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Credits: Jon, Denny, Tzu Men, and Nanrevenge
Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

You may be wondering, what is the Duel Arena? Firstly, the Duel Arena is found within Al-Kharid, and is partially open to free players, and entirely open to member players. The most common method of reaching the arena is by rubbing a ring of duelling (an enchanted emerald ring that can teleport you to either the Duel Arena entrance, or Castle Wars). This map may be helpful. The warning below is the one you will receive upon entering the Duel Arena. To sum it up, it basically says that if you leave in the middle of a stake, you will not be given your possessions back.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Area Surrounding the Duel Arena Zybez RuneScape Help's Duel Arnea Warning
Zybez RuneScape Help's View of the Duel Arena
2.0 - Interface

Well hopefully, you should be able to make your way to the arena. At the entrance of the arena you will notice a score board. The board will show all the recent duels on the server, the opponent's levels, and the victor. You will also notice a small hut by the gate with an NPC named Mubariz inside. Mubariz will give you some general information on the arena including its history and general information on how to play. Next you will notice the high walls, and several walkways leading up to them. Up there you may view other people duelling and if you right click the railing, you can use the "lean" option. Leaning on a wall gives you the best view of duels going on in that section of the arena (This is shown in the picture to the right), but you can also get other angles by walking around on top of the walls.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Menu in the Duel Arena

If you are feeling like it you can throw rotten tomatoes at other players. To do this, "use" a rotten tomato on a player. You can obtain rotten tomatoes by letting them rot in a compost bin, or buying them from the NPC near the bank area for a small fee. Remember that when you decide to duel yourself that, you will not lose anything you do not stake in the duel arena when you die! If you're wondering what a stake is, it is similar to a bet. When you duel someone, you will have the option to items with them, where the winner takes both stake piles. To initiate a duel, you must right click on a player, and a new option will appear, "Challenge", as shown in the picture to the left.

After you click challenge a menu will pop up asking if you want a Friendly (no staking) or a Staked duel, once you select it will send them a duel request, similar to trade requests. Once they accept your offer, you will be presented with the rules (For more information, see section 3.0). If you walk around the arena from the entrance, to the north you will find the hospital. When you complete a duel you will always return here and this is also where most people meet to fight. In the north-eastern corner of the hospital is an altar where you can restore prayer points, and there are nurses moving from bed to bed that will heal you free of charge if need be (right click them, or ask to be healed through conversation). Just east of the hospital, outside, are two bank chests. Simply use the "bank" option on them, and they will act the same as a bank, also there is an NPC here named Fadli who will sell you rotten tomatoes, and give you some help. He can also act as a banker, but the chests are faster.

In addition to the conventional form of duelling you will notice a staircase going underground, covered by a tent just in front of the hospital. This leads down to the Duelling Tournament area, only available to members on certain servers. For more information see section 3.2 on Duelling Tournaments.

2.1 - The Rules

There are a series of rules that you may want to set to make a duel fair, or just set to have some fun. In the center, it will show what you are wearing for your reference, and will accordingly warn you if any items you are wearing are breaking the possible conditions.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Duel Arena Interface Screen

If you click on a piece of equipment, a V will be placed over it. Neither player may use this piece of equipment during the duel, if you disable it. If this is a Staked duel, then on the left side are stakes. The top half is your stake, and the bottom is your opponent's stake. Be careful when balancing this out. In regular duelling, your stake, whether it be in items or gold, cannot exceed 5000gp if your quest points are below 50. This 5000gp cap is not only for the current stake, but for all duels up to 15 minutes after the first one, so it is extremely important to keep close check on how much you have used. If you have exceeded 50 quest points whilst playing, you may stake more with your opponent, being able to reach 60000gp in value with roughly 200 or more quest points - note that the 15 minute limit remains though. The value you can stake follows the same rules as trading, for more information see our Getting Started guide. Below possible rules to be set are explained below:

