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Credits: Mmilord, Shadow Hunter, and Ryu Kenshi
Zybez RuneScape Help's map of Clan Wars
Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

Clan Wars is a mini game available to both free to play and members where your clan has to defeat the other in an all out battle to victory. Work together with your team and you will be able to gain bragging rights.

To win this mini game you will have to utilize and take full use of your team to win. Having a well balanced clan of melee, mage, and ranged players will prove an advantage to you. Clan wars is a safe mini game unless an option is selected to allow loss of items upon death, meaning you can wear your best and most expensive equipment and not worry about losing them on death.

Clan Wars is located in the Gamers' Grotto north of Falador. Enter the cave and head east to find the lobby, along with a bank chest where you can access all your equipment. Clan Wars is available on all worlds, meaning less world-hopping to specific worlds. However, world 17 is where you can find the biggest team action.

Lingo Description
Main Pile Your clan's pile which has the most people on it for a faster kill.
Tanking A player who can hold off the other clans main pile for a long period of time. People who last long are often referred to as "tanks".
Deathdot Deathdot (DD for short) is to form on one spot (usually by using the 'Walk on' click or using the minimap). This is used at the beginning of the fight in order for a clan to be organized and be on the same pile. When the opposing clan rushes at you, you should aim to have a pile already set out for a fast kill.
Prayer Prayer is used to enhance your tanking. In free to play fights, you'd often use protect from melee and in members fights most likely magic due to barragers. It is essential for you to figure out what style of attack the opposing clan is attacking with and switch prayers accordingly.
Fall in A fall in is a ranked official of a clan telling players to follow him/her. When your clan gets disorganized, doing this will help maintain everyone and choose a new target for a new main pile and of course, a quicker kill. It is also smart to do this when your clan finishes off a pile in order to not get players running off thus being more organized.
Hugging To hug is to get around a wall or rocks in order to shake the main pile off of you and gather more time for you to eat.
Hybrids A hybrid changes from melee gear to mage gear (preferably mage gear that has a positive mage attack bonus). The hybrid helps to bind the main pile so he/she does not move. The best hybrid gear to keep in your inventory is Druidic Robes from the Fists of Guthix mini game. An alternative can be a regular wizard robe set that can be bought at places such as Thessalia's Clothing Shop. In pay to play, hybrid is slightly different. They still do change from regular to magic gear but binding is not as useful in pay to play as it is in free to play fights due to more advanced gear. That is why barraging/blitzing is important in members fights as it acts as a bind - but stronger.
Sniping Sniping (attacking) is often used in free to play fights. When a leader calls a fall in, the player attacks the leader in order to frustrate him into calling a bad pile. Often the fall in leader does get frustrated and MAY pile you (remember to hug and pray). If a leader has called a pile and a hybrid is binding, someone would most likely say, "snipe their hybrids" in order to stop binding and help the player tank better.
Transitioning To transition is to switch piles quickly from one to another expecting to get a quicker kill or a knock out.
2.0 - Going Into Battle
Zybez RuneScape Help's picture of Clan wars

The only requirements to play Clan Wars are to be in a clan chat and to be inside the waiting room area. If you personally wish to do more for your clan, and you have the Captain rank or higher in the clan's chat, then you can declare on other clans yourself, and lead your team to war! Before the fight begins, there is a wall in the middle of the battlefield separating the two teams. The upper right hand corner of your screen will tell you how long until the war begins (on the left in Runescape High Detail. Note: Playing on Runescape High Detail with all the features MAY lag). When this timer reaches 0 seconds, the wall will drop into the floor and you will be able to attack your opponents.

Also in the upper left hand corner you can find: the name of your clan and the amount of players left on the battlefield for your clan. Under your clan information is your opponents clan information. Theirs will always be listed as "Opposing clan" regardless of their name.

3.0 - Interface

Below are the interface for setting up a clan was fight between clans. After challenging another player, an interface pops up with many options.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Of Interface
First Team to... - Knock-out(No run-ins) / 25 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 750 / 1000 / 2500 / 5000 / 10000 / Most kill at end
In knock-out mode, the arena is closed once the battle begins, and no-one may enter or re-enter the fight. The last surviving clan wins.
Stragglers - Kill 'em all / Ignore 5
Time limit - 0:05 / 0:10 / 0:30 / 1:00 / 1:30 / 2:00 / 2:30 / 3:00 / 4:00 / 5:00 / 6:00 / 8:00 / No limit
On death you keep your items (Yes/No)
Combat Rules - Here you can choose what styles of combat you wish to use. You can choose from allowing melee, magic, range, prayer, summoning, use of food, or the use potions.

Clan Wars Classic - A varied landscape littered with lava pits, crumbled walls and dead trees.
Plateau - A barren plateau rising from a sea of lava. Very few obstacles.
Forsaken quarry - An abandoned mine featuring low obstacles such as rocks and puddles.
Blasted forest - A dead forest featuring high obstacles such as trees.
Turrets - Small turrets are scattered around this battlefield. Good for sniping.

