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In order to start this Achievement Diary, you must speak to either Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven, Kaleb Paramaya in Shilo Village, or one of the Jungle Foresters near the Kharazi Jungle.

Stats 15 Agility, 40 Mining
Items 60 Coins, Pickaxe, Gear for defeating a Jogre, Harpoon (or Lobster Cage)
Medium Quests Dragon Slayer, Grand Tree, The, Jungle Potion, Monkey Madness, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Stats 40 Agility, 16 Cooking, 27 Farming, 66 Fishing, 41 Hunter, 40 Mining, 50 Woodcutting
Items ~6,000 Coins, Hatchet, Any fruit tree sapling, Machete, Small fishing net, Knife, Karambwan vessel, Gout tuber, Teasing stick, 3 Opals (Jades or Red Topaz works as well)
Hard Quests Legends' Quest, Shilo Village
Stats 53 Agility, 30 Cooking, 52 Mining, 42 Ranged, 44 Runecrafting, 50 Slayer
Items Crossbow, Palm Leaf, 1 Pure Essence, Lockpick, Mith grapple, Nature talisman (or Nature tiara), Gear for defeating a Metal Dragon, Gear to last until and defeat a Ket-Zek
Elite Quests Rune Mysteries, Wolf Whistle, Shilo Village
Stats 74 Agility, 80 Cooking, 63 Herblore, 91 Runecrafting, 50 Slayer, 95 Summoning
Items Nature talisman (or Nature tiara), Box trap, Vial of water, Red spiders' eggs, Clean snapdragon, Raw shark, Chameleon, Gear for doing Fight Caves.
1.0 - Easy Tasks
Name Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Five a Day Pick 5 bananas from the plantation located east of the volcano. None Go to the banana plantation and pick 5 bananas off a banana tree.
I'm Lichen This! Use the rope swing to travel to the small island north-west of Karamja, where the Moss Giants are. 10 Agility Go to the west of Brimhaven and use the rope swings to get to the island and back.
Golden Shores Mine some gold from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja. 40 Mining Go to the gold mine just north-east of the moss giant island and mine a gold ore.
Put to Port in Port Sarim Travel to Port Sarim via the dock, east of Musa Point. None Take the ship from the east Karamja docks to Port Sarim.
Avast Ardougne! Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven. None Take the ship from Brimhaven to Ardougne.
Show That You Cairn Explore Cairn Island to the west of Karamja. 15 Agility Cross the bridge to Cairn Island.
Fruity Catch Use the Fishing spots north of the banana plantation. None Fish any type of fish you want from the docks.
Beachcomber Collect 5 seaweed from anywhere on Karamja. None There are multiple seaweed spawns north and west of Tai Bwo Wannai village. If you find one, you can drop it and pick it up again another four times to save time waiting for it to respawn.
Tzhaar Wars Attempt the TzHaar Fight Pits or Fight Cave. None Enter the Fight Caves within The TzHaar and exit without attacking anything.
It's a Jungle Ogre Kill a Jogre in the Pothole dungeon. None Enter the Pothole Dungeon north of Tai Bwo Wannai, next to the harpy bug swarms.
2.0 - Medium Tasks
Name Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Just the Ticket Claim a ticket from the Agility arena in Brimhaven. 40 Agility In the hut in the north-east of Brimhaven, pay 200 coins to enter the Brimhaven Agility Arena and collect an agility ticket.
Back Cran-door Discover hidden wall in the dungeon below the volcano. Dragon Slayer Enter the Karamja Volcano and click on the fake wall to the north of the Deadly red spiders.
Dungeons and Dragons Visit the Isle of Crandor via the dungeon below the volcano. Dragon Slayer Travel through the Karamja Volcano tunnel to Crandor.
Horseless Carriage Use Vigroy and Hajedy's cart service. Shilo Village Visit Vigroy, west of the Shilo Village Bank, and pay him for a ticket to Brimhaven.
They Like Me! They Really Like Me! Earn 100% favour in the village of Tai Bwo Wannai. Jungle Potion
10 Woodcutting
Go to Tai Bwo Wannai and play Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. Keep hacking the jungle, repairing fences, or killing threats until you have 100% favour.
Arachnphagia Cook a spider on a stick. 16 Cooking Attack a Jungle Spider while playing Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. Make a skewer by using a machete with a thatch spar. Use the skewered spider with the fire, and cook over a fire.