The Rule What it Does
No Ranged Disables the use of Ranged attacks in the duel. This includes the use of a bow, arrows, knives, darts, etc.
No Melee Disables the use of melee attacks in the duel. This includes weapons and basic melee attacks (hand to hand).
No Magic Disable the use of Magic attacks. This will disable ancient and modern magic attacks of any kind.
No Summoning Disables the use of Summoning and familiars in the duel.
No Special Attacks Disables the use of a special attack. This is for both melee and range special attacks.
No Weapons You cannot use a weapon of any kind, and must fight with your fists. This does not disable magical attacks however.
Fun Weapons Only allows you to use rubber chickens and flowers in a duel. Only recommended for fun duelling a friend, etc.
No Forfeit You will not be allowed to forfeit (quit) duels. If you wish to forfeit when forfeiting is allowed, there are two exits, to the north and south of the arena.
No Drinks Disables the use of a drink of any kind. This includes potions and beers. I would strongly recommend ticking this box if you do not have a drink of any kind in your inventory, as it gives your opponent a big advantage.
No Food Disables the use of a food of any kind. I would strongly recommend ticking this box if you do not have good food in your inventory, as it gives your opponent a big advantage.
No Prayer This disables the use of Prayer of any kind in the arena. This includes stat raising prayers, and protect prayers. Its a common rule when staking.
No Movement This prevents you from moving in the duel. You can still forfeit, and you can still melee. You are placed next to each other. Its a common rule when your opponent is a melee fighter to prevent you from entangling/freezing them. This also disables any holding spells (INCLUDING ANCIENT MAGIC ICE SPELLS!)
Obstacles Places obstacles in the arena. Not a common rule, but you can range and mage over them. Not many people use it, because you can easily run around them.

Once both players agree with the rules, you will see a second screen. This confirms the rules, similar to the second trade screen.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Rule Confirmation Screen

During tournament duels, there are several other rules that are applied. They can not be turned on and off by players though.

The Rule What it Does
Heal Between Rounds Between each successive round of the tournament each player will get to heal, this does not affect special attack recovery or prayer points however. If food is turned on players can still eat between rounds if they decide to and have the time.
Weapon Slots Only Only a weapons and shields can be equipped during duels, nothing else can be worn or held. Non weapon-slot items can remain within an inventory but they can't be equipped.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Arrow Above Your Opponent
3.0 - Gameplay

There are two ways to duel in the arena. The first is just a single round duel. The second is duelling in a tournament with numerous rounds.

3.1 - Duelling

Once both players agree with the rules, you will be transported into the appropriate arena. You will see a countdown which will last for three seconds, then you can fight. Unless selected otherwise by rules, you can move, eat, drink and use stat boosting special attacks during the countdown but cannot attack. An arrow will appear above your opponent's head so that you can spot them easily, as shown to the right.

Once a duel is over, you will both be transported back to the hospital. If you have been victorious, you will be displayed with the following screen. Depending on whether it was a Friendly match or Staked it will also show any items earned.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Spoils Screen

If you are killed, you will be displayed with the common death message "Oh dear, you have died," you will also lose any stake you have posted. Whereas if you win a message similar to "You have defeated [Player Name]! Well done!" will show instead. Fights can last no more than 30 minutes.

Whilst duelling players should be aware that there are four main types of staking: Boxing, Abyssal Whip Staking, Dragon Dagger++ Staking, and Magic/Ranged Staking. Normal duels also occur during stakes of course, but it is worthwhile to be aware of these terms.

Boxing: Boxing is where both players fight without a weapon. This type of staking solely depends on your attack, and defence levels. The higher attack, the more accurate your punch/kicks are. The higher defence, the less likely your opponent will hit you.
Whip Staking: Whip staking is often classified as players staking with special attacks off. Whip staking depends mainly on attack and strength.
DD++ Staking: DD++ staking is when players stake with specials on. If you and your opponent have similar stats, then this is a stake of pure luck. Whomever hits the highest specials will most likely win.
Magic/Ranged Staking: Magic/Ranged Staking is where players purely use Magic combined with Ranged. Again, if your Magic and Ranged stats are similar, then you will solely rely on luck to win.

4.0 - Tactics and Methods
4.1 - Staking and Friendly Duels

Normal duelling, as you can see from the rules available, allows for many different types of matches between opponents, and it can also create different strategies for certain types of player. Generally, the best sort of duellists are those with high defence or very high strength levels, the very best are combinations of these skills usually with Range or Magic. This doesn't mean that only pure players are successful, but it does mean that they have an edge, so when staking always be careful to not judge a player by their combat level or you may well be easily defeated. For more information see our Starting a Melee Pure guide. Staking has become far less popular since a recent update, but if you want to take your duels competitively it's usually a good idea to check someone stats on the hiscores before accepting a duel from them.