4.0 - Understanding RSC's Standards
Zybez RuneScape Help's Picture of a Wilderness Deathmarch

Over time, Runescape Community has gained much popularity in being one of the finest forums around, if not the best. Through Clan Discussion, the most beastly clans have been seen on the battlefield; from the Wilderness all the way to the Clan Wars arena. The difference between clans and teams is that the communication is very much different. A "clan" in World 17 could easily break up after a successful day because they are not stable - players who go to World 17 are most likely looking for some fun but not to return again. For serious clanners, Runescape clans that have evolved out of Runescape Boards (RSB) have much better communication due to having their own forums and creating a family-like clan. In fights, these clans use communication devices over microphones to choose who to pile and to keep order within the clan. In a Clan Discussion topic in Runescape Community, all but one or two clans did not use Teamspeak or Ventrilo. Runescape Community has also shown their outstanding ability in the past as well - with the MSSSW wars whereas almost every time RSC has won. In the recent Fight Pits event, RSB Vs. RSC, a ~1000 man event, RSC won with less than 300 because of its superiority in communication.

5.0 - Finding a Real Clan

Now that you have learned the difference between clans and teams - you will be wondering where your place is. Are you tired of those fights with the minimal ten player clans? What you can do is come stop by Zybez's Great Hall subforum. There are many clans to choose from and the Looking for a Clan subforum is active daily for players in need of more clan members, just like you!

5.1 - Free to Play Gear
Zybez RuneScape Help's Gear Picture
The above is a picture of a melee/hybrid player's gear and inventory picture. The inventory has Druidic Robes that are obtained from the Fists of Guthix mini game and if all the pieces are used in unison they give you +16 magic bonus which may be reduced if you have Rune Gloves and the Rune Berserker Shield (these items are from Fists of Guthix as well, can be replaced by Green D' Hide Vambraces and Rune Kiteshield). The Green D' Hide top and the staff is there to make binds not prevent you from tanking. The staff and the top does give you defence magic bonus and will help immensely against mages/hybrids.
Anchovy Pizzas
Anchovy Pizzas are the best type of food in free to play for 2 reasons. They give you 180 life points if you eat both slices and are the fastest to eat. You may want to set them up in a form that is comfortable and easy to click on. The way you eat Anchovy Pizzas is to click down the row and only eat your first halves (because they do not give you food lag and eat quicker than any other F2P foods) and if you're safe from being killed, then use your second halves (however, these eat slower).
Explorer Ring
The Explorer Ring is from the Lumbridge/Draynor Diary and if completed, gives 3 charges to restore run energy by 50% which will be a grand total of 150% energy you can utilize to your advantage (ring recharges every 24 hours). Although, the ring cannot stack run energy so use it when you have low run energy.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Ranged Gear Picture
Once again, you have all the basics such as Green D' Hide and Anchovy Pizzas. The Rune Platelegs is to protect from melee players and can provide to be useful. If you feel that rangers get targetted quickly, then bringing Rune in your inventory is not a bad idea. However, rangers have very low defence bonus and while Anchovy Pizzas eat quicker than any other food, having Swordfish can provide to be useful as it automatically heals 140 life points (Swordfish help if at very low life points). You do not have to worry about binds as you have Green D' Hide that easily would negate binds.
Magic rarely provides to be useful in the terms of blasting in Clan Wars because mages, most of the time, get targeted. It's recommended to hybrid and bind instead of blast but if needed, use the Druidic Robe setup with blasts/binds. The reason magic is efficient in pay to play is because it has much more diversity than free to play.
5.2 - Pay to Play Gear
Zybez RuneScape Help's Melee Gear Picture

The above is a picture of a melee player. It is important to bring some sort of magic negating armour such as Karils (an alternative can be Black D' Hide). In the place of the Backpack, you can bring a Fire Cape and the Skill Cape is somewhat helpful since it has the same bonuses as a Obsidian Cape.

Shark-brew technique

Instead of simply eating shark-shark, you could use a Saradomin brew with a combination of a shark. Eating two sharks in a row will give you food lag whereas you can't eat quick, but the shark and the brews are stackable and this is the fastest way for people to tank when being piled (this method goes for all types of combat styles). While you eat one Shark for 200 life points, you could eat a Saradomin Brew with a Shark for 360 life points.

Dragon Spear technique

When using a Dragon spear, the special can help tremendously by stunning your target for 5 seconds. Using this, your clan can attack the target and if lots of people use the special, then it's assured your target can't move at ease. This is especially useful when people can't put mage gear on because of the melee players from the opposing team targeting them. This requires 1/4 of your special bar (like a Dragon Dagger) so make sure to not use all of your specials at once.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Gear Picture

The above is a picture of a ranged player. The middle pictures shows a cheaper alternative to the right utmost picture which has expensive gear. For expensive gear, you can also have Armadyl gear and with the cheaper gear you can have a Rune Full Helm or Black D' Hide Chaps. The inventory picture's Verac gear can be replaced with Rune if needed. Diamond bolts (e) often come off as expensive so players tend to use Mithril or Adamant Bolts as they are near the pricing of 100 coins each. The Ava Accumulator is practically always essential to rangers as it saves bolts/arrows.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Gear Picture