Thank You, Madam Charter the Lady of the Waves from Cairn Isle to Port Khazard. Shilo Village Go to Shilo Village and climb up the stairs in the fishing shop. Talk to Seravel and charter the ship to Port Khazard. The ship is located just south of Cairn Isle (see map).
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay Cut a log from a teak tree. 35 Woodcutting Get 100 trading sticks from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup and enter the enclosed area market by the tree symbol. Once inside, cut down one teak tree. While you are here, also cut down a mahogany tree for the next task. Or, if you have completed Legends quest you can cut down both trees in the Khazari Jungle for free.
I Sleep All Nights and I Work All Day Cut a log from a mahogany tree. 50 Woodcutting Same as above, only cut down a mahogany tree this time.
To Catch a Karambwan Catch a karambwan. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
65 Fishing
Make sure you have some karambwanji with you. Using the vessel from Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, go to the fishing spots northeast of Karamja. Use the vessel and the karambwanji to catch at least one karambwan.
That's Not a Knife... Exchange gems for a machete. Jungle Potion Obtain a gout tuber and 3 semiprecious gems and take them to Safta Doc in exchange for a machete of the gem type you have. You will also need a certain amount of trading sticks obtained from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame.
Falling With Style Use the gnome glider to travel to Karamja. Grand Tree, The Go to the peninsula east of Shilo Village (see map), and ask the gnome to take you to the Grand Tree. Once you arrive, simply take the glider back to Karamja.
Scourge of Scurvy Grow a healthy fruit tree in the patch near Brimhaven. 27 Farming Go to the farming plot north of Brimhaven, just south of the docks. Grow a fruit tree using the Farming skill.
Hunters of the Horned Graahk Trap a horned graahk. 41 Hunter Go to the Hunter area south of Tai Bwo Wannai, and trap a Horned graahk using a Pitfall trap. To trap a Horned graahk, use a teasing stick on it, jump the pit, and wait for the graahk to fall in.
The Roots of All Evil Chop the vines to gain deeper access to Brimhaven Dungeon. 10 Woodcutting Go to the just south of Brimhaven, and pay Saniboch 875 coins to enter the Brimhaven Dungeon. Use a woodcutting axe to chop the vine near the entrance into the dungeon. Stay in the dungeon for the next step.
Hotfooting It Cross the lava using the stepping stones within Brimhaven Dungeon. None See above to enter the Brimhaven Dungeon. Go straight until you reach the stepping stones across the lava. Go across them, but be warned, you may fail.
Stairway to Haven Climb the stairs within Brimhaven Dungeon. 12 Agility See above to enter the Brimhaven Dungeon. Go south until you reach the stairs. Go up them, and then come back down and leave the dungeon.
Shipping Out From the Shipyard Charter a ship from the Shipyard in the far east of Karamja. Grand Tree, The
Monkey Madness
Go to the Shipyard in the far east of Karamja, and head to the southern docks. Charter a ship to anywhere.
Romancing the Stone Mine a red topaz from a gem rock. Shilo Village
40 Mining
Go to the mine in the north-west corner of Shilo Village and mine the gem rocks until you get a red topaz.
3.0 - Hard Tasks
Name Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
Flawless Victory Become the Champion of the Fight Pits. None Take a friend to an empty world and enter the fight pits within The TzHaar. Have your friend let you win, and you will be champion.
Play Dead, Doggy Successfully kill a Ket-Zek in the Fight Caves. None Go into The TzHaar city under the volcano, then enter the Fight Caves, be prepared and follow our Fight Caves guide. The Ket-zek is one of the last monsters in the minigame.
I'd Be Kharazi to Eat This Eat an oomlie wrap. Legends' Quest Kill an Oomlie bird in the Kharazi Jungle, wrap the meat in a palm leaf and cook.
At One With Nature Craft some nature runes. 44 Runecrafting Take one pure essence and a nature talisman and craft the runes using the nature altar just north of Shilo Village (see map).
Drop It Like It's Hot Cook a karambwan thoroughly. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
30 Cooking
Use the karambwan you caught earlier on a fire or range.
