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Credits: Tzu Men and Dan Man
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1.0 - Introduction

The Fight Pits is a combat-based mini game that focuses on multi-combat fighting. The idealistic goal of the game is to fight to the last man standing, however you can fight as a team and then mutiny on one another, or stand-alone and take out anyone who get in your way. Other than the winner being the last person alive, there are no rules; it is a free for all game that any player can take part in. Winning a round of the Fight Pits is also a task necessary to complete the Hard section of the Karamja Achievement Diary.

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2.0 - Interface
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Zybez RuneScape Help's Waiting room Key Waiting Room and Control Orb

The mini game takes place in the TzHaar city (under Karamja volcano) and is west from the bank and Fight Caves mini game.

The game is safe so you won't lose any items when you die. Be sure to bring your best fighting equipment for melee, magic or range, and at the same time bringing all three or a combination can be a successful strategy. Using equipment such as defenders, stat-boosting amulets and Fremennik helmets are common choices. The only weapon that can't be taken into the game is a dwarf multi-cannon.

The Fight Pits has a waiting room you stay in as the previous game finishes, and you will enter the game after several minutes if enough players are present. In the waiting room there is a viewing orb that can be used to see five different spots in the arena, this allows you to view the game while waiting for others to end. It is also where you will be sent if you aren't the last person to survive, which is entertaining and useful if you want to help your friends or wait for the next game. If you grow bored of the game, you can leave at any time via the heat barrier to the very north of the Arena. You control the angle of the orb as you normally do with cursor keys as you select the five different positions with an interface to the right. While you are viewing with the orb you can communicate with players in the fight pit, you could to point out to a friend in the game where someone is hiding, or warn a lower level of incoming trouble.

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3.0 - Gameplay

If no combat occurs for a long enough period of time, the TzHaar will release three types of monster into the pit to hurry you up. These monsters are also used in the Fight Caves, they are: Tz-Kih (level 22), Tz-Kek (level 45) and Tok-Xil (level 90); they will disappear and stop coming once the current game ends. If this doesn't manage to finish you off fast enough, all players receive 1 damage constantly until a champion is found. Notably the Tz-Kek does not split into two smaller foes like their counterparts in the Fight Caves.

If you manage to win the game by killing all the competition, your name will be called out by a TzHaar near the waiting room and a red skull (very similar to the former wilderness skull), will appear above your head. This indicates to other players that you are the current champion. Your name will also appear at the top of the screen preceded by "JalYt-Ket" if you are strongest in melee skill, "JalYt-Xil" if you are a talented ranger, "JalYt-Mej" if magic is your speciality, and "JalYt-Hur" if your strength and defence are below several other skills. The longer you survive in the game the more tokkul you will receive as a reward. How much tokkul you receive depends on how many other players there were, and their combat levels. As the champion when the next game starts, your constitution and Prayer will not regenerate making it harder to survive. If you decide to re-enter the waiting room you will receive your tokkul, but not as much as you could have got if you had carried on fighting.

4.0 - Strategies
4.1 - Increasing your chances

Butterflies caught through Hunter can be a useful resource when used properly with a team. Whilst playing the game with your group, use jars of them on players you select. You may also want to provide some to your team so they can assist you when you need it too, as when you boost other people, it doesn't boost yourself. They can match a superset and save you a lot of money. They can be released anywhere in the pits, considering it is a multi-combat zone, but to make sure they aren't going to waste, put yours and your teams accept aid on. Potions can be a substitute for butterflies, but are expensive and wasteful considering other things they could be used towards. Special Attacks that increase stats are helpful, and lower the number of potions or butterflies you may need. They also tend to pay off more in the long run than using your special bar to attack others. Poisoned weapons are also helpful at draining peoples health, especially considering not many people bother to take anti-poisons with them. Using Summoning skill to bring forth familiars capable of fighting opponents is helpful as well. It is a good idea to use a familiar in the mini game that attacks with a different combat style to your own preference, so that you have a higher chance of dealing damage regardless of a player's defence to your style. Many familiars can also be useful to perform certain attacks on players, such as paralysing moves that prevent enemies from moving.

4.2 - Commonly used tactics

Groups of people often pile up on solo players, however you can survive this if you are strong enough to kill them all, but most likely you will want to make a team of your own or join an existing team. Another constant threat are the players who will use Ancient Magicks ice spells on you, so to avoid being killed as a team, split up attack from all sides, and put on the protect from magic prayer. This is when taking a dragonhide top can pay off. A few players take advantage of the large arena and go off and hide around the edges; then when other players are weak from fighting it out they emerge and kill everyone. Some weaker players do this as well to avoid dying early on. You can spot them by paying attention to the number of players left, shown to you at the top of the interface - you can often tell by someone screaming "Hiders!" from the viewing orb. However, if they hide too long they will most likely be attacked by the TzHaar and be killed that way.

4.3 - Tips for teams

The fight pits make for fun clan events, and being with one means you will be able to trust people as a team and you will not have to worry about being bumped off. It would also be wise to plan ahead and bring wilderness team capes to avoid accidentally attacking your clan mates. If your team has eliminated all the competition, you could always choose a winner each round so everyone receives a fair share of tokkul, and by leaving the game or turning auto retaliate off against them means that they have better chances of winning again next round. Adding all of your team to your friends list will make it easier to differ from friend and foe, and is also good if you aren't familiar with some people from your team or clan.

5.0 - Rewards

If you are the winner of Fight Pits, you will be given a red skull. After becoming the winner, you have two options. You can choose to stay inside and not leave the arena. By doing this, you will not be healed and your prayer and summoning levels would not be restored. Also, you will not get the tokkuls until you leave or die. However, doing this will allow you to win even more tokkuls should you win for a second straight time. The other option you can take is to leave the arena and go to the waiting area. If you do this, your stats will be restored for the next round. You will also get the tokkuls once you leave.

6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I don't want to be teamed on, where can I fight people 1 vs 1?

A: You will have to have one on one matches at the Duel Arena.

Q: Will I lose my items if I die?

A: This mini game is safe which means you will not lose your items.

Q: Are Tokkul tradable?

A: No, they can only be used to buy from shops in the TzHaar city. Due to the September 2nd, 2009 update, you can no longer receive a discount with the Karamja gloves from the Easy Achievement Diary.

Q: Do you get the Fire Cape if you win?

A: No, this is unlocked by winning the Fight Caves mini game just east of the Fight Pit.

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