The above is a picture of magic gear that is advanced. The very left picture shows the inventory and the Karils' leathertop/Verac's platekirt is optional, but useful if the opposing clan uses melee. The reason for a Karils' leathertop is because there are lots of blitz/barragers and this proves to be a very good hybrid setup. The Purple sweets in the right, bottom hand corner are useful because they can restore 10-40 life points, but more importantly 10% run energy. Tanks in members fights are often hard to catch up to with melee and if there are no mage players around, this provides to be useful as they're stackable. The super restore potions are there for you to restore prayer or if you drink the Saradomin Brew's (this makes all your stats go down, but heals life points). Remember to bring runes accordingly to what spell you wish to use (the current setup is for ice barrage). The right picture shows a very advanced setup for mage players while the middle shows a cheaper alternative.

6.0 - Tactics of Play

The game play in Clan Wars is rather simple: attack the enemy's clan until there are no more of them left. That being said, there are not that many tricks/tactics of playing it, but if done correctly, they can prove to achieve victory quite easily. Once again, the term clans and teams come into effect. In clans, officials lay out specific rules but in teams, it's almost impossible to set out rules. Here are some tactics that will keep you in line no matter what the terms come to.

6.1 - Free to Play Strategies
Zybez RuneScape Help's Picture of a F2P Clan War
Attacking is a delicate process - you're looking for the knock out here to set the tone for the rest of your fight. Often, it won't be a knock out on the spot, so know that you will need hybrids to step up and bind. Lots of clans deathdot behind the wall near a hugging wall so that whoever gets piled can hug at ease. If you're rushing in with hybrid gear, it might be a good idea to put on melee prayer as you may be targeted. After a kill, your clan may spread out so call a fall in quickly and choose a new pile - this is how you stay organised and under control. Note: Before fighting go and tell your team to fall in and get a click on the person you want to attack which will make it so that your clan knows who to attack.

Defending is easier than attacking, deathdot once again, is what is used by most clans. When a clan comes nearby and gets a click on their target, your clan must do so the same so when rushed - you too can have a main pile. It's important not to send out snipers in the beginning of the fight but when you don't need binders so that the Opposing Clan's hybrids do not bind - yours do.

Prayer is absolutely crucial in a free to play fight. For tanking, you obviously use the Protect from Melee prayer, but you also have to use the Steel Skin prayer as it gives 15% more defence and is stackable with overhead prayers (Melee, Ranged, and Magic). If you are ranging, the Eagle Eye gives 15% range bonus but use your prayer wisely and most often when you know you are heading into victory. Obviously, there are more 15% prayers such as Mystic Might (for magic), Ultimate Strength (attacking), and Incredible Reflexes (attacking). Others prayers such as Piety cannot be used in free to play.
6.2 - Pay to Play Strategies
Zybez RuneScape Help's Picture of P2P Clan Wars
Lunars Magic
You often don't see Lunars being played out much for combat except for some of the more popular spells used in PKing such as Vengeance. However, another great use for Lunars magic is Heal Group or Heal Other. Heal Group allows you to transfer 75% of your life points to a group of your clan (and this won't heal your Opposing Clan). However, because there may be a lot of people bunched up in one area, Heal Other is better since it only targets one person. Be cautious, 75% of your life points will be gone instantly and you may get killed. You can still use Ancient Magicks with Lunars if you have 96 magic for Spellbook Swap which allows you to switch to another spellbook for 1 cast (but well worth it).
If you barrage or blitz a pile - you'll often be targeted by the Opposing Clan's ranged or melee players and often you will be knocked out easily if you're in robes which has low defence (Picture). As you can see in that picture, the mage/hybrid players are stepping back and helping out their teammates with Ancients or Lunars but as they are a threat - they are being attacked by individuals of the Opposing Clan. Remember to bring some sort of defence gear such as Veracs or Rune to protect you and turn on prayers accordingly!
6.3 - Win or Lose?

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Victory in Clan Wars Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Defeat in Clan Wars

7.0 - Free for All

In the north end of the clan wars arena, there are two additional portals that directs you to the new Free for All Arena. The different colours differentiate between safe and unsafe. If you go into the red portal, you will lose all your items upon death. If you goto the white portal, you will lose nothing when dying. If another player kills you in the dangerous portal, they will receive your lost items as loot.
The Free for all arena is a multi combat area. This means you may be piled by 50 different players and die very quickly. Many clans goto this place to fight so watch out for them if you are there fighting. Oftentimes, they fight towards the northern section while nonclanned people remain close to the exit.

8.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I die in Clan Wars, will I lose my items?

A: If you have activated the Items dropped on death option your gravestone will not appear so you will lose your items.

Q: Can I just watch a clan war instead?

A: Yes, simply click the portal and enter your friend's name or a name of that person's clan. They must be inside the portal to watch.

Q: Can I use Summoning in Clan Wars?

A: Yes, all players capable can summon familiars and use them to fight within the mini game.

Credits for Pictures:
:: Subzero6674
:: Rafi
:: Dark Magi500
:: Empire Mind

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