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Dwarven stout(m)

Credits: Ben_Goten78; Lizarick
Tradable Yes
Stackable No
Equipable No
Low Alchemy 1gp
High Alchemy 1gp
Price Change: 1 Month: 0%
3 Month: 0%
6 Month: 0%
Members Only
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Dwarven stout(m)
Obtained From: Player made
Examine: This looks a good deal stronger than normal Dwarven Stout.
Notes: Player made by adding two buckets of water, 2 lots of barley malt, a pot of ale yeast, and 4 Hammerstone hops to a fermenting vat. At maturation you may get the 8 glasses of Dwarven Stout(m). It requires level 19 cooking to make and has the following effect: Mining +2, Smithing +2, Attack -6, Strength -6. This is twice the normal bonus compared to regular stout. Using "the stuff" from the Trouble Brewing mini-game, gives a 50% chance of getting mature ale. This is often drunk when mining rune or when an item needs to be smithed two levels above the players level. The alterations decrease over time.

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