Deadwing Kill a deathwing in the dungeon under the Kharazi Jungle. Legends' Quest
15 Woodcutting
50 Agility
50 Strength
50 Thieving
52 Mining
Enter the Kharazi Jungle Caves, taking a pickaxe and several lockpicks with you to get past the obstacles. Then kill a deathwing in the first chamber after the corridor with boulders.
Quick As a Shot Use the crossbow shortcut south of the volcano. 53 Agility
42 Ranged
21 Strength
Equip a mith grapple and a mith or better crossbow and grapple across the water.
A Palm For Each Finger Collect 5 palm leaves. Legends' Quest
15 Woodcutting
Shake leafy trees in the Kharazi Jungle to collect them, it's a good idea to get an extra one while you are there to cook an Oomlie bird in.
Yes, My Master Be assigned a Slayer task by Duradel in Shilo Village. Level 100 combat
50 Slayer
If you have reached 100 combat and level 50 slayer, speak to Duradel in Shilo Village, make sure you have completed any other tasks beforehand.
Can Opener Kill a metal dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon. 12 Agility
34 Woodcutting
See the Zybez guide to the Brimhaven Dungeon for an in-depth explanation on killing Metal dragons.
4.0 - Elite Tasks
Name Map Task Requirement Strategy Complete
At One Plus Fifty-Five With Nature Craft 56 or more nature runes simultaneously. Rune Mysteries
91 Runecrafting
Head to the Nature altar on Karamja Island and make 56 Nature runes.
The Power of Lava Equip a Tzhaar fire cape while standing within TzHaar city. None Head down the Karamja Volcano and through the entrance to TzHaar and equip a fire cape.
Boxing Clever Box trap a monkey on Karamja. Wolf Whistle
95 Summoning
Head to Karamja jungle with a box trap and catch a Monkey.
It's a Snap Create a super restore potion while in Brimhaven - purchase a snapdragon from Pirate Jackie the Fruit. 40 Agility
63 Herblore
  1. Buy a Clean snapdragon from Pirate Jackie the Fruit.
  2. Combine a Vial of water and a Clean snapdragon into an Unfinished potion.
  3. Put Red spiders' eggs into the Unfinished potion to make a Super Restore.
Crunchy Coating Cook a shark on a sulphur vent. 80 Cooking Head down the Karamja Volcano and through the entrance to TzHaar and cook a Raw shark.
Walkies Take your chameleon for a walk around Cairn Isle to see its egg-home. 90 Summoning Head to Cairn Isle and take your Chameleon in your inventory. Once at Cairn Isle, summon the pet and walk around.
Tread Carefully Use the stepping stone shortcut across the river in Shilo Village. Shilo Village
74 Agility
Head to Shilo Village and cross the stepping stone shortcut..
Ten in a Row Earn 75+ Slayer points from a single slayer task assigned by Lapalok. While Guthix Sleeps
50 Slayer
After completing a task from Lapalok, if the total amount of tasks completed is a multiple of 10..
5.0 - Rewards

You get two items per completion of each set of tasks. The easy tasks give a 1,000 experience lamp and Karamja gloves 1. The medium tasks give a 5,000 experience lamp and Karamja gloves 2. The hard tasks give a 10,000 experience lamp and Karamja gloves 3. The elite tasks give 2 55,000 experience lamps, 1 30,000 experience lamp and Karamja gloves 4. The rewards for the gloves all build on the previous set. These gloves can be obtained from Pirate Jackie the Fruit, Kaleb Paramaya, or a Jungle forester after finishing all the tasks in a certain level (depends on which task you complete to who you need to talk to). They will be replaced free of charge, should you lose them. You just have to ask the people you got the gloves from.

    Karamja gloves 1 Show/Hide
    Karamja gloves 2 (in addition to version 1) Show/Hide
    Karamja gloves 3 (in addition to version 1 and 2) Show/Hide
    Karamja gloves 4 (in addition to version 1, 2, and 3) Show/Hide
Picture Name Item Stats
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Karamja gloves 1 Karamja gloves 1 Attack Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Defence Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Other Strength: +1
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Karamja gloves 2 Karamja gloves 2 Attack Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Defence Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Other Strength: +1
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Karamja gloves 3 Karamja gloves 3 Attack Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Defence Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Other Strength: +1
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Karamja gloves 4 Karamja gloves 4 Attack Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Defence Stab: +1, Slash: +1, Crush: +1, Magic: +1, Range: +1
Other Strength: +1

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