Agility Pyramid. The better the item, the more money you'll get for it. The major item you can steal is a Pharaoh's sceptre, which, when charged, can teleport you to the three major pyramids in the desert. Of course, you will also get thieving experience for successfully looting the urns, chest and sarcophagus. It's a nice change from pick-pocketing NPCs, though it is more dangerous and the overall rewards are not so great.

To get the best money out of the items you loot, after each run, dump the lowest money giver you found and keep the highest, and continue doing runs until you either run out of food, anti-poison potions or your inventory is full of the best items you can get. Then sell those items to Simon Templeton.

Picture (Name) Value Picture (Name) Value Picture (Name) Value
Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Ivory comb
50 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Pottery scarab
75 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Pottery statuette
Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Stone seal
150 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Stone scarab
175 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Stone statuette
Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Gold seal
750 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Golden scarab
1000 Zybez Runescape Help's image Artefact Image
Golden statuette

The best chance to get the Pharaoh's Sceptre is to steal from the chests and sarcophagi in each of the rooms. It is suggested that you only thieve the chests and sarcophagi when you are about to leave the rooms as there is a chance monsters will appear and attack you. There is a better chance of getting it in higher level rooms, although you can get it in the lower level rooms as well.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Pharaoh's sceptre Image

What's so special about this Pharaoh's sceptre you may ask? Well, besides looking pretty, it will allow you to teleport to any of the 3 major pyramids in the desert: Jaleustrophos, which is the Agility Pyramid; Jaldraocht, which is Azzanadra's Pyramid; and Jalsavrah: the Pyramid Plunder Pyramid. The sceptre only has 3 charges; after you consume them all, you will need to get some more artefacts and give them to the guardian mummy to recharge it. To recharge the Sceptre you will need either 24 pottery/ivory artefacts, 12 stone artefacts or 6 gold artefacts. The sceptre is handy for selling your artefacts to Simon Templeton, who is located at the Agility Pyramid.

7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why can I not enter Sophanem?

A: If you have started Icthlarin's Little Helper, you can enter by going through the cave near the quest start location. If you have finished the quest, try opening the gate. If that fails, talk to the guards, and if that too fails, try entering through the aforementioned cave.

Q: Should I complete the quest 'Contact!'?

A: Yes, finishing Contact! is really useful afterwards for training in the Pyramid Plunder. There is a bank under the most north-east building, just climb down the ladder. Also this quest gives you a chance to use the altar, which is located at the start and end point of Contact!.

Q: Is it worth buying the Sceptre before starting plundering?

A: It is recommended, as you can easily teleport to the Guardian Mummy, if you're not near the pyramid and is also effective if you don't want to waste your time searching the right door.

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