Unfortunately, along with creative specialisation for duelling there also comes more deceitful approaches to winning. After several updates over the years by JaGex and the changes to duelling this has become less common fortunately. People will try to trick you with what they are wearing at the arena, to prevent this make sure you do things like disabling the quiver inventory space to prevent Ranged attacks, or disable the shield space to prevent two-handed weapons. Hiding, is similar but not a looked down upon tactic, holding a weaker weapon before duel and then using a strong weapon like a whip or a dragon dagger is considered normal, and presuming that your opponent will only use a single weapon is just underestimating them. As with trading, players might also try to flip on or off certain rules so be sure to always check before you accept a duel (unlike the trade screen it won't warn you of alterations though!). Players may also hide around the arena in crowds or at the edges to catch you out whilst a duel has begun, meaning they can take you by surprise and gain the first hit - to prevent this select the "No Movement" rule.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of a Tournament

If you are a bit mythed by references to staking in this guide, it used to be one of the best money making methods in the game. Players would wager large amounts of money ranging far into the millions, and even rares for duels and then fight for the wealth. Nowadays there is a 5000gp-60000gp (depending on the amount of quest points you have) maximum cap on what players can stake per 15 minutes, with rare item prices used being decided by player prices - meaning it is no longer useful to make money with. The maximum cap is not only for coins, but also includes items. Staking is a game of pure luck, first hits, ability to eye out easy opponents, and your life points; it makes normal duelling more enjoyable and gives it a slightly heightened sense of importance as you duel. Staking can go on within the wilderness, but the duel arena supplies the only guaranteed fair matches.

When duelling it's a good idea to have a range of weapons capable of different attack types, or different special attacks. Potions are useful for higher level fights, but food is genuinely not as useful. Bringing different types of armour can helpful in winning against players using different types of combat, for example having dragonhide armour for mages.

5.0 - Rewards

The duel arena is mainly a fun place where you can duel people of various levels. It can be a safe minigame where winning gives satisfaction. For example, it allows people with a low combat an oppurtunity to beat high combat players without risking items. However, nonetheless a small amount of money can be exchanged in the duel arena. By choosing a staked duel, people can stake a few thousand gp and the winner receives the money.

5.1 - Duellist's caps

If you find yourself getting into the thrill of duelling other players, then you might also be interested in a duellist's cap. You can get one of these for free from Estocada at the Duel Arena - he stands just north of the bank there. While you are the owner of this scary-looking piece of headgear, then any subsequent duels you complete at the Duel Arena will be 'tracked' by it. You don't have to be wearing it for a victory to register - you can just leave it in your bank - but you do have to own one for any duel victories to be added to your total, so make sure to replace it should you ever lose it. Also, only duels won on a members' world will count. You can 'reset' your stats on the helmet back to zero at any time, should you wish, but this cannot be undone!

As you win more and more duels, your duellist's cap will reflect this in a few ways. After racking up a bunch of wins, you'll be able to perform the Brag emote (while wearing the hat); you'll be able to right-click on the hat and transform into a commemorative statue, which other players can 'behold' to see your Duel Arena stats; and finally, whenever you reach certain thresholds in your total wins, the hat will visually morph into a new, more sinister and terrifying look, as shown in the table below:

Image Name Number of Kills Needed
Tier 1 0 - 9 Kills
Tier 2 10 - 99 Kills
Tier 3 100 - 499 Kills
Tier 4 500 - 1999 Kills
Tier 5 2000 - 4999 Kills
Tier 6 5000+ Kills
6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I die do I lose my stuff?

A: No. You do not lose your stuff, unless you have staked it. Barrows equipment may still degrade though during matches. Also, you get some of your arrows back when you range. It is the amount that would have dropped to the ground.

Q: Can I use staked items in a duel?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. You can not use anything that you have put up to stake whilst in a duel.

Q: Do I have to stake?

A: No, when you challenge or are challenged by another player you can decide to fight a Friendly or Staked match. During a staked match you don't have to actually stake items anyway.

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