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Credits: J36 and Nateisonfire
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1.0 - Introduction
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Farmer Blinkin is in trouble! He needs your help to find seeds buried before the rabbits eat them.

To begin this mini game, locate a Tool Leprechaun, which can be found at every farming patch throughout the world of RuneScape. Right click the Tool Leprechaun and click "Teleport". Once inside, you may read the instruction signs near the portal or talk to Mrs. Winkin.

Upon first entrance of the area, you will receive 10 Flags.

2.0 - Requirements & Recommendations
Requirements: Recommendations:
3.0 - Advice and Tips

First of all, it is important to understand that if you do not like the game "Minesweeper", then this is not the mini game for you.

Much like Minesweeper, you need to look for mines, then flag them down. Think of mines as seeds, you want to flag them in the same method. To start off, climb over any one of the four stiles leading into the crops. Once in the patch, right click on any holes in the ground and hit "Inspect". Read what it says; if it says that you have found seeds, right click on the hole and hit "Flag".

If you inspect a hole and says that there are no seeds, right click and hit the "Dig" button. Once you do that, a number ranging from 1 to possibly even 8 will appear. When you discover numbers you earn points to match their collective value. Like in Minesweeper for example; you dig and a number "1" pops up, that means that there is one seed around the "1" see picture below:

As you can see, the "1" is all alone with 7 other holes around it, that means that one of the holes highlighted in red will have a seed under them. So inspect one of the holes. If you inspect the hole and you see that there are no seeds, dig there and another number will pop up. Unlike in normal Minesweeper, when you dig an area and find no numbers they are not given a value of 0. The numberless spots after digging indicate that no seeds are in the mounds around them, meaning that the holes highlighted in green will not have seeds in them. If you inspect the hole and you see that there is a seed there, flag it and a farmer will come and harvest it.

You may think that bunnies are cute, but they are not. They are very dangerous in this mini game. Once you "Flag" your hole, it attracts bunnies and farmers. You hope that the farmer gets to the flag before the bunny does or else you will lose points and the flag. (It's suggested that you bring around 10k because when you first start out, you will lose a few flags.) There are things that can be found by digging anywhere in the crop area that are called Ogleroots. If you use them with a bunny, it will stun the bunny for a while, then it will disappear; leaving just the farmer to give you points.

4.0 - Rewards

After you have racked up points, head over to Mrs. Winkin's World of Seeds. She will be able to reward you for your points. She offers a wide variery of seeds, flags and super compost potions. To be able to buy Super Compost Potion you must of complete Garden of Tranquillity first.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Vinesweeper rewards
Item Cost (Points) Item Cost (Points)
Tomato Seed 10 Sweetcorn Seed 150
Strawberry Seed 165 Watermelon Seed 680
Guam Seed 10 Marrentill Seed 10
Wergali Seed 3800 Ranarr Seed 4000
Kwuarm Seed 1000 Tarromin Seed 10
Nasturtium Seed 10 Woad Seed 30
Limpwurt Seed 70 Asgarnian Seed 5
Krandorian Seed 20 Redberry Seed 5
Cadavaberry Seed 5 Dwellberry Seed 5
Jangerberry Seed 10 Whiteberry Seed 25
Poison Ivy Seed 30 Acorns 100
Willow Seed 1800 Maple Seed 12000
Pineapple Seed 10000 Yew Seed 29000
Palm Tree Seed 35000 Spirit Seed 55000
Super Compost Potion 5000 Flag 50
1 exp 1

Note: The 1 point per experience applies to farmers with levels of 40 and higher. Lower level farmers need 7.75 points per experience.

5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are Ogleroots used for?

A: Ogleroots are used to fend off the rabbits. This is useful when setting up a flag. You gain 30 Hunter experience when used on a mound, and when dug up earn you 1 point. You may buy these off Blinkin for 10gp each.

Q: When I leave what happens?

A: Flags and Ogleroots are returned to Mrs. Winkin. You are able to retrieve them from Blinkin for free. You will no longer be reimbursed for them as when the update was first released. Your points that you collected are saved.

Q: Can I boost my point earning any other way?

A: If you work as a group with other players you all earn points from one another if you are close enough.

Q: Is there a suggested world for me to play Vinesweeper on?

A: Yes, world 78 is the current world suggested by JaGex for the Vinesweeper minigame.

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